THE LEXICON  (Up to date as of 12/8/2015)

Abiogenesis--The theory that life can arise from non-living matter.
Action is required--There is no point in being an Awakened White if don't act to incorporate what this means in your own life.  This means you must live White. You must help the White DNA Code to survive and expand and never contract. You must separate as best you can and avoid all gene flow from those who are not our kind.  You must not interfere in the destinies or business of non-Whites and you must be indifferent to them. You must try to be White and live White in all possible ways and not put anything in front of or above the practice of Whiteness.
Adaptation--The process whereby an organism becomes better suited to its environment.
General adaptations are those that fit an organism for life in broad environmental zones, as opposed to ‘special adaptations’ which are specializations for a particular way of life. Organisms with broad general adaptations often survive while those with special adaptations become extinct when changes occur in the environment.
Adaptation, Our path--Organisms that live in totally dark caves, often evolve to have no eyes.  The reason is that they wouldn't be able to see anything even if they had eyes. So nature--ever a frugal inventor that doesn't design organisms with unneeded parts--eliminates eyes and invents other sense organs.  For our kind of human there are lessons in this.  We must find and live in the environments that will cause us to evolve to have certain things both internally and externally that will move us closer to speciation.  We evolved our White skin because we lived in lands that had low sunlight.  Genes do not often just do one thing. If you change them to give you White skin, you change some of the other things they do that may not be seen but which are things of the brain, for example.
Abortion--Never permitted for our kind who are carrying a 46er child. As with most of our revealed truths, this forbidding of abortion just applies to Our Kind.  We don't care if other kinds do it. We are indifferent to them and we do not interfere in their ways, their business or their destiny as this would violate their rights to self-determination and their sanctity as distinct peoples. They have their own ways as we have ours. We do not wish to force our ways on them, and we do not want their ways forced on us.
Absorption--Armanist Religious concept that holds that living organisms can absorb parts of the code of other organisms as well as from so-called non-living things. Works with natural selection. Often seen as mimicry.
Active meditation (aka Moving meditation)--Those of our kind who try to adopt the meditation styles of people unlike us make a mistake. Sitting silently for long periods of time is not what works for our kind. We must move to meditate.  This means walking, driving a car, doing something physical, usually something repetitive, that doesn't require a lot of brain activity this helps us meditate and listen to the forces that can help us resolve problems as answers are received via our  brains formed by our DNA code.
After Life, The--Your after life is within your DNA Code A that you have physically passed on to your children. That is where concepts variously defined as Heaven, Nirvana, Valhalla, Paradise lie.  There must be a physical transmission of the essential parts of your Code A, by having children, but only of our kind for you to continue on.  That physical transfer of your DNA Code A carries the essence of you into new life and so long as your descendants breed pure White and live, you also live in the essence you have passed on when your physical body wears out and moves from the living minerals that we call life to the so-called non-living minerals that make our bodies. The spark, the life force that is within you is passed like a baton from your sperm and eggs to the children of our kind that you produce. There is your potential immortality.  If you die childless or miscegenate, you become a dead end and your line and your essence ends with you.
Aliusmodi--Latin for "of another kind."
Alia Genus--Latin for Different Kind.  See also, Novum Genus.  Both terms are preferred by the Teacher as names for our people and our faith. Related terms: The Superman, Ubermensch, Next Man; Homo Armanius.
Alienation, genetic--In the present Dark Age, many of our people are alienated from their most basic and their only authentic identity--the one they get from their genetic code.  Being alienated, they sleep walk through life and do not live consciously.  Their lives are  meaningless and filled with busy work that matters not at all in the big picture.
Allele--One of a series of different forms of a gene.
Allopatric theory of speciation--New species arise in very small populations that are isolated from the parental population. Such speciation can be very rapid.
Altruism--The only rational altruism is toward helping DNA Code A, survive and expand. Altruism for those unlike us is evil, because it helps their DNA survive and expand which is inherently harmful to our own best interests in having DNA Code A survive and expand to become the only DNA Code for humans in existence.
Apathetics--One of the names we use for our people who sleep walk through life and who do not live consciously. They are alienated from their most basic and important identity--their only genuine and authentic identity--the one they have from their genetic code.  All other identities are  artificial.
April 15--Revelation Day. On April 15, 1957, Arman received the first revelation.
Aristoltle's Virtue Ethics-- 1. The ultimate end of human action is happiness. 2. Happiness consists in acting in accordance with reason. 3. Acting in accordance with reason is the distinguishing feature of all the traditional virtues.
Arman--The Teacher. The sole receiver and promulgator of the Teachings that are divinely revealed and inspired. The Prophet. They are given only to Arman by the First Cause and to no others. This One to one channel is part of the ways of existence that is part of the workings of existence itself and this system used by the First Cause is followed in our own smaller sphere of existence by believers. It is thought that this system is used by the First Cause to prevent false teachers and false teachings from causing us to veer off track from the true Teachings. The First Cause speaks to Arman alone and Arman alone is His messenger to our kind. Arman is under the protection of the First Cause. He is the spiritual leader, the revelator and the prophet.One of his duties is to present the Teachings in such ways that they can not be misinterpreted, modified, deemphasized or changed. The Teachings are true and they are to stand for all time and are not to be changed by fallible humans who are easily manipulated by changing trends in society.

Arman is a non-Jewish White male and is the son of White parents who are the children of White parents going back as many generations as could be discovered. He had blond hair as a child and has blue eyes and pale white skin.  He was raised Catholic, but left that faith in his early teens when he had the experience that started The Teachings. He has had his DNA tested and the results show that he is 100% non-Jewish European White.
Armanism--one of the names used for this belief system.
Aryan--We define this term to mean a non-Jewish White person of European descent whether that person is born in Europe or elsewhere.
Atheism and agnosticism-- Can one be an atheist or an agnostic and still be a believer?
 Yes.  It sounds like such things are mutually exclusive, but they're not.  You see, our belief in the First Cause can be thought of in purely religious or purely scientific terms or a combination of both.  Belief or non-belief does not change the reality of how it all began.  That it did begin, is shown by the fact that we're all here and that there is existence at all.  So, one can believe in a first cause (lower case) as whatever it was that started existence, or in a First Cause (upper case) as a living entity--that may be composed of energy or subatomic particles, such that it may be thought of as a spirit--that intentionally brought existence into being.  It really doesn't matter to us or to our system or to the First Cause which way you believe.  We do say, however, that belief has an important psychological effect on us and can cause our brains to release the appropriate chemicals to help us evolve.  But, even here, we say that your belief can be in the First Cause as God, as some of us so believe,or the first cause as the workings of the universe and nature and especially in cosmic and organic evolution.  Thus, a heartfelt belief in the way existence works or a heartfelt belief in the way evolution works is sufficient to release those internal chemicals.  Is this still religion if you believe in a first cause (lower case)?  Yes, if it has that place in your life that more traditional views of religion have and if you follow Arman's Teachings.  You see, we all believe in the way existence works.  And, on one level it doesn't matter if some insert a God in how existence works, or leaves out a God.  It is existence itself--with its cosmic evolution--and our concept of Whiteness, that is essential to us.  We believe that those who say they are atheists or agnostics will eventually see that the First Cause really is the First Cause and what else can God be but the First Cause?
Anything that is not the First Cause cannot be God, because that would mean something made God, and thus God has someone or something above Him.
Awakened, The, also Aware, The--Terms that are sometimes used to refer to Whites who understand the struggle we are in.
Balance of Nature--The stable state in which natural communities of animals and plants exist, maintained by adaptation, competition and other interactions between members of the communities and their so-called nonliving environment.
Barbarian From Above--One of our kind who is full of life and has a strong mind in a strong body and who is not bound by the conventions of sissified men or society, but who takes what he wants and does what he wants according to a moral code and ethics that are in tune with becoming the next man--the one above homo sapiens--the Homo Armanius. He or she is one who breeds often with our kind and who stays with our kind and does not mix with other kinds. Non-violent and peaceful and a lover of all life.
A person who doesn't just talk, but who acts, and in bold and decisive ways.  A survivor who works and acts to have his or her Code A dominate.  Has strength, energy and force and is not frail, fragile or decrepit. Alexander the Great typifies the type in the story of how instead of trying to untie the Gordian Knot like all the sissified thinkers, he simply took out his sword and cut the knot in half.  "There, job done."
Basic Impulse or just Impulse--The inherent "desire" to be and to be more.
Becoming More--One of our terms for our evolution into a new species incapable of breeding with present humans. Similar to ideas of the Overman or the Superman.  However, this is just the next step for us and is not the end of our evolution, for evolution shall never end. This next man will have a long life span, will be free of many of our present diseases, will be more intelligent and will be physically stronger.  He will be "whiter" than present humans but will easily move among them with hardly a notice. He will have a much stronger intuition and awareness.  He will care nothing for other forms of humans but will not harm them unless they seek to harm him. He is indifferent to these other humans. He will have a new morality based on the expansion of the code. Armanists seek him and imitate him as they will their own evolution.
Bedroom Genocide--Miscegenation and any practices or things involving reproduction that causes our Code A to become impure or which causes it to not expand as much as possible.
Beliefs--Believe with all sincerity in our Teachings for they are true and they are from the First Cause. Even when the words to convey the Teachings may be imperfect, the Teachings are always perfect and are the way we are to live our lives. We as individuals may ere and make mistakes and even fall off the narrow path, but if we are sincere and believe we can overcome our own flaws and get back on the narrow path. Believe it. Live it.
Benign Neglect--The attitude of indifference and noninterference in the ways, affairs and destinies of other types of humans so long as there is no negative effect on our kind. Our ways are our ways alone and their ways are their ways alone. A religiously held belief of letting nature work itself out without our help or hindrance as it relates to those humans who are not our kind. Our beliefs involve us taking care of only ourselves and our people in enlightened self and group interest. Many of the commands demanded of us by the First Cause are not demanded of others.  There is no universal human. There are different kinds and each kind must look out for its own kind.  It is nature's way. We are commanded to not help anyone but our own kind with natural disasters, famines, diseases or any other matters that decimate their populations or cause them to die off, as these are a natural part of the First Cause's plan for evolution. We must only help our own kind. This is all part of the competition to be and to be more that is a natural part of existence. We White ones should not interfere and keep other kinds from going extinct.  That is their destiny. If we interfere in their destiny, then we end up the losers in the long run and it is us who may go extinct because by helping them survive, we are helping them expand their genetic code which is always a detriment to the expansion of our own genetic code.
Blenders--Those who promote the blending of all races, religions and nations into a sort of plain wrap human being that we call the Tan Everyman. Blenders do not like human differences, but sometimes push "diversity;" not because they actually want human diversity, but because they see this as a step to blending. The idea of the Blenders is to keep all lands where humans live from being exclusively of one race, one religion and one nation. One way they try to do this is by encouraging the mass immigration of peoples, who are far different from the natives in those lands, to those lands.

Then, over time, the Blenders expect the "rough edges" and "extremes" of racial types, religious beliefs and nationalistic tendencies in those lands to disappear by blending in with the mass at the center of the bell curve.

The ultimate goal of Blenders is to have one universal race, one universal religion, one universal nation that is worldwide. Blenders is our word for them. They do not call themselves this.
Blending--In nature, the majority of any type of life will be clustered around the center of the bell curve in characteristics for that type of life. This is natural. In humans, we not only see this as the blind workings of nature, but we also see some humans trying to increase the mass near the center while eliminating the different versions that are in a minority. This is an attempt to remove the rough edges of different races, religions and nations and have them all become part of a sort of plain wrap world where conformity in all ways is the norm. Some well meaning, but misinformed, misguided Utopians believe this is the way to have a peaceful planet. Unfortunately, for those pushing this idea, it won't work, because the spinning of existence will always cause change and differences. And, all life, whether it is aware of this or not, will continue to struggle to be and to be more. Life is competition. Life is struggle. Differences are what move us forward. Without differences there would be no evolution.Our kind of people--those with Code A--are part of the competition. If we do not compete and win, then we shall become extinct.
Blood, Belief, Action--Or, Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action, or Right Code, Right Belief, Right Action.  The 3 Essentials. In Latin: Sanguis,Fidem,Actio.
Blue eyes--A recent evolutionary development, probably emerged within the last 10,000 years according to recent research. Some of us have them,some don't. Perhaps provide a slight survival advantage in blue light (as in the morning).
Born People, The--A term sometimes used by the Teacher to describe our people. We are born White and we must remain White if we are to take the path to our highest destiny.  We cannot, as some mistakenly do, start accepting people who are not born as we are, as though they are the same as us simply  because they assimilate into a White culture or speak with our accents, or like the same sports teams or the same food or anything else that is not truly essential.  Our people are born as our people in the first cut, and then they become more by  believing and acting as believers do.  One must have right blood, right belief, and right action to be a true believer.
Bottleneck--There have been recurring bottlenecks or extinctions on Earth. These have been times when most living things died off (think dinosaurs, for example), and only a few types, for whatever reason, survived and got through the bottleneck to replenish the Earth. The coming great die-off of Homo sapiens will not be complete. Many with Code A will be saved because of their right blood, right belief and right actions and they'll survive and get through to the other side of the bottleneck and become a new species. In other words, they will have the right DNA combination (the correct mutations) and other factors that will immunize them to what is to come or which will in some way, that we are unaware of, protect them. White skin is an absolute necessity according to the revelations. Why? We can only guess.
Cause and effect--We live in a cause and effect universe. Effects have causes. Things always happen because something causes them to happen.
Celibacy--Forbidden by the First Cause for Our Kind.  Anything that holds down our birthrate or causes our deaths while we are still physically healthy enough to bear children is forbidden.
Cerebral cortex--The part of the brain that gives us our higher thinking abilities and consciousness. It allows us to override blind instincts.  We must be careful to not override instincts that help us breed, evolve and expand our kind always and we must seek to improve the cerebral cortex in the right way.
Charity--Charity should only be given only to our kind who do not break our most important laws and who live the Teachings even if they do so unknowingly. This means if you see any of our kind who have many children of our kind, help them so they can be encouraged to have more children of our kind. The Teacher says believers should give 10% of their income each year to further the faith and help believers, but that such charity must always be exclusively for our kind alone and must not help other kinds.  We are on our own and they are on their own. Giving to or helping those unlike our genetic kind is helping the enemy of our kind in the eternal gene wars. 
Chromosomes--DNA is organized into chromosomes. Humans have 46 chromosomes. The chromosomes are of different sizes. Chromosome number 1, for example, which is the largest human chromosome, has about 220 million base pairs. A male and female each contribute 23 chromosomes to a new child. Because whites are a later evolutionary development, their genes are less fixed and are more fragile than genes in other humans. This means most genes for white characteristics are recessive and will not be expressed if a white bears children with a non-white. It thus takes two whites--a white male and a white female--to produce a white child.
Circles--All that is, circles and spirals and spins and turns.
Classification of living things (Taxonomy)--Life; Domain; Kingdom; Phylum; Class; Order; Family; Genus; Species; Subspecies; Race; Individual.
Clerics--Those who feel called and who strictly adhere to the Teachings in all ways and who wish to teach others may be called leaders, clerics and guides and sometimes also teachers, readers and scholars.  Such people, because of their knowledge of the Teachings and their strict interpretation of them and due to their respect in the community of believers, serve the functions of clergy found in some other faiths.
Clothing--True believers should wear plain clothing and when praying or all the time if desired should cover their heads with a skullcap. Because we believe in frugality and praticality, skull caps used by other religions and readily available for low prices are fine for true believers so long as they do not bear the symbols or names of other religions and so long as they can stay on the head during moderate work or exercise or winds without the use of clips or other devices attacked to the hair.
Codes, The--That which is within everything in existence that makes it what it is. 
Code, Life--The life code is the basic code that makes so-called non-living minerals into the living minerals that we call organisms and life.
Code, DNA (aka Genetic Code)--In life that we are aware of, the code manifests as DNA (and perhaps sometimes as RNA) which in turn manifests as a whole organism. The code is the same on the most basic levels of existence and then is changed and modified to make all that exists. It is also this way within life and within human beings. It is programmed to spread and expand into every possible niche. The Code is both in the physical DNA and also invisible as its template.
Code A--Our term for the specific Genetic Code (same as DNA Code) that makes non-Jewish European descended White people as we are. Believers will sometimes just say "The Code," and by this they usually mean Code A.  We sometimes also refer to it as Code 46 and by this we mean that we have all 46 of our chromosomes from two White parents. Code A is one of the most important concepts in this faith.  When a believer fully understands that it is the code that is carried by individuals that is more important than the individuals, then a shift in thinking can develop where the revelations from the First Cause make perfect sense.  It is the code that must be protected, preserved, made pure, be improved, evolved and expanded always. This is our purpose in life. We carry the Code and we are its guardians and sowers, but it must be remembered that Code A is one with us.  It cannot exist without us, and we cannot exist without it.  It is inseparable from us as we are from it. Sometimes called the Right Parts. Also called the Essence. We sometimes symbolize Code A as a small, artistic, representation of DNA. It is a spark of the infinite and it allows us to tune into the infinite.  It is also one with our White skin and the two are always found together.
Codism--another name for this system. Under this name, Codists refers to believers.
Cognitive dissonance--Mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. When confronted with challenging new information, most people seek to preserve their current understanding of the world by rejecting, explaining away, reacting angrily, or avoiding the new information or by convincing themselves that no conflict really exists between their beliefs and assumptions and the new information.
Comfort--All living things seek comfort. The comfort sought may be psychological or physical. The desire for psychological comfort can override the desire for physical comfort and can be used for good or bad. Nietzsche thought humans had a "will to power." We think he was wrong. We believe there is a "will to comfort,"found in humans and all living organisms, and the will to power is just a subset of the psychological desire for comfort found in some individuals.
COMMANDS--The Two Essential and Never Changing Commands from God
First Command--Stay with Whites only and in all ways. Do not mix, mingle, socialize, miscegenate or blend with any non-White peoples. Allow no gene flow from them to you. Allow no particles of their DNA to exist where you are. Seek lands that are White only in all ways. Use only foods prepared by Whites.  Use all goods that are made by or produced by Whites.
Selected, The--Arman received a revelation that we are selected.  He doesn't know whether that means we are selected by the First Cause or by nature as in natural selection or both, but he says that is what we are.  We are The Selected.  He says our selection is to be the part of humanity to move higher and to evolve into a new species incapable of bearing children with earlier forms of humans.  He also says we are to move higher spiritually as well as physically and genetically. Only the White are selected as that is the primary external sign of our selection, but there are other signs both external and internal, and not all Whites are selected. Only those who come easily to the Teachings show, thereby, that they have the right DNA combination to be selected.  Those who are impure and whose DNA code has been corrupted either by original sin of being born with one non-White parent are not selected.  The selected are to purify and take the True Path. We  believe this is part of the evolutionary process that never stops and which affects all organisms.
Second Command--Have as many White children as you can have during your lifetime. This is commanded of males and females as individuals and not as couples and each (male or female) must according to each's biology seek to produce the greatest number of children from their own bodies.
Competition--A natural and desirable part of existence. Believers must try to compete better than all others. Competition is programmed into existence itself. Even individual spermatozoa compete to see which can fertilize the egg.  Competition improves organisms and constantly puts some in front of others. Those who follow the Teachings consciously compete to win in everything they are involved in, because they understand the basic nature of competition and how it will help us survive and evolve.
Conscious Evolution--Using one's brain to find the way to evolve ever higher. Much of this faith system involves conscious evolution. Thinking the right thoughts leads to taking the right actions and this leads to evolution in a conscious fashion as opposed to hit and miss evolution. Our minds can make good or bad changes in our bodies and in our DNA. Following the Teachings has us thinking the correct thoughts and taking the right actions to make good improvements to our DNA and our bodies. Method living is one of the techniques of this. Bearing our religious symbols and following the Teachings is necessary. Same as Willed Evolution.
Consciousness--Being awake and aware and able to understand what is happening around you and being aware of the meaning of life and of the underlying nature of all things and being able to discern differences in things and understand that in this faith we are moving toward a higher consciousness and a higher state of biological being as we guide our evolution ever upward along our White path which is ours alone due to the evolutionary state we have reached which is both internal and external and which is marked externally by our physical characteristics such as White skin which sets us apart from other humans.
Core DNA Code--A name for the DNA code in its most essential and unchanged part. Often visualized as the hub or center of life or as a cornucopia. It remains the same within all DNA codes, but its outer "layers" change and adapt and make all life. Also used to describe the core code that makes each people a distinct people even though individuals have many variations but are still part of the same distinct people. Snowflakes are often used to illustrate this. Trillions of them have fallen, but they are supposedly all different--yet, they are still all snowflakes. Thus, all White people are still White people even with many variations of the type.
Correspondence--As above, so below. As below, so above. There are links unseen between things on the surface that appear to have little or no connection, and there are "buttons" that can be pushed with proper symbols and rites.
Cosmic Balancing--Similar to the concept of karma.
Cosmic Consciousness--A higher state of illumination in the human mind that is beyond that of self-awareness and ego awareness.  Simple consciousness is possessed by both animals and humans. Self-consciousness possessed by humans and encompasses thought, reason and imagination. Cosmic Consciousness is a consciousness of the life and order of the universe which is possessed by few people at present. It is a further stage of human evolution which will be reached by Whites as we become a new species..
Cosmic evolution--the study of universal change and the assembly and composition of energy, matter and life. This is at the heart of our beliefs; the evolution of everything. Human evolution is just a small part of this, but since we are humans, we give human evolution a lot of attention. We understand, however, that we are not unique or special except for the fact that, as far as we know, we are the only organisms on Earth who can think the abstract thoughts about this and other things and we are the only organisms on Earth, again as far as we know, who can take an active and conscious part in determining the direction of our future evolution. The same basic forces at work in cosmic evolution are also at work in the evolution of life. Understand the very small, and you'll understand the very large. Understand the very large, and you'll understand the very small.
Cosmic Evolution is an extremely important part of our beliefs.

Here are the general steps of Cosmic Evolution from our perspective:
-The emergence of the First Cause, the first "point" of  energy and forces in the absolute nothing.
-The spinning evolution of the energy and forces into vibrations,elementary particles and atoms.
-The spinning evolution of atoms into minerals.
-The spinning evolution of minerals into galaxies, stars, planets, etc.
-The spinning evolution of minerals into the molecule of DNA with its code for life.
-The spinning evolution of  DNA into bringing forth every type of life on Earth.
-The spinning evolution of advanced life forms into intelligence.
-The spinning evolution of intelligent life into humans.
-The spinning evolution of  some humans into White humans.
-The spinning evolution of  some White humans into a new species.

Cosmic Rays--Streams of radiation originating in outer space consisting of one or more charged particles such as protons and alpha particles as well as high energy electrons. Thought to have a mutagenic effect under certain conditions relating to the Earth's magnetic field. Some believe they are the cause of jumps in evolution.
Counterculture--A way of life and set of attitudes opposed to our at variance with the prevailing social norm. See also Culture and Subculture.
Creator, The--The First Cause or God
Creed, Short Statement of--We believe in the ever evolving, ever expanding First Cause who started and who sustains existence by His spinning presence; in the ways of existence; in cosmic evolution; in the willed and conscious evolution of our genetic code; and  in the Teachings of Arman.
Crimes against our nature--Religious laws that apply to our kind. They are anything that holds down our birthrate and include miscegenation, homosexuality instead of heterosexuality, abortion, birth control, not starting to procreate as early as possible as nature determines. We don't care what those who are not our kind do in such matters.  We are indifferent to their ways and we do not interfere so long as they do not harm us by word or deed.
Critical Mass Evolutionary Transformation--Due to many factors, a time comes when there is a leap in evolution. Generally, evolution is a series of small changes that happen in an isolated population. However, when there is a critical mass of these small changes, the leap happens and speciation occurs.
Cucks--A derisive term for Whites who work against White interests and who put non-White interests before White interests. Comes from Cuckhold which comes from the way Cuckoo birds put their eggs in the nests of other species of birds and then the host birds raise the Cuckoo chicks. The Cuckoo chicks often get food that should go to the host's own chicks and the host's chicks often starve.  Host chicks that don't starve are often pushed out of the nests to their death by the Cuckoo chicks. Here are few examples of White Cucks: Whites who miscegenate are Cucks.  Whites who adopt non-White children are Cucks. Whites who help save non-Whites from starving are Cucks. Whites who don't have children because they're afraid of over population are Cucks. 
Culture--The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular racial, ethnic, religious, social, national, interest group or age group. Includes shared beliefs and attitudes, values, goals, ethics and practices.
Darwin, Charles--He saw the truth in simple things that millions and millions of other humans never saw. A saint.Darwin Awards--The tongue in cheek awards for those who do stupid things and eliminate themselves from the gene pool.  We list White miscegenationists as winners of the Darwin Awards.
Deadenders--Those who do not reproduce their kind or who reproduce too few so that their code does not survive into the next generation.
Death before dishonor--This and similar sentiments are not the way we look at existence and our place in it.  We believe in surviving as long as possible to breed as many new ones of our kind as possible.  Dead people have no honor. Heroes who die young and who have not had children are deadenders. Do whatever is necessary to survive and breed our kind. The more we make like ourselves the more we win.  The fewer we make is a losing strategy. If you must run from danger to survive, do it.  If you must fight to survive, do it. But, whatever you do: survive.Be smart and cunning.  
Default Genetic Program--What nature chooses when one does not live consciously to ensure that one improves and evolves along the correct path for the best destiny. If you have been improperly conditioned, your mind may make the wrong defaults.  For example, blenders want all the races to mix together and have been using mass conditioning to make this seem desirable. Those who are easily suggestible and who have internalized this false default program may miscegenate and destroy their family lines.  The Teachings teach how to override false defaults and how to know good defaults from bad ones.
Deme--A local population of one species that share a distinct gene pool. When isolated from other demes of the same species they can develop into a distinct subspecies and eventually into a separate species. We see Armanists as a deme within the White human subspecies. Demes may lead the way to our speciation, as different demes within the White population (or any population) evolve in slightly different ways from other demes and thus the ever ongoing competition to find the best continues right within our White population. We believe that those who believe as we do and who come to our beliefs easily may possess the so-called "racist gene" or "racist genes" which are really survival genes and which give us a more acute sense of us and not us
Devolution--The opposite of evolution.  It is a going back to an earlier form.  This is what happens when Whites mate with non-Whites. Evolution for Whites is to become more "white," i.e. to acquire the characteristics that are the ideal for our kind and then to keep moving in the same direction.  Devolution is the acquisition of characteristics of other races and thus become less white.
Different Kind--We who follow this path are a different kind of White person.  We have left the herd and we hold dear the precept: Blood, Belief, Action, which have made us different. Alia Genus is Latin for Different Kind. We enter by Blood (DNA Code A) and we are made different by our Belief and our Action in following this path as their is a loop between DNA Code A and the mind and they help each other on our evolutionary path.
Direct Action--We believe in the principle of direct action by individuals to protect, preserve and propagate Code A, aka our Essence.
Discernment--The ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently.
Discover the truths and leaders and proper ways and methods--We don't invent or fabricate the truths or proper ways and methods nor do we appoint artificial leaders. We discover them. They are even if some are blind to them, we try not to be blind to them and let them emerge. 
Dissimulation, Religious--Religiously sanctioned act of lying or otherwise doing whatever is necessary to prevent persecution for one's beliefs and faith. Clever dissimulation throws off enemies while still sending signals to friends. The first goal of every believer should be to survive as long as possible under all circumstances so one can breed true and multiply and expand one's own DNA code. This sometimes requires one to be clever or to lie or to avoid military service or other things and conditions where one puts one's life in danger.  There is no honor in dying; only in living to live the Teachings and the highest honor is in having as many children who carry the full 46 chromosomes of our kind. False heroism and false patriotism are to be avoided. Anything that can harm your ability to spread your DNA code is evil and must be avoided or overcome.
Distillation--A metaphor for evolution. A few drops of liquid are purified and are removed from a mass of liquid.  These few drops may join with other purified drops in a new container and be different from the original mass from which they were distilled.  However, if those purified drops fall back into the original container with the original mass of liquid, they will be reabsorbed into that mass.  This is devolution, not evolution. Our kind was distilled out of the mass of humans and we became different.  However, we can easily fall back into the mass and lose our differentness and become extinct as the distinct people we have become and we will be off the path to our highest destiny which is to become a separate species evolving ever higher.  As a separate species, we would no longer be able to produce children with those not our kind and this would prevent us from ever falling back into their masses.  That is a goal to be achieved.
Distinct People--Armen consider themselves a distinct White people who have a DNA difference from other White people which is sometimes called the "racist gene," and that they are a people born out of  other White people who are closely related and that they are intentionally programming their brains and willing their own evolution. They believe in Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action.  Those with the so-called "racist gene" will be drawn to the Teachings automatically once they are exposed to them, and this is an indication that they have the necessary mutation. Armen say that the so-called racist gene as is the case with all genes and all DNA material have a spiritual foundation and a non-physical template made of vibrations such that it may not be possible to find the actual racist gene or DNA material since the physical and material genes and DNA material are the surface presentation of the spiritual template and the spiritual template is more complex than what is presented in the ordinary reality in which we live. In holding this belief, Armen point out that to think of this system as just a philosophy or world view or religion or even as a political movement misses the deeper point that Armen are, indeed, a genetic people first and foremost.
Divergent Evolution--The accumulation of differences between groups which can lead to speciation. It is usually found where the main species is split into different groups which are then isolated from each other so that there is no gene flow between them; this allows the fixation of characteristics through mutations, genetic drift and natural selection.
Divine Inspiration--The Teachings are the product of revelation and divine inspiration. Believers should also seek divine inspiration in their daily lives by praying to be guided in doing the right things.
Divine Mission--Believers are on a divine mission to awaken our kind now asleep and to help our kind survive, expand, evolve and become the dominant life form; which will usher in a time when we are closer to the First Cause and live happier, longer lives.
Divine Programmer--The Divine Programmer wrote a code for "life" and sent it forth to fill all of existence with itself.
DNA--Deoxyribonucleic acid is made up of four bases: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine that are usually abbreviated A,T,C,G.  A always pairs with T and C with G. DNA is organized into units called chromosomes. Humans have 46 chromosomes. A child receives 23 chromosomes from his or her mother and 23 from his or her father. Great emphasis is put on DNA, genes, genotypes, phenotypes and similar concepts in this belief system, as DNA is considered to contain the essential person, and to be that which is to be improved and which moves forward. Our individual bodies are constructed by the DNA and our DNA can survive our individual bodies. All life is built from the inside out by the DNA spiral. The DNA spiral looks like a twisted ladder.

All DNA is the same. It is the order that is important. Very minor changes in the sequence or order of the DNA can have major effects. This is often misunderstood or misrepresented by blenders who want everyone to think that all humans are the same except for different paint jobs. They're not. To say all humans are 99% the same may sound as though we're all the same, but when you consider we're talking about  approximately 7 billion individual letters and about 3.1 to 3.5 billion pairings of  DNA, 1% difference can be major. Here are some other comparisons that you've probably seen. The actual percentages shown here might be slightly different from what you've read, because the percentages and counts are often updated as new information is learned. Chimps and humans are about 96% the same (the old figure was 98.5%). Slugs and humans are about 70% the same. Daffodils and humans are about 35% the same. Bananas and humans are about 50% the same. This last comparison is often cited this way: Although humans and bananas are 50% the same, this doesn't mean that a human is half banana. Keep that in mind when you hear blenders say that all humans are the same because they share 99% the same DNA with other humans. It is the differences that are important, and minor differences often produce major results. DNA is the almost robotic molecule of life. It works automatically and never stops working in tinkering with life to try to expand itself into all of existence and to find the best carriers of itself. A little DNA goes a long way, and seemingly minor changes can have huge effects.
DNA Code--Same as Genetic Code. The blueprint or recipe or template that makes each organism as it is. There are approximately 3.5 billion base pairs or 7 billion individual letters in the human DNA code.  These letters are usually abbreviated as A,T,C, G. We believe that at the core of all life is a very basic DNA code that is programmed to try to fill all of existence with itself.  The primary way it proceeds to do this is by constantly tinkering with life to create life forms to carry it, protect it, preserve it and multiply and expand it to the best of their ability. Each type of organism created is commanded by instincts to create as many more like itself as possible in the competition to make their kind the dominant kind. We believe that we have reached the point in our evolution where we must do more that rely on instincts which are often subverted by false beliefs and dogmas that have caused us to override our true instincts and that we must consciously seek to ensure that our particular version of the DNA code is the one that survives and expands always to fill all of existence. In a practical sense, this means in the first instance that we must breed to our maximum.
DNA Code, Core--The basic DNA code that is the same in all organisms.  The heart or hub of the DNA Code.  It is programmed to automatically create life that can fill all niches of existence that are possible for life so that.  It is as though the First Cause sent forth seeds to all parts of existence, and the seeds then open and begin creating life for the conditions it finds wherever they land. 
DNA CODE A--Our term for the particular DNA code that makes White people and no other people.
DNA Default Program--Includes instincts.  It works automatically when you do not intervene. Given our large brains and our understanding of existence, we must know when to intervene and when not to intervene to modify our default programs.
Dominant--(1)The primary type of any organism in an area. All life "tries" to be dominant.
(2) In genetics, the form of a gene that is expressed in the characteristics of an organism. Generally, many of the characteristics of White people are recessive and require both a White male and a White female to produce a White child.
Dormant, parts of Code A--We believe that there are dormant parts of the DNA code in all living organisms that can be awakened under various conditions to enable the organism to survive.  We also believe that in our kind of human--those with Code A--that there are such dormant parts of the code that we need to awaken.  The Teachings show us how to do this.  When awakened, we will have abilities that allow us to evolve even more towards the First Cause.
Drift, genetic--Random fluctuations of gene combinations that are often neutral and nonadaptive, but which may become fixed in a small population even though they do not appear to offer any survival advantage.
Drogh--Our religious term for ground of existence or the field. It is where matter comes into existence from vibrations, frequencies, forces and energies.
Egoism--(don't confuse with egotism) the belief that the only moral behavior is directed toward one's self interest. The Teachings hold that self-interest includes DNA Code A as an essential and non-divisible part of the "self" that we see in the mirror, and its presence in others of our kind is important to us as individuals and anything that helps DNA Code A survive and expand to fill all of existence with itself and to become the only DNA Code for humans is good, and anything that causes DNA Code A to be harmed or limited in any way is evil. Egoism which can also be called "self-interest," is the opposite of altruism.  The Teachings hold that altruism is not moral unless it is confined to those who share our DNA Code A, and even then, it is something that must be sparse and definitely needed by the recipient, and not just be a psychological condition of the one giving it as in pathological altruism. Additional short definitions: 1. An ethical belief that treats self-interest as the foundation of morality. 2. A belief that individual self-interests is the rational end of all actions. 3. The belief that one's self, is or should be, the motivation and the goal of one's actions. If you give something or help someone, you should always get something in return that is meaningful to you. This might just be a psychological return, if this is a fair bargain in your mind.  Always do what is right and best for yourself and your happiness, your survival and the multiplication and expansion of your DNA Code A. [Do not confuse our way with others that may have a superficial resemblance to our way. The main difference is that to us, the individual is also the DNA Code A both within the individual and also in other individuals who share it with us. Your primary responsibility is to yourself and your particular version of DNA Code A. Then you have a secondary responsibility to others of our kind, but you must always do what is best for yourself and your particular version of DNA Code A.  As far as other kinds, they are not our kind and they pose a danger to us just because they can harm our DNA Code. We believe in non-interference, non-intervention and indifference to whatever befalls those unlike us or their problems or fates.  They must do for themselves, as we do for ourselves.  We are not here to help them in any way.  We are here to help ourselves.
Emotionalism--We believe that emotionalism is a mark of tainted DNA and that it interferes with rational and logical thinking.  We believe that as we evolve we will become less emotional and more cool and calculating (read logical and rational), and that we will become more like unemotional scientists or engineers who see things matter of factly. We consider this unemotionalism a virtue and a desirable quality.
Energy, The--One of the many names for the First Cause. Also, Energy Field, Energy Force, God Force and many more. Names used to describe the Ultimate and the Source of Existence.  That which is behind all and which permeates existence and which is expanding always to fill non-existence with existence. Words can't define it completely, but only aspects of it. As invisible as air, but as real as wind.
Enlightened--Free from ignorance and misinformation.
Enlightened Particularist Self Interest--Look out for yourself and yours first.  You, as an individual, must survive to have as many children as possible.  Do not be a dead hero for wrong causes.  Live to breed and breed to live. Next after yourself are those closest to you in your family and then your extended family and so on. Your concern should never be for those who are not our kind of human.  This has its foundation in our belief that what is of primary importance in each of us is our particular DNA code.  We believe that we must actively seek to expand and multiply our particular DNA code beyond all others so that we fill all niches to overflowing with our DNA code. They have their own destinies and we have ours.  Practice non-involvement in their affairs.  They do not exist for us. Act in ways that are personally most beneficial, but in the context that you are a carrier of our DNA code that is shared with all other believers first, and then with all other Whites who live as we live, even if they do not follow our ways consciously or completely. When you help those of our kind survive and breed with our kind, you are helping yourself and your general White DNA code which is like their White DNA code.  All for the self and our kind and our code.
Enlightenment--Awakened to the true nature of reality. It is more than just an intellectual understanding, but may include that, and is a quiet but exalted or ecstatic glowing feeling of oneness with the First Cause that words can't describe. One who is truly enlightened will see patterns and truths that others miss and will see the universe in a backyard.
Ender of all arguments--The First Cause. A necessary item for faith to prevail. How do you know you have the truth?  "Because if is from the First Cause and the First Cause says it is so." End of argument. Or, one of our believers might answer: "We believe and do and live as we do, because God commands us to do so.  If you do not like our ways, then please go your own way.  This is not a faith invented by man. It is commanded of us by God and it is so commanded in all of the Teachings of Arman.  As rational people we look for the truth of these revealed Teachings in all of nature throughout the universe and we find them, because God is the God of all of existence.  We can no more change the Teachings than can we change the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun.  They are what is and they are for all time for our kind alone."
Energy, The--The First Cause. Energy is behind all. Our White skin, and especially when it bears the symbols, acts like an antenna to pull in this energy and deposit it in our DNA Code A.
Energy (generally)--All matter is energy. When we seek to understand the biq questions of existence we must at some point go down to the place where matter comes into existence. This is the realm of vibrations, frequencies, energies, waves, rays, fields, subatomic particles and it is where the First Cause dwells. The First Cause is so small and so diffuse that He/It is impossible to find in a way that He/It can be recognized and He/It is so large with all these elements that make Him/It up that He/It is so large that we have trouble conceiving of Him/It. So small, yet so large.
Essence---The core of everything in existence. When used with a capital "E" it refers to the Essence of the indigenous White peoples of Europe both still in Europe and in the European diaspora. With the capital "E" it is similar in meaning to DNA, genotype, phenotype and Code A. We get our Essence in our DNA code and this comes to us at the moment of conception as the 23 chromosomes of a White male carrying a particular mix of genes mix with the 23 chromosomes of the White female in the White female egg which also carries a particular mix of genes.  When those two sets of genes join, Essence is formed.  And,  it is because there can be a huge shuffle of genes possible with all the variables involved that the Essence of each of us is as different as our physical appearance, but it should also be noted that our Essence is also as similar as our physical appearance to others of our kind because as one goes deeper into the DNA code that makes each of us, one finds that  things become progressively more the same.  Thus, we look much like others of our race because the code for our race is similar.  We look different from other human races because we are different in many ways, but we are all still human.  And, so it goes taxonomically. The Essence has both a physical and a spirit component. The spirit component is somewhat similar in concept as "soul" in other religions, but there are differences. To be clear, we can only get our Essence which comes with Code A by inheriting it from two White parents.  A White and any other kind of human cannot give us our Code A or our Essence.
As we grow into adulthood, we must live to experience and learn from our experiences to fully realize our full dormant potential found in our Essence that is unique to us but which shares some common features to those who are most closely related to us and to others of our kind such that we are recognized as the same kind. Trying to deny racial differences is foolish and evil.
 Your eyes tell you that different peoples look different.  The reason they look different from you is because their DNA code is different than yours.  The differences are real and they not only are in the things seen but also  in things unseen as in behaviors, etc.

We say that one of the differences we Whites have is what we call Essence.  It is caused by mutations to our DNA Code that allows us to received God Waves--to tune in to the ultimate and to evolve a certain way.  This code difference is linked to our White skin and other racial characteristics. It requires them to exist and they require it.  You cannot separate the "Whiteness" from the Essence.  The Essence is corrupt and polluted in some Whites and it is not fully formed in some others but ones who have it in the correct and pure form can tune into the infinite. Essence allows those with it to tune in to the Ultimate it is within the DNA Code.
Essential Information--In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as  A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind, et al. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.

Essential or True Self or Real You--The genetic code that made you.  When you look in the mirror, you are seeing part of the manifestation of the genetic code--the way you look.  However, this you in the mirror, while important in our everyday living is less important than the Code.  This is an important principle in the Teachings and it must be remembered that you must not put yourself in harm's way or do anything that will cause you to not breed to your maximum, because while the body--the person you see in the mirror--will pass away in not too many years, the code can carry on if you have lived according to the Teachings and followed them as you should.  You shall live on in your code passed on to your many children, and you shall continue to live on so long as they live and do not mate outside those with Code A.

Eternal Tinkerer--Nature. See also Frugal Engineer.
Ethical Egoism--Right and wrong is determined by what is in your self-interest. Or, it is immoral to act contrary to your self-interest.
Ethics, Armanist--Armanist ethics start with the premise that the individual of our kind is important as the carrier of our DNA code which we call Code A, or the Essence, just to distinguish it from other DNA codes. Indeed, we focus on Code A and what is good for it, more than we do on the individuals manifested by this code. This is an important distinction and from it much flows in our system.  Thus, the individual must be protected from early death so that he or she may breed more of our kind to expand Code A.. There are, however, finer distinctions in our ethics that hold that those who appear to have our DNA code but who may be weak seeds are less important than those who are strong seeds.  Everything that is good for our kind is good.  Everything that is not good for our kind is bad.  Some things are neither good nor bad and they are neutral.  We are not concerned with other kinds of humans so long as they do not interfere with us, our safety, our beliefs or our destiny. We believe in non-interference in their affairs and they are to live or die as fate will have it without our interference. We have a benign indifference to them much as we have for everything in nature. We live and let live. Our ethics help us make the proper moral judgments concerning right and wrong and what is important and what isn't. Generally, a set of principles of right conduct. Doing right and avoiding wrong. Having proper values.
Proper ethics must be biological in nature.  Without life there are no ethics.  We must always judge things according to their value for our kind of life only. We must always see that good means what is good for us and bad is what is bad for us. And, what is good for us, is not always good for other types of humans. We must be concerned about ourselves and they must be concerned for themselves. We must be indifferent to them and we must practice non-interference into whatever befalls them. They are not us and they are not our concern except as they pose a danger to us and in this case, we must prevent them from harming our kind in any way. Ethics, in general: Moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior.
Ethnic group--A group of people who share a common characteristic that makes them unique to every other group in the larger population. We see ourselves as an ethnic group within the larger White population. We are racially White people, but we are a subset.  We are more than just a group with a common religious belief, because we believe these three things are necessary to be one of our kind: right blood (you have to be born of a White mother and a White father); right belief (you have to believe in the ways of existence); right action (you have to live as we live).
Ethnogenesis--The formation or emergence of an ethnic group. In our case, this is a conscious effort on our part.  We are creating ourselves anew. We are willing our divergence and are transforming ourselves into a new type as a step along the evolutionary path that we are on that will eventually lead to specieshood.  We do not see existence as static, but that it is constantly changing and becoming more.  We see the same thing with us as as individuals and as a people. We have an identity that is uniquely ours, but this identity is becoming more along the trajectory of evolution that is best for us.
Ethnomasochism--A neurosis in which one feels a sense of guilt about being born into an ethnic group or race or people and this is accompanied by feelings of worthlessness and hatred or loathing for oneself and one's own ethnic group or race or people. Often manifests itself in not wanting to have children so as to destroy one's kind or in trying to take on the identity of other favored ethnic groups, races or peoples by imitating them and by attacking one's own ethnic group, race or people.
Eugenics--the attempt to improve the human species by various methods of breeding control. We do not follow eugenics as it was practiced earlier and believe that we must select our mates wisely but not be overly picky since this causes our birthrate to fall.  We believe that our kind must fill all niches in society from the lowest to the highest positions and that it is free breeding within our kind that will accomplish this.  We also believe that with DNA Code A, which is one with our kind, that we will constantly improve and evolve higher by this method of simply trying to have as many White children as possible.  We suggest that those who push eugenics simply take a look at the children of known brilliant people and they will see that the children are often not nearly as brilliant.  And, look at the children of some of our kind who are not known to be brilliant and they are brilliant.  We also reject the notion that our kind should be a small aristocratic ruling class ruling over those who are not part of the aristocratic class.  The more of our kind who come into existence, the better for our improvement and evolution ever higher.  Too many "aristocrats" among us have failed to breed or have not have as many children as they could have had and they have gone extinct.  They are dead enders.
Evil, univeral--There is no such thing. Evil is what is harmful to a particular type of organism from that organism's perspective. Anything that harms Whites or holds down our birthrate as individuals and as a group is evil. 
Evolution---Generally, it is the gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form. We accept this as a reality. However, we believe that evolution on Earth is just part of Cosmic Evolution. As far as evolution on Earth goes, we do not believe that Darwinian evolution, nor present day science, has all the answers of evolution. Darwin got much right, but there is more. Much more. Note that evolution and Darwin are not synonyms. Darwin posited what he believed about evolution, but there are other evolutionary views that seek to answer some of the questions that Darwin couldn't answer. For example, Darwin's idea of gradual evolution never satisfactorily accounted for the emergence of completely new types beyond the species level. Enter punctuated equilibrium and similar theories. Evolution is all about differences in living things, and evolution usually requires isolation to work. Evolution is a branching off as nature tinkers with the DNA code and shuffles the letters of DNA in different ways. The differences stick if there is isolation--either geographic or reproductive--and if the changes offer a survival advantage (note--some changes do not offer survival advantages but also stick, perhaps because of pleiotropic factors) so those with the differences do not blend back in with those they branched off from. Remember also that Darwin lived and died before DNA was discovered. In addition to changes caused by adaptation and natural selection, all life on Earth is constantly bombarded by various types of cosmic rays and other forces that can cause some of the letters of DNA to be knocked out of place and which can cause mutations. Nature works on a trial and error basis. It tries something, and if it works it keeps it. If it doesn't work it doesn't keep it. Evolution doesn't take place when gene pools reach equilibrium, because evolution means change.  Those with Code A are commanded by the First Cause to Will their own evolution and they are taught how to do this with the Teachings.  This will bring them to higher intelligence, higher consciousness and will, if done correctly, make their bodies stronger and they will have general rather than specific adaptations that will allow them to survive, thrive and expand across a wide range of different niches with many different conditions that would harm organisms that only have specific adaptations for one or more niches.  Strong mind in a strong body is the idea.  Micro Evolution involves a change of the genes and usually produces minor changes.  Macro Evolution often involves changes to whole chromosomes and produces major changes. Evolution is an extremely important and very basic part of our belief system and is essential to our belief system. We believe that we are commanded by the First Cause to will our evolution and to do it along a certain trajectory, which we sometimes state as "becoming more White."  This means to evolve along the path that emphasizes all of our White characteristics that are good, and removing any that are bad. Our evolution is sacred to us.
Evolution falls under the heading of constant change and constant change falls under the heading of constant spinning, spiraling and turning as all things seek the round and these things fall under the heading of constant movement. The Teacher says that some of the current beliefs about evolution are correct, but some are not correct.
The result of evolution is adaptation.

“Man is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”--Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Evolution, Rapid--We seek this.  Rapid evolution occurs when there is a disturbance to the habitat.  Its opposite is the evolutionary stabilization of organisms; which is the result of a long stability of the environment.  Believers seek rapid evolution and we see the disturbance of our habitat by the swarming of our lands with darker peoples both as a bad thing but possibly as a good thing as this is creating a disturbance to our environment, and those Whites who can evolve, may well evolve due to this disturbance.  That is, Whites who remain White, who continue to expand their genetic code, and who refuse to practice miscegenation, may be the new Whites who will take us up a notch in evolution. We had believed that the disturbance to our environment would come with changes to the climate and other things, but a disturbance is a disturbance and the First Cause works in mysterious ways.  We believe that Whites can undergo rapid evolution. We seek it.
Existence--Simple things repeated over and over endlessly. Existence has constant movement, heat, light and sound. Non-existence lacks these. Existence has many layers, starting with vibrations, energies, forces, waves, parts of subatomic particles,subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and that these layers all contribute to our everyday reality and are its foundation and frame work.
Existence, Our Right to Exist--We have a right to exist as White people and to seek our happiness as White people and to live only among White people simply because we do exist as White people.  This is not a right granted by any groups or governments of men.  It is our birthright, but we must enforce this right or haters of our kind will take it away.
Existential threat--A threat to our very existence as the distinct people we are. Non-White genes and their human carriers are a threat to our existence as the distinct people we are, by their very existence near us and this doesn't have anything to do with the quality of their characters or their IQs or their contributions to society or their education  levels or anything else. It has to do with the fact that they, by their mixing and mating with us, can wipe us out. By living near us, they present honey traps to our young who may consider them as proper mating choices, when they are not.  We must live White and mate White.  There must be no gene flow.
 Exogenesis--Hypothesis that life on Earth came from elsewhere. Similar to panspermia but more limited in its scope.
Expand always; contract never--Armanists believe this is a command that is within everything in existence and that anything or any living things that disobey this command will become extinct. Humans of one type expand and change the frequency of genes in the gene pool by becoming more numerous than other types of humans, primarily by having higher fertility rates than other humans. Those who produce the most children who live to produce their own children in great numbers will eventually replace other types of humans who do not breed as fast or in such quantity. This is the most important command to the faithful from the First Cause.  It is before all other commands.  In it's fullest sense it says: Expand your kind and only your kind always; and do not allow your kind and only your kind to ever contract.  From this command we take our reverence for our kind of life and we understand why all things are bad and evil that hold down our birthrate, shorten our lives or cause us to be victimized by gene transfer from those who are not our kind.
External Signs (or characteristics)--the genetically determined way we look. Phenotype.
Extinction for not following the most important rules of our system--Whites who do not follow the most important Truths contained in our Teachings and in the teachings of some others face extinction. The most important Truths are to avoid miscegenation, mixing, absorption, blending, assimilation, abortion, celibacy, family planning, waiting too long to have children and letting your seeds and eggs rot in your body, not having as many children as possible, not doing everything to survive as long as possible to breed our kind only.
Extreme Individualism--an error in thinking that causes one to not see that one is part of a group of like beings and the product of a group genotype.
Fail Point--The paradoxical  threshold of evolution where humans now find themselves. By evolving big brains,we have reached this point where we are able to stop the evolutionary process of natural selection for the best qualities. The weak and the strong can both survive under such conditions and pass on their codes. This puts the best adapted and least adapted on an equal footing in the chance for survival and in expanding their codes. Believers seek to get past the fail point and to cross the threshold to move higher.
Faith--Faith is important for a number of reasons including the fact that the brain can cause physical effects that can be beneficial.
False ideas--humans have many false ideas in their human-centric ideologies and beliefs, and these false ideas often block the path and must be identified and corrected. The major false idea in this age, and which leads to many subsets of other false ideas, is that all humans are the same. This idea is anti-nature and anti-evolution. Our view, to be clear, is not that there are superior or inferior humans, but that there are many, many differences. Humans have evolved and adapted for certain environments and as a result of these adaptations and resultant gene changes, they have acquired other secondary changes.
Field, The--Also known as the ground of existence and Drogh. Behind everything.
First Cause, The--That which created something out of absolute nothing. Used interchangeably with "God." The Ultimate. The Source of all of existence. The Creator. The ender of all arguments.  The One. The Source. Behind all natural laws that must be obeyed. He is the energy behind the spinning. One way we conceive of Him is as an intelligence and consciousness without the need for a brain or flesh and some see Him as using every particle of matter in existence as part of His brain. The question that many ask is why did He bring the universe into existence. We cannot truly know the answer but our reason tells us that it may be because existence is better than non-existence, matter is better than no matter, intelligence is better than no intelligence, consciousness is better than no consciousness, sensing is better than not sensing, thinking is better than not thinking. He is beyond comprehension, and full human understanding, but He has revealed some things to and through Arman to help with our own understanding of existence. Arman says He is unlike many concepts of God that others have and that He might almost be called the God of Evolution, but that this isn't quite right either but it does capture the idea that the First Cause is also struggling to expand always and contract never and that we are part of that struggle to expand always and contract never. Arman says that the First Cause must also obey basic natural laws that are an inherent part of existence. Some believe that He is just the natural forces, vibrations,waves, etc. of existence and that there is no will or intelligence to be found in the First Cause. Others believe there is no First Cause that started existence and that existence has always been in existence. Some who believe this way also believe that the First Cause is that which created life. Arman says that since the First Cause is unknowable, it's all conjecture.  What we do know for sure is that existence exists and that we have a DNA code that makes us as we are, and that everything in existence has some code or template or recipe to make it as it is. Arman says that we must use our reason and our intelligence and as such this has us question everything, and that this is appropriate.  It is with our brains that we will be able to guide our evolution and this is not a blind quest, but one that we will think about and work at and we will focus on speciation as our way to transcend Homo sapiens. The Teacher has said:  Our God is the God your god would worship, if your god were real. Also called by many other descriptive names such as, but not limited to: The Invisible One; The Invisible Force; The God Force; The Life Force; The Existence Force; The Divine Energy; The One Behind All; The Ground of Existence; The Source of All; The Structure of Existence; The Spiral; The Spirit Unseen; Nature. The First cause works through history and through a special selected people--White people with the right parts.  He often works through very subtle means--a breeze, a wind, something in the sky or in the woods, signs, symbols, lower animals.

We say that the First Cause is unknowable, but some of us believe that science (many disciplines) is getting us closer to a better understanding. What we now know about subatomic particles, waves, energies, vibrations, forces, computer science, biology, evolution and much more may finally be allowing us to understand a little about how there can exist a disembodied intelligence (God) without a physical organ such as our brain, and which we have usually thought is necessary for intelligence, personality and will and without a physical body as we usually define it.  It is more important how you live, than the specifics of what you believe or don't believe. This Divine Something is behind evolution and life and wants to fill all of existence with the highest consciousness life and works through history to guide life forward. See also God.

We believe that the First Cause works through history and primarily through a people he selects or calls to restore his will, purpose and righteousness and that we are to work to get humankind back on the right track. We believe that we are the ones selected or called.

Commands from the First Cause aren't suggestions. For example, the commands to not miscegenate to not mix to separate out to have as many of our kind of children as possible, to survive as long as possible and to seek self-preservation aren't to be changed by humans. And, the commands are for our kind alone. If any of the commands can cause harm to a believer, then the believer should revert to the first command and follow it: survive and seek your self-preservation. Without this first command, no other commands matter.There is no honor in dying.  There is only honor and also purpose in living.
First Revelation, The--Arman has spoken of the First Revelation which came to him during a light rain while he was outdoors. There were low clouds that suddenly opened above him and he was bathed in a bright light and at the same time heard "singing" that may or may not have been words in a language he didn't understand or maybe they were just sounds. Arman says he believes that something happend to him during that event and maybe that something or much was downloaded into his brain which comes to surface during certain trigger events in his life. Whatever and however it happened, Arman says The Teachings are true and are ultimtely from the First Cause or the Divine which Arman believes may be in the form of mind or brain that exists everywhere perhaps even below the subatomic level of existence...perhaps, something that might in earlier days be called spirit. Arman says, that this First Cause has intelligence, will and purpose and that we are part of what it wants to accomplish and we are selected, but that we must live right to retain our select status. Arman says being selected does not mean we are superior to other life forms, it just means that we have a special burden on us with special laws, commands and rules that we must obey as commanded by the First Cause and that we are to be the moral and ethical people who guide mankind to higher states through our flesh as our DNA Code becomes the DNA code for the new mankind that is closer to the First Cause.
First and Second Commands the most important--The First Command to you as an individual and as a subspecies is: SURVIVE.  The Second Command to you as an individual and as a subspecies: MAKE MORE LIKE YOURSELF. Also known as First and Second Laws. The individual must protect his or her own life at any cost.  There is no cause worth the risk of death.  You must live so you can make more like yourself. Nothing takes precedence over these two laws. 
Fitness, Darwinian--A biological condition in which a competing variant (such as genes) is increasing in frequency relative to other competing variants in a population.It relates to reproductive success of an organism in passing on its genes to the next generation. Generally, the longer a breeding organism can survive to breed, the higher is the fitness of that individual. It is thus defined "backwards," in that if an organism has multiplied its genes in the next generation relative to other organisms, it will be defined as being more fit than those that did not multiply its genes in the next generation. In this use of the term "fitness" it has nothing to do with whether one is a superior individual. Those that do not pass on their genes are unfit. They have no stake in the future because when they die, their particular genotype and phenotype is extinct.

The most basic purpose of life is for organisms to make more like themselves to pass on their DNA Code and to expand their kind. To fulfill this purpose, every type of  organism must, after their own fashion, struggle and  compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid myriad threats to their existence in order to survive to  breed. As a result, some will leave more offspring than others of their kind, and it is the DNA Code of those who survive to replicate  which will be passed on to succeeding generations.  This is  natural selection, and those who do pass on their DNA Code are, by doing this, nature's fittest and those who do not are judged unfit. 
Flow, The--The great spinning river of existence in which the Earth bobs along like a very tiny piece of dust as a little zoo of a planet.
Followers of the Teachings--Religious Followers of the Teachings believe that there may be an intelligence behind the First Cause and that Arman (The Teacher) has received revelations and on going inspirations from this intelligence through various means.
Secular Followers of the Teachings believe in the Ways of Existence without an intelligence behind them. The Teachings are the same, except any concept of the First Cause as being "God," or having an intelligence is eliminated.

Both types of believers are equal and welcome and as with all things, it is expected that those with one view may switch back to the other view and so on.  One is not locked into a particular religious or secular view and all followers of the Teachings are encouraged to read, study, observe and to use their reason.  The Teachings must make sense to you personally and if they don't make sense to you personally, then they are probably not right for you.
Forty Sixer (46er)--Our kind. A person with 23 White chromosomes from a White mother and 23 White chromosomes from a White father. Interchangeable with other terms such as Our Kind and Ourselves Alone.
Founder Effect--Loss of genetic variation when a new population starts from a small number of individuals from the larger population. Desirable to believers as this works toward speciation, however, there is a danger if the new population is too small and if any of the founders have undesirable genetic characteristics  that may then be spread to the whole new population. We believe the establishment of small groups of interbreeding Whites with no gene flow from others will lead to the next step up for mankind. These small groups can be isolated in place in White ghettos or be far from other people. The key is that there is no gene flow. Can lead to rapid speciation.  Emphasis by some is often on the problems when some with defective genes are part of the founder population, but what is often not mentioned is that when those with superior genes (higher intelligence, stronger, etc).have their genes spread, the population becomes better.  This is what is sought.
Four Scientifically Recognized Fundamental Forces of Nature--1. Gravity; 2. Electromagnetism; 3. Strong Nuclear Force; 4. Weak Nuclear Force.  Not recognized by science but by some believers is a Life Force and a God Force.  These latter two are metaphysical concepts and may eventually be discovered to be parts of the four recognized forces. 
Freedom--The power to and the right to act, speak, write, think, worship, live as one wants without hindrance, coercion or restraint. Freedom for us as individuals, as believers and as a distinct people is an important value to us. We want the freedom to believe as we want, to live where we want, to associate with or not associate with anyone, to live in our own communities with people like us, to read and write what we want.  Basically, the original freedoms that are now largely myths in the U.S. are what we want.
Free will--We believe that human free will is not as free as many people believe and that our actions, in a very broad sense, are more gene directed than many people want to believe. However, there is a level of free will that is important, even though it is difficult to ever know whether we are acting because of our genetic programs or because of free will.
Frequencies--All is energy and frequencies. We with our DNA Code A are like tuning forks that respond to certain frequencies that those lacking this DNA Code can never respond to. This tuning fork characteristic is found in the DNA of all life, but it is different in different forms of life and it is different in different types of humans. Only Whites with the full complement of White genes vibrate to the higher frequencies beamed our way and which we also beam out from us. You must be born with this DNA Code A to understand within the essence of your being.  You feel it.  You just know it, but you may not understand what you know until you study the Teachings.  Then, you may awaken and be as you are truly meant to be.  With impure DNA Code A there is static.  To properly use DNA Code A, one must be born with it, (right blood); one must believe and one must have the right actions (live our way).
Frequency dependent selection--the fitness of a phenotype is dependent on its frequency relative to other phenotypes in a given population. Blenders try to change the frequency of genes in a population via immigration in order to change the population.
Frugality--We value frugality and form follows function ways. We see these in nature and accept them as good. Thus, when believers bear our symbols or wear suggested types of clothes or wear skullcaps, and jewlery, etc. such things should not be costly and can be adapted from other religions or groups or from the general public. They simply have to be made pure for our uses and must not bear symbols other than our own.
Frugal Engineer--aka Eternal Tinkerer or Nature. Nature is a frugal engineer in that it tries to not over develop any organism and follows a practice of form follows function.  All organisms, including humans, are designed within certain packages.  When nature gives the organism certain advantages in certain areas it has to short them out in other areas to fit into the package.  For example, in the sport of boxing, nature has given Black humans foot and hand speed, but has also given them weak necks by their ears.  It has given White boxers weak chins, but good upper body strength.  So, in boxing, the best way to knock out most White boxers is with a right cross to the point of the chin, but the best way to knock out most Black boxers is with a left or right hook to the side of the head by the ear and neck.
Fundamental Laws, or Fundamental Laws of Existence, or Fundamental Laws of Nature, or Fundamental Forces--The natural order of things and forces that underlie everything. These Fundamental Laws must be carefully interpreted. For example, a primitive people living, say, on a hot desert island might incorrectly say that a Fundamental Law of water is that it is always liquid. We know this is wrong, because the definition lacks a reference to the temperature of the water.
Fylfot--The most sacred sign of the First Cause. It is also the most active version of the Sacred Spiral. Found throughout existence. Believers must have this Sacred Sign next to their skin--tattoos, scars, brands, etc., and on jewelry--rings, amulets, etc.  This is a religious requirement and is the most basic and essential manifestation of our faith for believers. Believers are commanded by the First Cause to have it  with them always. It may have two, three,four, five, six or eight arms. Unlike a traditional swastika, the Fylfot that is sacred to our faith, usually has rounded arms (but sometimes they're not rounded) and must always have a round hub or center.  It is the hub or center that is the most important part of the image and it represents the First Cause spinning on a central axis.  The arms show the movement, but are also essential to  the symbol and to the creation and maintaining of existence and expansion.  The arms always trail the center and never lead it. They exist because of the spinning of the center. This symbol helps believers focus on the First Cause and existence. It also wards off evil and confounds the enemies of our people and saps them of the energy needed to destroy us. The hub spins to the left or counter-clockwise and the arms trail in that direction. Again, the arms do not lead, they follow as one sees in spiral galaxies, hurricanes and many other spinning forms.
Gene--a portion of DNA that carries the code for some action or characteristic of the living organism. Humans have somewhere between 20-30,000 genes. The exact number has not been determined. They are the program within us. Genes "want" to survive and struggle to be expressed. We are their way to do this. Competition and struggle are natural and exist throughout all of existence. This competition and struggle is inherent in existence itself. Note that a gene is not an actual thing, but a location on a strand of DNA.  We often say: Genes Are Us.
Gene default, also Evolutionary default--What happens to all living organisms when they do not live consciously and guide their evolution in the best possible direction for themselves.  In our system we know that it takes conscious effort to remain White.  It is much easier to become non-white.  A White requires two White parents.  A non-White only requires one non-White parent.
Gene fixation--one variant of a particular gene (allele) remains the only one in a population. A partial but incomplete example of the process may be easily seen in Finland which is considered the blondest nation on Earth. That is, the allele for blond hair is almost the only allele in the population, and if gene flow were completely stopped, the allele for blond hair would become fixed in the population.
Gene Flow--The transfer of alleles of genes from one population to another. Gene flow stops divergence and prevents the emergence of new species from the old species. New species develop when the gene flow is stopped. The major way gene flow is stopped is by physical separation and isolation. Gene flow causes homogenization or blending. Also known as Gene Transfer. Gene Flow and Gene Transfer from other types of humans to our kind is forbidden by the First Cause and leads to devolution not evolution.
Genemies--Natural enemies of Whites because they can mate with us and produce viable children. This pollutes our geneotype and causes our devolution.  Such miscegenation is evil and must not be engaged in by Whites. It is the path to our genocide and extinction.
Gene Wars--Gene Struggles--The eternal struggle of genes (which are parts of the DNA codes of all living things), to expand and become the dominant type of genes that fill all of existence.  Gene wars/struggles are largely unconscious, but those who are Awake are conscious of them and can take conscious actions to win the gene wars/struggles by having more children. The Teacher often uses the metaphor of different colored paints to illustrate the nature of the gene wars/struggles. The Teacher says imagine that each race is paint.  Further imagine that each color paint wants to paint all of the universe only with its color and no other color. Who wins in such a struggle?  Eventually, it is the paint that makes more like itself. The losing paints are those that do not make enough more like themselves.
With the gene wars/struggles in mind, the Awakened mourn for all decent, pure Whites who die too young and have few if any White children.  Can also be called Gene contests or Gene struggles.Similar to terms that include: natural selection; survival of the fittest.

The most basic purpose of life is for organisms to make more like themselves to pass on their DNA Code and to expand their kind. To fulfill this purpose, every type of  organism must, after their own fashion, struggle and  compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid myriad threats to their existence in order to survive to  breed. As a result, some will leave more offspring than others of their kind, and it is the DNA Code of those who survive to replicate  which will be passed on to succeeding generations.  This is  natural selection, and those who do pass on their DNA Code are, by doing this, nature's fittest and those who do not are judged unfit. 
Generation, Human--About 25 years. We believe that we can transform our lines higher in just a few generations if all the right conditions prevail. However, evolution doesn't happen all at once.
Genetic Code--Same as DNA Code. The blueprint or recipe that makes each organism as it is.
Genetic Drift--A mechanism for evolutionary change resulting from the random fluctuations of gene frequencies in small, isolated populations.
Genetic homeostasis--the tendency of a population to maintain a constant genetic composition.
Genetic Isolation--The absence of gene flow between populations as a result of geographic separation or other mechanisms that prevent gene flow.
Genetic opponents--aka genetic enemies.  All those who can insert their genes into your genome and thus make it impure and eventually take it over and cause your extinction.  The process by which genetic opponents take one over requires no intent or conscious knowledge or action on the part of genetic opponents. It happens via miscegenation, aka bedroom genocide.  It is up to awakened people of our kind to resist the gene flow that replaces our genes and causes our genocide and extinction.  This is where free will comes in and where we must learn the truth and live intentionally White to prevent this from happening as there are forces that do want to wipe out all Whites and miscegenation by flooding the gene pool of White areas with non-Whites is the modern way to conquer and destroy a distinct people and cause their genocide.
Genetic self interest (aka Genetic or DNA egoism)--Egoism (not to be confused with egotism) is the belief  that one's self interest  is, or should be, the motivation and the goal of one's own actions.

Arman teaches that we must follow this precept of egoism, but that we must define the "self" not just as the person we see in the mirror, but also in terms of what we call DNA Code A (which means the White DNA code).  So, when we act in our own best interests, we always should keep in mind that helping those who share our DNA Code also helps our best interests.  The more people who are like us who are alive and breeding true is good for each of us with DNA Code A.

At the same time, we must never help those who do not share our DNA Code A, unless there is a very rational reason why helping someone who is not one of us will clearly and definitely help us to survive and expand our kind but which will not help them to survive and expand their kind.

Behind this teaching of genetic self interest is the reality that we are in eternal gene wars and that we, as White individuals, and as Whites generally, are in an eternal war with all non-Whites.  This is simply the way of nature and evolution and the gene wars require no conscious intent on anyone's part.  It is just a fact of nature that genes compete with each other for dominance and expression.  Those who are new to the Teachings often get confused by the term gene wars and will point to various non-White individuals or experiences they have had in life with non-White individuals that are positive.  So, we will sometimes hear such Whites say things such as: "I know Blacks (or Asians or Latinos or any non-Whites) who are wonderful people.  They are kind and gentle and will give you the shirt off their backs."  And, many of us can say something similar, however, such people do not have to have evil intent toward us.  Their genes are a threat to our existence simply because they exist.  It is like harmful bacteria and viruses.  They don't have any intent to harm us.  Intent is not required.  They are harmful to us simply because they can harm us.  It is the same with non-White genes.  They can destroy our genes simply because they exist.
 Genocide--Actual genocide is the killing off of genes by any cause. The definition of genocide as a legal issue is defined by the U.N. We accept both actual and legal definitions of genocide as realities. Whites are victims of genocide by both definitions.
Genome--Entire genetic code contained in chromosomes. All the genetic material in the chromosomes of a particular organism. It contains all the base pairs.  All DNA material.
Genotype--Your internal blueprint or code. All the letters of DNA in their particular arrangement that makes you, uniquely you. A descriptor for genome which is the actual, physical DNA molecules. All the genes that go towards the expression of a phenotype.
Gens--Latin for clan, race, nation, people, tribe.
Goal, Our--To expand and evolve into a new species incapable of  breeding with other human types and thus to continue on the path of evolution commanded by the First Cause for ourselves alone. Our way is not to just try to evolve spiritually, but physically and genetically. So called spiritual evolution--by itself--that you read about today is often not real but is the belief of a certain type of neurotic. Physical and genetic evolution are real and genuine and from them will come genuine spiritual evolution which, we are taught, is in tune with the First Cause. However we must use our minds to help our physical and genetic evolution and in this sense our spiritual evolution can be real.
To be clear. Our goal is to evolve into a new species.  We are to evolve spiritually but also more importantly physically and genetically and the spiritual will follow. On the most basic level, the purpose of life is to make more like itself.  This includes humans, but then there's an additional purpose that we must choose for ourselves and this is to intentionally, through the use of our minds and our will and our actions, evolve to become more.  This is a secondary purpose and we must make it for ourselves by exercising our will--we must choose this purpose.  If we choose wrongly and do not struggle to be more, then nature will replace us with other organisms that will take up the challenge.We must survive to breed, breed to expand, expand to evolve, evolve to win.Nature is eliminating the weak seeds including white week seeds who are the 'old people' among us even if they are young.  We are the new people, the young people even if we are personally old in our bodies.  Weak seed whites may look like us on the outside, but their weakness comes through from the inside and they are seen as hollow husks and decrepit and lacking vitality, they are insipid and have little life force, and no instinct to breed more like themselves. We have been selected to be the Ones. The First Cause, Blessed Be, selected us at least partly through the natural forces of evolution to be the Ones to make the leap. However, we must actually to the right things to make it so.  This is part of the way the First Cause works--we must compete to prove that we are the right Ones.
God--Unknowable. The First Cause. The Source. The Creator. The Something Behind.That which did the impossible and created itself and everything else from nothing. We see the something that was created in the nothing as an invisible, spinning, spiraling and expanding skein of existence that underlies all of existence. No human form. Pure spirit.Sometimes used as synonym for nature or creator or similar terms. When you peel back everything to a time before there was anything, you are left with a mystery of what started existence and you are left with this concept. The necessary ender of all arguments and the source of our revelations, laws, ways and everything else for those with the right focus. The will of God has been revealed to Arman who is known as The Teacher, The Herald and The Awakener and The Prophet and these revelations and inspirations comprise  The Teachings.  These revelations and inspirations do not bend to the will of humans.There is no middle man between the individual and God.  Each person must approach God on his own. One contra theory holds that there was never a time when there was absolutely nothing. Although, as a thing easily said, we often speak of the big bang as the start of existence, our reason tells us that something was already in existence at that time--perhaps subatomic particles or waves--so the First Cause must have been before the big bang. It is the unknowable Something Behind that is the key to existence and the life force and which wants ever higher consciousness in life. To see it directly is to go mad, to try to conform it to our reason is to go mad. Being in tune and harmony with it is the way to move forward. We see it in and behind the natural forces and in evolution and in our DNA Code A.  It has set the proper laws for our survival, expansion, evolution and happiness in nature outside of us and inside of us and we are given our large brains to discover these natural laws and live in accord with them.  When we do so, The First Cause is with us and helps us.  When we violate these laws or substitute human laws and human wishes for these natural laws we are not helped but we harm ourselves.  For those who understand, these laws can be seen everywhere, for those who do not understand they cannot be seen anywhere and existence makes no sense to these blind ones. The Great Energy. The Great Behind. The Ender of all Arguments. He that says: I am the ender of all arguments and debates. The White Light. The Creator. The Creative Energy. The Creative Force. The Engineer. The Builder and Destroyer of all. The Cosmic Fog. The Cosmic Cloud. The Invisible One. The One who moves just behind all. The Energy. The Vibrations. The Waves. The Spiral. The One behind the Fylfot. The Intelligence, Personality and Consciousness with no body. The Expander.
The Life Force. Nature. The Spirit. The Source. The fuel, the fire, the effects of the fire. The Light. The Sound. The One.

We say that the First Cause is unknowable, but some of us believe that science (many disciplines) is getting us closer to a better understanding. What we now know about subatomic particles, waves, energies, vibrations, forces, computer science, biology, evolution and much more may finally be allowing us to understand a little about how there can exist a disembodied intelligence (God) without a physical organ such as our brain, and which we have usually thought is necessary for intelligence, personality and will and without a physical body as we usually define it.  It is more important how you live, than the specifics of what you believe or don't believe. This Divine Something is behind evolution and life and wants to fill all of existence with the highest consciousness life and works through history to guide life forward. We believe that living right is more important than idle speculation about what caused existence to existece. We see no conflict in believing in science and the creative energy or force and most of us do not see the First Cause as ultimately beyond scientific reality, and that even within scientific reality it shall remain the higher power or the First Cause, no matter its degree of intelligence or will or lack thereof and no matter whether it intercedes in history or not as some think it does.  We know it does, but it is more subtle than many believe.See also First Cause.We say: Our God is the god that your god would worship if your god were real. But he isn't.
We say that God is not supernatural but is natural, but is difficult for us to understand.
God Force--See God Waves.
God gene--Is a hypothesis that some humans inherit genes that predisposes them to spirituality. Gene VMAT2 is thought to be involved. This gene doesn't directly cause one to be spiritual, but causes certain chemical changes in the brain that are interpreted as spirituality. The importance for us in this faith, even if the hypothesis is proven wrong, is the indication it gives of the increasing recognition that genes cause various attitudes and behaviors as well as the physical characteristics that we see, such as eye color and skin color. We believe that there is a gene variation that may draw some people to our beliefs while others will not be so drawn because they lack the particular allele for this, and just cannot fully understand the teachings on a deep level. Teachers will point to the well known example of color blindness in which some people with certain gene variations can't distinguish between the colors red and green. No matter how hard those with this gene variation try, they just can't see the difference. No one would call them dumb. It's just a difference in genes. So it is with many of our beliefs. Some people simply won't get it.
God Waves--We envision the First Cause as being everywhere much as radio waves are everywhere on Earth.  And we believe that the purest among us can tune into the God Waves as a natural result of them having the right genetic parts.
Golden Rule--Treat all others as you want to be treated and treat all others as they treat you.
Good and Evil--There is no good and evil in nature, there is only this and that.  For Armanists, good is what pleases the First Cause and evil is what displeases the First Cause. Good and evil are relative. Man is not born good or evil.  He is born free to make his own choices and each person is accountable to himself or herself.
Good Whites--A negative term used by believers to describe Whites who promote blending or the destruction of Whites and who are praised by their fellow genocidists as Good Whites for not caring for their own people. These are depraved,degenerate and degraded people who can cause harm to Code A.  They are weak seeds who use their whiteness to work their evil against the very Code that gave them this whiteness. They are effete and morally decayed husks who have mental diseases that cause them to lack self and group esteem and to know what is important in life and what is not. They are to be shunned and kept out of the company of believers less their mental contamination spread. Reject these monsters at every turn.
Great Die-Off or Mass Extinction--Arman had a vision of a time when most humans would die off and only believers would be spared to get through the bottleneck.
Great Mystery--The First Cause, known to some as God.  We cannot prove or disprove the existence of the First Cause and it seems that no matter how far we push back by looking into space and into the ways matter comes into existence in the smallest things we are still left with mysteries behind what we can see.
Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers (GWMs and GWFs)--The modern version of the Whites who tried to force American Indians into being White because they believed that inside all dark skinned people was a White person just fighting to get out and act White. (see also Lord Jims)
Ground of Existence--(also Field or Drogh)--All the things that build the framework of our everyday world. Vibrations, frequencies, waves, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc.
Thousands of years ago people began realizing that our everyday objects were made up of ever smaller objects called atoms. Then they realized that atoms were made of even smaller objects. Today, it is recognized that subatomic particles, which can also be subatomic waves, may be what underlies everything in existence and that all of reality is built up from them. Subatomic waves may be the source of matter. Some religions, sensing this reality, posit the notion that everything is thus illusion. We reject that notion. We do sometimes indicate that everything we know in our universe is a projection of the subatomic particles/waves but this idea of "projection" is far different from other uses of the term, most notably in the way a film is projected. In our use of the term, we see the subatomic particles/waves spinning into reality that which they are the essence of. The unseen skein.
Guardians of the Essence--The Essence is contained in our DNA Code A, and thus each of us individually and collectively are Guardians of the Essence. It is necessary for us to be us, and we are necessary for it to be it. As the people selected to carry the Essence, which is sacred and a spark from the First Cause, we must not let our White seeds and White eggs be polluted or harmed or made less pure and we must not let them be wasted.  We must join with others of our kind of the opposite sex and join the two parts of the Essence to produce as many children of our kind as possible.  This is the way to spread the truth and the spark of the First Cause. It is not through words that we go forward but through our DNA Code A.  It is the word made flesh.
Happiness--Seek happiness in your life.  You are not here to sacrifice for others. If you can find happiness with the Teachings, then follow them. If they make you unhappy, then don't follow them, because you may not have the"parts" that make them right for you. You have the absolute right as a human being to pursue your rational ideas of happiness so long as you do not harm others.
Head covering--The most devout, both male and female, cover their heads. While there is no specific type of head covering required, skull caps that cover the whole top of the head and part of the forehead and which will stay on without being pinned on and will not fall off during physical labor and which are comfortable and functional (to keep sweat from running into the eyes, for example) are suggested. In the absence of such head coverings or any other clothing items being made by believers, such things that can be readily obtained and which are used by some other faiths are adequate so long as they do not bear any religious symbols of other faiths. Inexpensive knitted watch caps are appropriate as are bandanna style head coverings. Head coverings should be dark in color, preferably black and should be free of any logos or designs that are not of this faith. They should be comfortable, practical and functional as with all of our clothing items. Jewish and Catholic type skull caps with some minor modifications are acceptable when made holy to us.
Health and Safety, Yours...Your personal health and safety--your self-preservation--are paramount. If there is a conflict between any of the Teachings or your interpretation of the Teachings or in things you believe and your health and safety, your health and safety must always come first and you must not follow the Teachings or your other beliefs if they might reasonably cause harm to you in any way physically, emotionally or socially. Your beliefs are yours and they are nobody else's business. You may share your beliefs or keep them to yourself.  You are in charge of yourself always.  We believe that we must live very long lives so that we may reproduce ourselves as much as possible but always and only with our fellow Whites.  We love life and we hate death. We love being and we hate non-being.
Hedman--A spiritual and community leader of believers.
Hereditary integrity--Not allowing any gene transfer from other kinds of humans.
Holy month--April. That's when Arman received the first commands.
Holy times--Just before dawn and during storms. The First Cause is felt more at such times.
Homo Armanius--The next man. The new model human. We are the one before his emergence and he will only emerge from us and no others. This is the result of our speciation caused by our separate evolution.  We are a branching off from the rest of humanity and if we do not blend back in, we will become the replacement for present day humanity and bring in a new age of closeness with the First Cause. When we achieve this speciation, we will no longer be able to have children with present day humans or blend back in with them. This will completely stop the gene flow and transfer from them to us, and will allow us to move faster to our closeness with the First Cause. Enlightenment comes through the flesh and it's evolution. Related terms: The Superman, Ubermensch; Next Man; Alia Genus; Novuum Genus.
Host, The--Mentioned in The Guide. A name for the body of believers.
Humans--An organism that has evolved from the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.  Is a part of nature. Evolves as do other organisms. Has the potential to move higher by guiding his own evolution along a trajectory revealed by The Teacher, so long as he or she has the right parts, meaning having DNA Code A--which means that he or she is a "pure" White person, meaning that he or she is born of a White mother and a White father.  By "White" is meant that one is White both outside and inside. Humans are part of nature, but with our reason we can override natural instincts either for good or for bad.  We must understand what should be overridden and what should not.  For example, we should never override our instinct to have more children like us. However, we should override the sex drive when it is aimed towards the same sex or other kinds of humans.

“Man is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”--Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Hunting for sport--We do not approve of hunting just for sport. If one hunts for food and uses every part of the animal one kills for food or clothing or other things, this is permitted, but to simply kill other living things to kill them is not our way.
Hyper Individualism--A bizarre belief that does not consider DNA as more important than what one believes as an individual. It puts the individual in front of DNA as though each individual came from nothing and owes nothing to his or her DNA. In our system, the individual is important, but he or she is still seen as being from a DNA code and that one is a manifestation of that DNA code.  The DNA code is what goes on after our bodies die--so long as we have children who are completely of our kind--meaning our children must have a White father and a White mother.
I AM--Message received by Arman while praying.
Ideal--Of every thing in existence there is an ideal. Finding the ideal in our kind is important so that it can be reached and then can be overcome to move ever higher. The Ideal for living conditions for believers would be for them to have their own land free of all discordant elements so that they could pursue their evolutionary and highest destiny exclusively among their own people.  This Ideal Land is something to be sought, prayed for and worked for so that the people may truly be free. The Ideal Human type is one of our people who has a strong mind in a strong body. Physically strong and tough but with a very high I.Q. We should strive as individuals and as a subspecies to be the ideals of our kind.
Identity--It is important that believers, in addition to reinforcing their White identity, also establish a religious identity that sets them apart from non-believers.  Distinctive clothing, hair styles, symbols and all the rest discussed in the Teachings are important and believers should attempt to live their identity.  The Teachings state that we are not to blend in with other kinds of humans, and this also applies to non-believers who are our kind of human. Our destiny is to be found in separating out and being different, not blending in and being the same. It is important to have the right identities in mind at all times to avoid going astray.  First comes your genetic identity--Non-Jewish White person of European descent (aka having all 46 "white" chromosomes, i.e. being born of two White parents), then comes your religious identity which should also contain your world view and philosophy of life. In our case it is this system of Armanism. Identity politics, Identity living, Identity religious beliefs are, in our system, all based on the self-interest and perspective of our race, religion, ideology and culture.
Imagery, Religious--Fylfots, circles, spirals, spinning, turning, bramble bushes, natural forests, rivers, oceans.
Immortality--Your immortality in flesh is in your DNA code so long as it remains unbroken by miscegenation.  That is, so long as your children breed right.  Your DNA code is the scaffolding, the recipe and the blueprint that makes you, you. When you breed right and produce children in your image who outlive your body, they carry part of you into the future in the DNA code that you have given them as you have given them life. It is this DNA code within that has led some people to falsely believe in reincarnation or to have false memories of prior lives.  DNA is like a computer.  It stores information and causes things to occur at the right time to make organisms. Information is added to the DNA during our lives. When we sometimes mate with those of the opposite sex who have common ancestors who also mated in certain ways, information from these ancestors can come to the fore. We are all made up of information. We are flesh and blood manifestations of the information stored in our DNA code.
Improvement, Constant--One of the things believers seek in all ways.
Impulse, The--The inbuilt need or desire in existence to be and to be more and to expand always. A great mystery.
Indifference--The attitude that true believers have for other peoples.  They are not our kind.  We are indifferent to them.  We have our ways and our path, and they have theirs.  We believe in non-interference in their fates. They are on their own without our help.  True believers would never risk their lives to help those unlike us.  To do so risks our ability to live long to spread our particular DNA code.  
Individual, The--We believe in the power of the One both in the larger sphere and in the every day lives that we lead. Each individual derives his or her rights and responsibilities from the very nature of existence. Each individual must take responsibility for himself or herself, his or her safety, his or her expansion and for the course of his or her life.The individual is sovereign in our system.  He or she is the chooser of his or her values and ethics and should not sacrifice himself or herself unless such sacrifice is for the survival and expansion of our kind's DNA code, and even then, the individual must be very careful in this, because one of or highest precepts is to live as long as possible to expand our DNA code. Your particular DNA code takes precedence over the DNA code of relatives, friends, and others of our kind and of course there is never a conflict between your DNA code and that of those who are not our kind.  You must never put their DNA code in front of yours.  In life, you must seek to be rationally happy.  If this system does not make you happy, then it may not be right for you.  Study it and see if it makes you happy or not.  If it doesn't, go your own way. We wish you all the best.
Individualism--Belief in the primary importance of the individual and a strong belief in self-reliance and personal freedom and personal responsibility. In our system, we define "primary importance" as being our belief that our individual DNA code (which we call Code A) must survive, expand and evolve, but, since our DNA code and we are one, our individualism includes both our DNA code and our complete selves in our everyday reality. The values, rights and duties arise in the individual.
Indifference--The attitude of true believers towards other types of humans. However, the term indifference
as we use it means the sort of feeling we have towards all other organisms.  It is not a feeling of hate or dislike but rather one of "that's them and how they are," and "this is us and how we are, and what is important to us is our own kind, not their kind." Dispassionate. Neutral. Their business and their ways are theirs and it is none of our business as our business and our ways are none of their business.
Individual, The--Each individual is thought of as being a carrier of the Code and a singularity who is a branching off in a slightly different direction from others of Our Kind, but in ways that keep the individual still within Our Kind. It is these slight differences that help us survive as the distinct people that we are in ever changing circumstances. The ideal individual stands on his own and makes his life what he wants it to be and does not simply accept the mores and values of the larger corrupt society, but makes his own mores and values. He stands alone, is a way of saying this.  If he is part of a collective, he is the one who choose the collective and he does so because it benefits him. If any collective he has joined no longer benefits him, he leaves it and is always ready to stand alone for what he considers right and just.
Individual Responsibility--It is the individual responsibility of each male and each female true believer to find a way to have as many children as their bodies can produce.  This is not a "couple" responsibility, and one cannot simply say "I wanted to have children, but my spouse didn't or couldn't have any so I've never had children."  It is up to you as an individual to expand your particular DNA code by having as many White children as possible, and only White children.
Individualism--Our belief in the importance of the individual that flows from our belief in the First Cause and the single point that starts everything. In our world view, this concept is shown in personal self-reliance, personal initiative, individual action and the sovereignty of the individual.  But, the individualism of our system is not an improper hyper-individualism that treats each individual as though that individual sprang up here on Earth with no links or connections to others of our kind. Thus, one might say we have a collective individualism. That is, as with the rest of our world view, we are focused only on our people. For example, we forbid abortion, birth control, homosexuality, etc. for our people, but we don't care if the darker peoples engage in these practices.  They are simply not our concern and our ethics and morals are relative and particular to our people alone.
Ineffable, The--Incapable of being described in words. We see the First Cause as The Ineffable.  However, we are not forbidden from trying to understand and trying to describe the First Cause and we do try to do so in ways that help us understand the scientific reality of the First Cause. This is our concept of God--not as a fairy tale or mythological being, but as real and scientific, but perhaps beyond the ability of science to describe Him. We often envision Him as sort of like a cosmic cloud or fog or even as sort of like an all encompassing web or field and we see Him as most creative/destructive in the spinning forces that are throughout nature.
Inspiration--The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.
Integrative psychology of Arman-- Our people are broken and  fragmented both from each other and within ourselves. We need to put ourselves back together by fully integrating our essential selves with the rest of our personalities and people.  One of the sources of the fragmentation of our kind was the adoption of desert religious principles and forcing them on our genetic kin.  One wrong thought can lead to all sorts of wrong choices and the desert religions gave us many wrong thoughts that too many of our kind have internalized and believed for so long that many of our kind believe these wrong thoughts are part of our being.  They are not. They are layered on our true selves like cheap coats of paint and we must sand and grind away these cheap coats of paint to get to our true selves and integrate ourselves as mentally and physically healthy beings full of self-confidence and the life force. Through correctly following this one true path for our kind each of us can put the broken pieces of our beings back together into an integrated whole. This integrative psychology is part of this system. The integration involves aligning everything about us into a cohesive and natural whole that has a proper world view, religious views, morals, ethics, life styles, politics, values, feelings of self and group worth and value and general happy outlook on life and our purpose. We must integrate the life force within each of us and the spirit that is with the rest of our kind so that we are in tune with the ways of existence and the collective spirit of our kind so that the vibrations within us vibrate with the vibrations of our kind as a whole as we develop our full identity based on our essence. We must overcome the disintegration of our natural selves that have caused our personal and group disintegration. We must take personal responsibility and we must be who we are born to be and we must become what we have the potential to become 
Intentional Living--Lifestyle base on both individual and group conscious attempts to live according to our values and beliefs which includes our religious and ethical values. [see also, Method Living]
Internal Signs (or characteristics)--the way we are that can't easily be seen. Our intelligence, personality, etc. that are genetically determined.
Intuition--Knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes.  We believe that as we evolve higher we will gain a very heightened intuition as a result of the mutations we receive.
Intraspecies variation--The source of all variation in a species is mutation. If a mutation gives a survival advantage, it will often spread through the population via natural selection.  UV radiation is a mutagen and causes changes to the bases of the DNA code, but is largely blocked in individuals with high levels of melanin, which is a natural and efficient sunscreen. Those with lower levels of melanin receive more of the mutagenic UV radiation. Whites have less melanin than other peoples and thus potentially mutate faster. The diversity of types among Whites is unseen in other races.
Isolation--Physical or reproductive isolation are usually required for speciation to occur. This is sought by the most devout among us, but it does not include celibacy.
Justice--Conformity to truth, fact and reason. A concept that we value in this system.
King of the Senses--In humans, the king of the senses is eyesight. We can reason to this conclusion by starting with the fact that the purpose of all life is to make more like itself and in humans nature has tied the libido to sight. As the king of the senses, sight is also tied into our survival instincts. We generally sense danger by seeing it and we can usually know who is us, and who is not us by sight.
We also believe that we must not deny our senses and that we have them for a reason--to help us survive to breed. We believe that we must feed our senses by being active, and it is by being active that we move higher.
Latin terms--Our system is pan-European and to keep it so, we use some Latin terms in addition to terms from English and other European languages to not have this system take on a limited national character.  A few of these terms are: Noster/our. Novum Genus/New Kind,Alia Genus/Different Kind, Aliusmodi/another kind.  And, we use the term Homo Armanius as the name of us after we've evolved into a new species incapable of breeding with non-Whites.  We do not know when Homo Armanius will emerge from us, but we are commanded to bring forth as many White children as possible as quickly as possible to help with the task of acquiring the mutations needed for his emergence. In this regard, the mutations are more readily obtained in small, isolated groups of believers.  The successful mutations thus obtained in the small groups will, through the basic forces of evolution, including natural selection, expand and will eventually spread to the entire community of believers and also to all Whites.
Lamarckism--Theory that an organism can pass on characteristics that it acquires in its lifetime to its offspring. Largely discredited. However, we believe that the basic ideas behind the theory (but with modern terms) are valid but have not yet been proven. We believe that living organisms (maybe just some and maybe just under certain conditions) do pick up "essences" of various other living organisms and even so-called non-living things and forces in the environment that cause changes to the genetic code under some circumstances and that some of these changes can be passed on to offspring when the conditions are right. The methods of picking up these essences are open to speculation. It may be from viruses or bacteria injecting the essences into our DNA or it may be something different. We believe that there is a sort of chameleon effect or plasticity with life that is different from, but works with natural selection. We point to certain insects that mimic twigs or leaves where they live as examples of this absorption of the essence of other things into the genes.
Law of Attraction--Like attracts like. Bearing the Sacred Symbols next to the skin or on the skin attracts energy from the First Cause which is naturally attracted to the spinning, turning, spiraling forms.  The symbols themselves have power just in their appearance and are attractants of good and light and they repel evil and dark and act as protection against the dark things that would harm us.
Law of Inertia--An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by another force.
Life after death--Have faith that your essence lives on as part of the life force and is closer to the First Cause. This is an area where religion and belief give us comfort and such comfort is important to humans. Be wise and have some faith in things that can't be proven that benefit you. There is much in existence that we do not understand and we needn't always fill in the gaps by extrapolating what we do know into areas that we don't know. Leave room in your heart for the things that give psychological comfort to humans.
Life and Living things--capacity to grow, metabolize, respond to stimuli, adapt and reproduce. Also as: responsiveness, growth, metabolism, energy transformation, and reproduction and Living things: Living things are those that display the following characteristics
  • an organized structure, being made up of a cell or cells
  • requires energy to survive or sustain existence
  • ability to reproduce
  • ability to grow
  • ability to metabolize
  • ability to respond to stimuli
  • ability to adapt to the environment
  • ability to move
  • ability to respire
Life affirming, Love of Life--This belief system is life affirming.  We love life.  We seek to live as long as possible so that we may breed to our maximum to expand our DNA code so that it becomes the dominant DNA code. We love life!
Life after death--If you mate and produce children with one of our kind, then the essential part of you will survive in your children.  You are your DNA code and it is you. If it survives, you survive.  Because we only pass on half of our DNA code (23 chromosomes), we must only mate with those of our kind so the new children receive the full 46 chromosomes that makes them the same as us.The DNA code is constantly being shuffled in our new children even when we stay with one partner.  When it is shuffled just right, it's a little like a combination lock or a one armed bandit in Las Vegas as the code clicks into place with more of us as we are in our everyday lives, but within a child or children. In other words, we are MORE in them because they have more of our code.
Life Force--That which is behind the DNA Code and any other codes that create life that may be discovered. The invisible impulse to be and to be more. The spiraling spirit that started with the First Cause and which is part of the First Cause that permeates existence. It is a natural part of existence, but its exact nature has not yet been discovered by science. It exists within each sane organism and impels the organism to survive and to expand its kind in the manner that is natural for the organism and to compete and try to dominate all niches in which the organism can live or can move into. our use of the term is similar to the elan vital concept of the 19th century, but not identical. You can see the life force at its strongest, purest and most vital in the young of all species. Watch young human children as they jump and play and show all the energy of that new spark of the life force that is within them.  And, as years go by, the spark dims. This is normal. We, however, want to keep that spark going in each one of us as individuals and we say that we can use our minds to remain young internally even as bodies naturally age. It is the animating principle that separates so-called living things from so-called non-living things. It can be thought to be behind growth and evolution.
Life Span--In purer form, we believe our natural life span is between 1,200--1,500 years.
Light--energy becoming matter. Refers to all light, both visible and invisible to human eyes. Vibrations become light.
Living intentionally--True believers try to live intentionally as Whites.  No one needs to shout it from the rooftops or be loud about this, but those who wish to do so can if they want. Most believers live polite and quiet lives knowing that our religious beliefs are personal and we can share them or not as we alone choose. 
Living universe--The idea that the universe and all that is in it is not dead. In our definition, it is not alive either, as we usually define the term, but is all connected via subatomic particles and subatomic waves (or by currently unknown forces) in a skein or field that we do not fully understand, such that the universe, or parts of it, responds automatically by receiving sensory input from everything in existence. A simple analogy might be to think of a stove made of iron. When the stove is heated up, the iron automatically changes because of the heat. In the universe, it's as though everything that exists is wired to the underlying and unseen First Cause. Another analogy is a spider web. The spider picks up vibrations if any part of the web is moved even slightly. This is how the spider finds prey.
Local Teachers--Those who provide spiritual leadership, who organize local believers and who lead group prayers and other activities, as well as study and teach Arman's Teachings.  They do everything that other religious leaders in other faiths do.  They officiate at life cycle events and they help to strengthen our identity. They are to be humble and soft spoken and serve believers as servants, not as bosses over believers. They are to help believers who need help and are to be upright and righteous and must keep the business of believers within the believer community and they are to be trustworthy and not reveal private matters of believers to others and especially not to the non-believer community. They are to dress in appropriate dark religious clothing that like the clothing of believers is comfortable and functional.  They should have their heads covered. Beards are grown by the most orthodox.
Look for mates--Those who understand, constantly look for a mate or mates of the opposite sex to join together to produce more like themeselves. Our mates should always be White with no exceptions. The type of agreements you come to with a mate or mates is up to you.  Living together as a couple or marriage or any form of relationship that will help you make as many more like yourself as possible is good.  Polygamy is just one of many types of arrangements that may help you succeed.  The moral thing to do is to have as many children of our kind as possible. Not having children when you are healthy and capable of doing so is immoral. We are not born as couples but as individuals. If you are in a two person relationship and your partner is unable to have children, you should not be forced to remain childless. You can stay with the partner, but you must find a way to have children with others to fulfill your duty to the First Cause, your ancestors and to secure your place in the future.
Lord Jims and Lady Jims--Whites who believe that their purpose in life is to save non-Whites from their fellow "evil" Whites and who have secret fantasies of being held up as god-like and who revel in the suffering they are undergoing to save the non-Whites.
Made up words, portmanteaus and the like--In many rational and reasonable ways, Believers are outsiders and a people unto themselves, often within the midst of others. And, they have many ways, rules, laws and commands that are different from the larger societies in which they find themselves.  They do not hew to all of the usual conventions of the larger societies and have words and terms that are sometimes similar to common usage and sometimes not.  There are also new words that Believers use, and when some in the outside world say that these words are "just made up words," Believers may sometimes reply that all words are made up words.  Nothing in existence comes with a name on it and humans at some time or another have made up words to identify different things.  We simply continue that trend to properly name things for our kind alone.
Marks of a truly free people--Free will, self-determination and freedom of association/disassociation are marks of a truly free people.
Marriage--We are not born as couples but as individuals. Any form of male/female relationships that produce the most Pure Whites are moral for our kind.  Any form or relationships that do not produce the most Pure Whites are immoral for our kind.  We believe that our goal or mission in life is to multiply our individual DNA Code A, by having as many children of our kind (and never having children who are not our kind) as possible. Marriage may be one means to this end, but it is not the only one.  We must find willing partners of the opposite sex who are our kind who will agree or contract with us to have children with us.  This agreement or contract will benefit both partners as each will contribute half of their DNA Code A to the new child.  Such partnerships can involve the concept love or not.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is expanding DNA Code A.
Meaning of our life--To make more like ourselves, to purify ourselves, to evolver higher toward the First Cause and become the ubermensch--the one above man--who can no longer bear children with other types of humans and who is the next model human and the one who will replace earlier forms as they go extinct.
Meditation--We reject the idea that sitting still for hours on end and depriving the senses of stimulation is beneficial for believers and will lead to any deeper understanding of existence. Our meditation is usually from a few minutes up to an hour of quiet reflection while viewing a proper focus object and while quietly asking for guidance from above. Sometimes, in some believers, longer times may be helpful. We also believe that we must not deny our senses to gain a deeper understanding, but actually bathe our senses in things of the senses. Thus, we believe that we must be physically moving and taking in sights, sounds and smells--that we must experience things--to gain fuller understanding. Even driving a car at times of little automobile traffic helps with this meditative process for some individuals. Walks in woods, fields, mountains, deserts and even in cities help us understand if one does this consciously and actively. Our brains need the input let in by our senses. We must live consciously and always observing the patterns all around us and we must learn from everything. (See Active meditation).
Mental discipline--Needed to have a proper direction and purpose.
Method Becoming, Method Living, Method Acting--We believe that one of the ways to improve, advance and help our evolution is to imitate certain ideals and to act the part of the ideals in all ways possible. We see this as being similar to method acting. A method actor will try to become the character he plays, and will often try to do this by doing everything in the same way as the character; which can include eating the same food, using the same toothpaste, using the same soap, living in the same place and wearing the same socks and underwear, of a real person being portrayed. By taking on the outward aspects of the character, the method actor tries to evoke the inward aspects. Everything we do or experience is registered in our subconscious mind by our senses and causes changes in the way we perceive the world and the way the world perceives us and how we act and react to various stimuli. A believer must attempt to become the ideal, by looking and acting the part and in surrounding himself or herself with everything that helps them live the part. It is important to stay in character all the time.  This should not be difficult once one has removed layers of societal conditioning and deprogrammed oneself to be the person he or she was born to be.  Once a believer finds that authentic person inside, it becomes an easier path and is almost automatic. To be effective and to use the Method to become more like the next evolution of our kind, look the part of the next one--the so-called Ubermensch. Cut your hair as he/she does. Wear the clothes that he/she will wear. And, so on.Just the feel of the right kind of clothing can change your subconscious. And, every time you look in the mirror, you'll reinforce the Ubermensch in your subconscious. You can change yourself by changing your external appearance to spiritually evolve right now and here and this will help you cause your family line to evolve as you have ever more of our kind of children. We believe if everything is done correctly and if you have the right parts, you can actually change your DNA code in the best ways for yourself. Remember, it is your DNA code and the genes it contains that cause your body to release various hormones and chemicals that can change you.  It is up to you to will it to be so.See also Absorption and Intentional Living. Mind--The intangible product of our brains. The mind is to brain as the perfume of a rose is the product of the rose. Our thoughts are part of what we call mind.  What are thoughts?  They don't weigh anything. They don't have size.  They can't be measured.  Because they can't be measured, one might conclude that thoughts don't exist, but we know that isn't true.  Thoughts do exist.  The correct thoughts can help our evolution and the incorrect ones can harm it.  It all begins with thoughts for us as they are the product of our brains which is the product of our DNA code.  Rid yourself of incorrect thoughts and fill yourself with correct thoughts.
Miscegenation--mating outside the genotype. Forbidden by the First Cause as a great sin or wrong against the First Cause. A very great and grave sin that must be avoided. Leads to genocide of our people. We are not alone in such beliefs but other belief systems may use different terms for a similar concept. Many Orthodox Jews are worried about "marrying out," and Zoroastrians try to limit marriages to those within their faith.  Other groups have similar beliefs and practices. Many of these soften the language by not referring specifically to genes, but the intent and effects are mostly the same as our use of miscegenation.
Morals--A person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and what is not acceptable for them to do. Relates to principles of right and wrong in behavior.  A personal compass of right and wrong.  It is individual and internal vs. Ethics which is imposed by a social system (government, group, religion, etc.) which is external and is about a group's behavior.
Moral agents--Only those who are rational, not insane, who can reason logically though their capacity of consciously making sense of things and applying logic to verify facts and make changes on new or existing information. The insane, the mentally deficient and very young children are not considered moral agents.
Moral decisions--True believers seek to make the right moral decisions at all times. In making such decisions we know that what is good for Whites is good and what is bad for Whites is bad and we always try to do what is right for Whites.
Morality, Ours Alone--We reject any morality that holds down our births or causes us to miscegenate.  We accept any morality that has us have as many of our kind of children as possible.  This morality is based on the individual fulfilling it and not about couples. A man should not be held to a woman's calendar of one child every nine months.  We are made different, male and female for a reason.  The male is supposed to have as many children according to his own calendar as possible to help with evolution and expansion of his genetic code.  The female is supposed to be limited to one pregnancy every nine months as a check on too much change in the gene frequencies of our population.  A healthy man is sent forth by nature to fertilize as many eggs as possible. A healthy female is sent forth by nature to find the best males to fertilize her eggs.
A male also constantly produces new sperm and this is so the sperm can change to adapt to changing conditions in the external and internal environment. The female has stable eggs. They are produced early in her life and they remain unchanged throughout her childbearing years.  Thus, the male provides most of the evolution, while the female maintains stability.  This is the way of existence and we White humans should not subvert this, but go with it to reach our highest possible destiny. Morality in general: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
Most Essential Core Belief--Whiteness. A belief in our White DNA Code A trumps all other beliefs and takes precedence over them. We believe it is one with the First Cause in ways that are a mystery. Without our Whiteness--our DNA Code A--we lose the contact we have with the First Cause which requires the "right parts" which are only found in DNA Code A, and which must be pure. The most visible sign of DNA Code A is our white skin, but all the other characteristics of our kind are also important though less visible. Our white skin is absolutely essential.  If we do not have white skin, we cannot be in touch with the Divine.
It is this belief in Whiteness that lets us consider other Whites on the same teams as us who may not share all of our beliefs, but who also put Whiteness as the one absolute unchangeable part of their beliefs and which they put absolutely nothing in front of.  DNA Code A is the God within or the spark of God within.  So, when we say DNA Code is the one thing we can never minimize or change and which we can put nothing in front of or above, we are also saying that we put the First Cause as primary--since the First Cause and our DNA Code A are one in some way that we do not understand.  It is Code A that is why we are a selected people.  Belief in Whiteness can be briefly defined as meaning that we ask of everything if it is good for Whites or not.  If it is good for Whites, it is good.  If it is bad for Whites, it is bad.  And, good for Whites means, in part to be able to live as long as possible to have as many White children as possible. Anything that stops that from happening is bad.
Most important person in the world--Is you. Without you, what does it matter to you what happens to the planet?  Everything starts with you. This planet and all planets are yours, in that no one has any more right to them than you. Your body will wear out and fade back to the basic chemicals that make it, but you will continue on so long as you have had children who are like you and who carry your DNA and are pure White.You do not exist for the state or any collective of others and you especially do not exist for any state or collective of others who are not fully pure Whites and who may cause you and yours harm.  You are complete unto yourself and you must protect and survive to make more like yourself.
Mutagen--is an agent or substance, such as chemicals, ultraviolent light, or a radioactive element that can bring about a permanent alteration to the physical composition of a DNA gene such that the genetic message is changed. We believe that Whites are more prone to mutations from the sun than other peoples due to our white skin that allows in more rays from the sun. We further believe that this is one of the reasons we find so much variety among Whites (different eye and hair color, etc.).  We also believe that our minds can help cause mutations that are desirable for us. The Teacher says that the First Cause will send a stream of rays of some type to speed up our evolution once we live in our own pure lands with no others and once we have such strong true belief that we live as He has commanded us to live in all ways.  He will help us become more, but we must first help ourselves and not disobey his commands and laws and we especially must purify and not miscegenate or blend in with non-Whites.
Mutagenesis--Sudden Transformation. Its key terms are look it, act it, think it, believe it, become it. It is a form of mutagenesis that uses the mind and certain practices as well as some natural elements.
Mutation--A Mutation occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in such a way as to alter the genetic message carried by that gene. Random mutations are nature's wild cards to change life to survive by throwing in random changes that might or might not stick. They are happening all the time. Most are minor and go unnoticed. Some are detrimental to the organism.There are also mutations of chromosomes and these have much greater effects.
(2) The changing of he structure of a gene, resulting in a variant from that may be transmitted to subsequent generations, caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion, or rearrangement of larger sections of genes or chromosomes.
Mutationism--Theory that sees evolution as discontinuous and resulting from major hereditary changes. In this theory macromutations arise in individuals and immediately create new forms of life which may become the progenitors of a new species.
Naturalist--A person who uses his reason and powers of observation to study nature, especially by direct observation of animals (including humans), plants and everything in existence and who understands that humans are a part of nature.  The Teacher often calls believers Naturalists because the principles found in what a naturalist does dovetail with this system in many ways.  The Teacher points out, however, that the term naturalist is not an all encompassing term for our system, but is an important part of it when correctly understood.
Natural Order--The instinctual way organisms go about their lives to survive and expand. The natural order relating to sex is to produce offspring like the parents. The natural order holds that anything that holds down the birthrate is unnatural and goes against the will of the First Cause. Thus, homosexuality is an unnatural use of the sex organs and the sex drive since pure homosexuality cannot produce offspring.  The natural order in humans, as well as in many other organisms,  is male and female.
Natural Law--Naturally occurring principles of existence that channel existence toward evolution. Natural law is built into the structure of existence. Humans must deduce natural law correctly, and these teachings provide help. Some natural laws are for all of existence. Some are for all life forms. Some are for particular life forms. Some are for all humans. Some are just for Whites.  Wisdom lies in having proper discernment and understanding of these.
Natural Rights--Those rights that you have just because you are here. They are yours because of your birth. No other men or groups of men or government can legally grant them to you or take them away from you. They are yours. Among these natural rights are your right to your existence, your right to reproduce as you wish, your right to associate with or not associate with anyone of your choosing for any reason of your choosing, your freedom, self-determination, self-governance, self-identification, your right to believe as you wish and to tell others of your beliefs, your right to pursue your personal happiness as you alone see fit so long as you do not harm others.
Natural Selection--The process in nature by which the organisms best adapted to their environment tend to survive and pass on their genetic characteristics to succeeding generations while those less adapted tend to be eliminated. Survival of the fittest in the struggle to be and to be more. Natural selection brings about evolutionary change by favoring differential reproduction of genes. This changes the gene frequency from one generation to the next. Natural selection does not cause genetic change, but once there is change it encourages some genes instead of others. Natural selection requires genetic variation, differential reproduction and heritable characteristics.
We believe that natural selection is often being overridden in modern society due to birth control, abortions and miscegenation and that this artificial state of affairs is blocking or destroying the best evolutionary path for many of our European indigenous people still in Europe and in the European diaspora.
Natural selection is a two step process. Step 1 is the production of variation. Step 2 is the selection of the proper variations to adapt the organism to best survive.
Here's a good defintion that we like: The most basic purpose of life is for organisms to make more like themselves to pass on their DNA Code and to expand their kind. To fulfill this purpose, every type of  organism must, after their own fashion, struggle and  compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid myriad threats to their existence in order to survive to  breed. As a result, some will leave more offspring than others of their kind, and it is the DNA Code of those who survive to replicate  which will be passed on to succeeding generations.  This is  natural selection, and those who do pass on their DNA Code are, by doing this, nature's fittest and those who do not are judged unfit. 
Nature--The word "nature" as we use it means far more than the narrow meaning it is usually given. In our use it means all of existence and sometimes it means God. So, when believers say they study nature for clues to answers to the big questions, they don't just mean they're going on nature walks (but that could be part of it). They mean they're looking at subatomic particles and subatomic waves, galaxies, birds, flowers, physics, psychology and everything else that is in existence. Nature, in the broadest sense, is equivalent to the naturalphysical, or material world or universe. "Nature" refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. It ranges in scale from the subatomic to the cosmic.(Wikipedia)
Nature's clock within humans--Humans are programmed to start having children at a certain age--it is when their bodies can produce children, and to only stop when their bodies can no longer produce children. This is part of Natural law. Man, in his arrogance, breaks this law with man made artificial laws that can lead to our extinction and which can slow down our evolution.
Nature's two primary commands to all organisms: 1. Survive.  2. Make more like yourself so that you expand always and contract never.  No 2 is really a corollary of No. 1 since to survive means more than surviving as the individual you see in the mirror, it also means that you must ensure that your DNA code survives and expands. For us, this means having as many children in our life times as possible so long as all the children we have also have the 46 "White" chromosomes and White genes.
Non-Believing Believers--Perfectly welcome in this faith. These are well meaning people of our kind who are skeptics or maybe some even consider themselves atheists, but they have studied the Teachings and have had an awakening experience in which they  say something like: "I can't believe the stuff about God or revelations and parting clouds and a chorus and similar things, but the teachings about evolution both on Earth and in the Cosmos make sense to me and I believe in those things and in what we need to do as a distinct people."  If such people then follow the method living described by Arman and live as believers live and DO the things in life including bearing the symbols, then they are absolutely considered to be on the right path.  You see, this faith does not require blind faith in things unseen.  It is completely in tune with human psychology and knows that different people will come to the faith in different ways and with different levels of understanding and that some will feel these things more deeply than others and some will come earlier and some later. However, it is important to note that strong, unwavering, unapologetic belief helps one on the path because it releases the right chemicals in our bodies and minds that can cause the changes we seek as well as letting us tune into the right frequencies.
 Non-interference--A moral principle of Armanism that believers should not interfere in the internal affairs of other kinds of humans unless there is some very good articulable reason to do so if interference somehow helps our kind survive and expand. In other words, Armanists mind their own business and expect others to mind theirs. Those who are not our kind have their own destinies and we have ours and they are not to be mixed. They are to be allowed to be as they are born to be and are not to be helped in any way by us. If they face famine, wars, and any other problems as groups or as individuals we are not to interfere and help them in any way. They are on their own as we are on our own. We are not to try to impose our values or ideals on to them or to teach them our ways.
Noster--Latin for "our."
Notus--Literally "Not Us." Not our people. Also, Not Our Kind (NOK).
Novum Genus--Latin for New Kind. A term preferred by Arman for this system and believers.  See also, Alia Genus. Related terms: The Superman; Ubermensch; The Next Man; Homo Armanius.
Numinous feeling--Filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe at being in the presence of the divine. We find this most easily just before dawn and just before dusk, during storms and in forests and other places away from civilization.
One, The--Also called the Principle of the One. Our belief is that existence itself started with One, and that this principle carries over to everything in existence. Thus, we believe that life started with one molecule of DNA that crossed the threshold to life and that there was one person who crossed the threshold to White human life, and that the individual, each individual of our kind, is another One.  You are a One.  I am a One. We are all Ones and we must all take individual responsibility and individual action to move us across the next threshold. This is not to say that each One should not combine with other Ones.  In fact, the Teacher says that we must all be willing to stand alone, but that we must also be willing to join with others because
strength comes in numbers.
Only one path--This is the one genuine path for us that leads to true higher states. It requires, among other things, physical evolution. This is one of the main differences between this belief system and others. We believe the core of our being is our unique physical DNA code that we carry and which has spun us into existence. It is an absolute prerequisite that one must have to take the next step up. It is the code that must survive and expand and we are a means to that end as it is a means to our end. However, this is not to be seen as though we are merely robots carrying a real something inside of us that pulls our strings and orders us about. We are one. We are its outer aspect and it is our inner aspect. It is within every cell of our body.We would not exist as the beings we are except for it, and it cannot survive and evolve except for us. It is our essence.
Operation, The--The way existence works. The way things are automatically and naturally.
Opposite sex--The purpose of the opposite sex is to help you multiply your DNA Code A. You are personally and individually responsible for finding opposite sex partners who will help you multiply your DNA Code A (and their DNA Code A) via the usual reproductive means of our species. Nature has not made us as couples.  Reproduction of our DNA Code A is the individual responsibility of each male and female of our kind. Any forms of accomplishing this, for example, marriage, polygamy, one night stands, living together, etc. are moral if they are between two of our kind and are to help multiply DNA Code A.
Order is important--DNA is composed of just four basic chemicals (A,T,C,G) yet those four chemicals when shuffled in different ways produce all the variety of life that we are aware of. This tells us that it is not the difference in the chemicals of DNA that is important (because there are none) but the way they are arranged. Change the order just a little and you have a fly or a mouse or an ape or a man or a tree. And, the emphasis here is on change the order just a little. It doesn't take much. A few letters changed and one has white skin or non-white skin, straight hair or curly hair.
Original sin--Miscegenation by Whites. All are born with this because of the miscegenation by Whites in prehistory. The Christians have various meaningless and symbolic rituals involving blessing with water or being immersed in water and baptisms which are cargo cult like attempts to wash away the miscegnation. In our system, we know that we must purify ourselves in meaningful ways to remove the taint. Breeding true and only with our own kind acts like distillation to remove the taint over generations. Other purifications work in the present and on the living and involve removing ourselves from the presence of the DNA of other types of humans. All organisms leave behind traces of their DNA in the environment where they happen to be.  We must remove such traces from where we are and not allow our areas to become polluted with such DNA of others.
Our God--Our God is the God that your god would worship if your god were real.  But, your god is not real.
Our Kind--Those with Code A. Having Code A has nothing to do with the value of a person in  a religious sense and does not carry the meaning that we are selected or are superior to other humans or other organisms.  It does carry the meaning that we are different as they too are different.  We see the First Cause as putting His energies and forces throughout all of existence and we liken this to radio waves that are all around us all the time, but only radio receivers with the right parts can pick up those radio waves.  It is not that the radio is superior to other devices, but only that it has the right components for this, while other devices have the right components for other things.
OURLAND--Our Land or Our Holy Land--a nation of our own which is for no others and is made pure by only having our kind there for all times. It is forbidden to all others.
Ourselves--Those with Code A.
Our Philosopy and world view--We believe in a natural (not supernatural) First Cause that we sometimes describe as being like a Field of subatomic particles, forces, vibrations and energies. It/He is real and is natural but is beyond description even though modern science gives us more terms and concepts to help us understand how this First Cause can exist without the type of physical flesh brain that we are used to and how It/He can think and have will and personality without a body as we think of bodies. In studying the Teachings of Arman a wise person might realize that we have many beliefs that if one just looked at part of them they'd be like the old story of the blind men and the elephant. We believe in White separatism, White egoism, White evolution, White particularism, White naturalism and so on. We also believe in White selectionism (i.e. that we are a selected people to bring goodness to the Earth and save humanity through us and our DNA code as it adapts and evolves and moves us higher to the Ubermensch and then beyond in a never ending trajectory that leads us ever closer to the First Cause.
Our Way For Ourselves Alone --One of the names of this system.
Panspermia--Hypothesis that "seeds" of life exist all over the universe and that some of these seeds caused life on Earth as well as elsewhere. We believe that the impulse for life is sent forth and that it created, at least on Earth, DNA to manifest life.
Particularism, Genetic--Our exclusive adherence to, dedication to, and interest in our own genetic code both inside us and as manifested in us as White people. It is the opposite of Universalism.
Particularist Ethics--What is good for White people is good. What is neutral is neither.  What is bad for White people is bad. Our ethics are based on this, rather than on universalist ethics.
Pathological Altruists--Neurotic Whites who sacrifice themselves and/or other Whites and White interests to help non-Whites. Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers are pathological altruists.  Pathological altruists are one variety of weak seeds among our kind and they are to be shunned.
Paths to God--All paths do not lead to God, anymore than any dial on a radio tunes in to the same stations or that any radio, missing the right parts can work at all.  Our Path leads to God.  It is one with our DNA code, and in purest forms tunes in to the codes of God.
People, The--When used by believers it usually means either believers or those who may not yet be believers but who share our 46 chromosomes.  Synonym for Believers.
People of the Code--Another term for those with Code A.
Phenotype--That which is built by the genotype. The way you look. The outward manifestation of the inner code. All expressed genes. Actual observed properties, such as morphology, development or behavior.
Placebo God--Human psychology requires an ender of all arguments and something that is bigger and anchored and which gives meaning to man's short life. Our blessing and our curse is our large brain. It lets us think about existence and meaning and discover the laws of existence; this is both the blessing and the curse. Belief, if it is real, acts upon our minds and our minds act upon our bodies in real and physical ways by releasing various chemicals and energies that can help or hinder us on the path. If one does not believe in God; then one should learn to do so.  Method Acting belief is a proper method and way.
Places of worship--The main place of worship for all believers is right where they live and it doesn't matter  if it's a house or an apartment or even out in the open.  It is best to have a circle of rocks or stones--46 if possible--but this is not necessary.  It is also wise to have a single light either as a candle or a light bulb to focus on.  The sacred symbols should be near the light and in view of the believers.
Pleiotropy--Genes have more than one effect. For example, when an attempt was made to domesticate foxes by breeding them for the quality of dog like tameness, the foxes also automatically developed other dog like qualities such as floppy ears, turned up tails, and patched coats of different colors. The changes weren't expected, but they had the added benefit of allowing people to see the "content of the character" of the changed foxes. The outward reflected the inward. In other words, in the case of the foxes, it wasn't possible to breed for certain personality traits without also changing the exterior appearance of the foxes. The same effect works in humans. Change skin from black to white and you change much more than just skin color.
Potential, The--The raw genetic program that allows our people to follow the path and more.  Only our kind have the potential. The potential is not realized unless and until one awakens. Arman says those with the potential have a subtle genetic mutation that haters of our people call "the racist gene" but which is really a survival "gene," (it may not actually be a single gene but a combination of them or a part of the DNA code not considered to be a gene.)
Practicing Whites; Observant Whites; Awakened Whites;Aware Whites--Terms for those who put Whiteness above all else.
Prayer--At dawn and dusk and also to ask for help and to help others. Even for the most sceptical among us, prayer has benefits.  One may pray silently or aloud. A few lines are adequate. One such prayer is this:
"O Lord, lead us to live righteous lives always seeking the truth, wisdom and freedom so that we may more adequately do Your will.  Lead us as individuals and as a group of genetically alike individuals to fight and destroy evil and bring in the good that you have shown us."
We believe that the prayers of the Select work on the quantum level of existence and that our minds send our thoughts and prayers via our Essence (the special parts of our DNA code that make us the Select.  We once again use the metaphor of a radio that has the right parts to send and receive invisible radio waves to try to understand how this works.
Prayer beads--Fort -Six white beads joined with a small plate with our sacred symbols. Similar in appearance to Rosary beads in other faiths. The forty-six white beads are organized 23 to a side and represent the 23 White male and 23 White female chromosomes of our kind of human. A simple use of the prayer beads is to time morning and evening prayers. One may simply say "Thank you Lord for letting me live another day," on each of the forty-six beads.  Or, one may say some other short thank you to the First Cause repeating it forty-six times.
Primary Command, The--The primary command for all life including human life is to survive as long as possible to make as many more like itself as physically possible. This is less about the survival of the individual and more about the survival of the DNA code that is passed on to offspring. Some falsely believe that the primary command for organisms is an instinct for self-preservation. While at the level of the whole organism, this may appear true, it must be understood that it is the code within that seeks survival and which wants the whole organism to survive in order to expand and spread the particular version of the code within. Living organisms, including humans, that do not breed in their image, are evolutionary dead ends whose code will never move higher.
The Primary Command can be broken down into two commands for clarity:
First Primary Command:  Survive.
Second Primary Command:  Make as many more like yourself as possible during your lifetime. Or, this can be stated as "go forth and multiply your kind," or "expand your genetic code as much as humanly possible.
For those who follow the Teachings the Second Primary Command is further defined this way:  Make as many more White people with the full complement of 46 White chromosomes as possible and do not miscegenate or help make non-White people.
These two commands trump all other commands and all other commands are secondary to them. If there is a conflict between these two commands and any other commands or rule or laws, these two take precedence.  While these commands are also universal, they are, in this faith, just commanded of us, and we do not help non-White fulfill these commands in any way.  To be clear:  Nature has given the commands to survive so you can make more like yourself to all organisms, but we do not care about whether other organisms follow these commands.  We care only that our kind follow them.  It is even better in the long view of existence for other organisms that compete with us or which can pollute our gene pool not follow these commands. They should not survive.  They should not make more like themselves.
Stand up for what you believe in--If you believe in the Teachings, stand up for them.  This does not mean putting yourself in danger or harm's way or harming yourself, your loved one or your business or social life.  It just means to be who and what you are and to quietly not let others bully you because of your beliefs.  The Teachings are religious to some of us and attacks on them are attacks on our religious beliefs.  This is religious hatred and bigotry and must not be tolerated. What we believe in is rational, just and scientific as well as spiritual and revealed.
Probabilities--There are no certainties on a fundamental level, only probabilities.
Proper living--Living as long as possible to protect and expand the code by having as many children in the image of the people as possible. Everything else in our lives is secondary to this. We are told that the evolution of our kind will only come by having vast numbers of us filling all lands. We know also that it is not the individuals who are important, but the Code. The individuals carry the Code and they are the way it is expanded.
Prophet--one who speaks for God who is an inspired teacher proclaiming the will of God as the intermediary between the divine and man. Arman, also known as The Teacher is the prophet to our kind. A prophet will often change the course of future history for a people by his teachings, and is often seen as one sent by the divine to correct false teachings and ways of a particular people and help them get back on the right path so that they may do the will of the divine and follow the trajectory that He wills for them alone.
Psychology, Human--Any philosophy, religion or world view that does not account for human psychology will fail to win enough hearts and minds to be successful in the long view of history and will accomplish little even for believers. Reason and faith are both required. Take understanding from this and do not deny things that must be taken on faith just because your reason tells you that they are things unseen and unprovable. Neither blindly accept things outside this faith as real when they cannot be proved.
Punctuated equilibrium--theory that species have little change for long periods (stasis) and then experience rapid and major changes.  This system teaches that this is what will happen to us by following the righteous path.
Pure Lands--the lands that God has commanded believers to take, purify and hold forever for the people alone, where believers can live free from outside influences, discordant forces and gene transfer and where they can practice their faith without persecution and in peace and in which they can continue to evolve along the righteous path.
Pure Whites--Whites born of White parents, White grandparents, etc. While, in a sense, there are no truly pure races as we all come from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so called non-living minerals to the minerals that we call life and we then all evolved step by step as we constantly diverged from other forms, we use Pure Whites in its common sense usage and it is a valid term for us.
Purity--actual purity of DNA and ritual purity. Rein is a German word for pure.
Purpose, The--The basic purpose of every form of life is to make more like itself.  That is, that every form of life has as its purpose the spreading of its particular DNA code so that the Core DNA code will survive, expand always and contract never.
Why  would this be the most important purpose of all organisms?  The answer is that is because at the heart of all life is a very basic code within DNA that is programmed to automatically try to fill all of existence with itself, and it does this by constantly tinkering with life to make ever new forms that can go forth and compete for dominance in all possible conditions where life can somehow find energy and prosper.  Inside every organism of every type (at least on Earth) is that same very basic code within DNA that is tireless in tinkering with life so that the basic Code may expand within that life to the stars and beyond.

The basic code doesn't care which type or form of life expands, because, remember, the basic code is the same in all life, and the basic code is not intelligent and has no will.  It is just a simple program that must find a way to overcome all obstacles to spread itself. It does this by changing non basic parts of itself to engineer new forms of life built on earlier forms of life. It never tires and it never stops tinkering on a trial and error basis as it constantly modifies life to find a way to expand forever.

But, the basic code cannot exist outside of organisms, so it must make organisms that survive and expand no matter what conditions they find, or what changes happen in our dynamic existence.

To make organisms that can expand the best, there is a constant and natural competition in organisms to win the struggle to be and to be more and to be that type of organism that is the one that expands its kind and not be the weak ones that are out expanded by other organisms.

It is our obligation to try to be the best organism to expand our particular DNA code and with it the basic code within.

When an organism evolves to have a certain level of intelligence and consciousness, it develops another purpose to add to the basic purpose and this secondary purpose is to become more--to guide its own evolution ever higher. Some humans--us--are at that point now, and they/we must diverge from other humans to fulfill this secondary purpose. If they/we do not avoid miscegenation, if we do not breed to our fullest, if we do not live according to the Teachings we will be pulled back into the less conscious masses of humanity and we will be reabsorbed and blended back in.  This is evil and we must avoid it at all costs.

We are commanded to survive to breed; to breed to expand; to expand to evolve; to evolve to become the most advanced and dominant life form.

There is more than one purpose and many of them are not mutually exclusive. Man's purpose is to live a happy life. Nature's purpose is to bring life into existence and expand it. God's purpose is to expand always to bring His somethingness into the nothingness and to expand consciousness and evolve life to be closer to Him. The purpose of the Life Force is to bring life into every niche where some form of energy can be found to sustain it and help it expand. Evolution's purpose is to tinker always with existence and with life. The purpose of White people is to evolve into a new species by all meanings of the term so that we can no longer breed with non-Whites and so we can make the Earth and all planets where we can live into what God wants them to be.

Purpose of this system: The basic and never changing purpose of this philosophy/religious belief/world view system is to consciously ensure White survival, massive expansion, the ascendancy and dominance of our type, and directed spiritual and physical evolution of our DNA code to transform us into a new species of man who is stronger, smarter, more conscious and who is incapable of bearing children with other types of humans.  The inspired and revealed Teachings show us the way and guide us to make this evolutionary leap through the power of our minds, our unfailing will, our uncompromising beliefs, the choices we make in life, and how we live.
Race--is to humans what variety is to plants and breed is to dogs, horses and other animals. It is also often used as a synonym for subspecies. It is a reality, although blenders try to deny it in order to break down barriers to blending. When populations appear to be different in their genetic characteristics and are readily recognized as being different then they are called races or subspecies. However, we believe the term is misused and that the so-called major races are actually already at least different species from each other even though they can still bear viable children with each other. We believe Charles Darwin got it right when he wrote: "[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin 
Racialism--Belief that race and the underlying genes and DNA code are important and are the most essential parts of each person.
Racism--As widely used this is defined as the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. This is an all purpose smear term used  mostly by those who hate White people to brow beat them. This faith is not racist, by the above definition, because we do not believe that one race is superior across the board to others. Our belief is based on true science and holds that all organisms have some advantages over other organisms and some disadvantages.  Thus, there is no organism or race that can be across the board "superior" to others in every niche of existence. This faith, if one wanted to add an "ism" to it might be called DNAism, but even that term is not accurate because while we believe that DNA is the expressed code of life on Earth, we also believe that behind DNA is a code or template that makes DNA.  That's why we sometimes refer to ourselves as Codists. Our definition of racism  is that we know there are racial differences and we believe that some of us are this way by birth. We see this as a survival mechanism as it keeps those born with the so-called "White racist gene," safer and helps prevent them from miscegenating.  In other words, it keeps them White instead of being assimilated into the non-White masses which is devolution and destroys a White family line.
Racist gene--We accept the idea that some White people are born with genes or other physical sources for a heightened sense of their genetic uniqueness and identity which gives them a survival advantage over those who have not been born with this gene variant or mutation. Those born with this so-called racist gene, which is really a survival gene, have a strong inborn sense of who is like them and who is not like them, and they avoid those unlike them and favor those like them so that they are less prone to miscegenate or blend away their uniqueness.  To be clear, this gene gives those with it a survival advantage. Haters of our people try to make this survival gene seem to somehow be evil by calling it the racist gene. Those with this so-called racist gene are usually the ones who are attracted to this faith.  They just feel it is right in every cell of their bodies since it gives voice to the way they were born and lets them know that they are special and need to breed with others with this gene to increase our population of those who are truly our people.  A goal of our teaching is to reach such people.  They will naturally come to us, and those who lack it won't. We believe those who received this gene from their parents are blessed, and that if natural selection were allowed to work as it should, that this gene would quickly spread in our White population and would be a step up in the evolutionary ladder for our people.  When you see "former racists" suddenly say they are no longer racists and who will then work against their fellow Whites, you can be pretty sure that these people do not have the White racist gene and that their former "racism" was artificial and probably the product of a neurotic hatred of others or a product of hatred of themselves or their families.  Those with the racist gene, as far as we know, aren't usually motivated by blind hatred of any living things, including other kinds of humans.  They simply are for Whites and believe other forms of humans should be left alone and neither helped nor harmed or interfered with so long as they pose no danger to Whites.  Nature will determine who is the most fit and who isn't.
Such a gene, if it exists, may possibly be found on Chromosome 7 (because that's also where the so-called anti-racist gene that causes Williams syndrome is found. Actually, Williams syndrome results from the absence of around 25 genes on chromosome 7, but it is helpful to simply refer to it as a anti-racist gene.) It is well said that to prove the existence of a gene or genes for some attributes, one need only prove the existence or non-existence of  genes for the opposite or different versions of those attributes. Thus, the so called non-racist genes (actually lack of genes) found in Williams syndrome individuals is evidence of racist genes which would give the opposite attributes of those possessed by Williams syndrome individuals.
Because of the nature of the Teachings where much is made of the differences, it is always necessary for the education of believers and non-believers alike to make it perfectly clear that the Teachings do not suggest racial superiorities or inferiorities--only differences. This is the way we have evolved. This is the way we are made and the way all organisms have evolved and have been made. All life has evolved according to the rules inherent in evolution.  There are no exceptions and the constant divergence of life is inherent in life and existence itself.  If this seems unfair, then it is only so because of incorrect thinking.  Every form of life has advantages and disadvantages.  Is it fair that a fish can breathe water and a human cannot?  Of course not.
See also Williams Syndrome, this Lexicon.
Radio example--One of our favorite ways to explain some of our concepts is to use a radio as an example. Radio waves are all around us, but unless you have a radio with all the right parts, along with a power source and tuned into the right frequency you won't pick up any sounds. Remove just one of many very tiny but essential parts of that radio, and it won't work. The radio has to be "born"with those parts. It can't acquire them, and no amount of praying or living right or doing various ritual things will change that. In humans, the right parts are in the DNA code that we receive at birth if we are our kind of human.  No other kinds get the right parts.  The right parts always produce white skin and they always produce the other characteristics of our kind of human.  However, there are mimics among humans, just as in other species, who may appear to have the external characteristics that signify the right parts, but who lack the right parts. Generally, though, and lacking any deeper information, one is usually safe in relying on ones eyes under most circumstances.
Rasse--German for Race.
Rassen--German for Races.
Rational--Based on or in accordance with reason and logic.
Rational DNA CODE Egoism--Do what is rational and best for yourself, but take into account the fact that "yourself" is a manifestation of your particular version of our common White DNA Code A, and that generally when you do what is best for yourself in our everyday reality you are also automatically doing what is best for your particular form of our DNA Code A and also for the collective DNA Code A.  There are exceptions, however, in which the rational thing to do is to do what is best for the common DNA Code A even if this has the potential to harm your particular version of the DNA Code A and you.  For example, if you are old or unhealthy and can't produce children, it may be rational to put yourself in danger to protect the young of our kind who can produce more of our kind of children. In this example, you are acting rationally to help our collective DNA Code A survive and expand, and of course, since you also have DNA Code A, you survive and expand in the DNA Code A that you have helped.
Reason--Using one's mind to understand existence by studying and using facts. Very important in this religious system. However human reason is not always right. You must study nature and the Teachings and you must study all things and never stop studying if you are to understand why the Teachings are true for all times and why they must be sincerely held by you if you are to evolve as our kind are commanded to evolve.
Recessive genes--Most "White" genes are recessive. This means that if a White person has children with a non-White person, the children will favor the non-White person in most characteristics. It takes two White people to produce a truly White child.
Rein--German word meaning "pure."
Relatedness--Necessary for our evolution as Whites.  If a White woman has a child with a Black (or any other non-White) she will be more closely related to any random fully White child than she is to her own child with the Black or other non-White.  We must breed only with our own kind.  It is essential to our survival and our evolution.
Religion, Evil--Any religion that puts death above life is evil.  Any religion that accepts miscegenation of Whites or things that hold down our White birhtrate or our highest destiny to evolve as Whites and to become a new species is evil. Any religion that puts anything in front of Whiteness of our kind is evil. Any religion that has Whites harm or kill themselves is evil.
Religion, general--Here are some markers that identify religions.  Not all markers are present in all religions:
  • Belief in something  sacred.
  • A distinction between sacred and profane objects.
  • Rituals.
  • A moral code believed to have a sacred  basis.
  • Feelings of awe, adoration, etc. to sacred objects and during the practice of ritual.
  • Prayer and other forms of communication with the supernatural.
  • A world view, or a general picture of the world as a whole and the place of the individual therein. Beliefs in an over-all purpose or point of the world and an indication of how the individual fits into it.
  • A more or less total organization of one’s life based on the world view.
  • A social group bound together by the above.
Religion, The Teachings--Deeply held belief in the ways of existence as given in The Teachings and living one's life by the most essential principles. One does not have to be part of a group of believers and can truly believe in The Teachings as an individual. A true believer peacfully tries to not let anyone violate his or her religious beliefs as given in The Teachings, and if forced by non-believers into acting in ways that do violate his or her religious beliefs, the true believer should peacfully but firmly say: You are violating my religious beliefs.Bear the sacred symbols next to your skin at all times. Cover your head when praying and if you are a true believer at all times when in public. Pray morning and night and ask for guidance. Do not miscegenate. Do have as many children as possible who are our kind. Help other believers. Stay only among believers if possible. Do not mix with other kinds.
Religion of life and light--We love life and we love light.
Religious communities and colonies--Believers are encouraged to start religious centers around which believers can live and start businesses and grow and expand. The religious centers are to be places of worship, education, social events and gatherings for the believer community alone. The religious centers and the communities and colonies are to be self-supporting and they are to follow the Teachings without deviation.
Religious Processes--The umbrella term used by Arman to name the various ways the Teachings come to him. Includes, but is not limited to, prayers,dreams, inspiration, signs,reason, revelations, moving meditation, studying. The result of the genuine religious processes never contradict settled science, but often fill in gaps or go beyond scientific facts as they are known now.  Although reason is one of the named Religious Processes, it is not always necessary given the fact that many of the results are beyond present knowledge.
Reproductive success--This means we have many children just like us to carry on after we are gone.
Religious Teachings--Those who feel called try to stay true to the religious teachings even in a world that teaches other things. Those who do try to stay true are essentially a distinct people within larger socities. They are a subculture on their way to becoming a full culture if their numbers increase as commanded by the First Cause.
Rev--A title for a religious leader who follows the Teachings and who teaches the true path. Never "reverend."
Revelation--The First Cause has revealed His Will to and through Arman, The Teacher. He also inspires and guides Arman in doing the Will of the First Cause. Arman's function is to write down the Will of the First Cause in ways that our people will understand.
Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action--Or, Blood,  Belief,  Action, or Right Code, Right Belief, Right Action. The 3 Essentials.
Righteousness--Acting in accord with the divine law and moral principles revealed in the Teachings. Doing good.  Not doing bad. Right conduct. Right living. Being ethical.
Rights, yours--Simply by being born you have the right to your life, to your freedom and to the pursuit of your happiness as you rationally determine. You are not here to dedicate yourself to others and you have no moral obligation to do so.  And, if dedicating yourself to others in some way harms you, then it is not moral and you must not do it. Look out for yourself and your happiness first. Value your life before all else.  Do not put value in false ideas about what is noble or brave or patriotic.  Put value in your life and your survival. Survive at all costs. "Live free or die," is a stupid sentiment. Live and continue to live and if you are not free, find a way to make yourself free.  Being dead is not a win. It never is. Never risk your life for those unlike you or for strangers.
Right Parts--Code A.
Sacred signs--The phenotypic features that are unique to our kind of human.
Sacred Symbols--Representations of the true nature of God and existence. Circles, spirals, fylfots. Believers have such symbols near or on their skin. They have a mystical but real correspondence. Believers generally prefer a rounded arm version of the fylfot. Some prefer two arms, some prefer three arms, some prefer four arms, some prefer five or six arms or eight arms. The Teacher says the six armed form is a good one as the symbol of this belief system.The essential part of the fylfot is not the arms, but the spinning center or axis, but it also must have arms. The arms are always trailing the spin, not leading it. In nature, they are the result of the spinning center. When viewed from the side, over time, the spinning fylfot looks like a tornado or a strand of DNA or many of the other things we observe in nature. The fylfot as a religious symbol must be with believers at all times and it is best when it is displayed. It also indicates constant expansion. Symbols should touch the skin, but  being worn on a necklace chain outside the clothes is also required . May be put on the skin with scars, tattoos, brands, rings, amulets. Symbols are best when displayed for the world to see. This does not replace the condition that they must be next to the skin, but is another religious requirement for the most devout. Such external displays may also be on jewelry of all sorts, but is often best on rings and amulets around the neck outside the clothing as well as on tattoos, brands, scars on the skin but on skin that is usually exposed such as on the hands or arms or neck.  It is an absolute requirement of this faith as revealed by the First Cause that this symbol be displayed and with believers at all times. In times of persecution or for the safety of believers, our sacred symbols may be put on the skin in such ways that they are hidden or in ways that they are not permanent such that a believer may put a symbol on and then remove it for his or her safety or for the benefit of the faith.  Remember, we do not believe in harming ourselves or letting ourselves be harmed, even for the faith.  Our beliefs require that we stay healthy and alive for as long as possible to breed our kind to our maximum.  This belief trumps other beliefs. Carve the symbols in stone and have them next to your skin and where you live and where you work and with you always so your eyes may see them and so you will be reminded of who and what you are and what your purpose is in life and of the First Cause.
Sages and Teachers--There have been many sages and Teachers from among our kind over the centuries who all had part of the message but not the full message. These 
Sages and Teachers are considered to be part of our religious/philosophic kind because they did teach Whiteness, even though they did not call it that and even though their understanding of the essential nature of us as White people is what is a link to the ultimate reality and is both physical and spiritual. Still, they are honored by us and their teachings are part of our body of knowledge about the ways of existence.
Salvation--Preservation or deliverance from destruction, difficulty or evil.  In our belief system, salvation can only be achieved via our pure DNA code by its preservation, its purification, its expansion and its evolution. Our salvation requires that we follow the Teachings and live them and that we separate and stop all gene flow to our kind from other kinds and that we live in pure lands of our kind only. The path to our salvation can only be opened by being born of a White mother and a White father.  The key is within our DNA code and it is unique to us.
Secrets of the universe and existence--Dr Nikola Tesla said that "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". This system understands that behind our everyday reality there are forces, energies, frequencies and vibrations that lead to the creation and destruction of matter. These are not magical things but are part of nature and existence. Once, such things were thought to be the province of esoteric beliefs, but now few intelligent people--knowing even a little about subatomic particles and waves--will deny that all of existence in our everyday reality has behind it ever smaller "parts" and that when you go small enough you reach the "place" where matter comes into existence from non-matter. We believe that we can use some of these unseen things to our advantage and that because of the way we have evolved our DNA Code A can tune into some of them, providing it is pure enough and has the right parts and is activated by the right beliefs and right actions which are taught in Arman's Teachings.
Seeds of Life--a metaphor for the sending forth of the Code of Life that is found throughout existence and which "seeks" to become living organisms in every place where energy and other conditions can be found to support life. On Earth, the seeds of life took the form of DNA (and RNA), but on other words and under different conditions the seeds of life will have encoded in other substances.
Seeking Answers to the big questions of existence--What we do constantly We look for answers everywhere and we try to learn from everything.
Seeking Wisdom--The ideal for us is to seek wisdom in every way possible. Get it from books, from people and from observing nature.  But wisdom without action is useless. As you seek wisdom, also put it into practice in your own live and teach others of our kind.
Selected, The--Another name for our kind as the ones who have been selected either by the First Cause, Blessed Be, or by nature to improve humanity by evolving humanity so that it does not go extinct through the pure breeding of our kind alone so that our DNA becomes the new model DNA that naturally replaces other alternate forms of human DNA and so that we become the new model human on all worlds where we live. We see this as a natural part of evolution that happens in all species and which even happened in the past as our present form of human replaced Neanderthals.  The difference now, is that we are conscious of the basic processes of evolution and we are intentionally working to evolve ever higher in as short a time as possible through every peaceful means. "You are a selected people, but many of you have done evil and many of you have forgotten who you are and you have been deceived and you deceive others and this is not unknown in the highest realms and your evil marks you. Come out from the evil and seek wisdom and purity all the days of your lives, for your purpose is clear to those who can see and understand.  Be sincere in your beliefs and you shall be helped from on high as the wind from the far places swirls and twirls the dust around, so shall it work for your benefit. Be true and bow to that which is the ultimate power of all of existence and bear the symbols and live the ways that are given to your kind alone. You are given external and internal signs to show your birthright. Take it. Live it. Be it." We do not believe that we are superior than other peoples by being selected, and in fact, we admit that we have many flaws in our kind and many weaknesses.  We believe that we are selected to be a light unto the world and that we are to be an ethical and moral people to set an example for the survival and evolution of mankind so that humans do not go extinct and are replace by some other kinds.  We are selected to move ever closer to the First Cause spiritually, genetically, physically.  Our selection is often more of a burden upon us rather than a benefit as we are forbidden many things that are fine for other types of humans and we have rules and laws put on us by the First Cause that others do not have to obey.  We must seek purity for ourselves and we must not mix with the  other kinds of humans. We must remain separate and apart from them and if we do not do so, we will be punished.  We are commanded to become more White in all ways and not less so and to keep our families White and not let them go non-White.  It is easier for those humans who are not our kind because they do not have to obey our ways and laws and rules which are put on us alone by the First Cause.  We can not simply do whatever it is that we want to do or accept things that may seem trendy or fashionable at any time.  We must obey the First Cause.  This is the burden that we bear.  And, we will be hated and reviled by other type sof humans and we will be persecuted by governments and various institutions and we will be lied about and some among us who are weak will lose hope and go over to the darkness instead of remaining in the ligh.  When all around us say that we are evil and that we cannot have our sacred symbols or practice our faith, the weak among us will believe the evil doers and they will be lost to us and they will pollute their family lines and become impure.  Do not be as them.  Stay true to the Teachings.  Live the righteous and just life that is set forth for us by the First Cause and which we are commaned to live. Our status as selected only lasts as long as we remain a separate and different kind.  If we blend back in with humanity and lose our Whiteness and our identity as Whites, we are no longer selected.  It is up to each indvidual to ensure that he or she remains selected.

“Man is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”

--Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Self--The individual person.  The individual is important to this system.  Each individual is a One, and a possible new branching. It is always up to the individual to do what is necessary and not wait for a group to decide to do what is necessary.  In this sense, we look at the self as the potential hero or saviour--the one who steps outside of the herd and takes action that changes the world for the betterment of himself and our kind. Many  lists of what is important in this system, begin with the word self, for example: self-empowerment (also see immediately below).
Self Actualization--The achievement of one's full potential through one's own efforts.
Self, Authentic or Real--The real you. Your authentic identity, not your layered on false identity, or what you do or your job. Who you were born to be be. From Code A.
Self-aware--Aware of oneself, one's traits, feelings, behaviors, motives, desires.
Self-definition--We have left the herd and we self-define ourselves as we alone choose.  We are not bound by prior definitions or usage of words.  We will use words and terms as we decide are appropriate, and if there are no words for some of our concepts we will invent them.  We take this authority to ourselves as the sovereign individuals we are.
Self-determination--The freedom to make your own decisions without outside influence. Freedom to live as one chooses, or to act or decide without consulting others. The right of a people to determine its own form of government without outside influence or compulsion.
Self-identification, self-determination, self-reliance, self-government,self-improvement, self-perfection, self-actualization, self-esteem -are considered important.
Self-assertion and self-assured--confident, demands rights, speaks firmly about opinions. One who is in charge of one's own life and destiny and who acts in one's own best self-interest.
Self-determination--the process by which a person controls their own life.
Self-identification--Freely and rationally identifying yourself as White and as a believer in the Teachings of Arman.
Self-interest--Acting on your own needs and desires. In this system this has a deeper meaning and involves acting for the benefit of Code A that you carry within you. When you keep Code A in mind, you will act in the interest of your complete, manifested self (i.e. as you actually are in the world as the manifestation of your Code A) and by doing what is truly right for your manifested self, you will also do what is truly right for your Code A, and if you do what is truly right for your Code A, you will also do what is truly right for your manifested self.  When each individual of our kind  correctly follows this way we will all benefit as we are manifested and our Code A will also benefit and more up.  Do what makes you happy so long as you harm no others and always have as many children of our kind as is physically possible. When we all act in our own self-interest with Code A in mind, the collective or group Code A advances in addition to our own personal version of Code A.  Love yourself and those of our kind.  We are one and we are joined in ways that science does not yet understand and which involves quantum reality as manifested in the structure of life and existence.Do what is right for yourself. Be indifferent to other kinds of humans. Do not interfere with them and their destinies or bad luck.  Mind your own business.  Seek happiness for yourself. Sometimes called Intelligent or Rational Selfishness (seen in the philosophies of Aristotle and Nietzsche as well as others.).  The major difference with this system as the "self" that we are being "selfish" for is more than the person we see in the mirror, it is the DNA code that is one with us individually and collectively as the White people we are.  Do what is necessary to be happy and do increase your reproductive success.
Self-mastery--The conscious control of one's behavior and life without being led astray by feelings, urges, circumstances.
Self-negation--Denying one's essential genetic self.
Self-organization-- Ability of a system to spontaneously arrange its components or elements in a purposeful (non-random) manner, under appropriate conditions but without the help of an external agency.
Self-preservation--In our belief system, the individual must work for his self-preservation and must seek to live as long as possible to help with the survival, the improvement, the expansion and the evolution of Code A which is one with the individual  This is the highest purpose of his life.  All for Code A as found in the individual and those like the individual. Self-preservation is behavior that ensures the survival of an organism so that organism can make more like itself via the normal reproductive ways of that type  of organism.  It is at its essence the DNA Code within seeking to survive and expand.  It is a basic instinct but can be overridden when the organism is introduced to a novel threat that it does not perceive as a threat.  Whites face this daily as a result of the conditioning the Blenders are doing on us, so that many Whites fail to see no-Whites both as a physical threat to their immediate beings, but also fail to see them as a threat due to miscegenation. This system teaches on how to increase one's instincts of self-preservation.  Self-preservation is enhanced with group-preservation and, to repeat, the essence of self-preservation and group-preservation is the preservation of the DNA Code within.
Self-reliance--An important part of this faith. It is up to each individual to do the best for himself or herself and Code A.
Self-realization--Freedom from external coercion from the herd or the larger culture that are always representative of a consensus dictated by the trendy mood of the herd as it has been manipulated to feel and the fulfillment by the individual of his or her potentialities as an individual who can stand on her or own two feet and do what is right.
Self-shame--Psychologically harmful guilt feelings that one has not lived up to what society demands. We see this in Whites who falsely believe that they should not be "racist," and when they have feelings that they feel are racist they have feelings of self-shame and guilt and often then turn against themselves and other Whites to redeem themselves. In fact, Whites should be racist--meaning that one understands that there are different races of humans and that racism in Whites is a survival mechanism that helps keep them from blending themselves away via miscegenation and it also helps them be wary around those of other races. Racism, as defined here, is good and is natural.  Not being racist is unnatural and bad.

Sen, The--Another name for strong believers.
Sensory Input--Sensory input is important in rituals and for creating a sense of awe. Thus, when praying one must be surrounded by the proper stimuli.
Separate in place--The act of being in the midst of other kinds yet remaing separate. This is usually done quietly, privately and politely and few even know that you have separated in place. Mostly it means not socializing with other kinds.
Separation/Isolation--Necessary to prevent gene flow and to mutate and evolve.
Separatist--One who wants to separate from other peoples. .
Shining Ones--Mentioned several times in The Guide.
Short Statement of Creed--We believe in the ever evolving, ever expanding First Cause who started and who sustains existence by His spinning presence , in the ways of existence, in cosmic evolution, in the willed and conscious evolution of our genetic code, and  in the Teachings of Arman.
Single point mutation--a mutation that involves a single nucleotide. For example, sickle-cell disease is a single point mutation in which GAG is changed to GTG.
Skin Color--Is not a trifle. Skin is the largest human organ.  It is not like paint, put on as an afterthought as though all humans are identical automobiles coming off an assembly line. It comes from within and is an essential part of the DNA Code.  Do not let haters minimize the importance of White skin as they try to destroy all White people.  White skin is essential to this faith and our ability to evolve along the correct path. Without it, the path is closed.
Ser, The--The flow of existence.
Seven P's, The (also 7 P's)--1.Purify; 2. Protect; 3. Propagate; 4. Persevere; 5. Perfect; 6. Preserve; 7. Prevail.
Soul, The--We do not usually use this term because of connotations it carries. We believe in an Essence--which is another name for our genetic or DNA code, and we believe that when we die, the energetic part of our Essence--which contains our personality--as with all living things, dissipates into existence itself. We see our life after death as one in which our physical genetic code carries on in the children we have brought into life with others of our kind, and that we continue on so long as they do not miscegenate or in any way bring gene transfer from darker humans into our family lines and so long as they themselves bring children into existence with our people alone.
Source, The--Another name for God.
Speciation--The evolutionary formation of a new species, often by the division of a single species into two or more genetically distinct ones, usually by isolation that prevents gene flow.
Speciation happens rapidly in small isolated populations.
Speciation has been demonstrated to be possible in as few as 8 generations in Drosophila (Fruit fly) and has also been shown to happen in a few generations in cockroaches. It can also be caused by selective breeding as is done in animal husbandry. Our speciation--our branching off from other kinds of humans to the point where we can no longer bear children with them--has been commanded of us and no others by God, called the First Cause. The external signs of the speciation already exist among us, but have not become dominant.   There are also internal signs that already exist, such as brain size.  The external and internal signs have been revealed to us as the direction to take in our mating.  Each individual of our kind should attempt to acquire such signs for his or her line by choosing mates who can bring them to his or her line. We seek rapid speciation of our kind alone and then the rapid expansion of us as the new species on this dark planet.
Our goal on Earth is to become a new species incapable of bearing offspring with other types of humans.
Spiral--One of the Sacred Symbols in all its forms. All of existence is dependent on the constant spinning, turning, twirling, spiraling. It is this constant spinning movement that shuffles all that exists and is why the only constant is change. The spiral is seen in distant galaxies, in storms, in water draining from a sink, in the way trees grow, in DNA, and in all of existence if you know how to look. If the spinning stopped, existence would stop. The spiral is the result of spinning with the addition of time. Ancient peoples often used spiral symbols, but did not then understand the ubiquitousness of the spinning or its necessity to existence. There is a mystery about such symbols and a teacher has said that they form an actual and real link to much that is seen and unseen. A teacher has said that there are other symbols that seek to dampen the effects of these symbols for good, and these other symbols often have something of a cat's cradle appearance with straight lines and sharp angles. The fylfot is a representation of the Spiral seen head on from the top.
Spirit--An animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.
Spiritual Leader...Arman aka The Teacher.  He is the single point between the First Cause and others for The Teachings. Arman says he believes this was set up this way to keep false teachings out of The Teachings.
Standing Stones and rings of stones--with chiseled symbols are links.
Staying White--Staying White requires effort and struggle.  It is the same with light and heat and movement. The default is non-White, dark, cold, no movement. The default is the way of non-existence.  It is not our way.  We must struggle to be and to be more. If you are weak and do not struggle, it is easy to become non-White.  Just stop trying to be White.  It is the same with movement, heat and light. 
Stay with your own-- We are commanded to separate and isolate (if possible) ourselves and to stay with our own kind--meaning pure Whites, whether these pure Whites believe as we believe or not.  Because on a DNA level we are one.
Struggle, The--The First Cause, struggle to be and to be more and continues the struggle to this day. The struggle against nothingness is part of all existence and it continues by the spinning that brings light and heat to an otherwise dark and cold nothingness. Even humans must struggle to exist and to be and to be more. To not struggle is to fall back into the masses of humanity and not evolve toward the first light and the First Cause. It takes no effort and no struggle to be dark and cold. It does take constant effort and constant struggle to be light and warm. Learn to love the eternal struggle and struggle mightily and with all your effort and means to be and to be more.
Struggle for survival--The basic struggle of all organisms.
Struggle for supremacy--All healthy organisms struggle for supremacy.  This is as inherent in the life code as the struggle for survival.  But, this struggle for supremacy goes very deep and genes struggle to dominate and be supreme right in the bodies of all organisms.  It is part of the competition set up by the First Cause to bring forth the best in each niche and of each type. In humans we see some people giving up the struggle for supremacy.  This is a mental disease
Subculture--A group that has beliefs and behaviors that are different from the main group within a culture of society.  We are a subculture of the White society, and we must understand that seeing ourselves this way actually gives us strength and the moral high ground that is lacking among those in our subculture who constantly try to fit into the main society and who often wonder why those in the main society don't wake up.  We must go our own way with our own beliefs and ways and we must build from within and with those who are easily attracted to our beliefs and ways.
Subtle forces--Dr Nikola Tesla said that "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". Similar to Subtle energies as used by the Teacher.
Subtle ways--The Teacher says the First Cause works mostly in subtle ways and mostly in the air. A puff of wind. A wind storm. A rain storm. A sand storm. A bird or flock of birds. Flying insects. Signs in the clouds or in the air. A rustle in the bushes. These and many more things in the air can be from the First Cause. They could be nothing or they could be warnings or directions given.
Subspecies, The--Human races are subspecies on their way to becoming species if certain conditions are met.  When used by us, it often means ourselves alone or us and no others. Thus, one of us might say something like" He or she is one of the subspecies." Or, if referring to someone who is not one of our genetic people: "He or she is not one of the subspecies."
Sudden transformation--A form of mutagenesis. Look it, act it, think it, believe it, become it. One uses one's mind and certain practices as well as some natural elements. Whites have the right parts for a sudden transformation. White DNA codes are flexible and are sensitive to cosmic rays and other forces that gives them a survival advantage.
Suicide--Absolutely forbidden by the First Cause as it reduces Code A.  One must try to live as long as possible to reproduce for as long as possible and when it is no longer possible to reproduce because nature's internal clock has so determined, then one must live as long as possible to continue the work for the First Cause among our kind.
Sun, The--We believe that the Sun plays a part in evolution and is one of the causes of Whites having more mutations than other peoples.  This is so because our White skin lets in more of the rays of the sun and these cause mutations. We seek the beneficial mutations and try to avoid the harmful ones. Ultra violet radiation is a powerful mutagen that is largely blocked by darker peoples with large amounts of melanin. This may be why they do not mutate as fast as White people.
Superman, The--Also Ubermensch and Overman--We use this term in various ways to describe both the next jump in our biological evolution as well as to describe those--both male and female--who have through their will  risen above the herd spiritually and morally. In our strictest sense of the use of the term we mean White people who have evolved to the point where we can no longer bear children with other types of humans indicating that we truly have become a new species of human (since the definition of the term species is often dependent on the inability of one type to have children with those not of the type). Among the spiritual and moral qualities that we see in the Superman are mental and physical strength, discipline, boldness, a strong proper purpose in living, a seeking to become more and to expand one's DNA code by having as many children as possible, a rejection of herd morality and ethics, a sense of being above the herd and of being different and unique and a desire to pass on these qualities to as many children as possible. Such a being is self-confident to the point of seeming arrogant to lesser beings.  He or she sees the path that he or she must take and it is our path. Such a being stands apart from lesser beings and is noble. In our beliefs such a being lives for himself or herself and seeks happiness for himself or herself within the context of our kind alone and this person's moral sense is our moral sense and is not the moral sense of the masses. This person does not sacrifice himself or herself for any other kinds of humans and seeks to live as long as possible to pass on his or her DNA code to as many children as possible. This emphasis on multiplying one's DNA code as part of the definition of this being sets us apart from some others who have posited similar views of a Superman. In our system, one cannot be, by definition, a Superman if one does not expand one's DNA code. Such childless ones are dead ends and the Superman is not and cannot be a dead end.Our Superman does not believe in the slogan "death before dishonor," and considers this to be a herd slogan and foolish. The dead are worthless to us.  It is the living, those who bear children, who are the ones on the path higher. It is those who survive by any means and who avoid putting themselves in danger that know the way.  It is the future we seek, not the past and the future only belongs to the living, not the dead. False heroism is usually  the province of weak minds and herd creatures who have been manipulated into dangerous situations for false causes. Graveyards are full of such heroes--young men, mostly--who have died childless and who are dead ends. The Superman loves life, not death.  And, he wants to expand his form of life by the means given to him by nature--bearing children from his or her own loins and only by bearing children with our own kind. The Superman has contempt for weak Whites who are not on the path. He avoids mixing with them almost as much as he avoids mixing with non-Whites.
We are to will and create the Superman from out of our kind alone.  It is revealed that the mutations for this jump already exist within many of our kind, and these mutations need to be activated by proper beliefs and proper actions. One of the major mutations that is required is White skin. The Superman cannot be anything but White. This is revealed.
Surface reality--Our everyday world. It is the product of the waves, energies, forces, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules that make everything as we experience reality.  Our use of the term does not mean that surface reality is a false or shallow reality.  Our surface reality is real.  Things are mostly what they seem to be.  A tree is a tree. A human is a human. However, we recognize the fact that everything is made up of ever smaller parts.
Survival advantage--A genetic change from the norm that gives organisms a leg up on other organisms in the same habitat or environment. Often involves minor changes that have long term effects.
Survival of the fittest--Natural selection conceived of as a struggle for life in which only those organisms best adapted to existing conditions are able to survive and reproduce. All organisms now alive are the fittest of their types just by being alive today. However, if they don't reproduce in their image to to forward into the next generation, they will be defined retroactively as not being the fittest. Organisms must reproduce to be the fittest. Any organism that reproduces itself is fit.  Any organism that does not reproduce itself is not fit.
Survival strategies--All organisms have built-in genetic survival strategies that have evolved to allow the organism's genes to be passed on to the next generation. If the survival strategy is a good one, then the organism's genotype will survive. In thinking of survival strategies, it must be remembered that the individual is not especially important. It is getting the genotype--the code--to survive and be passed on to expand the particular code carried by the organism.
Survive, Expand, Evolve, Dominate--One of  the commands to our kind alone from the First Cause.
Sympathetic "magic"-- Causing effects through the use of symbols, etc. We believe that our sacred symbols can have this effect when properly used by those who are pure.  It is not magic at all as the term is normally used, but  cause and effect working on the subatomic level. Our fylfots and swastikas attract good vibrations from the First Cause in its most active form and help us fulfill our highest possible destiny.
Tattoos, brands, scars--Methods used to have the sacred symbols directly on the skin. The sacred symbols are reminders, signs of faith and also have a mystic connection to the First Cause and can under certain circumstances protect the individual and serve as a "switch" to certain forces and energies. Arman prefers "homemade" versions of tattoos, etc. and with tattoos he prefers simple blue ink homemade tattoos. These can be very small or moderate in size and can be on any part of the body, but Arman prefers them on the arm--both lower and upper and on the hands. This placement is not a requirement and it is up to individuals to decide on their preferences in these things which are personal to the believer.
Taxonomy, Ours--There are various systems of classifying life.  In our system, Whites are at a minimum a separate subspecies from other humans and race refers to our various traditional national and specific types of Whites. In reality we believe Whites are actually a separate species already, but because we can still mate and produce viable children with non-Whites we often will accept subspecies instead of species just to not get sidetracked into endless discussions with non-believers.
Teacher, The--Arman. Receiver and promulgator of the revelations and divine inspiration. Servant of the First Cause. Herald. Messenger. Scribe.Prophet. Revelator.
The Teachings--The Teachings given to us from the First Cause through Arman who is known as the Teacher. They are revealed and inspired. They are not suggestions and are not for consensus approval. They are from the First Cause which some may call God and they are how one people--our selected kind--are to live our lives. They are from the ultimate authority and there is no authority higher. They are as they are even if some humans don't like them. They must be obeyed by our kind. They are not for other kinds and do not apply to them.
Three Essentials--Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action aka Right DNA Code, Right Thoughts, Right Living.
Three Minimum--It takes a minimum of 3 believers to form an effective group. One of the three is the leader or the Alpha or the Number 1 in such a minimum group or in any size group of believers.
Three words--Three word slogans work best to have one's message get into the subconscious minds of others. There is magic in 3. Thus: Stop the Genocide, is one example.
This I believe--What believers often say or write after they express some of our beliefs to people who may be our kind but who have not yet come to these beliefs or who know nothing of our beliefs.  Thus, one might  write or say: "If you have children of our kind, you will live on in them after your death. This I believe."
Threshold, The--There are various thresholds that organisms, including humans, reach as they evolve.  We believe, from our revelations, that those with Code A (White people), or at least those with the so-called racist gene are at a threshold right now and that our highest destiny is to cross it and become a new species incapable of breeding with other humans.  To not cross it is to risk being pulled back down--to devolve.
Time Line--The general way we came to be.  All dates are approximate and subject to change as scientific discoveries change them. We believe in true science so changes do not bother us.  The general scheme as shown here will not be shaken by new discoveries. If humans evolved in Asia or Europe and not in Africa, it doesn't matter to this time line.  Humans have always moved back and forth. The principles remain the same.
13.7 billion years ago--Big Bang. Start of our universe.
4.5 billion years ago--Earth forms from spinning cloud of stellar dust.
3.8 billion years ago--First DNA molecule.
330 million years ago--First reptiles.
220 million yeas ago--First true mammals.
2.5 million years ago--Genus Homos.
200,000 years ago--Modern humans.
50,000 years ago--A few humans leave Africa for Europe and Asia and keep evolving.
20,000 years ago--White people begin emerging in Europe.
10,000-6,000 years ago--Blue eye mutation appears among White people in Europe.
5,000 years ago--White people become dominant and virtually only type in Europe.
4,000 years ago--Recorded history begins.
Present day--Miscegenation, birth control, celibacy, family planning, homosexuality, abortions, smaller families, lack of geographic and reproductive isolation are working against our evolution and speciation and are causing devolution of many White families who are returning, genetically, to the darker forms from which we evolved.
Tithing--Ten percent of income given to the faith for the building and maintaining of religious buildings, publishing religious material, and reaching out to unawakened people of our kind. In the fullness of time, this will be done when this faith organizes in the best way for propagating the faith to our kind of human.
Trajectory, The--The great trajectory of existence was started at the beginning. Within it are many trillions of other minor trajectories.
Transfiguration--An exalting,glorifying, or spiritual change. A marked change in form or appearance; a metamorphosis.
Transformation--We can transform ourselves by influencing the activity of our genes through the techniques of Willed Evolution. We seek personal, family and group transformation and this is both physical and spiritual. The physical transformation is essential because it is real evolution, but it starts with the mind and this is spiritual transformation.
Tribe--A revelation called believers a tribe joined by blood, belief and action.
True Path, The--Arman says this is the only True Path for our kind of human being and that those who do not deviate from it will be rewarded by the natural forces of the First Cause.
Two Worlds...We believe in adapting to conditions so that we may do the best for ourselves in all circumstances.  We can exist in our religious world with our homes as our primary temples and sanctuaries and we can also exist in the larger outside world and we can exist in this larger outside world invisible as to our religious world, if that is our wish and if we think that is best for us personally. But when we return to our religious world we are true to it and our kind in the privacy of our own home or among fellow believers.  The key word here is to ADAPT to do the best for yourself and our kind. We do not believe in martyrdom or dying young for false causes.  We aim to survive as individuals and as believers for as long as possible so we can breed to our maximum. To this end we do not hold heroism as a virtue. We hold self-preservation as a virtue.
Ultimate Goal--The ultimate goal of believers for the next step upward is to evolve biologically, genetically, spiritually and intellectually to have higher consciousness and into a new species of human incapable of breeding with present day humans and then to keep evolving and improving so that we have general adaptations that give us survival advantages over all other organisms. We seek union with the First Cause and we seek to expand as the First Cause expands.
 Ultimate truth--to be sought.
Underpinning--That which underlies all of existence. The Quantum. The scaffolding. That place where non-matter becomes matter in a constant spinning creation. Where non-existence turns into existence. A great whirlpool of energy and is behind everything in existence.
Unfit--Organisms or populations of organisms that are not adapted to prevailing conditions or which do not produce offspring in sufficient numbers to maintain their contribution to the gene pool of the next generation.
Unified System--For us, our religion, our DNA code, our philosophy, our politics, true science and everything else that we know about are all unified in this one system.  In the affairs of humans, it is especially important to emphasize that our religion and our DNA code are absolutely one and cannot be separated.
They are indivisible. Some may put this as our religion and race are one, but we prefer to say DNA code because it goes to the heart of our beliefs.
Universal Brotherhood of Man--One of several phrases often used by neurotics who wrongly believe that there is just one type of human and who also try to deny nature and the ways of existence. Most of the neurotics who use such terms are fearful of life and are unable to handle conflict and competition.
Universe--We usually use this term differently than is common because we see it as the physical part of existence that has been occupied by the First Cause.  And, we see the First Cause as always expanding beyond the universe into the nothingness and when it does so, the nothingness becomes part of the universe. We generally use the term "existence" as a larger term than universe.
Unknown, The--Used for all those things that we simply can't know for sure and which haven't
been explained by science or revelations in the Teachings or which the Teachings are silent about or offer only cursory information about.
Values--We value Whiteness over all. Our most fundamental and basic value is our survival as  pure Whites so that we may multiply our kind and only our kind. This trumps all other values.  We must survive and as pure Whites and we must multiply. This is the way we spread the spark of the First Cause and improve the planet so that it becomes a better place for life.  It is a heavy burned upon us, but we have been selected to do this. It is important to stop genocide and to allow different peoples to exist as they are and along their own evolutionary trajectories. Values, generally: a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.
Violence and law breaking--These are not part of this system. God or nature sorts things out and punishes evildoers. 
Wars--Believers should avoid wars and danger to themselves. One should not try to become a hero.  That is a poor survival strategy, and much of the Teachings are about our survival as individuals and as like individuals. We believe in living as long as possible.
Ways of Existence, The--What we teach.  What this faith is all about. Our beliefs are never in conflict with the scientific truths about existence and nature.
Weak Seeds--Effete White cowards who are physically or mentally weak and who lack vitality and who do not fight to save Whites but who often cower in fear and who help either actively or passively non-Whites who harm or who intend to harm Whites. Many are neurotic. Weak minds in weak bodies.
Web of Existence--We envision all of existence as being something like a spider web or a bramble bush, full of constantly moving and spinning seen and unseen forces, energies, waves, vibrations, subatomic particles, atoms, etc.  
What do we seek?--Our evolution higher into a new species incapable of bearing children with earlier forms. This evolution brings us closer to the creative energy of existence, also called the First Cause or God or by many other names, descriptions and titles.
When did this system begin--Some other belief systems say they began 4,000 years ago and others around 2,000 years ago.  We say our system began either before the universe or when it first started and we say this system is one with it as it is one with true nature. 
White Consciousness--A sense of one's identity in common with others like us, along with the knowledge that this White identity is essential to who and what we are. Being as you were born to be.
White Identity Living--Whites moving away from artificial, man created political and other alliances and identities based on philosophical, economic, social, national or any views that include all humans without regard to DNA codes, and moving towards forming exclusive alliances with other Whites based on our identity as Whites.
Whiteness, Belief in--A belief in the essential nature of who and what we are by using the most obvious physical characteristic of ourselves to indicate that we believe in our genotype and our phenotype and even those who do not believe in all aspects of the Teachings are still welcome in our communities and in our company if they believe in Whiteness.  We are a distinct and unique people with our own destiny and we are this by birth first. Whether any particular one of us has the higher spiritual components to resist the evils of the world such as miscegenation and does what is commanded both by nature and nature's God to make more like ourselves will be apparent from how they act and how they live.  Acting and living righteously and in tune with the ultimate are more important than professions of faith. The living right is the profession of faith. Our Whiteness--our White skin and other White characteristics--is not a trifle and is essential to who and what we are and to our ability to tune in to the ultimate. If we lose our White skin we lose our Essence and our true identity. To understand this one must realize that our White skin is not like paint that is sprayed over identical model human beings as an after thought--our White skin comes from within.  It is an essential part of our beings and is essential to our evolution.
White Path--Another name for this system.
White Evolutionist, White Evolver, White Evolvist--Alternate names that some believers use to describe a large part of our belief system as it relates to life and in particular to White humans.
White People Selected--White people are a selected people by the First Cause as He works through nature and the processes of evolution to cause the emergence of an organism that can make the leap from lower states to higher states. We see this selection as being done through the known and unknown principles of nature and evolution and we know that our White skin is an essential element to this evolution and this selection. It is because of our White skin that we can receive the emanations from the First Cause that come to us in various forms of cosmic rays and light. Our White skin and the DNA code that has given us this allows us to receive and send as no other kinds can. We often use the example of a radio with all the right parts being able to tune into radio waves all around us, while another radio that is missing some of the right parts can never pick up those raido waves. Our right parts start internally with our DNA Code that is exclusively given to us by birth and which manifest in our most outward sign of White skin. Without the White skin, we would lack the ability to receive the waves of the First Cause, and without the White skin we could not evolve as we are commanded to evolve. But, we must always remember that behind the White skin is the White code that is part of our unique DNA code.  It must be purified and it must not be allowed to be polluted or corrupted. It must also be expanded by us having as many of our kind of children as possible.
White or White Person...a non-Jewish white person of European descent.  One who is born of a pure White mother and a pure White father. White with a capital W indicates our race (really, we are a subspecies or species, but we often use the more common term race to be more easily understood by those new to The Teachings). White with a lower case w indicates color.  So, for example, many Jews are white (lower case to indicate color), but they are not White to indicate our race.
White Separatist--One who tries to separate as much as possible from people of other races and to live as much as possible and trade with or be involved with White people only.
White skin--A mutation that occurred in Europe to adapt the people there so their skin would let in more of the dim European sunlight to produce more Vitamin D than darker skin colors. It gave a survival advantage to those with the mutation, in that with more Vitamin D, those with the mutation didn't get the bone softening disease rickets and lived longer to produce more children who also carried the mutation. In time, the white skin mutation spread throughout Europe.Scientists now believe that a tiny mutation in gene slc24a5, located on the long leg of chromosome 15 at position 21.1, started in the few people who left Africa and headed into Europe about 20,000--50,000 years ago was a major reason for the emergence of white skin.
It is important to know that White skin is not a trifle.  It is not like paint put over otherwise identical humans. Our White skin is absolutely essential to us. Our revelations tell us that the reality of our White skin must never be minimized and our White skin is not to be treated as though it means nothing.  Our revelations also tell us that it is our White skin that gives us the ability to tune in to the Creator.  Without White skin, one is not one of us us; it is that essential.  Our revelations also tell us that the path to our evolution higher requires Whites skin and that we are to become Whiter not darker as a sign that we are on the right path. By Whiter, it is meant that we are also to obtain all those characteristics that set us apart from all other peoples.
White supremacism--A belief that White people are superior to others and should therefore dominate society.  As is the case with "racism," this is not the belief of this faith.  We do not believe that any organism is superior across the board to any other organism.  It is clear that all organisms have evolved with certain advantages and certain disadvantages as nature constantly tinkers to bring forth the most fit for every niche that will support life.  We believe that White people are different from others and that we have a separate destiny that we are commanded to fulfill by taking this path that no others can take. Why is this path open only to our kind?  Our simple answer is that one must ask God.  However, a fuller answer lies in the turnings of our evolution that have made us different.  Again, this does not make us superior to others, it just makes us different. Because of the nature of the Teachings where much is made of the differences, it is always necessary for the education of believers and non-believers alike to make it perfectly clear that the Teachings do not suggest racial superiorities or inferiorities--only differences. An inseparable part of the Teachings is our believe in Cosmic Evolution which includes all evolution.  Evolution does not make superior or inferior life forms.  It just make different life forms that adapt to different conditions as the core genetic code seeks to spread itself to every niche.  There is no suggestion in the Teachings of racial superiority or inferiority--only differences caused by the fundamental forces of evolution. Our differences from the rest of humanity puts a heavy burden upon us. It makes us responsible for improving the planet and it gives us a higher purpose.  We must have a spiritual transformation along with a physical transformation and we must seek both simultaneously. Some of us will transform spiritually first, and then physically.  Others will transform physically first and then spiritually.  When the two transformations are complete and in harmony such individuals will move higher through their own will and intentions by following the Teachings.
Whiteism or WhiteIst--Another name for our core beliefs regarding humans. It is what we share with other fully awakened Whites who put Whites above all other considerations. One who believes in and practices Whitism even without all the other particular beliefs we have, is considered one of us--as a brother or sister--and we believe in not publicly criticizing others who do believe in Whiteism. There are many different personalities and views among fully awakened Whites and not all will like our path. This is fine, so long as they do fully believe in Whiteism. Whiteism is an umbrella term that covers all of our beliefs.  There is a link between the First Cause and our White DNA Code and this link requires Whiteness, i.e. that we have the physical DNA that creates Whiteness and that we have White skin and the other major characteristics that make us a White people different from other "races" or humans (we actually believe that Whites are a different species than other humans even as we exist right now even though we can still breed with them, but we sometimes use "race" to be understood by others in this day). Because of this physical and spiritual link with the First Cause that can only exist in a White DNA Code (and is stronger the purer is the physical White DNA Code) it is essential that we always retain our White skin and other White features and that we not miscegenate or breed with any non-Whites and that we remain separate and isolated from non-Whites to avoid any contamination of our DNA Code.Synonyms: White Essentialism, White Identitism, White Codism, White DNAism.
Whore of Bablyon--A Biblical metaphor for blending and miscegenation.
Who We Are--We are White people who have two White parents. It takes two White parents to make one of us.  There is no other way. People with no White parents or with one White parent and one non-White parent are not our kind.  They are not us.  But, we also believe that those who hold our beliefs, in addition to having two White parents, and who act on our beliefs by living them, may be a deme that is diverging from other weak seed Whites who, after a proper exposure to our beliefs, reject them.  We believe in the concept of a so-called "racist gene," which is probably really a set of genes that gives those lucky enough to have them a heightened sense of us and not us and who thus have a survival advantage in that they are more likely to not miscegenate than others and they are more likely to come easily to our Teachings with little prompting.  Thus, they are becoming a separate people--a branching off from the White masses--on their way to evolving into a new species. There can be no compromise on these beliefs.  They are revealed from God and can never be changed. We are the White Tribe.  The White People. The White subspecies. The White Race. The White nation.  Our primary and most essential identity is from our DNA code, not from land orgeography or beliefs.
Willed Evolution--Causing the evolution of one's self and one's line by right belief and the right actions that naturally flow from the right beliefs. Doing the right things in the right way for our kind of human can change the way some of our genes work and move our evolution along the right path. In other words, the mind can cause physical changes in the body and at the cell and DNA level that can benefit us. Wrong beliefs and choices and wrong living can change the DNA, but in a harmful way.Humans may be the only organisms on Earth that are able to consciously will their own evolution.  They can do this by studying how evolution works and by studying the Teachings for the proper path and then by living in accordance with the Teachings at all times. Same as conscious evolution.
Williams Syndrome--aka The "anti-racist gene."  It is actually a genetic defect caused by the elimination of around 26 genes from the long arm of chromosome 7.  Those with this defect apparently don't see racial differences. Thus they lack a proper survival instinct.  From a study of this disorder it might be tentatively theorized that the so called "racist gene" which gives those who possess it a survival advantage may be caused by a robust version of the 26 genes or perhaps some mutation of them. See also Racist Gene, this Lexicon.
Words--Every word uttered by every human who has ever lived is a made up word.  Nothing in existence comes with name tags. Thus those who say that "races" of humans don't exist are simply and incorrectly denying the validity of the word "race" which actually means something and does stand for something.  Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose.  In this system we often use the word race because it is common in our society, however we believe that the major so-called races of humans are actually subspecies or even species.  And, except for the fact that different kinds of humans can interbreed is the only major reason we are not listed as different species.  However, it should  be noted that this use of the ability to interbreed is flawed because many different kinds of animals of different species can interbreed.
Wrong White (also Wrong Guy or Wrong Person)--A White who is often armed and who fights back and often kills non-Whites who try to attack him. Sometimes written as Rongi which is a combination of Wrong White or as Rongs.