Q. Is this a religion, a philosophy, a world view or a way of life?
A. It is all of these if one chooses them to be. Those of us who follow the system as a religion believe the Teachings of Arman are divinely revealed and inspired.  Those who are less religiously inclined treat them as a secular philosophy and do not attribute them to a divine source. All of our kind are welcome so long as they have Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action.  Right Blood is what we are born with. It is a synonym for our White genotype or what we also call DNA Code A or our Essence.  It exists whether we believe it does or not.  It is us. Right Belief means a belief in "Whitism," and the basic laws of existence. Right Action means living good righteous and ethical lives upholding our basic values of Whiteness so that our kind will survive, thrive and expand constantly an trying to do good and not do evil. Living right is more important than mere belief.

Q. How does one become a True Believer?
A.  By simply saying with free and informed choice and with  true intention and conviction "I believe in the Teachings of Arman and I will study and follow them to the best of my ability and live the life."

Q. What are the basic practical requirements of a True Believer?
A.  By being a good person who does no evil and who treats all life with respect. By bearing the symbols on, in or next to the skin, saying a short thank you "prayer" morning and night, trying to live up to the ideals by method living each and every day and by not being out of character, and by having as many of our kind of children as possible. By keeping at least one light burning all the time in one's residence which is also the primary place of worship for believers.

Q. Are there definite prohibitions for True Believers?
A.  Yes. The First Cause prohibits miscegenation--bearing non-White children--mixing with those not our kind, suicide, doing anything that shortens our lives of causes us to have fewer children of our kind than our bodies can produce, or putting ourselves in harm's way for any cause other than to advance our kind and no other kinds. Our rules and ways are for our kind alone. We believe in particularism and not universalism regarding humans. What other humans do is not our business, so long as they aren't doing anything that has the potential to harm us. We believe in strict non-interference in the fates of other types of humans and we believe in indifference toward them. They have their ways and their destinies and we have ours and we do not mix them. We believe in live and let live and letting other peoples take care of themselves without us butting in.

Q.  Marriage?
A.   We aren't born as couples.  We are born as individuals. We are born male or female. The ability to expand the DNA code is different in each gender by the design of nature. Having children is an individual responsibility for each believer. Any form of marriage or relationship between our kind that produces the greatest number of our kind of children is good. A man can have hundreds of children.  And, he should try to do so. Monogamy, polygamy, having children while not being married.  These are all acceptable. The goal is to produce the greatest number of our children as fast as possible. It is this goal that must be focused on. A male can impregnate many women each day.  A woman, once impregnated, must wait nine months to get pregnant again.  This is the way of existence for our species and it is a law for our survival that we must be as nature intends us to be both male and female with the differences inherent in the genders.  There are reasons, not usually understood by many people, why males can and should impregnate as many females of our kind as possible. This is designed for our survival and is partly related to the fact that most mutations come from males, as males produce new sperm each day, while females get their eggs all at one time during their lifetimes. Sperm can change with changing internal and external pressures and conditions, while eggs cannot. Holding down the number of children each of us produces risks our survival in the long view of existence. Nature takes the long view of existence--it "thinks" in hundreds of thousands and millions of years, and it "knows" that the earth is on a trajectory that will wipe out most life forms, as it has in the past.  Those with the most offspring have the greatest chance of surviving when life starts thriving again.  We want to be one of those forms of life that will survive. Furthermore, evolution requires that we provide as many variants of our particular DNA code so that natural selection will have the raw materials to propel our evolution ever higher.  This requires that we have many children of our kind since there are countless millions of possible combinations of the parts of our DNA code that will only ever surface by us having as many children of our kind as possible.

Q. Homosexuality?
A.  Homosexuality is not natural and is not good because it does not produce children of our kind. Other kinds can practice homosexuality, as their ways are not our ways and we mind our own business.

Q. Abortion, family planning, birth control, celibacy, risking one's life in the military or elsewhere?
A.  None of these are for our kind.  Other kinds can have them and do them.  We don't care what they do.

Q. Miscegenation?
A.  One of the greatest sins a believer can commit.  It can lead to our extinction.  We see it as bedroom genocide. Our kind can only be produced by a White mother and a White father.  No other combinations work. We believe we must avoid all gene flow from other kinds to our kind.

Q.  Suicide?
A.  A great sin.  We believe we must live as long as possible to help expand our unique DNA code.  We are about life, not about death. No believer should harm himself or herself or put himself or herself in danger.Live long to breed our kind.  Life is existence and death is non-existence.

Q. God?
A.  We usually use the term First Cause.  One can be a believer in our ways without believing in a God, but we believe, at a minimum, that a God is psychologically important as "the ender of all arguments," and as the "final and ultimate authority who cannot be contradicted."  Belief in a God can help stop the endless squabbles that are common among humans about every minor point. The concept of a God is also comforting in many situations for many people, and religion must meet the psychological needs of believers. One can believe in the ways of existence--because they are exactly what science has discovered or will discover--and these are virtually synonymous with the science of physics. The Ways of Existence are the ways reality works. They are demonstrated by science and do not require blind belief. They are as simple as saying "on Earth, water of a certain chemical composition in certain environments will freeze at 32 degrees F." It is simply a fact--it is a way of existence--it is natural law.

The most orthodox or devout among us do believe that the First Cause is God and that the First Cause willed Himself/Itself into being and started existence, and is the cause and sustainer of existence and can be seen in the spinning and spiraling forces that are found in everything. We believe that the First Cause is the God that the gods of all other religions would worship if they were real and had not simply been invented by man.   We believe the First Cause is the founder of this religion/philosophy/way of life and has done so through Arman and no one else and that the purpose of the First Cause is to have us evolve to ever higher states as the First Cause also evolves in existence to bring somethingness to nothingness.  We are the ones selected to do the bidding of the First Cause due to the way we have evolved and we believe the First Cause had a hand in the way we have evolved and that those among Whites with the "right parts" of the DNA code are the inevitable people who are about to take the next step higher to specieshood by following the Teachings. We believe that we have been brought to the threshold through the natural workings of evolution, but that we must now consciously will our further evolution, or we will be replaced by other types. We must act to move forward, and in acting we prove that we are ready. We use the example of  a man walking up to a door. He must act to open the door, it won't open without his action. So is it with our system. Belief of some type always precedes action, but belief without action is meaningless.  We believe that we must have both reason and belief in a higher source of morality to stay on the path.We believe that the First Cause does act in human affairs, but usually does so as what Arman calls "a puff of air."

Notwithstanding any of the above, we often say that the First Cause is ineffable and beyond human words or a full understanding and some of us see the First Cause as something like an invisible force field existing where and when energies, waves and forces become subatomic particles and all matter.  In this view, we sometimes think of the First Cause as sort of like Christmas lights or lights on huge computers that blink on and off constantly. We see the intelligence and consciousness of the First Cause as being here and there and everywhere with those blinking lights of our imigination.

One can say that we invent God, but then one can say that God invented us to think we invented God.

Our religion is an outlook on life and existence that according to The Teachings comes from the First Cause through The Teacher and no others, but this outlook on life and existence also comes to others of our kind with the right parts even if they do not believe in our concept of the First Cause. This is fine because the First Cause is not in human form, does not have a body, does not need worshipers to pad His ego or to feel important and powerful. The First Cause cannot be explained in words. We sometimes say He is like an invisible cosmic cloud that permeates everything--a spirit, that which is behind subatomic particles, the laws of existence, the ways of existence.  Even these words do not correctly define the undefinable.  The First Cause is not male or female, and we only use He as a convention. Sometimes we use It. The essential message of the First Cause through The Teacher is one of Whiteness and light and moving toward those terms in spirit and in flesh.  Why is this the case?  We can use our reason to try to explain why we think this is the case, but ultimately reason may fail us in this as it does in trying to explain the First Cause.  We believe the revelations received by The Teacher without qualification.  We must remain White.  We must purify and perfect ourselves. We must seek our evolution ever higher and this can only happen by becoming more White (meaning taking the path that leads to more of what we are in our best forms along a trajectory of evolution that causes us to diverge ever more from other darker humans.)  Our flesh is the manifestation of the light in human form, but it is not perfect and it has become polluted and lesser than it should be due to evils of miscegenation and blending in with those unlike us such that many of our family lines have genes that are harmful to the evolutionary path we must take.

Q.  Religious symbols?
A.  We use various representations of the circling, turning spinning forms.  The fylfot in its many varieties is one such form.  We believe the religious symbols must be with us at all times and that they are best if they are actually on or in the skin.  Thus, brands, scars, tattoos are considered good for this purpose. Some may prefer rings, bracelets and pendants, but we see these as less effective. The Teacher prefers the six armed form and this, in its many artistic variations, is what we "officially" use as our symbol. We also use spirals and representations of the DNA molecule.  We see the hub or center of the spiraling forms as a representation of the First Cause.  The arms always trail the spinning hub or center and simply show the movement and the pulling in of energy to the hub and its release as matter and more energy and forces.

Q. Do you believe you are superior to other people?
A.  No. We believe in evolution and evolution does not make organisms that are superior or inferior, just different and adapted and evolved in various ways. Who is superior, a race horse or a plow horse?  The answer depends on what they are evolved to do in life.  It is the same with humans and all other organisms. We are part of nature and we share "life" with all other living things. We not only don't believe that we, as a people, are superior to other peoples or other organisms, but that we need to improve and rid ourselves of some characteristics that are inferior if we are to evolve along the best trajectory for our kind.

Q.  Clothing?
A.  Simple, plain. Cotton is best but is not required.  Must be comfortable and appropriate for the conditions one finds oneself in.  Form follows function. The Teacher prefers darker colors such as grays and blacks, but other colors are fine. The Teacher prefers clothing that is suitable for physical labor, but which may also be used in white collar professions. This means that pants, shirts and jackets that can be washed with soap and water are often preferred.

Q. Relationship to other peoples?
A.  They are not our kind and are not our concern. We believe in noninterference and indifference. They have their own destinies and we have ours. We believe that we must not interfere in their destinies.  We must not help them or harm them.  Nature has a way of letting evolution work in many ways, including limiting populations via floods and other natural disasters, diseases, famine, conflicts, wars, and other causes.  We must not interfere and upset nature's balancing tools except when our own kind need help, and then, we must give it. We ask only to be left alone to follow our path and struggle as we think is best and which is revealed to us as best for us alone and we leave others alone to follow their paths and struggle in their own ways. We try not to criticize them, their religions or their ways and we expect the same hands off approach from them.

Q. Goals?
A.  To survive, to expand our DNA code, to evolve into a new species and to never stop evolving ever higher.

Q.  Religious leaders?
A.  Those who are serious and who study and understand the Teachings and who adhere to them may teach others.  They must not deviate from the Teachings and they must have as many children as possible.

Q. Churches?
A. Church is a Christian word and we do not use it.  We use words such as groups, meetings and temples.

Q.  How does one become a believer?
A.  By being born of parents of our kind, by having a good heart and an open mind and then by studying our Teachings, and saying to oneself with deep sincerity that he or she agrees to live our way and to follow the Teachings and to help make the world a better place. Then pray in the morning and night. Bear the symbols. Study the Teachings and method live. That's all there is to it.  It's very simple. It begins with belief bolstered by knowledge and reason. We believe the mind is a powerful thing and when you believe, and act on your beliefs, you open doors. When your heart is pure and true, you will not lie to yourself about your beliefs.
We have a strong belief in the individual, and the individual does not need to be enabled by others in this faith and does not need others to intercede for him with the First Cause.  As an individual, you are equal to all others in this system. It is up to you to do the right things and stay on the correct path. No one can do it for you.

Q. What if one doesn't know much about the Teachings?
A.  No problem.  We are all learning.  Just study them as best you can and observe nature and try to live a life that expands Code A and remain separate from others.  You're as good as any of us.  None of us are perfect. If you understand life and nature and evolution, you probably won't go wrong. Study everything every day of your life.  Learn from everyone and everything. Be rational and learn from science.

Q.  What if one doesn't believe in all of the Teachings?
A.   If the person is one of our kind and believes in the most essential Teachings about being born of a White mother and a White father, remaining separate from other peoples, not miscegenating, having lots of our kind of children, bearing the sacred symbols, and living like us, then that is enough. We are all individuals and we have different levels of belief based on our life experiences and other factors. We have our brains to question everything and since the First Cause is beyond comprehension as to His/Its actual nature, it is normal to wonder and question about Him/It. It is enough to believe that everything has a start and that we call the start of existence the First Cause.  Some of us believe the First Cause is something like a vast cloud of intelligence and will and some of us believe it is just the workings of nature.  Neither view can be proved or disproved and both are thus acceptable.

Q. Basic religious practices of each believer?
A. Pray in the morning in the evening. Prayers can be as simple as:  "Thank you for letting me live another day to do your work." Bearing the symbols. Having the symbols where you can focus on them. Living plainly. Doing no evil.  Doing good. Loving life. Having many children. Studying the Teachings. Keeping a flame or a light burning through the night. The individual's home is his or her primary religious temple.

Q. Colonies, settlements and our own country?
A.  We believe the ideal situation is for believers to found colonies or settlements around our religious institutions and leaders that are pure and in which only believers live.  This is not always possible and believers may live in the world just as any other people if this is their desire. Colonies or settlements are to be self-supporting and the goal of every colony is to produce the greatest number of our kind of children, as fast as possible.  A colony or settlement may consist of one or more men and many women or it may be like any other neighborhood in the outside world with one man and one woman in each household. We pray for our own pure country where we can live in peace and expand our kind exclusively among our kind and evolve as we are commanded.

Q. Are there eternal commands from the First Cause that can never be changed?
A. Yes. They can be summed up by saying that anything that keeps us from preserving, protecting, expanding or evolving our Code A or which keeps us from believing and practicing the Teachings can never be changed no matter what humans may decide from time to time in any age.  This means, among other things, no miscegenation, no celibacy, no homosexuality, no birth control, no abortions, no mixing or socializing with other kinds.  It also means we must remain separate and remain White.  We must bear the sacred symbols next to, in, or on, our skin. And, we must follow the Teachings.  Those who seek to persecute us are evil and they show thereby that they are against the First Cause and His will.  They are not to be suffered.

Q. Religious symbols? [2nd reply]
A. The fylfot in its many versions represents the First Cause and the spinning that causes and maintains existence and which is behind change and evolution. The heart of the symbol is the central hub which rotates counterclockwise with the arms trailing. Various spiral forms also represent the First Cause. Representations of the molecule of DNA are also important. The numbers 46 represent the fact that our kind must have 23 chromosomes from a White father and 23 from a White mother.

Q. Can one be an atheist and follow the Teachings?
A.  Yes--if by atheist you mean that one does not believe in an intelligent, conscious, deity but one still believes in our other Teachings and in nature and nature's ways. If one says that he or she is an atheist, one must still have a sincere belief in the rest of our beliefs.  We believe that the First Cause is unknowable, and while some of us believe the First Cause does have intelligence and is conscious, we cannot prove it and have this on faith. Because we cannot truly know the First Cause, we must accept the fact that some others think that the First Cause may  not be intelligent or conscious but is the natural workings of existence. We believe that we are programed by our DNA code as it has evolved in us to be skeptical and to use our reason and to come to ever higher levels of belief in our own time after meditating or praying or investigating and studying .Our racial/ethnic identity and religion are synonymous. It requires right blood (meaning two White parents); right belief (meaning believing in our basic beliefs about the ways of existence--nature) and right action (meaning living like us).  We are White people who are a subset or subculture of Whites who are undergoing a willed and conscious process of ethnogenesis as part of our evolutionary path. The concept of "self" is important in our beliefs, and self-and group-mastery figure into our conscious living. We do not simply accept things as they are, we seek to create our reality and we are not beholden to what others think or believe. It is enough to believe in true nature and the true natural forces of existence. One can share in our heritage and our ethnic identity and can take part in our religious rituals and still be an atheist or agnostic and still be one of us. Blood before belief. As we often say, the First Cause is the God that your god would worship if your god were real.

Q. General feeling and attitudes of true believers and this faith?
A. The Teacher teaches that we should be joyful, happy, kind, decent, honest and that we should be polite and respectful to all others who mean us no harm in thoughts or actions and that we should laugh at ourselves when appropriate. We mind our own business and do not butt into the business of others and expect the same courtesy from others. We love life and seek to live as long as possible and to be eternal spring in our own beings, thoughts and bodies. He also teaches that we should not be shrill, loud or boisterous and that we should have a glow of purpose and meaning in our lives, in knowing that we are doing the Lord's work in helping evolution work as it should work, and in helping maintain nature's balance, so that a higher level is achieved where there will be less disease, more intelligence, longer lives and more closeness with the First Cause.  This is a faith in life and living, and we are, no matter our calendar ages, the new people of a joyous and rambunctious, happy spring.  We try to not be  a dour, unhappy people just waiting to die.  We seek to  burst with joyous energy and life  and we seek to learn, and experience much.  We do not deny our senses and we do not believe the First Cause is to be found in dark and dank places, but in those places absolutely brimming with life.  We see the First Cause in the spinning galaxies, in storms, in sunlight, in fresh blooming flowers and plants and in new life. We are counseled to seek wisdom and to think before we speak.
How should you live?  Be happy. You are not hear to be sad and you are not here to serve others at your expense. As you seek your personal happiness, try to understand that it isn't just for the you that you see in the mirror but is also for our group DNA code and your personal DNA code. It is the Code (aka Essence) that will survive the death of your body--hopefully when you are very, very old and have produced as many children of our kind as is physically possible.

Q.  You would have more believers if you didn't believe in DNA, genes, races and evolution so why don't you get rid of those aspects of this faith?
A.   Those things are absolutely essential to this faith.  We are commanded by the First Cause to never get rid of these beliefs or to ever weaken or minimize them they are one with us and we are one with them. We are reminded of the old saying "If you want a bull, you have to take the horns." We are as we are.  We are born to be as we are and we do not deny who and what we are or how we can evolve which is best for us alone. And, we do not care if we attract "believers" who try to put man made rules and ways above those that have been revealed to us.  We are our DNA code, our genes our race.  These, to be absolutely clear, are essential elements of this faith.  We cannot practice this faith without a belief in them and they are not only inseparable from our beliefs, they are one with us spiritually, genetically and biologically.

Q. Differences with other "White" religions?
A. We wish them well.  The ones we are aware of believe pretty much as we do as far as the necessity of helping our people survive and expand. As far as we know, we are a little different in that we believe in a First Cause, our revelations, and the importance of our DNA Code A.

Q.  Attitude towards other religions generally?
A.  We try not to criticize other religions or other beliefs.  They have their ways and we have ours.  However, speaking generally, we think that some beliefs that treat all humans as being exactly the same under the skin do not understand the ways of existence or evolution or the ways of nature and that while some of them may have the types of happy, all accepting beliefs that teach that all humans can reach higher states (no matter what these states are called) regardless of genes are very mistaken.  We believe that just as with a radio, a computer, a car or any machine one must have the right parts and that mere belief is not enough. A radio, for example, cannot pull in the radio waves that are all around us, unless it has the right parts and unless it has a power supply and is turned on and tuned in.  We say it is like that with life.  This isn't to say that some life is better than others, it just means that life has evolved in many different ways and we humans have also evolved differently and have diverged one from the other in significant ways.  We say that it is revealed that our White skin and other external and easily seen characteristics are outward manifestations of genetic mutations that we have just by being born that allow us to benefit from The Teachings while no other kinds of humans can so benefit.  These mutations we possess and which are reflected externally, are the right parts for The Teachings.  We believe in differences and that there is a natural taxonomy of life that includes humans.  We repeat again, because this is a point that is not always understood:  We do not believe we are superior to other forms of life including other kinds of humans.  We do believe that we are different from them, as they are different from us and that there are different paths that can and should be taken and the paths should not cross or blend together.  We believe that we are to bring a new age for humankind and that future humans will be improved as a result of our existence.

Q. Why to you use the symbols you use?
A.  The fylfot in its many forms represents the First Cause and the basic forces of existence which are always spinning and spiraling.  This is seen as the most active form of the First Cause and is behind all change including cosmic creation and cosmic destruction.  We see the same shape in hurricanes and water draining from your sink. Various forms of spirals are also used as the way of existence.  Representations of DNA are used as the fylfot and spirals in spirit and flesh.  We believe the symbols must be next to the skin on on the skin.  They may also be elsewhere, but having them actually touching our skin is essential for believers before all other uses of the symbols.

Q. Violence and lawbreaking?
A.  We are opposed to violence and lawbreaking and there is nothing in the Teachings that condones such actions. The Teachings are about our people and how we can be happy and do the will of the First Cause.
The Teachings are about love for life and true believers have a sense of wonder at nature and all of existence.
The Teacher says holy are those who have kind and pleasant dispositions and who speak softly and who seek spiritual and physical transformation by living the Teachings and who use their reason to understand what we know by revelation and divine inspiration to be true. We are not out to convert the world to our beliefs--in fact, this is inconsistent with our beliefs. However, we do believe that each true believer must try to expose others of our kind to our teachings so that they can decide for themselves about our faith.  We believe those with the right parts will come naturally to our beliefs if they are correctly exposed to them, and those without the right parts--even if they look like us--will not come naturally to our beliefs.

We believe in doing good, in avoiding evil and in being respectful and law abiding. We are life affirming and avoid things that are death affirming. We believe in minding our own business, not forcing our beliefs or ways on others and living quiet and productive lives as we expand our kind and as we seek our evolution ever higher.

Q. Racism?
A.  We believe in evolution and that all living things change and branch off constantly.  Even among Whites we see this branching off among groups.  The branching off is real and biological--meaning that there are mutations happening all the time.  And, when small groups of individuals separate from the main body of individuals they begin to change through the normal and fundamental processes of evolution.  This is as it should be.  We believe that Whites evolved from earlier peoples and that our highest possible destiny is to continue to evolve along a trajectory that leads to us becoming a separate species incapable of producing children with other forms of humans.  Not all Whites will evolve and the fundamental forces of evolution cause a cumulative effect of many small mutations, again, within small separate groups, and if these mutations give those in one or more of these small groups survival advantages--which includes the ability to expand and spread their particular mutations--those in this or other small groups will eventually spread their particular version of their DNA Code to the White population as a whole and will replace the earlier White population with the new White population.

Q. But wouldn't The Teachings be better received if they didn't emphasize Whiteness, which is demonized in society as evil racism?
A. The Teachings are from the First Cause and not from man. They are as the First Cause wills them to be. The First Cause says that Whiteness is essential to His plan and that this faith must forever practice Whiteness.  We may not understand this completely, but we believe that's one of the reasons that the revelations have come in this day--to correct the false teaching and ways of too many White humans who believe, practice and live evil but wrongly think they are believing, practicing and living what is good.  We say that the First Cause is the ender of all arguments. What He says is true and must be followed.  We do this to the best of our ability.

Q. Organization?
A.  Organization is important and must serve the needs of believers and keep the Teachings pure and uncorrupted for all time. In the absence of formal organizations, the Teachings are the Teacher and are to be followed individually. Where there are formal organizations, group services and other group activities should be conducted and all things necessary for the health and welfare of believers should be put in place and all such activities should be led by the most devout and those with the most children who remain true to the Teachings and who can serve as living examples of our way.

Q. Is Belief or Action more important?
Action is more important than belief, but action always follows some thoughts. Living properly in accordance with the Teachings is considered one of the most important actions. One can have doubts about God and our system, and doubts are normal for intelligent people, but so long as one of our kind, consciously does the right actions, and consciously lives right by our ethics and moral code, one is on the path.  We also hold reason in high regard, and it is reason that often causes doubts and this is as it should be. Each individual will have to study and observe and handle doubts as he or she determines.  So long as one believes in the importance of our particular White DNA code and ways of existence, is one of our kind, and lives consciously in the right way,then one is still on the path.

Q. Children? You put great emphasis on large families, why?
A.  Our revelations command us to have large families but only with our own kind.  There are a number of reasons why we believe we are given this command, and in this we use our intelligence and reason to explain the command.  First, any organism that contract rather than expands risks extinction.  This is forbidden us.  We must survive and we must prevail. Second, we believe there is a bottleneck coming and we need many of us to get our DNA code through for our survival. Third, the more children we have the more will be the number of beneficial mutations and the greater the variation we have in our gene pool that will give us the material for our evolution into the next kind. Nature will use the genetic material to select the best to go forward based on many factors including whatever changes we have on this or any other planet.  In other words, the more of us there are who are our kind, the better it will be for our survival and evolution.  The way evolution generally works is that one organism of a type will have a certain mutation and if it gives a survival advantage, this evolution will, al things considered,  be selected to spread in the community.  But, the mutations and changes usually do not happen all at once and not all in one individual.  This one may have this beneficial mutation, this other one may have this other beneficial mutation and so on.  Again, the more of us, the better it will be for us.

Q. Ethics?
A. Ethics is generally defined as a set of principles of right conduct.  Our ethical values state that you should seek happiness and that you are not here to serve others, but to further your DNA Code (Essence). You should not waste one calorie or a single second in trying to determine which non-Whites are good and which are not good for you and yours. You should be as indifferent to non-Whites as you are to any stray animal. They are not your kind and you are not their kind. Leave them to their own destinies and demand that you be left to yours. Treat all others fairly, even non-Whites, but do not mingle, mix, blend, miscegenate, socialize with them. Again, we are to be a separate people for all time.  This is how we will achieve our highest possible destiny which is to diverge even more from other types of humans and become a new species eventually incapable of breeding with them.  We are a new kind.  We are made this way by our DNA code, by our beliefs and by our actions.  We are to disentangle ourselves from the trajectories of other types of humans and stay on our own trajectory no matter how difficult it is. You should seek your reasonable and responsible and rational happiness so long as this is healthy and does not harm others or yourself.

Q. Who is Arman?
A.  Arman is the Teacher.  He is a White male, born to two White parents who were also born of two White parents who were also born of two White parents going as far back as can be determined.  He was born in New England.  His ancestry is 100% European according to a  DNA test he underwent. A little less than half of his DNA is of a type found in its greatest frequency in the British Isles.  The rest is from the rest of Europe.  He had blond hair when a child and it got darker as he got older. He has blue eyes and pale White skin. He started receiving the revelations that comprise The Teachings when he was a teenager and has been receiving them ever since.  He has no signs of mental illness or emotional problems.  He believes The Teachings must be what is focused on and that they must not be turned into personality cult.  For this reason he generally stays in the background and works through others.  Arman believes that it is the duty of those who follow The Teachings to try to expose them to intelligent and good hearted fellow Whites, but that they must not try to compel belief because this must only come from inside each person if that person has the particular DNA code that we sometimes call Code A and also the Essence.

Q. The most important thing?
A.  The Teacher was asked to give just one sentence of what the Teachings consider the most important thing for believers to do and he replied: "Try to improve and expand your particular version of DNA Code A so that it fills all of existence with itself."

Q. The Selected?
A.  Our kind have been selected to evolve mankind higher and Arman is the messenger, the herald and the Teacher to show us the way. Arman received and does receive the revelations and inspiration to keep us on the path ever upward. We do not have all the answers as humans are not privy to the ultimate wishes of the First Cause and we do not know exactly why we were selected other than that we have evolved to the point where we are the ones who can leap into being a new species.  The "goal" of evolution is the replacement of an earlier less fit kind with an improved kind. This is nature's way for all species including humans. The First Cause has revealed to Arman that our kind have the right DNA code to make the leap forward and higher, but that it is up to us to will this to happen by following the Teachings. We do not believe that this makes us superior to other kinds, just different with a heavy burden upon us to remain pure, to not mix or mingle with the others and to evolve mankind through us as we become the new humans who replace the older humans just as present day humans replaced apes and earlier forms of man.  It is revealed that the first indication of having the right parts is our exterior characteristics and especially our White skin, but it is not limited to White skin and our various other "white" characteristics: our bone structure, eyes, head shape, muscles, etc. are all part of the package that gives us this burden to be the evolvers of humankind for a better future. We sometimes refer to us in our evolved state as the Ubermenschen.

Q. But if you are charged with evolving mankind, shouldn't you mate with other kinds of humans?
A.  No. Absolutely not. That way lies devolution not evolution upward. The way up is the way to the light and the White. We must purify ourselves biologically and ritually, and we must remain separate and have no DNA transfer from other forms of humans to us.  We are made impure by their DNA and it keeps us from evolving.  In fact, their presence in our lands also holds us back from evolving.  We must live in pure places with only our kind.


1. GOD--Unknowable. We don't often use this term and prefer First Cause. The Teacher says that our God is the god your god would worship if your god were real.
2. MAN--A type of organism engineered by the basic DNA Code.
3. EVOLUTION--A reality.
4. PURPOSE OF ALL LIFE--To make more like itself and to try to dominate all niches.
5. PURPOSE OF DNA CODE--To survive, evolve and expand to fill all of existence.
6. MEANS OF THE DNA CODE TO FULFILL ITS PURPOSE--To constantly tinker with life to bring
     forth forms that will survive and prosper and compete to make more like themselves and in doing so
     help the basic DNA code fulfill its purpose.
7.  BELIEVER'S PURPOSE--To be the organism that survives and expands and evolves to be a new                species incapable of bearing children with other types of humans. To become the "Superman" (the next          model human in a never ending path of evolution).
8.  WILLED EVOLUTION and METHOD LIVING--What we must do.