Even if one follows our Teachings but not with a belief in the First Cause or God  as we depict Him, prayer still plays an essential  part and is important for the way human psychology works.

Our prayers are generally short and mostly give thanks for life or ask for help for oneself or others.

The First Cause does not need our prayers--we need them. They are important for the way our minds work. They help us focus and they give us the proper perspective on existence and in the reality that there is comfort in knowing there is something more important than us as individuals in the big scheme of things.

They help focus the mind.

A true believer should say a silent short prayer of thanks in the morning when he or she first wakes up and at night just before falling asleep.

Meditation for us is also usually short and is a matter of focusing the eyes and mind on an external object and trying to be one with that object by "feeling" it,  for several minutes to a half hour. This helps still the mind and focus attention and is beneficial to blood pressure and helps with stress relief. Our meditation is usually done with movement: walking, jogging,
exercising, driving a car.  This is in keeping with our Code.
Lord, may you find it in your wisdom to deliver our people to a pure land where only they may ever dwell.
Lord, let me be the single point to lead my line to the righteous path of purity and away from the evil that plagues the world with all its confusion of genes and cultures.
Thank you Lord for letting me live another day to do your will.
Grant me the wisdom
To always think, speak and do that which is good in your sight.
Deliver me from evil thoughts, words and deeds.
Have mercy upon your creation and upon me
O Lord, give me wisdom to know your will and the strength to do it.
O Lord send me a sign, send your storms to open my mind and know what you would have me do as your servant on Earth.
O Lord bathe me in your rain so that I can feel your presence.  Send your wind to enliven my skin so that I may be near to you.
O Lord, let me smell the rain and let me hear he first drops and let my skin feel a slight chill so I know you are listening.
Lord thank you for letting me live.
Lord thank you for the rain.
May the spirit of the First Cause permeate this room and guide us to always do the right things at all times and to avoid evil things.
*            *                   *
We ask that the First Cause, the bringer of existence with light, with heat, with sound, with matter and who is the sustainer of existence grant us wisdom to do the right things, to avoid evil, to seek justice and to live consciously so that we may improve always and expand always along with the First Cause at it pushes existence into the non-existence.
*                            *                     *
When facing hardships, focus on doing God's will.  Put yourself in His hands.  No matter your situation, and even if you are in prison, focus on doing God's will and the stay will be more bearable for you. Set your mind on the thought that you are a servant of something much bigger than yourself.  You are serving the First Cause and also the DNA code of our kind.

The prayers are in harmony with human psychology and are important whether you are a very orthodox believer in our ways or if you even consider yourself an atheist or agnostic.  Remember, you can be an atheist or agnostic and still be a believer because there are many layers of belief in our system.  If you do not believe, then still do the physical things that more orthodox believers do, and you will still benefit and you will still be our kind. Our faith is more than just blind belief. It requires intelligence and reason and it is never in opposition to true settled science.

HOLY DAYS: April 15 is Revelation Day.  It was on this day in 1957 that Arman received the first revelation.  The entire month of April is considered the holiest of months, and the Spring season is considered the holiest season.

HOLY PLACES--Wooded and or wild areas where nature determines what grows and what lives there.

HOLY TIMES--Rain and other storms are considered holy and one should try to experience them in the midst of them if there is no danger to one's preservation or health. It is in these storms that we feel the swirling, spinning, turning, spiraling forces that are similar to spinning galaxies.

The time each day just before and during sunrise is considered the holiest time of the day and one should pray at this time or as close to this time as possible each day.

KEEP A LIGHT BURNING ALL THE TIME--Believers should keep at least one light burning all the time in their homes and where they pray or meditate. The light can be from a candle or from a light bulb.

BEFORE MAKING DECISIONS--Silently pray for guidance and direction to help you make the right decision.

TO PURIFY PLACES AND THINGS--Use bleach if this will not harm what is being purified. If bleach is not the best choice use strong soaps and water. Try to rid places and things of traces of DNA that is from other types of humans than our kind.  Generally, DNA traces from living organisms that are known to not be harmful to us are okay, but DNA from those who can harm us must be removed.  Bright sunlight and fresh air are often good purifiers.

COVER THE HEAD--It is best to cover the head when praying or if one is a true believer this may be done all the time.  Head coverings should be practical and comfortable  and they should set believers apart from non-believers. Arman favors a non-Jewish type of skull cap that will stay attached to the head of males and females without the use of pins or clips and which will remain in place during physical labor and mild winds.

BEARING THE SYMBOLS--Believers should ALWAYS have sacred symbols with them. True believers may choose to have them on/in the skin in the form of tattoos, scars, brands or marks and those who choose not to do this may have them as jewelry (rings, pendants, etc.) or even simply carrying a piece of paper with the symbols meets this requirement. The sacred symbols are representations of the spiral (the arms trail the "hub" which spins counterclockwise). Arman prefers the six armed form and prefers it to be primitive, i.e. to be hand made by believers. Also, representations of DNA, the number 46 (number of chromosomes); the letter "W" and various other symbols are important and help one focus.


The Teacher says we should say a short thank you prayer with just a few words when we arise in the morning and just before we go to sleep.  This is important both for true believers and for those who are secular and even those who are agnostic or atheist.  The Teacher says this in the morning. "Thank you for letting me live another day to do your work.:  And, at night: Thank you for having let me  live another way and to have done your work.  The actual words are not important.  Even if you do not believe in an intelligent First Cause, the saying of the prayers helps you focus and helps your subconscious work as it should.