A short handbook on the practical matters of believing.

How does one become a believer?  By believing.

How does one feel validated in believing in the Teachings?  It is an individual decision made of free will.  One must read and study the Teachings.  If they sound right to the individual, that individual may decide to follow the path.  Bearing the symbols next to the skin is the "baptism" of faith for believers.  Bear the symbols and you indicate to yourself and others that you have set your foot on the path and we believe the right symbols on true  believers with the 46 chromosomes of our kind, act as a link to the First Cause.

Then, if your code is our code you are on the path.  It cannot be faked.  Either you were born with our code or you were not.  You cannot acquire the code except by being born of parents who had the code.

Bearing the symbols if you are not a 46er (human of our kind) will do you no good.  They are a link to our code and to no other codes and the right symbols are also a link to the First Cause.

Below are a few suggested guidelines for believers. The general rule is that our clothing and other items should be of a form follows function nature. Should be inexpensive, easily obtainable, and not unduly burden believers with expense to obtain and maintain them so that the poorest among us can have the same items as the richest among us. They must be practical and appropriate for climate conditions. If possible, they should be made, handled, sold by believers, but if they are in a chain of supply that includes non-believers they may be made sacred by washing in strong soaps and hot water and by being placed in a bed with a believer, after being washed, for three days.

Hair on the head and beards:  Closely cropped in military style in the way Marines call up high and tight, seems to be the preferred form in this day. This increases the uniformity of believers and gives them a quick visual clue and sense of identity and oneness. It's also more sanitary. Some men have beards and some don't, this is a matter of personal preference.
Example of a "chef's skullcap.
These can be bought over
the intenet.

Head covering: Should be worn especially when praying or during sacred ceremonies or in sacred places, but can be worn all the time by the most devout and should always be worn by religious/spiritual leaders or speakers/scholars/teachers addressing believers or acting on behalf of The Teachings.

As with all garments for believers, The Teacher prefers that they be inexpensive and practical. Head coverings should be of a type that can be carried in a pants or jacket pocket when not on the head. They should be designed such that they will stay on the head without clips attached to the hair as in some religions and should be able to remain on the head in a moderate wind or when doing physical labor or exercises

Various skull caps or similar coverings in a dark color are appropriate. One version is a skull cap that covers the head completely and goes down to just above the ears and may be in the form of a headscarf, kerchief or bandana and may be tied at the nape of the neck.  A watch cap or similar beanie head covering  also works as does any other suitable head covering. Black scrub or surgical caps are fine. Chef's caps are okay.  They are inexpensive, readily available, usually made of cotton, can be purified and washed with strong soap and water,are functional and practical. Can be carried in a pocket. The preferred color for head coverings  is a plain black or other dark color and they may have our religious symbols on them with white and red being the most common symbol colors, but no other symbols.  The material is usually cotton or other suitable material. As with all of our items, the head coverings should be functional, practical and comfortable. They must be of a type that will not fall off when one does manual labor or in wind. They should be able to absorb sweat when working, or if one's hair is longer as with many women, to keep the hair out of the face.They symbolize our faith and our respect for the First Cause and the Ways of Existence and help set us apart as a different kind. A skull cap similar to what some Catholic clergy wear that sit more on the back of the head and leave the forehead exposed are fine, so long as they are black and will stay on the head as described above.  Jewish type skull caps that are attached by clips are not acceptable.

Teachers should appear in public when acting as Teachers while wearing the head covering and clothes that signify that they are Teachers.

Clothing---Loose fitting, plain and comfortable, suitable for physical labor, dark colors, preferably made of cotton, but any suitable fabric is acceptable. Comfort first. Should set believers apart from non-believers. Form follows function.

Group prayer clothing: Simple, comfortable. Lightweight cotton, calf to ankle length flimsy "robes" slipped over the head or fastened in the front or back so that all believers have a uniform appearance with no distinction between the wealthy and the poor may be used in some circumstances if desired. The key is to have all involved see each other as equal. Head should be covered.

Food---Nothing that will sustain health and lead to a long life for child bearing is forbidden.  In fact, it is forbidden to be too picky about food.  We believe that we must develop general adaptations in all areas. This means we must be able to survive, thrive and dominate in many environments. We do this, in part,  by eating anything that will provide nourishment.

Symbols--Believers must bear religious symbols next to or on the skin.  These may be in the form of tattoos, brands, scars or temporary markings on the skin that can be removed to prevent persecution or danger to believers, jewelry including rings and amulets worn as necklaces. Our religious symbols are mainly various representations of the spinning, spiraling forms seen throughout all of existence which you can also see everywhere in nature and in the cosmos including in spiraling galaxies, hurricanes, water draining from your sink and DNA. The most sacred symbols for us are representations of the fylfot.  In our version of the fylfot, there is always a hub or center, which is the most important part. The fylfot may have two, four, six, eight or more arms and they trail the spinning center which rotates counterclockwise. The Teacher prefers the  two, the six and the eight armed form and we often use the six armed form in its various artistic forms and styles to symbolize the faith.

Bearing the symbols is one of the most important requirements for believers. To repeat: The fylfot is considered the most sacred of symbols and is usually in the center of any other field of symbols. We always represent it with a center hub which represents the First Cause.  The arms always trail the spin of the center and there can be various numbers of arms.  It is not the arms that are the most important, but the center hub, and the arms represent the hub spinning and expanding to fill more of the emptiness with its somethingness.The fylfot is followed in importance by various forms of the spiral including representations of DNA. The fylfot is considered the closest we can see God and it also is seen by believers as God's "signature" and is more than just symbolic of His presence as the shape itself is said to be a link between believers and God and a symbol that banishes the dark and evil things.

Bearing and honoring the symbols is an absolute religious requirement put on us by the First Cause. As with most things in this faith, we generally try to follow a principle of self-reliance and simplicity and thus symbols, tattoos and jewelry that are home made are preferred by many over more professional looking items. All such items should only be made by believers.

We also use symbols showing the expansion and tangle of existence as seen in thickets of certain plants and we use the number 46 to indicate the number of White chromosomes in our believers.

Bearing the fylfot is the basic manifestation of the faith of believers and is essential to this faith.

Central to our beliefs are the First Cause and DNA Code A. And, much flows from these two central beliefs.

Tattoos, brands, scars--With the symbols so they are next to the skin always. Arman prefers homemade versions and blue ink for tattoos, but this is up to personal taste.

Prayers/meditation:  Best just as dawn breaks and at sunset. Also during storms. Mostly non-formulaic requests for guidance and a simple single line, for example: "Thank you Lord for letting me live another day to do your work."  We believe in active or moving meditation which we feel is more productive for our kind than simply sitting in one spot for long periods.

Disposal of bodies: Any means is appropriate so long as some viable part of the the DNA Code A as flesh is retained and preserved in a viable condition for all time. The way to do this will be in accord with the best scientific practices of the time.

Marriage:  Any form of marriage or relationship between believers of our kind of human that will allow each individual to expand his or her code to the maximum is fine. Monogamy, polygamy, living together or any other type of relationship(s) that will allow you to expand your personal the code the most is nature's way.  Don't deny nature, for the First Cause has written His natural laws in nature. The goal of all relationships is to bring the greatest number of our children into existence as possible.

Everyday life: In the everyday world we find ourselves in during this age, believers are likely to find themselves living among many different peoples and faiths. Believers should try to get along with everyone, but should also stay true to the Teachings and themselves and avoid situations that would lead to DNA transfer or undue fraternization  unless doing so would cause danger to the believer, and whenever a believer feels he or she  is in danger, the safety of the believer overrides any contrary rules and the believer is to ensure that he or she remains safe and survives to have more children and to live a good life for as long as possible. In everyday life, believers may act and dress much like most other people in their communities. Or, if they prefer, they may bring their separateness and differentness into their everyday life and those who are the most devout would be the most likely to do this.  It is usually best that Believers should try to distance themselves from non-believers in their dress and symbols and other ways. They should try to stay with their own kind and take care of problems within the believer community without outsider help. We are commanded to be and to remain a separate and isolated people. History has examples that show that separate groups often survive better when others don't like them, than when they do. We are not trying to blend in with or be accepted by the larger society. We are different and we want to remain different.

A short prayer:
Dear Lord, please guide me in the right direction so that I may do your will.  Please help me see the way clearly and please give me the strength to take that way and not stray from the righteous path. Help me to be a good, decent and honest person who does no evil but who tries to do good.

The Ideals: There are ideals in all things. Thus there is an ideal society. An ideal land. An ideal country.An ideal man.  An ideal woman. And ideal life.  And, so on.  We seek to be as close to our ideals as possible.

Separate, isolated, different:  In times and places where believers are not subject to dangerous persecution, they should dress as believers and display their sacred symbols on their bodies and in other ways show their faith by being different from all others. This is important as a part of our identity and is in accordance with our belief in Method Living. As with all things of this faith, the safety and long life of believers comes before all else so that they may bring forth the greatest number of children possible in their lifetimes; thus if it is necessary to hide the faith to prevent harm or to increase the number of children and if it is necessary to lie to fulfill this highest command, then this is acceptable.  But, believers must not resort to this dissimulation just to be comfortable.  It is only to prevent harm and to live as long as possible in conditions that will increase our birthrate as individuals and as believers.  There is no honor in dying and there is no honor in being a dead hero.  Our Kind of Life is what must be sought, maintained and expanded by all means possible. This is the way up the path. This is the way to our future as a separate species. We must teem with our numbers. 

Principle of indifference and non-interference--This is an important principle for believers.  It means that we stay out of the business of those who are not our kind.  Their business is their business and we are indifferent to their problems or needs and we do not interfere in their individual and group fates so long as they do not present a danger or harm to our kind. We do not entangle ourselves in what happens to them as individuals as groups.  We are indifferent to them.


Q. What do you believe?
A. We believe in the ways of existence.
Q.  What does that mean?
A.  We believe in the way things work.
Q.  Can you be more specific?
A. In the beginning there was absolute dark and absolute cold. There was absolute nothing. The First Cause started existence by a tiny spinning point that has been expanding ever since.  Existence is maintained by the spinning. We see this in the fylfot and in spinning galaxies and hurricanes seen from above. The principles found in this beginning are behind all of existence and life, including human life, and will be until the spinning stops. Our Short Creed states: We believe in the First Cause Who started and sustains existence, in cosmic and organic evolution, the genetic codes, and the Teachings of Arman
Q. Do you believe in God?
A. We use the term God and also First Cause and a few other terms to describe what cannot be described--that which created Himself/Itself out of absolute nothing. He is unknowable.  He is both within and without all of existence. Different parts of The Teachings show a preference for one or another of these terms.  This is intentional. All of The Teachings come through Arman and no others and Arman is the instrument through which God guides those who have the right parts to be guided on the path.
Q. Do you believe the First Cause or God communicates with humans?
A.  He has sent revelations to Arman and guides him.
Q.  Why just to Arman?
A.  It's part of the single point principle established by the First Cause.
Q. Do you say you know all the ways of existence?                                                  
A.  No.  But, all believers are to try to learn, study and observe to know these ways better.
Q.  Do you believe you are superior to other humans?
A.  No.  Just different.  We often use the analogy of a radio needing all the correct parts to receive radio waves.  We believe that we have the right parts which we call Essence as part of our code. We usually call our code, Code A to indicate it is different from other codes. Another example we often use is color blindness and color blindness charts.  As you know, people who are color blind for certain colors, can't make out the images in color blind charts no matter how hard they try, while people who aren't color blind can easily see them.  We believe Code A gives us that ability to "see" or understand some things about the First Cause and existence that others, no matter how hard they try, can't really see or understand.
Q. What is the code?
A.  The code is what makes everything.  There are actually many codes--as many as there are different things.
Q.  What about the code in life?
A.   The code in life on Earth has manifested itself in DNA and reportedly in RNA in some viruses. There is a Core DNA code that is the same in all life that we know about.  From it, spring all the varieties of life with their additional codes.  The Core DNA code "wants" to survive and expand contantly.  It accomplishes this through all the various life forms that spring from it.  All these life forms must compete, and the Core DNA code doesn't care which ones succeed or fail, so long as its expansion goes on.Perhaps on other planets, the code has manifested itself differently.
Q. What is the purpose of life?
A.  To expand its own kind so that the code it carries expands.
Q. Do you believe in evolution?
A.  Absolutely. It is an important, essential, basic and fundamental part of this faith. We believe that Cosmic Evolution permeates all of existence and its principles are seen in evolution of life. We see the fylfot as the visible source of change and evolution. We believe that a religious duty of our kind is to will our evolution ever higher.
Q. Darwinian evolution?
A.  Darwin got much right, but he didn't understand some of the deeper truths of evolution which began with the single point of existence started by the First Cause.  And, he didn't know anything about DNA or genes.
Q. What of subatomic particles, waves, vibrations, energies and forces?
A.  They are real and they underlie our physical existence and comprise a field of existence that was started by the First Cause.
Q. What about your values?
A.  We value doing the will of the First Cause,  family, honesty, humility, plain living, faith, separation and isolation, personal responsibility, self-reliance, self-identification, self-determination, willed evolution, method living, not harming any who do not harm us, living by natural laws as correctly interpreted in the Teachings, being respectful of all of existence, and we believe in expanding our code as much as possible by having as many children with our full code as possible.
Q. How do you view human freedom?
A.  We believe in individual liberty and freedom.  We believe the highest good for each individual is the pursuit of happiness for that individual as that individual himself or herself defines happiness.
Q. How do you view the different races of humans?
A. Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose. We prefer the term subspecies to describe the races of humans, and we believe that we are our own subspecies.We believe that there are no better or worse, inferior or superior humans across the board.  We just believe there are different types of humans each with their own strengths and weaknesses.  This is the way of all nature which tinkers constantly to bring forth organisms that are best adapted for various niches. Race is another word for subspecies, and a subspecies is a group of organisms on its way to becoming a full fledged species incapable of breeding with the old species from which it branched off. We believe our highest destiny is to become a new species.
Q. Why do you believe in isolation of believers?
A.  We believe that isolation, at its most important level--the complete avoidance of gene transfer from those who are not our kind--is the way we are to evolve to our highest destiny. As with our other ways, this is for our people alone. Others may go their own way and do as they wish.  They are not our concern and we should not be their concern.  Also, particles of DNA are everywhere.  If you touch an object with your hand, you leave behind some of your DNA.  If you breathe, you breathe out DNA.  If you drop a hair or a flake of skin, you leave your DNA behind.  Lands free of all discordant bits of DNA from other types of humans are best for believers who wish to move up faster. Part of our belief is that true freedom means that all humans have the right to self-identity and self-determination and that no one should  be compelled to mix, mingle or blend with others if they do not choose to do so and that they should be able to freely mix, mingle and blend with those they so choose.
Q. Do you have ultimate goals?
A. Yes.  We believe that we must will our evolution so that we cross the threshold to become a new species with higher intelligence, longer lives, higher consciousness, better health, more strength and to be closer to the First Cause. However, we believe that this is a process and there will never be a time when we will be able to say that we are finished evolving. And, in this last regard, one must remember that we believe that all of existence and everything in it moves (even atoms within rocks, etc. move), and that movement causes change and change causes evolution.  Thus, evolution is never done.  We long for our extinction as we are, and the transformation of us into the new man who will look like us and be like us but with subtle changes to our DNA code that will give us the aforementioned benefits of higher intelligence, etc.

This faith does not compel or force its beliefs or ways on others.  One must freely come to these beliefs with open eyes.  And, one may freely leave these beliefs. We follow this principle because it is inherent in our belief in having the right DNA code.  Those who don't understand the Teachings after being exposed to them should not be compelled to follow them.  It would be futile for them to do so.

If one freely and with open eyes chooses to become a believer, then that person should bear the symbols next to his or her skin.

In regard to personal freedom and so-called free will, we believe that each individual is sovereign.  That he or she has no "betters," and that he or she is equal to all others as a sovereign being, and as such is not to be controlled by others unless the individual so chooses.  We believe that this is the way the First Cause wants things to be and this also includes the choice to believe as we believe or not.  Some religions want to convert everyone and believe they have the right to force their ways, their beliefs, their mores, their rules on everyone else and that this is what their god wants.  We don't believe this at all.  We believe that we have evolved to the point where we must now take care of ourselves and that we must freely and intelligently make the choices including what to believe.

We believe that only those who are our people i.e. those who have Code A, who follow the teachings can be assured of moving higher in a deliberate fashion without many stumbles.

Q. Is this a peaceful belief system?
A. Yes. We treat all life with respect and we seek to mind our own business and keep our own ways and counsel and not interfere with other peoples.  We ask to be left alone and we leave others alone who do not mean us harm. Our highest destiny is revealed to be different from other human types, but we believe this is not preordained or guaranteed and that many of us will not take the narrow, righteous path that is required to fulfill this destiny. We believe that we should treat everyone of every faith and race/ethnicity as we like to be treated and to not be boisterous or shrill in our beliefs, but to be sensitive to the differences that exist among peoples, and that we should not seek to project any image that indicates that we think we are better than others.  We are different and our differences are mainly a result of our DNA code, but this does not make us better than others across the board.  We have some advantages and others have some advantages.
Q. So if someone believes, then what?
A.  Believers must bear the symbols and they must study the teachings and try to follow them. They shouldn't wait to be anointed by anyone or have anyone give them their blessings.  We believe in individual responsibility, self-reliance, and in taking charge of oneself.  If you want to take this path, just do so.  Believers should pray at dawn and dusk and ask for guidance, and they should also do this when confronted with important decisions in their lives.

Q. That's it?
A.  Yes, that's the basic rule.  Those who wish, may teach others and become Teachers.  Those who are good at it will be followed and those who are not won't be followed.  We believe in this natural selection way of doing things not only as it relates to evolution of life but also as it relates to our organization.  However, those who teach who veer away from the Teachings are not to be followed. And, those who teach who are intentionally childless are not to be followed.

Q.  Who ensures that the true Teachings are taught?
A.  The Teachings are plainly worded, and important parts are repeated many  times and often in slightly different ways for a complete understanding of the concepts that underlie the words.

Q. Are there other things that believers may do to signify their belief?
A.  As taught in the Teachings, wearing the proper clothing is important. We believe in "Method Becoming" which is similar to method acting. That is, a believer must attempt to become the ideal, by looking and acting the part and in surrounding himself or herself with everything that helps them live the part. In addition, believers might place a stone or rock at the entrance of their homes with the proper symbols thereon.  The stone or rock need not be large, twice the size of a fist is adequate, but it should be natural rock.  The symbols may be chiseled in or painted on or a combination of both.

Q. Do you have other maxims?
A.  Yes, several.  One is "Be what you are and become what you should be.

Q. What about prayers?
A.  Believers should pray at dawn, or when they first awaken in the morning, and at dusk or before they go to sleep.  Prayers have no set form and are just short statements such as "Thank you Lord for letting me live another day."  Or even things such as "Thank you Lord for the rain," or "Thank you Lord for a sunny day."
A believer can believe alone or with others if desired and this latter practice is encouraged, but it is not necessary.  When there is group worship, any believer can lead the worship, so long as that believer has children and is well versed in the Teachings and does not deviate from them.  The leader will usually give a sermon about some issue of importance to believers or will help answer some questions about the faith and the world around us with references to sections from the Teachings.

Q. Religious hierarchy?
A.  Leaders who are seen to be right will naturally attract others to them. But, no individual needs anyone to intercede with the First Cause for them.  Each individual does that on his or her own. There are no intermediaries between the First Cause and believers.

Q. Tell me more about how believers live or should live?
A. We believe in doing good and we seek always to choose good over evil in all that we do, even in the smallest things in our daily lives. We are peaceful and law abiding and try not to harm others in any way. We focus on having children and on our evolution.

Q.  Most other religions of which I am aware, try to recruit people or convince people that they have the truth, what is your position on that?
A.  This is not a universal faith.  We believe in particularism. This faith is for one people alone and it holds that the First Cause wants us to remain a separate people both spiritually and physically and to improve and will the evolution of ourselves and our code ever higher.  This requires that we "distill" ourselves out, partly by Method Living to become more than we are.  In our faith, the DNA code and its expression in us as the people we see in the mirror is  essential and cannot be ignored in any way.  The physical is interwoven with the spiritual and without the physical there can be no spiritual.  We often use a radio as an example to teach this.  Simply put, there are radio waves all around us all the time, but only a radio receiver with the right parts can pick up those radio waves.  We see the energies and forces of the First Cause as being a little like those radio waves and we see  our DNA code (which we call Code A) as being like the radio receiver with all the right parts.  And, we know we have the right internal parts by the external characteristics that are spun out by the internal parts. Prime among these external characteristics is our white skin, and then there are our other physical characteristics, head shape, bone structure, musculature, eye shape and color, hair texture and color and on and on.  The external is a reflection of the internal.  If one doesn't have the external characteristics, then they can't have the internal ones and the internal code is not the same as ours.

Many other religious beliefs are based on belief alone, while ours is based on actual physical DNA (which is a reflection of the First Cause behind the DNA).

One can change beliefs like changing socks, but one cannot change one's DNA code that way.  The DNA code (aka genetic code and in our case, Code A) is what is essential in the individual and we sometimes refer to it as the Essence.
Q.  How old is this system?
A.  We say it began when existence began, because it is based on the ways of existence that started with the start of existence.
Q. So Arman is not the founder?
A.  No.  He is just the person who receives the messages. He's more like a scribe.
Q.  Anything else that you might add at this time to help with an understanding of your beliefs?
A.  You will note that we usually refer to the DNA code rather than just to genes.  This is because  genes are just part of the DNA code.

You will also note that we put great emphasis on the DNA code itself rather than on the manifestation of the DNA code as specific forms of life.  This is necessary when thinking about life, because the basic command to all life is to expand the core DNA code.  Now, if the emphasis was always on individuals, then one might wonder why bees, for example, do not all mate and why there is only a queen and just a few males who mate with her.  If the basic command to all individual  living organisms is to expand the DNA code inside them, then billions of bees are not following the DNA code because they don't mate. However, when one realizes that the command, in the case of bees (and millions of other species), isn't about each individual bee mating, but in the trial and error nature of evolution, the method for bees to expand their DNA code  is to have hives in which all the individual bees are all very closely related so that the DNA code of the hive is expanded and kept pure and strong by the ways of the bees. The vast majority of bees in a hive are the children of the queen.  In our species, the way to expand, improve and evolve is different than in bees and many other species and we must each of us individually, male and female, try to live as long as possible to produce as many children as we can in our lifetimes.  This is an individual command from the First Cause to each of us. The command doesn't say "a couple" should try to produce as many children as possible.  It says that each of us as individuals must try to do this.  This means that any mating arrangements that fulfill this command are proper and moral.

You see, the basic core DNA code doesn't care what life form it is in, so long as the code expands and improves and begins to evolve higher consciousness and intelligence. And, there is a constant competition to bring forth the best form of life in every niche and finally to find the form of life with general adaptations that will make it supreme over all, in many niches, and which is closest to the First Cause by dint of its higher consciousness and intelligence.  On Earth, as far as we know, we humans are the ones closest to the First Cause because we appear to have the highest consciousness and intelligence of any species.  On other planets, the story may be different, but that is for the future.

You will also note that we usually refer to existence rather than to the universe.  This is because we believe the word existence is more all-encompassing and that the term universe to mean everything that exists, is misplaced.  We believe that our universe is just one of many universes and that universes follow the general spinning, turning, spiraling role of everything else in existence and that our universe is orbiting around a center in the nothingness and that the First Cause is constantly pushing His somethingness out into that nothingness as the First Cause struggles to  be and to be more.

1. The Teacher said that we teach the practical and the ideal.  Many of the things that are right for believers will only be possible in our Ideal Society in our Ideal Land with our Ideal Population.  Until then, there are many daily compromises that must be made by believers to exist in a less than ideal society in less than an ideal land with less than an ideal population.  Take wisdom from this and live to be happy whenever and wherever you may find yourself. You do not have to wear your religion on your sleeve but you also don't have to hide it.  If you choose to wear religious symbols that are seen by others and they object to them, you should demand that either you be allowed to wear or bear or display your religious symbols or that all others of all other religions also be bared from bearing or wearing or displaying their religious symbols. The most devout should always wear the fylfot where it can be seen unless doing so will in some way bring harm to them.

2.  The Teacher said that it is important to remember that you and your religion must be treated exactly the same by governments as all other religions.  It doesn't matter how many believers a religion has or how long it has been in existence or what it believes.  All religions must be treated the same.  Are there exceptions? 
Yes, religions that believe in harming adherents or others should not be accepted.  How old is our faith?
It started with the start of existence.

3.  The Teacher said that believers must become one with nature and study nature for there are the natural laws of existence to be found and discovered.  He also said that by "nature" he means more than just the natural things of the Earth.  He means all of existence.  Do not be confused by the use of the term "nature." We do not just use the term to mean the woods and fields of Earth. We use it to mean all of existence as it naturally is.

4. The Teacher said that human psychology and the psychological needs of believers must always be taken into account.  Rituals are important for humans. It is fitting to make circles of stones where you may pray or contemplate.  It is fitting to make temple boxes in which you may keep images of the spinning things and a light as a candle or electric light signifying the pushing back of the dark. These and other things help you focus your mind and in focusing your mind you cause changes in the chemicals released in your body and this helps you on the path.

5. The Teacher said that the placement of a small spiral mark upon the upper right arm or even on the back of the right shoulder of the young is a desirable thing. The mark should be very small and invisible to the world under most circumstances.  When a child reaches the age of reason, which is 13-years-old, he or she may confirm their belief by having a larger and more prominent mark be added to the original one, but not replacing or covering the original one.  The most sacred of the marks is the fylfot in its many forms--but it is most holy in its four armed form--and next comes the spiral and representations of DNA.  The marks may also be carried upon bracelets, amulets, rings, so long as these items actually touch the skin of the bearer.


Some have asked me why I believe in this faith.  My short answer is that I believe because it is true.  I have received the revelations and the inspiration and the guidance personally, so I know they are true. I had the personal religious experience that I've discussed in the Teachings. And, I continue to receive revelations, inspiration and guidance and I pray for answers and guidance on a daily basis.

However, there is more.  No one is expected to simply take the Teachings on faith alone.  We, as human beings, need to use reason to fully believe in something. Our major evolutionary development is our brain and the brain wants reason and explanations.  We do not deny this.

This faith fulfills that human requirement.  One can doubt the revelations, inspirations and guidance that I tell you are all true, and still believe, because the Teachings stand on their own in the light of science and reason.  The Teachings do not ignore the laws of nature and true science.  They are one with these laws and true science, but they add faith and belief to them.

In this faith we are told to study the laws of nature and true science.  We are told to never turn away from the truth because it might be uncomfortable for some people to know the truth.  We are told that when we find the truth in all things, we are closer to the First Cause.  There is no law of nature or genuine truth in science that contradicts anything in this faith.  This faith is truly the expression of the will of the First Cause put in words and ways that we can understand. When we look at nature, we want to go deeper and deeper to more fully understand.  We look at a flower and we say it is beautiful and smells good. That is enough to know for most circumstances and is true.  But, we are told to dig deeper.  Why is it this or that color? Why does it have this or that characteristic?  And, we are told to go deeper still and then even deeper to see the molecules and atoms and subatomic particles and waves and energies that have given us this flower in our everyday world.  That is how we think of all things in this faith.  We go deeper.  And, in going deeper, we never fear that we will lose our faith, for we know it will only be strengthened because our concept of the First Cause comes to us from the First Cause and is not a fairy tale.

We cannot know everything about the first cause
We cannot know everything about the First Cause, and this name we use "First Cause," is just what we call it and it may not even be the best name to use. What we mean by the First Cause may even be beyond our words. It is the way of existence and the ultimate principle of existence, but it is more than that. We sometimes call it the God Force or the God Energy, but as with all terms these also don't fully convey the full meaning. We also sometimes say it is the way things work or are. We are almost tempted to use terms found in other religions to try to convey our meanig, but we pull back from this lest we be misunderstood. The First Cause contains all sub defintions of existence.  It is waves, energies, forces, vibrations,subatomic particles, dark energy, matter, dark matter, spirit and all the things that science can and cannot define and describe.  It is the structure of existence, but it is not static and one can use it if one has the right biological equipment, knowledge and actions. We somethimes visualize the First Cause as a sort of thin fog that permeates everything. Sometimes we think of it as sort of like a spider web or a fabric. It is both here and there at the same time and is the ground of existence.

It is the said that we can go deep and we can understand some things, and in understanding  we truly do stand in awe.  The deeper we go, the more awe we have and the stronger does our faith grow.  Even as we dig deep into subatomic particles, waves and energies we are left with mysteries that require us to go deeper.  We ask of all things "Why is this the way it is?  What makes this?  What is behind this?"  So we go deeper to subatomic particles, waves and energies and still we ask these same questions.  Nothing exists just because it exists.  There is something deeper, something upon which it rests.  And, as we go deeper and deeper we come to the First Cause who is behind everything.
I also believe because I know that the First Cause has a plan and that we are part of that plan.  The First Cause is guiding us through the Teachings along a path that the First Cause wants us to take.  It matters not what other humans want.  We must do what the First Cause wants, and we know that what the First Cause wants is always good and just and sacred.

Human beings often go astray.  This is largely a result of the way our minds work.  In order to evolve, we humans had to have brains that would allow us to make informed choices in life and to use our brains to discern between even the most subtle of differences.

We White ones have reached a point in our evolution, and the events of the world have become such, that we cannot let chance take us off the true path and blend us back in with the others from whom we have evolved. We must consciously evolve along the right path for us by taking an active part in our evolution.  We believe that's why the First Cause has sent His messages to us through Arman; both as a warning and as a guide to help us move closer to Him.  But, we must act, and we must act correctly.  We have the key to take this path within us as a result of the code that we were born with.  Evolution was on a trajectory to bring forth some creature with the parts of the code that we carry that allow us to take the path.  We were the ones who ended up with the code.  We got it because of the blind processes of evolution and because of subtle actions of the First Cause to help us at times.  Mutations happened, natural selection worked, genetic drift occurred.  All the processes known and unknown about evolution played a part.  That first molecule of DNA was set on the path to create a creature who could take some control of his evolution.  We are that creature.  But, this just means that we must struggle harder and we must be smarter and we must act.  We can take  the path, but it is not assured.  We can fall from it and become extinct, and some other creature will eventually come forth to take the path.  It is in our enlightened self-interest that we do not fall off the path, but that we become the ones who move higher.  This is our highest destiny.  We must never doubt that the plan of the First Cause is the holiest plan in existence and that it can never be anything but good and just and righteous, even if fallible human beings do not always understand where the plan and the path are going.  Those who believe, know it is taking us ever higher and closer to the First Cause.  Those who believe, know that anything that contravenes or changes what the First Cause wants is evil, and those who believe, know that the Teachings are the only source in human words that convey the will of the First Cause to our kind.

And, yes, the First Cause can be called God and the Creator but it does not look like a human or any life even as it is in everything. If you wish to visualize it, perhaps a thin fog that is over, under and within everything might come close and in its most active form the various forms of spirals and fylfots serve the purpose.

The Teacher said that you cannot be pure living among the impure.  You must separate out to purify.

The Teacher said the basic requirements of this faith are simple: Study and live the Teachings; No miscegenation; Isolation; Have many children; Bear the symbols and dress appropriately; pray at dawn and dusk; teach others of our kind; help support the work and the organization by donations of time, money and goods as appropriate.


Should be dark in color.
May bear sacred symbols.
Should be inexpensive.
Should be easy to obtain.
Should be able to be wasehed with soap and water.
Should set believers apart.
Should be easily foldable and carried in a pocket (head covering).
Cotton is best, but not required.
Should be practical. Form follows function.
May be a form of skullcap so long as it stays on the head by itself with no clips holding it to the hair.
Should be comfortable.
Should be for both males and females, young and old.
Should be unique to this system in some way and in some appearance.
Should evolve to become uniform among all believers in all nations.
Could be a  beret, medical scrub hat, chef style low hat, skull cap or similar from other faiths if made pure for this faith.


The teacher prefers what follows but such are up to your personal preferences.

Homemade items.
Blue or black ink only for tattoos.
Tattoos of spirals, fylgots, DNA, # 46, the letter "W."
Dark colors (Black gray, dark green, etc.)
Simple things.
Practical things.
Form follows function.
Comfort before appearnace.
Suitable for physical labor.
Frugal and efficient.

LIVE INTENTIONALLY--FOCUS ON THE TEACHINGS.  Know why you're doing what ever it is that you're doing. Believe in yourself, love yourself, don't infringe on others. Live the right ethical values and improve your moral conduct.