To help with understanding this philosophy/faith, and distinguish it from others, we offer the following brief facts about this system while using headings and formats that are similar to those often used by various others.

COMPARATIVE RELIGION FORMAT # 1(Common format often used in textbooks)

There are several names used to describe this religious/secular philosophy: Armanism, Our Way for Ourselves Alone; The Teachings; Our Way Novum Genus (L. New Kind); Alia Genus (L. Different Kind); The Path; The System; 46ers, White Way; Evolvism.

First revelations and inspirations received by Arman in
America in 1957.


One God, usually called the First
Cause. Considered  by some to be a natural force or energy or combinations of forces and energies.

To survive to expand its particular DNA code and evolve ever higher for ever greater righteousness and communion with the First Cause.

Does not understand the ways of existence including the fact that it is the differences in different kinds of humans that are important, and does not understand  the need to evolve higher. Many humans are also confused about the nature of man and the processes of evolution and wrongly believe that all human kinds should blend together. Does not understand the so-called "soul" is within the DNA Code and is one with it.

Live on in the DNA code that has been passed on to children.

Pray in the morning and at night, studying the Teachings and nature, bearing the symbols, method living, having many children, avoiding gene flow from other kinds of humans, separateness.

The Teachings of Arman
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COMPARATIVE RELIGION FORMAT #2 (U.S. Military Forces use this one)

HISTORICAL ROOTS:  Based on revelations and inspiration. Believers believe that this faith started with the First Cause billions of years ago that started existence, and is one with the First Cause and is revealed both in nature and now to us through Arman in our words and ways of understanding.

CURRENT WORLD LEADER:  Not a person. The Teachings of Arman.

ORIGINS IN THE U.S.: In  April of 1957 Arman received the initial revelations and input.


ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:  Believers follow The Teachings. Other than that, there is no organizational structure  in this day and individuals who wish to follow the faith do so on their own initiative by studying the Teachings and living them. The Teachings are a book, not an organization.

LEADERSHIP AND ROLE OF MINISTERS: True believers may gather other true believers around them.

WHO MAY CONDUCT SERVICES?  Any true believer.

IS GROUP WORSHIP REQUIRED?  No, but it is desirable. If more than one believer is in close proximity, then group worship is beneficial. Three believers are required for a small local group.

WORSHIP REQUIREMENTS: A quiet spot free of discordant elements. Should be free of non-White DNA. Proper head coverings. A skull cap that covers the whole top of the head down to above the ears is often preferred.

MINIMUM EQUIPMENT FOR WORSHIP: The Teachings. Images of the sacred symbols; these may be on cloth or other surfaces. Living plants. Candles or other  light sources symbolic of the First Cause pushing back the darkness.

FACILITIES FOR WORSHIP: Private area, open to the sky or enclosed. A lectern or place for a reader to read the Truths and preach to those assembled. Rocks in circles are considered good. One's home is the primary place for worship.

OTHER SPECIFIC RELIGIOUS REQUIREMENTS OTHER THAN WORSHIP: Believers must have sacred symbols next to their skin. The most devout have them as tattoos, brands or scars while other believers may use less permanent markings, including on jewelry. If persecution or harm to the believer or the faith is likely, the most devout and other believers may all use less permanent markings to avoid danger. Must be separated from other peoples and must avoid all DNA transfer and gene flow. Must have many children.

DIETARY LAWS OR RESTRICTIONS: Anything that will harm believers must not be ingested. Food should be prepared by believers for believers. All things in moderation. Alcohol and drugs are discouraged. Everything that will help believers survive and expand into all niches are good. We believe that we must adapt to foods and conditions as do scavengers to ensure that we survive and expand our kind alone. We do not believe in being picky about food and food gives us energy and protein, without harming us, it is good. One saying we have that makes this point is: We should eat our way across the universe.

SPECIAL RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS: Month of April is considered holy because this is the month that Arman received the first revelations.

FUNERAL AND BURIAL REQUIREMENTS: Body to be disposed of in a manner that will least burden the family.  Some part of the deceased containing his or her stable DNA must be preserved by the family for all time.

AUTOPSY:  No restrictions.

CREMATION: Not preferred, but acceptable so long as some part of the body containing stable DNA is not burned and is retained by the family for all time.

MEDICAL TREATMENT:   Blood and organ transplants should be from believers only when possible or from others of the subspecies if believers are not available or if both are not available then from any source to keep the believer living and as healthy as possible.

UNIFORM APPEARANCE REQUIREMENTS: In this day, a professional military-like demeanor and bearing with short hair and plain clothes suitable for physical labor seem to be preferred. Plain work clothes in dark hues made of cotton are preferred, but other fabrics that are soft and comfortable and functional are acceptable. Suitable head coverings for males and females who are most devout include skull caps that cover the whole top of the head down to above the ears. The preferred skull caps, unlike those of some other faiths,, do not need to be clipped to the hair and will remain in place during strong breezes and physical labor.

POSITION ON SERVICE IN THE ARMED FORCES:  May serve, but should not serve in dangerous or war time conditions unless the believer has already had enough children to reasonably ensure that his or her DNA code will survive and be passed on. Should not serve in wars for false causes or beliefs.

ANY OTHER PRACTICES OR TEACHINGS WHICH MAY CONFLICT WITH MILITARY DIRECTIVES OR PRACTICES: Believers must remain separate from other peoples. Must have sacred symbols next to skin. Tattoos, brands, scars are preferred as they are permanent, but less permanent forms will suffice, especially, if persecution or harm is possible to the believer or the faith. Miscegenation is not permitted and is considered a grave sin. Are commanded to have large families. A minimum "large family" is defined as a woman having 12 children, but more than 12 is even better. A man should try to have many more than 12 children as his biology is different and not restricted as is a woman's biology.


BASIC TEACHINGS AND BELIEFS: Follow the ways of existence as found in the Teachings.

CREEDAL STATEMENTS AND/OR AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE:  Follow the Teachings. Do the will of God. Expand always, contract never, seek to evolve. Believe in the ways of existence. Be a good person, harm no one, mind your own business, do no harm, have large families. Do not interfere in the business of other types of humans and be indifferent to them. They have their destiny and we have ours. Do not mix them or blend them.

ETHICAL PRACTICES:  Do no evil. Expand the DNA code. Separation. Evolve. Respect for life. Don't do anything to anyone else that you don't want done to you. Be fair. Treat all people, believers and non-believers, those of the subspecies and those not of the subspecies, with respect, politeness and sensitivity so long as this does not interfere with the Teachings. No miscegenation. Have as many children of our kind as possible. Do not interfere in the fates and destinies of those who are not our kind--let the fundamental forces work. No interference in the destinies of other peoples either to help or harm them unless they pose a danger to our kind.


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1. Some pro-White religious systems rely on Christianity.  We do not.
2. Some have no beliefs in a higher power. We do.
3. Some  rely on old European pre-Christian beliefs. We do not.
4. Some fail to push having as many White children as possible. We do push that.
5. Some put various beliefs and values in front of Whiteness. We never do.
6. Most do not see the importance of evolution. We do see the importance.
7. Most do not emphasize the DNA Code. We do emphasize it.
8. Most do not push our willed evolution into the Ubermenschen. We do push that.
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This is a particularist system by the will of the First Cause.

We are a selected people.  This does not make us better than others. It just means we are different and that we are selected for a particular burden and role in life and that part of that burden is that we must do as the First Cause has commanded and this puts restrictions on how we live and what we do that do not burden other humans. For example, miscegenation is absolutely forbidden for us, but is not forbidden for other kinds. We are also commanded to stay as separate as possible from other kinds. And, there are many more things we are commanded to do or not do that are not required of other humans.

We do not believe in concepts such as death before dishonor.  We believe in doing what is necessary to stay alive as long as possible to make more like ourselves and help with the work.  In this regard, Arman says dead people are no help with the work.  It is only the living who can help. Thus, we love life and we love having happy, fruitful lives with large families.