To help with understanding this philosophy/faith, and distinguish it from others, we offer the following brief facts about this system while using headings and formats that are similar to those often used by various others.

COMPARATIVE RELIGION FORMAT # 1(Common format often used in textbooks)

There are several names used to describe this religious/secular philosophy: Armanism, Our Way for Ourselves Alone; The Teachings; Our Way Novum Genus (L. New Kind); Alia Genus (L. Different Kind); The Path; The System; 46ers, White Way; Evolvism.

First revelations and inspirations received by Arman in
America in 1957.


One God, usually called the First
Cause. Considered  by some to be a natural force or energy or combinations of forces and energies.

To survive to expand its particular DNA code and evolve ever higher for ever greater righteousness and communion with the First Cause.

Does not understand the ways of existence including the fact that it is the differences in different kinds of humans that are important, and does not understand  the need to evolve higher. Many humans are also confused about the nature of man and the processes of evolution and wrongly believe that all human kinds should blend together. Does not understand the so-called "soul" is within the DNA Code and is one with it.

Live on in the DNA code that has been passed on to children.

Pray in the morning and at night, studying the Teachings and nature, bearing the symbols, method living, having many children, avoiding gene flow from other kinds of humans, separateness.

The Teachings of Arman
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COMPARATIVE RELIGION FORMAT #2 (U.S. Military Forces use this one)

HISTORICAL ROOTS:  Based on revelations and inspiration. Believers believe that this faith started with the First Cause billions of years ago that started existence, and is one with the First Cause and is revealed both in nature and now to us through Arman in our words and ways of understanding.

CURRENT WORLD LEADER:  Not a person. The Teachings of Arman.

ORIGINS IN THE U.S.: In  April of 1957 Arman received the initial revelations and input.


ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE:  Believers follow The Teachings. Other than that, there is no organizational structure  in this day and individuals who wish to follow the faith do so on their own initiative by studying the Teachings and living them. The Teachings are a book, not an organization.

LEADERSHIP AND ROLE OF MINISTERS: True believers may gather other true believers around them.

WHO MAY CONDUCT SERVICES?  Any true believer.

IS GROUP WORSHIP REQUIRED?  No, but it is desirable. If more than one believer is in close proximity, then group worship is beneficial. Three believers are required for a small local group.

WORSHIP REQUIREMENTS: A quiet spot free of discordant elements. Should be free of non-White DNA. Proper head coverings. A skull cap that covers the whole top of the head down to above the ears is often preferred.

MINIMUM EQUIPMENT FOR WORSHIP: The Teachings. Images of the sacred symbols; these may be on cloth or other surfaces. Living plants. Candles or other  light sources symbolic of the First Cause pushing back the darkness.

FACILITIES FOR WORSHIP: Private area, open to the sky or enclosed. A lectern or place for a reader to read the Truths and preach to those assembled. Rocks in circles are considered good. One's home is the primary place for worship.

OTHER SPECIFIC RELIGIOUS REQUIREMENTS OTHER THAN WORSHIP: Believers must have sacred symbols next to their skin. The most devout have them as tattoos, brands or scars while other believers may use less permanent markings, including on jewelry. If persecution or harm to the believer or the faith is likely, the most devout and other believers may all use less permanent markings to avoid danger. Must be separated from other peoples and must avoid all DNA transfer and gene flow. Must have many children.

DIETARY LAWS OR RESTRICTIONS: Anything that will harm believers must not be ingested. Food should be prepared by believers for believers. All things in moderation. Alcohol and drugs are discouraged. Everything that will help believers survive and expand into all niches are good. We believe that we must adapt to foods and conditions as do scavengers to ensure that we survive and expand our kind alone. We do not believe in being picky about food and food gives us energy and protein, without harming us, it is good. One saying we have that makes this point is: We should eat our way across the universe.

SPECIAL RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS: Month of April is considered holy because this is the month that Arman received the first revelations.

FUNERAL AND BURIAL REQUIREMENTS: Body to be disposed of in a manner that will least burden the family.  Some part of the deceased containing his or her stable DNA must be preserved by the family for all time.

AUTOPSY:  No restrictions.

CREMATION: Not preferred, but acceptable so long as some part of the body containing stable DNA is not burned and is retained by the family for all time.

MEDICAL TREATMENT:   Blood and organ transplants should be from believers only when possible or from others of the subspecies if believers are not available or if both are not available then from any source to keep the believer living and as healthy as possible.

UNIFORM APPEARANCE REQUIREMENTS: In this day, a professional military-like demeanor and bearing with short hair and plain clothes suitable for physical labor seem to be preferred. Plain work clothes in dark hues made of cotton are preferred, but other fabrics that are soft and comfortable and functional are acceptable. Suitable head coverings for males and females who are most devout include skull caps that cover the whole top of the head down to above the ears. The preferred skull caps, unlike those of some other faiths,, do not need to be clipped to the hair and will remain in place during strong breezes and physical labor.

POSITION ON SERVICE IN THE ARMED FORCES:  May serve, but should not serve in dangerous or war time conditions unless the believer has already had enough children to reasonably ensure that his or her DNA code will survive and be passed on. Should not serve in wars for false causes or beliefs.

ANY OTHER PRACTICES OR TEACHINGS WHICH MAY CONFLICT WITH MILITARY DIRECTIVES OR PRACTICES: Believers must remain separate from other peoples. Must have sacred symbols next to skin. Tattoos, brands, scars are preferred as they are permanent, but less permanent forms will suffice, especially, if persecution or harm is possible to the believer or the faith. Miscegenation is not permitted and is considered a grave sin. Are commanded to have large families. A minimum "large family" is defined as a woman having 12 children, but more than 12 is even better. A man should try to have many more than 12 children as his biology is different and not restricted as is a woman's biology.


BASIC TEACHINGS AND BELIEFS: Follow the ways of existence as found in the Teachings.

CREEDAL STATEMENTS AND/OR AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE:  Follow the Teachings. Do the will of God. Expand always, contract never, seek to evolve. Believe in the ways of existence. Be a good person, harm no one, mind your own business, do no harm, have large families. Do not interfere in the business of other types of humans and be indifferent to them. They have their destiny and we have ours. Do not mix them or blend them.

ETHICAL PRACTICES:  Do no evil. Expand the DNA code. Separation. Evolve. Respect for life. Don't do anything to anyone else that you don't want done to you. Be fair. Treat all people, believers and non-believers, those of the subspecies and those not of the subspecies, with respect, politeness and sensitivity so long as this does not interfere with the Teachings. No miscegenation. Have as many children of our kind as possible. Do not interfere in the fates and destinies of those who are not our kind--let the fundamental forces work. No interference in the destinies of other peoples either to help or harm them unless they pose a danger to our kind.


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1. Some pro-White religious systems rely on Christianity.  We do not.
2. Some have no beliefs in a higher power. We do.
3. Some  rely on old European pre-Christian beliefs. We do not.
4. Some fail to push having as many White children as possible. We do push that.
5. Some put various beliefs and values in front of Whiteness. We never do.
6. Most do not see the importance of evolution. We do see the importance.
7. Most do not emphasize the DNA Code. We do emphasize it.
8. Most do not push our willed evolution into the Ubermenschen. We do push that.
#                              #                          #

This is a particularist system by the will of the First Cause.

We are a selected people.  This does not make us better than others. It just means we are different and that we are selected for a particular burden and role in life and that part of that burden is that we must do as the First Cause has commanded and this puts restrictions on how we live and what we do that do not burden other humans. For example, miscegenation is absolutely forbidden for us, but is not forbidden for other kinds. We are also commanded to stay as separate as possible from other kinds. And, there are many more things we are commanded to do or not do that are not required of other humans.

We do not believe in concepts such as death before dishonor.  We believe in doing what is necessary to stay alive as long as possible to make more like ourselves and help with the work.  In this regard, Arman says dead people are no help with the work.  It is only the living who can help. Thus, we love life and we love having happy, fruitful lives with large families.


Even if one follows our Teachings but not with a belief in the First Cause or God  as we depict Him, prayer still plays an essential  part and is important for the way human psychology works.

Our prayers are generally short and mostly give thanks for life or ask for help for oneself or others.

The First Cause does not need our prayers--we need them. They are important for the way our minds work. They help us focus and they give us the proper perspective on existence and in the reality that there is comfort in knowing there is something more important than us as individuals in the big scheme of things.

They help focus the mind.

A true believer should say a silent short prayer of thanks in the morning when he or she first wakes up and at night just before falling asleep.

Meditation for us is also usually short and is a matter of focusing the eyes and mind on an external object and trying to be one with that object by "feeling" it,  for several minutes to a half hour. This helps still the mind and focus attention and is beneficial to blood pressure and helps with stress relief. Our meditation is usually done with movement: walking, jogging,
exercising, driving a car.  This is in keeping with our Code.
Lord, may you find it in your wisdom to deliver our people to a pure land where only they may ever dwell.
Lord, let me be the single point to lead my line to the righteous path of purity and away from the evil that plagues the world with all its confusion of genes and cultures.
Thank you Lord for letting me live another day to do your will.
Grant me the wisdom
To always think, speak and do that which is good in your sight.
Deliver me from evil thoughts, words and deeds.
Have mercy upon your creation and upon me
O Lord, give me wisdom to know your will and the strength to do it.
O Lord send me a sign, send your storms to open my mind and know what you would have me do as your servant on Earth.
O Lord bathe me in your rain so that I can feel your presence.  Send your wind to enliven my skin so that I may be near to you.
O Lord, let me smell the rain and let me hear he first drops and let my skin feel a slight chill so I know you are listening.
Lord thank you for letting me live.
Lord thank you for the rain.
May the spirit of the First Cause permeate this room and guide us to always do the right things at all times and to avoid evil things.
*            *                   *
We ask that the First Cause, the bringer of existence with light, with heat, with sound, with matter and who is the sustainer of existence grant us wisdom to do the right things, to avoid evil, to seek justice and to live consciously so that we may improve always and expand always along with the First Cause at it pushes existence into the non-existence.
*                            *                     *
When facing hardships, focus on doing God's will.  Put yourself in His hands.  No matter your situation, and even if you are in prison, focus on doing God's will and the stay will be more bearable for you. Set your mind on the thought that you are a servant of something much bigger than yourself.  You are serving the First Cause and also the DNA code of our kind.

The prayers are in harmony with human psychology and are important whether you are a very orthodox believer in our ways or if you even consider yourself an atheist or agnostic.  Remember, you can be an atheist or agnostic and still be a believer because there are many layers of belief in our system.  If you do not believe, then still do the physical things that more orthodox believers do, and you will still benefit and you will still be our kind. Our faith is more than just blind belief. It requires intelligence and reason and it is never in opposition to true settled science.

HOLY DAYS: April 15 is Revelation Day.  It was on this day in 1957 that Arman received the first revelation.  The entire month of April is considered the holiest of months, and the Spring season is considered the holiest season.

HOLY PLACES--Wooded and or wild areas where nature determines what grows and what lives there.

HOLY TIMES--Rain and other storms are considered holy and one should try to experience them in the midst of them if there is no danger to one's preservation or health. It is in these storms that we feel the swirling, spinning, turning, spiraling forces that are similar to spinning galaxies.

The time each day just before and during sunrise is considered the holiest time of the day and one should pray at this time or as close to this time as possible each day.

KEEP A LIGHT BURNING ALL THE TIME--Believers should keep at least one light burning all the time in their homes and where they pray or meditate. The light can be from a candle or from a light bulb.

BEFORE MAKING DECISIONS--Silently pray for guidance and direction to help you make the right decision.

TO PURIFY PLACES AND THINGS--Use bleach if this will not harm what is being purified. If bleach is not the best choice use strong soaps and water. Try to rid places and things of traces of DNA that is from other types of humans than our kind.  Generally, DNA traces from living organisms that are known to not be harmful to us are okay, but DNA from those who can harm us must be removed.  Bright sunlight and fresh air are often good purifiers.

COVER THE HEAD--It is best to cover the head when praying or if one is a true believer this may be done all the time.  Head coverings should be practical and comfortable  and they should set believers apart from non-believers. Arman favors a non-Jewish type of skull cap that will stay attached to the head of males and females without the use of pins or clips and which will remain in place during physical labor and mild winds.

BEARING THE SYMBOLS--Believers should ALWAYS have sacred symbols with them. True believers may choose to have them on/in the skin in the form of tattoos, scars, brands or marks and those who choose not to do this may have them as jewelry (rings, pendants, etc.) or even simply carrying a piece of paper with the symbols meets this requirement. The sacred symbols are representations of the spiral (the arms trail the "hub" which spins counterclockwise). Arman prefers the six armed form and prefers it to be primitive, i.e. to be hand made by believers. Also, representations of DNA, the number 46 (number of chromosomes); the letter "W" and various other symbols are important and help one focus.


The Teacher says we should say a short thank you prayer with just a few words when we arise in the morning and just before we go to sleep.  This is important both for true believers and for those who are secular and even those who are agnostic or atheist.  The Teacher says this in the morning. "Thank you for letting me live another day to do your work.:  And, at night: Thank you for having let me  live another way and to have done your work.  The actual words are not important.  Even if you do not believe in an intelligent First Cause, the saying of the prayers helps you focus and helps your subconscious work as it should.


In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as  A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind, and so on. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.



Find Inner Peace and Your Purpose in Life by Being Who You Were Born to Be and By Becoming What You are Destined to Be

Our God is the God your god would worship if your god were real.

Welcome to this brief introduction to The Teachings of Arman and thank you for taking the time to read this.

We often refer to Arman as The Teacher and we will continue on with this term here.

The Teachings present a peaceful, righteous and meaningful way of life for those who truly understand, and this way of life puts followers in tune with the ways of existence and helps them understand that they are important and that their lives have meaning and purpose. The Teachings also  show the way to constant personal improvement and evolution.

The most important thing to understand immediately is that The Teachings are based on revelations and inspiration but are backed up or seconded by nature and true science and the knowledge that evolution is real and that as a result, different types of living things are different from other types of living things.  Some of us look at The Teachings as religious in nature, others look at them as secular.  Both views are welcome.

Nature (used here as a synonym for Life Force)  is a frugal and tireless engineer of life and never stops tinkering with life and has constantly made changes in life from the time that first molecule of DNA came into existence from so-called non-living minerals and created the living minerals that life is.  The differences in living organisms should not be ignored and this especially applies to different types of humans.  We often say race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose to indicate something of the way things are and must be.

We believe that at least some of  our kind (maybe hundreds of millions) of White humans have been selected for a special role in existence as a result of our particular line of evolution that has caused us to branch off from the masses of humans. If you feel called to fundamental messages behind The Teachings, you are probably one of the selected.  If the fundamental messages behind The Teachings leave you completely cold, you probably aren't. But, there are exceptions. Given the incessant anti-White conditioning in our present Dark Age, there are those among us who are good people but who are deceived by the propaganda of the Blenders who want Whites to hate themselves and other Whites and commit their own bedroom genocide via miscegenation. Many of those Whites who are deceived may simply need to be gently deprogrammed and taught the truth so they can rid themselves of false beliefs so they can learn to love themselves and their kind; which is a natural part of the self-preservation instinct of all mentally healthy organisms.

Some of the most devout and religiously oriented among those who follow the True Path taught in The Teachings believe that our selection was by the First Cause.

Those among us who are more secular may simply believe that we are the product of natural selection.  It doesn't matter which you believe. Both views are welcome, and this is so because true religion and true science are never in conflict and in our system it is more important how you live than the details of your beliefs.

To be selected, primarily means to us to have the right DNA code, with the "right parts." We call this DNA CODE A and it is one with our Whiteness.
It should be noted that everything in existence including all organisms have some sort of code that one can only see in its fullness by going very deep and small.

However, it is often manifested in the outward appearance of an organism as well.
On Earth, the code for organisms is usually found in DNA, but some viruses have their code in RNA.  And, it may be in other chemicals on other planets. Behind the DNA (and RNA) and the chemicals is a mystery that can be called the Life Force (which we sometimes just call Nature). The Life Force wants to expand itself, and it does it via DNA (and RNA). It is the ghost or spirit in the DNA which the religious among us believe is sort of a spark from the First Cause. We think of the Life Force as spirit or a force that is from and operates as an invisible something from the subatomic part of existence.  It is that which is behind, life.

DNA is programmed by the Life Force to automatically grow, multiply, expand, adapt and evolve to make all the forms of life that we are aware of on Earth (again, with the exception of some viruses). As the DNA tirelessly engineers and tinkers with organisms to cause them to expand their kind it serves the purpose of the Life Force to expand and evolve life. DNA builds on what went before and what works to overcome obstacles and to fill every possible niche where it can find energy to continue the processes necessary to the life of the organism, often on a trial and error basis and it makes each type of life what it is and gives each type of life abilities that are unique to each type of life and different from other types of life; even different from closely related types of life.

The Teachings are not for everyone because not everyone is the same, and this system relies on the particular DNA code that makes White people, White people. The Teacher, teaches that the reason many religions and religious-like systems and philosophies don't work is because they have false ideas about the ways of existence and nature and in relation to humans they try to shove all humans into a one size fits all universal model, sometimes out of simple ignorance and sometimes out of prejudicial thinking about the nature of life and evolution that causes them to deny the reality of differences. Some of these misguided people think that they are being nice or kind by claiming all humans are the same.  The reality, however, is that they are being just the opposite and they are denying the uniqueness of humans and the fundamental forces of evolution and the reality of life itself, as it truly is.

The Teacher often uses, as an example of differences, a radio and radio waves.  There are radio waves all around us all the time, but we can't hear them unless we have a radio receiver that has all the right parts.  The Teacher says that's a little like our DNA Code A that is one with our Whiteness.  It is unique to our people and it is different from the DNA codes of other peoples.  Our DNA Code has the right parts to tune into the infinite and puts us on the threshold to a jump in evolution. And, thinking in terms of radios again, we can say, for example, that radios and toasters are both unique and different but one is not superior to the other.  They are just different and have different purposes. It is so with different types of humans.

When some argue that "God" has made all humans  the same, The Teacher replies that this is simply not true.  Our eyes tell us we are different. Statistics of various abilities tell us we are different.  True science tells us we are different. Why believe we are the same?  We are not the same.  We may have all evolved from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from non-living minerals to the living minerals that we are, but that does not mean we are the same.  Trust your eyes.  They're usually right. Whites have diverged from other types of humans and we are the new model on this planet. That's the way nature works.

It is important to understand that we do not claim any superiority of our kind of human over other kinds.  We simply say that we are different and that this is the way evolution always works--it starts with an organism and begins changing it and having it adapt and evolve and this causes it to diverge from others of its kind. We believe that all human kinds must be allowed to follow their own evolutionary trajectories without being absorbed, assimilated or blended away.

You may say that you're a White Atheist so you don't know if you belong here? Well, you do belong here and you are welcome here.  In your two word self-identification you said that you are White.  That's the most important thing. Your identity as a non-Jewish White person of European ancestry is what is essential before all else. You say you don't believe in God. That's okay. You probably believe in science and nature.  We also believe in science and nature.  You don't like the word God?  Some of us have a problem with it also.  Just call it nature.

You say that you follow some other explicitly White religion or White philosophy or social teaching?  That's okay with us.  The essence of The Teachings about humans is Whiteness. You may have other ideas about how we came to be or the nature of ultimate reality or about other details. Again, that's fine.  So long as you believe in Whiteness before anything else, which means in the broadest sense that you believe that what is good for Whites is good and what is bad for Whites is bad.  It also means that you are against miscegenation and mixing and anything that will hold our White birthrate down and you are for everything that will help us purify and increase our births and our numbers.

We also believe in cosmic evolution and organic evolution, so if you believe in these also we think you're on the right track because these things are intertwined with and are inseparable from our belief system.  Now, when we say "cosmic evolution," some may think that sounds  like a Hippy New Age idea.  It is not. What it means is that all of existence, including our universe and everything in it, is moving and spinning and this creates change and change leads to evolution both in the largest things in existence and in the smallest things.

Please be skeptical and please question everything that we believe. The Teacher says we should all be skeptical, that's why we have brains. This system welcomes White skeptics and the True Path can be walked in a completely secular way with no reference to a divinity. Why?  Because living right--living White--is more important than actual and particular beliefs in this system. Your life style is your belief. You are living it. We also welcome those among us who are naturalists in the sense that Charles Darwin was a naturalist.  We point out that millions and millions of humans for many hundreds of thousands of years looked at nature and didn't understand.  Then, on December 27, 1831, Charles Darwin sailed on the HMS Beagle and he understood.  He was 22 years old.  Be like that. Look at nature (meaning all of existence) and understand what we understand. Notice differences, notice similarities. Find out why different organisms are different. Why does some organism have a certain type of feature and not another kind of feature. In finding answers to these things you too will become a naturalist and will become more convinced of the correctness of The Teachings.

Each individual is important in this system.  This is not just an empty statement. We mean it. You are the essence of this faith, meaning the DNA Code A that you carry is sacred to us and has a connection to the ultimate (no matter how you define the term). We look at you and we see in you the purpose of our existence, just as we see it when we look in the mirror at ourselves.  We are one people, we White ones.

The Teachings are pretty common sense and you may already live the most important aspects of them even though you've never heard about this system.
The Teacher says that if you are one of us by birth, which means that you were born of a White mother and a White father, that you already have one of the three basic requirements to fully take this path.  These three basics are Right Blood (aka Right DNA code--what you are born with); Right Belief (belief in Whiteness; and Right Action (living Whiteness).

The Teacher says that you should live your life for yourself and seek to be happy.  By living your life for yourself he means that you should understand that "yourself" is more than just the person you see in the mirror and includes your DNA Code.  It needs to be emphasized that your DNA Code is one with you.  It is the recipe, the blueprint, the plan to make you, but it is more than just you and has a taxonomy. It starts at the most general level with the program "life," and then branches off into all the forms of life that exist or which have ever existed (As far as we know but with the possible exception of some viruses which rely on RNA instead of DNA.  We may also discover life on other planets that use something different than DNA or RNA as the source, and that's why we say there is a life force within DNA and RNA that seeks a way to exist and expand).

When the DNA Code particularizes down to you as an individual, it is very specific.  But back up a little and you come to your close relatives then your not so close relatives and so forth and ends up with your species, subspecies or race. We believe that Whites would be classified as a separate species except for the fact that we can breed with other types of humans and we further believe that this reliance on this breeding ability to define a species may be scientifically wrong.  At any rate, and for the time being, we can accept ourselves either as a subspecies (preferred term for us) or as a race, rather than occupying our time arguing over the definition of a species.  In time that will work itself out. But remember, every word used by humans is a made up word.  Nothing in existence comes with a name tag.  Species is simply a word made up to distinguish like from non-like and like with like.

The Teacher  teaches  that your purpose in your ordinary day to day life is to be happy and to have a sense of well being and a feeling that all is right and that you are where you should be and are doing what you should do and that you are a good and decent person who is a part of a unique and distinct people and that you are a contributing part of cosmic evolution and the ways of existence that is larger than any of us. The Teacher says to live and work in your own best interest and don't be altruistic toward other kinds of humans.

And, the Teacher says this purpose you have can stand alone with no belief in a god or gods or anything supernatural. It is enough to believe in what is demonstrably real: nature, or as we say in a more general definition: the ways of existence (which are the ways of nature and all natural laws).

It is important to live consciously and to seek one's personal happiness no matter how one chooses to do so as long as one does no harm to oneself or others.  And, if you are like many of us, you may want to delve deeper into the so-called "human condition," and as you do so, you will find this leads to even deeper areas about the ways of existence and the why and how of existence and your personal place in existence and why it is so important for you to find partners of the opposite sex who will join with you to produce more like yourself.

The Teacher says that each of us must individually take personal responsibility for our lives, for our breeding, for our improvement, for our advancement and for our evolution. No one can do it for us.  Each person must make the effort.  One must develop self-reliance, self-discipline and learn that your destiny is up to you individually and personally.  There is no crowd to hide behind and you shouldn't try to find one.  Stand on your own knowing that you are a good and decent person and that you have a right to believe and live as you alone choose so long as you do no harm to others.  This is your natural right by nature.  And, you also have the right to spread your beliefs to others if you so choose or keep them to yourself if that is your wish. You are the boss of yourself.
To the most pious and devout, this system is everything in their lives and they live their beliefs every minute of every day.  To others, it is just a common sense and secular way of living--living intentionally and consciously with constant personal improvement in mind and trying to be a good person doing no evil.

It is important to emphasize again and understand that nature doesn't evolve sameness, but constantly causes organisms to diverge and separate.  This is why you'll often read of  new species of various organisms being found.  How did all these new species hide from us for so long?  Easy, many of them truly are new.  They have diverged from earlier species of their general type.  And, with this in mind, the Teacher says that we'll never end counting species, because there will always be new ones evolving and others going extinct.

Now, the above information about evolution is important to our ways because The Teacher teaches, and it is worth repeating, that we White humans are diverging from the rest of humanity; we are a different kind and our evolutionary trajectory--if we consciously stay on it by living righteous and just lives in accordance with the Teachings--is to become an even newer kind. This is nature's highest way for us.  However, the Teacher says that there are forces that  are harmful to us and which act to blend us back in with the rest of humanity and keep us from evolving and diverging along a separate path to full specieshood--which is one of our goals.  It needs to be said here that we believe in rapid evolution and rapid speciation.
How does this relate to finding personal happiness for you?  The Teacher says that being who and what you were born to be--the genetically determined person--with our unique DNA code we all share as White people, is important to our happiness.

We must be, as we were born to be.  We must not try to deny our uniqueness and our differentness, but go with the flow of evolution that has led to us being the unique people that we are now, joined together by a DNA code that makes us one distinct people, but with individual differences. The Teacher says that like snowflakes we are all different in minor details but we are all still snowflakes and are recognizable as snowflakes.

To be truly and deeply happy--to feel comfortable, to feel a warm contentment and to have a feeling of just rightness and being, without excessive stress and unhappiness we must first be genetically happy.  That is, we must consciously connect with our genetic essence that lies at the core of our beings.  We must not try to deny it and we must not try to be like other types of humans, that is to try to be something that we are not. A swan trying to be a duck will always be unhappy and a duck trying to be a swan will also always be unhappy.  DNA codes in living organisms are important.  Do not deny them.

We must be us.  We must be authentic.  And, the Teachings help us understand exactly what that means and what is actually part of our essence and what isn't but which is often layered on over our authentic selves by false religious and social ideas that may actually be harmful to our purpose in life.

This talk of a genetic link to our happiness goes against the current orthodoxy, but it is real. Do not try to deny it. Only we can take the path that is opened by our DNA code and no others can. We sometimes refer to the DNA code as the essence or as the right parts or as DNA Code A.  It is a physical part of us.  It contains the template or blueprint or recipe that made us. You can use any of these terms or similar ones. The point is the same. We begin with our DNA code. This code is evidenced by our physical characteristics, our intellectual characteristics  our emotional characteristics and our spiritual characteristics that make us the unique people we are.  Of course, our DNA code, if we could go even further back behind it would take us to the place where non-matter turns into the matter--which some might call the realm of the spirit, and which is where the vibrations, waves, forces and energies of existence evolve into matter first as the constituents of subatomic particles and then subatomic particles followed by atoms and so forth, including the matter that makes up our DNA. For most  purposes in our thinking about these things, we start most of our practical thinking with the physical DNA code that is manifested in the physical elements of DNA.

You can believe as we do or not.  It's your choice. There is nothing to join.  You don't send anyone any money.  Those of us who follow this path live just like everyone else, but we are, perhaps, more aware of the importance of our particular version of the DNA code and we try to have it survive and expand by having as many White children as possible and by quietly living Whiteness.  We avoid mixing and mingling with other kinds of peoples, but we usually do it discretely and politely.  We avoid miscegenation like the plague.  We bear symbols of various forms of the fylfot and spirals next to our skin as a reminder of who and what we are and what we believe. We ask of everything: Will this help White people or not?  We generally wear dark, work type clothing and live simple but not ascetic lives. We try to be good and righteous people and we do not interfere in the business of non-White peoples. We have our destiny and they have theirs and we are indifferent to them and neither help nor harm them if they do not bother us. We believe in listening to that still inner voice which we believe comes in some manner from or through our particular DNA Code A.  We try to speak softly and we practice the Golden Rule.  We do not shout our beliefs from the rooftop, but share them with others if we feel they are receptive and have good hearts and minds and are our kind of people. We believe in life and in living as long as possible.  We do not believe in putting ourselves in danger and we eschew false heroism.  We believe too many of our young people are deceived into risking their lives in false wars and for false reasons, and we believe that none of us should die without having a sufficient number of children to carry our DNA code into the future.

One of our goals is to have a land or lands that are exclusively for our kind and no other kinds. This will fulfill a command we have to not mix with others and to speed up our evolution ever higher since it will stop gene flow.  Until that is realized, many of us must simply separate in place as best we can.
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 To correctly understand the struggle Whites are in for our survival, we must first understand the real nature of the struggle and not be distracted with side issues. 

If we want to prove things for ourselves and not simply rely on the words or others, including my words, we must, each of us, almost become amateur naturalists and scientists and we must study and understand as much as possible about the ways of  existence.  Then, we must be able to see reality as it really is and act accordingly. And, it is this last thing that is most important-- we must  act and put into effect, in our daily lives, what we have learned.  Studying and understanding are  useless unless they lead to action and a way of life that is in accord with what is true and real.

I will say to you now, and very clearly, that the real nature of our struggle--as living organisms--and as White people--is not about politics or religion or national identities, and it doesn't even begin in our everyday world that we clearly see around us each and every day.  These are all secondary issues. Rather, our struggle begins at the DNA level of existence  in what I  call the  gene wars.  The well known term "natural selection," is similar in meaning to gene wars, but it's not a complete synonym.

I won't argue with you, here, about what  caused life to come into existence from so-called non-living minerals to become the living minerals that we call life. You can say it was God or you can say it was the forces of nature. I don't care. For now,  these are irrelevant because we are here and the ultimate cause is whatever it was and is.  Believe as you wish. However,  I must add that if your beliefs reject the basic concepts of true science and the reality of  cosmic and earthly evolution and the belief in Whiteness before all else, well, then you will not understand our struggle for survival or how we must live to not only survive but  thrive and expand our kind and win the gene wars. 

You must fully understand that the gene wars are constant, eternal and are necessary for evolution. They are not something to be feared, but they are also not something to be watched passively--not anymore.  We must, each of us personally, engage consciously in the gene wars if we hope to win them.  And, our struggle in the gene wars really  is both individual and collective.  But, don't wait for the collective White population to form so you can hide and ride on the efforts of others.  You must engage as an individual so you and your family line will win, no matter what the larger White population does or doesn't do.

Luckily,  we now live in an age where computers and computer terms along with our current knowledge of DNA and genes give us  ways to think about life in new and meaningful ways that might help us make sense of it all.

Life itself, can be thought of as being somewhat similar to a computer program full of various  computer codes. The source code or most basic  program  codes for "life."  This  program causes so-called non-living minerals to become the living minerals that we call life.   And, there are subprograms that help life adapt and change to meet new challenges.  And, there's  a program  running in the background that reads "seek self-awareness."  And, so on and so on. As  life has changed and adapted to continue to survive and expand into every possible niche were some form of energy can be obtained to fuel the life processes, some forms of  life have evolved to have higher intelligence, awareness and consciousness.

Now, the program  "life" doesn't care which form of life comes into existence or goes out of existence, because it is the same code, at the basic level "life" that is identical in all particulars in every organism that has ever existed.  At this level, a  bacteria is the same as a human.  DNA is DNA and genes are genes.  So, as long as various forms of organisms exist, "life" is happy at this very low and most basic level of the program.  Life simply wants to fill all of existence with life--any kind of life.

Living  organisms don't have to actually do anything consciously to continue life but simply act naturally and according to their instincts because there are defaults in the program and much code in it that makes decisions for living organisms when living organisms don't make their own decisions.  Our instincts are the defaults in the program. Hold this thought.

Fast forward now to human life, and White human life in particular.

White humans have branched off from earlier forms of humans.  When we Whites were mostly the only people in Europe, the eternal gene wars still raged on.  We simply  fought brother and cousin wars which were--when you scratch the surface--the means of nature to refine the White type even more to see which versions of the White code were the most fit.  That really is the cause of human wars--it is the genes fighting for dominance and to eliminate all other versions of similar genes and replace them.

We have these gene wars right in our own bodies as genes for all of our body and mental features struggle for expression against those that also code for those features but in different versions.  So, for example, in some nations, genes for, say, blond hair have essentially wiped out genes for other color hair.  It is the same with eye color, ear shapes, body types, mental faculties, etc.  Everything about us as individuals as we look in the mirror show which genes won the gene wars within our bodies.  It is the same with the way we think.

Today, we Whites are having our lands invaded by hordes of alien genes--carried by non-White humans.  They are an external and relentless enemy right in our own gene pools and that external enemy is trying to wipe out our genes and replace them with themselves.

In the gene wars, there doesn't need to be any evil intent or any intent at all on a conscious level.  The genes are just automatically trying to survive, dominate and wipe out opposing versions and they never stop doing this. This is part of the program for all genes.  Those among us who hold false utopian dreams of a day when all humans will join together in peace and harmony are delusional.  It's not going to happen. The gene wars are eternal, and they must be so.  Learn to love the gene wars and the struggle, and fight to win.

In Europe, because of the cloudier, rainy weather and less sunlight, the genes for White skin long ago won the gene wars and became the dominant type of genes for skin color in Europe.  Our white skin lets in  more sun to produce more Vitamin D and it does other things as well, but that discussion is for another time.

If we Whites are to continue to exist, we are going to have to understand the nature of the gene wars and we're going to have to become active combatants by living intentionally and consciously, or we risk having the defaults in the program eliminate us. 

If we do nothing and let nature run its course, it becomes a crap shoot for us.  Remember, "life" doesn't care which form of organism it is in. Life in a worm is the same as life in a man.  It is us who must care.  For our benefit, we must be the organism that spreads life.  We must take charge of ourselves and our destiny by winning the gene wars against the genes of those humans who are not White.  They are our  enemies even if they mean us no harm and even if they may like us.  Just as germs that can kill us, mean us no conscious harm, they are our enemies.  It is the same with non-White humans who carry their non-White genes that can wipe us out and which want to wipe us out and which will never stop trying to wipe us out.

We must take charge of ourselves and our evolution and consciously strive to become fully a  new species of human that is incapable of bearing children with non-Whites.  That is where we will find the greatest safety and the least danger to our kind.  When we can breed only with our fellow Whites and produce White children with no gene flow from non-Whites we will be on our way up the evolutionary ladder toward our highest possible destiny and with no danger of being assimilated back into the non-White masses.

So, here, dear reader,  you have read another essay.  What does it mean?  It means absolutely nothing if you just read it and don't live it.  But if you've gained some insights or maybe have had some of your own insights reinforced such that you now will live Whiteness, and expand your family line by having as many pure White children as possible, then this it does mean something.
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NB: The anthropomorphism of "life," DNA and genes is used here  for clarity and brevity. "Gene Wars, Gene Contests, Gene Struggles" mean the same thing.
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Discriminate: differentiate, distinguish, separate, draw a distinction, to recognize or identify as separate and distinct.

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

Ignore the childish opinions of those among us who promote the foolish notion that God is happy with whatever humans do and who use this notion to approve of homosexuality and miscegenation and low births for Whites.

Such notions are very wrong and they lead to insulting God whose will  is seen each and every day in the way existence works and in the natural laws that are all around us if we but look and learn to discern the truth.

And, while we cannot truly understand God or even prove He exists, some of us do believe in Him and some of us follow the Teachings of Arman in this regard.  And, while, at the same time, many of us remain skeptical, we realize that there is not only no harm in our beliefs but much good in that they give us a purpose and a direction in our lives that is good, compassionate, righteous and just. They also give us an unassailable authority-- God is the ender of all arguments even if you are skeptical of His existence. Do you want to end an argument?  Simply say: "God said it and that's the way it is." You don't need to argue any further beyond that.

But what about God discriminating  based on race? That's probably not what you've been taught in the desert religions which mostly teach that God loves everyone and everything and modernly accepts just about everything that anyone can do. Miscegenation by Whites, homosexuality by Whites, suicide by Whites, you name it and the present day version of God is okay with it. But that present day version  of God is not God. Not even close.

Arman points out the obvious truth that all things in existence are not the same and so it is with living things and humans.  God knows this and He favors some over others for reasons of His own but which might be because some things in existence help His plan and some don't. That is why God discriminates.

Arman says that God loves White people.  We are His light made flesh. But, a more precise way of saying this is that God loves our White genome (aka our White DNA code or White Essence) when it is pure. And, since our White genome is one with us as we exist at  our level of existence He loves us as fully formed White human beings.   But God hates those who are White who contaminate our common White DNA by miscegenation and other sins and who do not multiply the White DNA according to God's Laws embedded in nature and which we must try to understand and live by.

Arman says God wants us to decide between good and evil and freely choose the good. Doing so shows that we are growing out of our childhood and are evolving closer to Him.
The religions invented by ancient desert wanderers got at least a few things right:  God has a plan, and all that exists including organic life which includes humans is involved in some way for good or bad in that plan. God acts to fulfill his plan, sometimes very directly but often in very subtle ways as he walks behind our level of reality.  We do not have the ability to fully understand God's plan but as Whites we know that we are an important part of it which involves us evolving higher along an exclusively White trajectory to be  closer to Him and better able to bring his emanations into our level of existence through us.

To have a plan means that one chooses to do some particular thing or things instead of some other things.  This is the heart of discrimination--one selects this and not this other. As we read in the hoary religious books of the desert religions,  God repeatedly destroyed humans who he didn't like or who did things that he opposed. Others he left alone. Some he guided. Maybe those stories are just metaphors to keep people in line, or maybe there was some truth in them as  God acted on His plan to eventually evolve White people as we are today.

Arman constantly emphasizes that God is far different than many people believe and that He has selected White people to make the earth and all of existence holy and that His emanations flow from Him through our White DNA Code that is unique to us among all humans.
Whether this selection is the product of our natural evolution or results from God guiding things over the past millions of years to create us through influencing various things including choices Whites have made as to where to live or who to mate with and more--the still small voice, the whisper in the mind's ear at night, the decision to stay off a plane that later crashes and much, much more--may have been God acting to advance His plan to cause Whites to be as we are now: standing on the threshold of becoming a new species closer to God. But among our kind there are various opinions and some of our sages believe that natural selection in our case was always God selection.

When asked if God created humans, Arman has answered that God--that is the spiraling  forces, vibrations, waves, energies, subatomic particles that are behind and underpin everything in existence--led to the creation of matter and matter led to the creation of minerals and minerals led to the creation of RNA and DNA and these led to the creation of life and this led to the constant evolution of life and this caused man to come into being and then Whites evolved out of earlier forms of man to be their  replacements and be the new model for mankind that is holier and more conscious and which naturally brings God's goodness and life force to greater fruition through our flesh.

Was that which we call God really behind all of this?  We can choose to believe He was or that  He wasn't. Some of us choose to believe that He was. All we know for sure is that we can see organic and inorganic evolution at work and we believe in  cause and effect. Our reality is the effect. The cause? We say ultimately it was what we can call God--the First Cause.

Because we are selected does not make us better than other humans and we should be humble and not be arrogant for we have many, many flaws and faults among us and we are certainly not perfect, and millions of us are on the wrong track,  but even those Whites who are on the wrong track may have pure White Essence and still have the potential that just needs to be awakened.  Flawed or not, we Whites have the potential as the front runners in the evolutionary struggle to cross the threshold and be a new type of human who will look pretty much as we do now but will be "Whiter" in many ways and will be better suited to  help God with His plan at our level of existence.

Again, this  potential we have is no cause for arrogance and it  often may seem to be more of a burden upon us than a blessing.  We are simply expected to act better than other kinds and to follow many of God's laws that are particular to Whites but not to any non-Whites.  For example, it is forbidden for Whites to mate with non-Whites.  By contrast, non-Whites may mate with all other non-Whites (but not with Whites). Whites are also forbidden to do anything to endanger our lives or to have fewer children than our bodies can produce. This does not apply to non-Whites.  Non-Whites are free to endanger their lives, to have abortions, to have family planning, to practice homosexuality, to use birth control.

It get's tiresome to hear some people constantly say that God is love, by which they usually mean love in a universal sense. This is nonsense.  God is not love. God is God. And, God makes choices--he discriminates and treats different things differently according to His plan. He does not love or treat all the same because all are not the same. Do you treat your ear the same as your eye?
God has revealed Himself to Arman in our day, perhaps at this time because He must once again make sure His plan stays on track at a time when many Whites have fallen off the narrow path set for us and now do evil.  And, just to be clear, "evil" means anything that is against what God wants.

We may be at one of those periods in history where things have fallen so far from what God wants that God may be ready to wipe the Earth clean of most humans and start over again. Arman says the reason He hasn't done so is that Whites still have a chance to change things and make the earth holy as God wants it.  In a  sense, God is rooting for Whites to make things right and bring their White goodness to fill all niches where we can survive and to fill them with our kind only.  We are to push back the dark. This seeming metaphor of light and dark is more than a metaphor it includes flesh. Whites are the light. If we fail, God will indeed wipe the Earth clean of most if not all humans and Whites who are doing evil or who have contaminated their Essence or who are living near non-Whites or in mixed communities will be destroyed with all the rest.  So, be wise and live only among Whites and work to improve, perfect and purify yourself in all ways possible to survive the wrath that may come if we fail in our mission to help with God's plan.

However we Whites came to be, we are. We exist and we are the good, decent and righteous people who make everything better by our very presence as God's emanations flow through us and spiral out into the world. But we are not perfect and it is our perfection and purification that we must seek by living correctly and doing the right and just things. Living correctly and doing the right and just things are far more important than any specifics of our beliefs. God would rather we live according to his laws for us than believe in Him.  God is not insecure and doesn't need constant praise and prayers, but these things are good for us to do because they help us stay focused on God and prayer helps us in our own minds.

Where there are more of us Whites gathered as awakened Whites there is a greater volume of our sacred White DNA Code that is different from all other DNA codes and it is our White DNA Code that is one with our physical beings that we see in the mirror that is the door to God and there is a threshold to this door and we are poised on that threshold and we are the only ones who can walk through it for the door is locked and is opened only with the key that is found in our White DNA code.  But, to use the key we must perfect and purify ourselves spiritually, genetically and physically.  To do this, we must live pure White lives and avoid contamination from DNA of other kinds of humans.  The very presence of other kinds of humans near us causes static and interference with the emanations from God to our receiving DNA code and causes the signals that we then release to be garbled.  We must remain pure White in all ways possible.

Ultimately, belief in God does come down to belief because we simply can't use our reason to fully understand exactly what He is.  Arman says that even though we must rely on belief, the fact that we are intelligent and reasoning organisms means that we are not barred by God from speculating and trying to understand Him.  And, Arman also says that we are lucky in our present day to finally have words and concepts, thanks to modern physics and other sciences and computers and much more so that we can now at least satisfy some of our natural curiosity about God by thinking in terms that go beyond simply saying he is a sprit with no body, and leaving it at that.

Arman says that God is from the subatomic or quantum level of existence.  Whether he is a force or a power or a wave or subatomic particle or vibration or energy is interesting to speculate about, but we don't know and He may be all of these things or none of these things, but Arman says that is where God dwells--just behind everything that at our level of existence and he is a will o wisp in that if we had the ability to look where he is, he is both not there but is still there looking back at us.  Arman says that God is not all powerful in that he can't do some of the things we can do because he lacks a body.  God can't build an airplane because he has no hands, but God doesn't need an airplane, because he doesn't need to go somewhere as he is already there and here at the same time.

Arman says that God has no son and there is no one like him.  He is One and He is the Only One of His kind.

Those of us who seek wisdom, justice, love compassion and understanding and our evolution ever closer to God by following Arman's Teachings believe in Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action and all that we are or do can be listed and subsumed under these three headings.
#                                                             #                                                                                                                      #

Whites are selected to take the next evolutionary step and to be the replacements for earlier human forms as a new species no longer capable to breeding with other types of humans.
Whites, when we reach full specieshood, will look like the ideal of our type which is the way the best of us now look. Internally, we will be changed in subtle ways so that we will  live longer, have fewer diseases, will have higher intelligence and greater consciousness as we move closer to the Ineffable Divine* that exists in the quantum level of existence where all is created and destroyed and created again eternally and which underpins and sustains our level of existence.
Our evolution along this revealed path ever upward is not guaranteed to each of us simply because we are born White; and there is no free ride.  We, each of us individually, have the dormant potential  to take this path by dint of our White DNA Code that we were born with--and it is this that is the only key that will open the path. No other kinds can open the path or take it.  It is eternally closed to them.  But each of us who can take it must awaken and activate this dormant key that we are born with.
The instructions on how to do this and how to stay on the path have been with us since the beginning and some have understood them intuitively without consciously understanding what they understood.   There are three broad requirements to take the path. The first one, we must be born with and it is called Right Blood, which means the same as White DNA Code or White genome. The second one is Right Belief and the third is Right Action. All of our White lives fall under these three headings.
The analogy that some of us use is of a radio which must have the right parts and it must be turned on and tuned  in to the right frequencies. You must be born with the right parts and the right parts are contained in our White DNA Code and are seen externally in our White skin and other White features. Some have more refined parts, but all Whites have the right parts in some measure.  And, just to be clear, White with an upper case W means the same as Aryan as this term was commonly used in Europe in the past, while white with a lower case w means the color white.  So, all Whites are white, but not all whites are White.
The basics of the instructions to take the path are so simple that some might doubt they work and instead look for mumbo jumbo (that never works).   In briefest form they simply say to live a good and righteous life and multiply yourself by having as many White children as possible.
These simple instructions to live a good and righteous life can be fleshed out in much more detail so there is no guessing what they mean and this could fill whole libraries, but our common sense and a few additional details often serves our purpose.
Here's some of that fleshing out of the instructions to live good and righteous lives: We must not be arrogant. We must seek peace and rational happiness in our lives. We must be gentle, polite and respectful. We must avoid danger and harm to ourselves and not risk our lives--we must live as long as possible to breed pure White--no dying as childless "heroes." We must think constantly about the Ineffable Divine. We must method live, which is  similar to method acting and which requires us to imitate the ideal of our type in all possible ways down to the smallest details and to never break character. To become it, we must act it.  In practical terms this means wearing our hair the right way, wearing the right clothes, eating the right things, bearing the sacred symbols of fylfots and spirals on or next to our skin, living healthy and happy lives minding our own business and not interfering in the business of those unlike us and we must be indifferent to them, and not mix with them if we can help it and never mate with them, but we must still try always to be polite and kind to all others who act the same way to us and we must try to avoid conflicts. We must try to multiply our personal DNA code as much as possible by having as many White children as our bodies will allow, and we must help other Whites do the same. We must ask of everything: Is this good for Whites?
Living right and doing the right things are more important than the particulars of our beliefs. When we live right, we are holier and we help ourselves move ever higher, and also when we live right, we will be helped and our enemies who are also the enemies of the Ineffable Divine will be destroyed by the Ineffable Divine as it sees fit.
The Teachings also tell us that we must engage in positive conversations with ourselves and constantly feed our subconscious minds with positive thoughts and images.
Too many of us do not know  about our selection or how we should live and thus we drift aimlessly through our normal short human  lives never doing what it is we are selected to do. Some others of us  do the right things, including the most important thing of all--having many White children--even without knowing about our selection.  Now, as we leave our childhood, we must consciously work for our evolution ever higher and for the DNA realization that is our highest destiny.
Our selection as the new model human designed to  replace earlier forms is just the latest chapter in the never ending book of evolution.  Nature always works on what went before, and improves and modifies the earlier forms.  We are the replacements even if most of us aren't aware of this and even if some of us want to deny it.
Too many Whites are mentally blocked from knowing the truth of our existence and our selection and are unknowingly harming their family lines and all other Whites by mistakenly helping those unlike us survive what the Ineffable Devine has  planned for them.  We must understand that we are not to interfere in the business of those not like us and we must be indifferent to them.    Interfering in their lives may sometimes seem like the right and compassionate thing to do, but in the long run it harms them and it harms us and it is against the will of the Ineffable Divine.  We must simply mind our own White business and not butt into the business of other types of humans.  We are not their keepers or their parents or their teachers. They are not our pets who we think we are to take care of. They have a right to be left alone to their own fates among their own kind as are we.                  
We must only practice altruism with our own kind but we must not be unkind to other living things that cannot breed with us or who pose no threat to our existence. The greatest threat to our existence comes from those who can breed with us and contaminate our collective White genome. They do not have to mean us harm consciously, but they harm us simply by being where we are. It is their DNA code that is a danger to our DNA code, and if our DNA code is in danger, then we are in danger as the people we are because our DNA code is one with us and we are one with it. If it is contaminated, we are contaminated. If we are harmed, it is harmed.
We must also understand that altruism to our own kind so we may make more like ourselves is not  foolish altruism--as altruism to other kinds that can breed with us is--as the more of us in existence the more in existence there is of our White genome and this is as the Ineffable Divine wants it to be.
And, the more of us in existence the better it is for each of us individually  as they provide the needed other half to our mating needs. The more Whites we can mate with and produce pure white children with the better it is for  our survival and it allows many more shuffles of the 3 billion or so elements in our DNA code so that we have more raw material to help with our evolution as a distinct people. And, the more of us in existence, the holier is the planet which is made this way through the existence of our flesh and blood which carries the indwelling light of the Ineffable Divine that shines out into the world through us. The more of us, the stronger is the light of goodness and justice that flows through us to make the world a better and holier place.
*Ineffable Divine is one of many words we use to try to name that which can't be fully understood and which we believe is everywhere in the sub-atomic level of existence that creates, sustains and underpins our everyday reality and which can and does intercede in the affairs of man when it chooses to do so to make corrections to the trajectory of life and evolution and to punish those who do evil and help those who it has selected to do its will. We believe it has chosen to intercede with revelations and actions in our day for our guidance and to destroy all who seek to harm us and whose words and deeds frustrate its will. We also often use the terms First Cause, Supreme Power, and God, although this last term is often misunderstood and is often anthropomorphized (even by us sometimes).
#           #            #                             


SUMMARY: I found my identity, my purpose and the meaning of it all in a belief in nature, evolution, the DNA code and in Whiteness.

I was going to call this Regaining Our Identity, but I'm not sure we Whites as Whites have ever collectively really had a proper identity to regain as the distinct people--White people--that we are. Instead, we've traditionally used narrower national identities for ourselves--Irish, English, German, etc.--but we must now, when our national lands are being invaded by non-Whites and they are also now being called Irish, English, German, etc,  focus our  identity on what makes us, us no matter where we were born or where we live.

This essential  identity is of course is our common White DNA code.  We are THE WHITE PEOPLE on this dark planet. We are different than all other peoples. We are not superior across the board, but we are different.  Whites are Whites. This is who we are. And, if you ask me, I'll tell you that we are more than a race.  We are a separate species of human (even though we can, unfortunately, still bear children with non-Whites)-- so I've changed the title to what you see above.  Before proceeding, it makes sense to correctly understand that when I use "White people," with an upper case "W" I mean "non-Jewish White people of European descent."   The term Aryan, although not widely used these days, is synonymous with "White people" the way I use the Whites and White people.

We Whites have had national identities, and religious identities, and political identities.  And, we've even taken on various frivolous identities as fans of sports teams and other relatively meaningless things  These are all secondary identities, because we are not born with them and we can change them. When we've taken on some of these secondary identities, we've forgotten who and what we are and we then often wrongly welcome as brothers and sisters those who are not White simply because they live in the same country or have the same religion or  share some of our interests or politics or even because  they may like the same sports teams or have the same views on some things as us as individuals.  Substituting these secondary identities is absurd and harmful to us as Whites and to our continued existence, our expansion, and our evolution along a White path.

As I've written elsewhere, I once had a conversation with a White guy who maintained very strongly that he was a White Nationalist but he also said that he was a good Christian.  I then asked him if it should happen that he must choose  between letting a Black Christian or a White non-Christian (an atheist or a follower of an explicitly White religion) live under his roof and marry his White daughter, which of the two would he choose?  He said he'd choose the Black Christian over the White non-Christian.  To me, this was a sure sign that this guy just didn't understand reality and the nature of existence, evolution, genocide, or even White Nationalism.   Clearly, this man was confused and was putting a secondary identity, Christianity, in front of what should have been his primary identity: White.  To me, this is dead wrong. I wanted nothing else to do with this guy.  But why should a religious system be a secondary identity and not a primary identity?  It's because you can change religions like changing a pair of shoes. You can't do that with your DNA and your genes.  You are born with your most essential and primary identity--your essential Whiteness.  Too many Whites either don't seem to know this or try to deny it.  Don't be like one of them.  They are weak seeds and are disgusting.

But, it is true that not many of us have ever had a genuine and conscious identity based on who and what we are as a result of our genetic heritage as White people.  I'm talking about the kind of essential genetic identity that I believe we would see if we took  White babies from  White families from every White nation and put them on a deserted island and let them grow up without any cultural cues.  What would they be like?  My answer is that they would be pretty much as they would be had they grown up in normal circumstances but would be minus some unnecessary cultural/religious baggage that may be harming us "civilized" Whites in our present White hating world that wants Whites to go extinct.

Why the search for identity and  meaning?
I felt empty and without meaning and identity for many years, but, paradoxically, I wasn't aware of it at the time--at least in those terms.  It was like a cosmic loneliness or emptiness  that expressed itself more as a sort of unthinking, unknowing ennui or unmindfullness. I guess I was happy enough each day, but I had no real direction.  It was living more like a lower animal.  I went to work. I ate. I slept. I had a social life, but it was empty. I slept walked through life. I just existed.  I didn't think about the bigger questions of existence and not at all about race.   But, there was something nagging inside me.  At times I'd have a very vague feeling that there must be something more important to do and that there must be some meaningful direction.  Something bigger seemed to be missing. Something that I should strive for.  As the feeling got stronger inside me, I tried to find that something bigger that I felt was missing.  And, I tried to find  meaning and identity in politics and social movements and in various other things, but they always came up short and never completely expressed the way I felt. There was always something missing.

I was raised Roman Catholic, but left that faith very young. However, it left a residual memory that made me look at various religions. I did so, and found them all wanting.  I also looked at various philosophies and also found them wanting. None of these things had it completely right, in my view, but I wasn't sure what "right" in this context even meant. They just didn't feel comfortable or right to me.  Many of them had some things right but they didn't have it all. And, again, I never really thought much about race at all and certainly not about DNA and genes and evolution and why there were even different races and whether or not there was something deeper to human differences.

Then it dawned on me that what I was doing was only seeing the world as it existed in our everyday reality. A tree was just a tree. An automobile was just an automobile. A person was just a person.  I then realized that this was a ham handed way to look at things. In order to find the bigger, I needed to go smaller and deeper.  I needed to see details.  I needed to start with the very small and build up from there. I knew that  to really find identity and meaning

I had to understand that everything in existence, except perhaps at the level of vibrations, waves, energies and forces is made up of ever smaller things, and this was so of trees, automobiles and people, including me.  I realized that I was alienated from my most essential identity, the one I was born with
Such thoughts led me to realize that  what most religions and philosophies and world views were missing was this deeper thinking about what makes the world we see around us. I also realized that some religious traditions that did look at what makes up our reality mistakenly concluded that our normal state of reality is an illusion.  I totally rejected that idea. A tree really is a tree. An automobile really is an automobile. A person really is a person.  They are as we see and experience them. They are not illusions.  However, they are made up of smaller things which in turn are made up of waves, frequencies, forces and energies.

I realized to remove my alienation from my most essential self, I must go ever smaller and deeper. I was unknowingly denying who and what I was by birth and substituting secondary identities for my real identity because I wasn't going smaller and deeper. It was  like I was covering the essential me with layers of cheap paint. I  needed to scrape off those layers and layers of paint to get to the real me.  For a time, I called myself a conservative, but that didn't fill me. I also called myself a European-American and used the terms Western Society  and Western Culture to describe what I was part of, but eventually these seemed a little like weasel words to me and it was as though I was trying to hide my true feelings from haters of Whites so I would be acceptable in polite society.  But, as I evolved intellectually, I finally chucked those terms and concepts and came out of the closet as a "White person," with no apologies and no quibbling or euphemisms.  Other awakened Whites may prefer these lesser terms and ways that I no longer prefer for myself, and that's fine, I don't mean to criticize them.  We all must decide for ourselves what feels right for ourselves.  And, I have a personal policy of never publicly criticizing other awake Whites, but It is necessary, here, to briefly touch on these terms and my personal evolution. And, I will say for certain audiences I still do use terms such as conservative and Western Man, etc. so I will be somewhat understood.

I tried to find what my true and most essential self was.  Again, I looked in various places before it became clear that my true and most essential self is my DNA Code, which is a more inclusive term than simply saying my genes, but the latter term is still valid if one does understand that the DNA code in each of us is more than genes.  And, just to be clear "genes" aren't really things at all.  They are simply sections of the DNA code--groups of the four chemicals in certain locations on the DNA spiral that do certain things.

But, what is that DNA code and why is it important?  Well, each of us--the person we see in the mirror--didn't just pop up out of nothing.  In fact, nothing in existence pops up out of nothing.  Everything can be reduced to smaller parts until we end up with  waves, forces and energies.  And, these then cause subatomic particles, atoms, molecules and so forth.  For us, it makes sense to start at the level of DNA because that is where the recipe or the blueprint for each of us comes from.  It is there where the subatomic particles waves, etc. coalesce in a way that provides the blueprint to make us.  This blueprint for us, this DNA code, is made up of around 3 billion combinations of the four chemicals that comprise DNA and which are abbreviated at A, T, C, G. The way these letters are shuffled makes us who and what we are. These letters are contained in the 46 chromosomes that we humans carry.  We got 23 of these chromosomes  from out mother and 23 from our father.  And, on these 46 chromosomes are around 20,000 sections that we call genes.  If we are born of a White mother and a White father, we are White.  If we are born of a White and any other race* we are not truly White because we lack the full 46 chromosomes of our kind.


In believing in DNA and genes one must at some point realize that this can also be called racism or racialism, and in today's world these terms are used to brow beat Whites into not even thinking in terms of their genetic interests and identity.  This leaves us Whites as people without a meaningful identity to rally around.  Instead, we see other Whites as just unrelated individuals.  They are not us and we are not them.  We feel no kinship with them.  If these other Whites are attacked by non-Whites, well, that's just their bad luck and it has nothing to do with us, or so we think. Of course, this is an attitude that is harmful to all Whites.  We need to start realizing that an attack on any White by a non-white where the motivation is, in whole or in part, because the victim is White, is an attack on all Whites.  I have to note here, just as a reminder,  that I believe the major races of man are more than mere races and are actually different species, but that I often use the term race to be understood by many who may not otherwise understand.  Now, racism is actually a survival mechanism and I believe some Whites--maybe most--have a genetic mutation for racism which gives them a stronger sense of us and not us and thus helps keep them from danger and miscegenation.  As evidence of this genetic component, I point to Williams syndrome.  Those born with Williams syndrome are missing a handful of genes, and the result is that they are considered to be genetically non-racist.  They just don't seem to understand racial differences.  It should be noted that to prove the presence of a gene or genes, one only needs to prove its opposite exists so with the proof of a genetically non-racist view as found in those with Williams syndrome, it is logical to say that there is, in fact, an opposite view that is also genetically determined. Point made, I believe. And, I am quick to add that I believe I am a born White racist due to my genes, and I like it--because, as previously mentioned, this gives me a survival advantage and it simply means that I do notice racial differences.  It really doesn't have anything to do with hate of others, just means that I see them as different and not who I want to be around.

Not just DNA

However, using just the DNA/gene basis of our beings misses products of our minds such as values, ethics and a moral code. Now,  ultimately, when these are true to who we really are, these come from our DNA code, but the reality is that as we live among other people, even our own kind, these things often come from without and we often internalize them and may even think that they are from the real us.  No matter. I think it is important to accept these, if they are in tune with our DNA code, as legitimate additions to our identity, but only so long as they do not trump Whiteness.  Thus, the DNA code and our values, ethics and moral code must be combined in such a way that they  are inclusive of most of our people, or at least the ones who also feel alienated and who have open minds capable to rejecting societal conditioning that is universal rather than particular. In other words, our most essential values, ethics and morals must always and in all ways put our essential Whites first and above all else.

I have concluded that we Whites are a separate people.  A people apart.  And, that it begins with our DNA code and our genes. I believe we are a selected people and I use that term precisely because it conveys both an evolutionary meaning as in natural selection and it also conveys more of a religious concept of being selected by something more than we are truly able to understand--the something just behind everything. Read into that what you will.

Our true White beliefs

Jews like to say that their history goes back 4,000 years and they use this reference to time to justify many things about them as a people and imply that because they claim what they think is a long history that this makes their beliefs right.  Don't buy it. I say our true White beliefs  go back millions and millions of year and started at the moment existence began.   Old books and scrolls written by humans?  Our ways started long before that.  Our beliefs are one with the ways of existence and are written throughout existence. Our beliefs began with existence itself, are one with it, and never contradict it.

It is believed that humanity began in Africa and spread over the planet.  This may be true, but even if it is not, we accept the idea that humanity began someplace and spread. Whatever the case may be, and let's just assume that humanity began in Africa-- a land with lots of sun. The result was that people developed certain features that adapted them to that environment.  The most notable feature was dark skin.  Dark skin protected them from the sun's rays.

And, of course, they also developed other features, many of which you can see just by looking at them.  And, they also developed internal features and brain features, etc.  But, as they or even earlier forms moved north, the sun became dimmer and with less sun their dark skin prevented them from making enough vitamin D to prevent the bone softening condition known as rickets.  Those with rickets often died young and didn't produce as many children.  So, natural selection kept working and some were born lighter and they did produce more vitamin D. As they mated with other lighter ones who had their gene modifications, more lighter children were born and soon all of Europe was full of white people.  Evolution continued and more and more adaptations were incorporated in those that were successful in living longer lives to produce more children.  In essence, that is a simplified explanation of how it works.  Those with a genetic advantage--a little lighter, a little faster, a little this or a little that, generally live longer and produce more children and pass on their genetic advantages.  When this is extended out hundreds of thousands or millions of years, many of these small changes accumulate and a new species id born out of the old, so long as some of those adapting are isolated.

Some of us also believe that darker skin not only blocks sun rays but also waves or rays or sub-atomic particles that help us evolve and that those of us with White skin evolve much faster as a result of our skin's ability to let these "forces" enter.  And, as evidence of this, we simply offer the observed fact that no types of humans have more variety among their group than Whites. Call this a hypothesis if you wish, but to me it is a religious belief.
My search for identity and meaning in my life has led me to this:  I am a White person.  I do not hide it. I like myself. I advocate for White interests. My values, my ethics, my morals put Whiteness above all else. What is good for me and for the White DNA code, that is what makes me happy in a reasonable way and which helps me live a long life to multiply my  personal and group DNA code and to help it evolve ever higher is good and moral and anything that does the opposite is not good and is not moral.

I am indifferent to non-Whites and practice non-interference in their lives, their ways or their fates. We Whites are, or should be, on our own to fulfill our highest possible destiny and non-Whites should also be on their own.  I believe in racial separation and even isolation to prevent gene flow from non-Whites to Whites so that we Whites can evolve as I believe we should which is along an exclusively White trajectory.  I also believe in the Golden Rule and in being honest, fair, and in not harming others unless they intend harm to me and mine.  I am against miscegenation, birth control, homosexuality, abortions, so-called family planning, suicide, putting oneself in danger or anything else that will harm Whites or keep our birth rate from being at it s absolute maximum.  I don't care if non-Whites practice any of these things.  That is their business not mine and as I just wrote, I believe in indifference and non-interference in their business.   My concerns are for Whites and the White DNA code exclusively.


It is now recognized science that we humans have obtained genes from plants.  It is also known that we shed genes wherever we go.  Crime scene specialists can get DNA samples from a criminal suspect who simply touched a wall or turned on light switch in a crime scene.  This scientific  knowledge lets us know that we Whites should try to avoid any contamination from genes of non-Whites by being as separate and isolated from them as possible.  The purity we seek is more than just the ritual and meaningless "purity" sought in many other religious traditions.  The purity we seek so we can perfect ourselves and evolve along our best trajectory is real purity--a purity of our DNA so it will lead us ever higher and closer to ultimate reality.


My search for identity and meaning has led me to this:  I am a White person.  My Whiteness is essential to my being.  The purpose of every form of life is to make more like itself.  There are eternal gene wars  that are fiercest among closely related types that occupy the same niches.  Whites mating with non-Whites is bedroom genocide for Whites.  Evolution requires that we Whites not have gene flow from non-Whites and we must be separated or isolated from non-Whites as much as possible.

* I maintain that Whites are actually already a separate species, but that we have some pollution in our DNA that allows us to bear children with other types of humans. You can call this original sin, if you like, but immersing yourself in water won't get rid of it.
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 White Self-Hatred IS A Mental Disorder

 We’re all familiar with Whites who take the side of non-Whites against Whites, and we’re probably all familiar with the fact that they are usually considered to be righteous and to have the moral high road. The reality, however, is that most of them are suffering from one or more mental disorders.
The Oslo Syndrome is the name used by Jewish writer Kenneth Levin to specifically describe the psychology of Jews who hate Jews, but the concept applies to all groups as it is a basic human psychological phenomenon which is related both to the Stockholm syndrome and the Battered Child syndrome.
Essentially, what happens is that when a specific group of people is subjected to constant hatred, demonization and abuse, some in the group will often have their spirits broken and be beaten down like whipped dogs, and they’ll lose self-esteem and group-esteem, and feel worthlessness and be full of despair.
These despairing individuals, with the Oslo syndrome, won’t blame those who are harming them, but will actually take the side of those harming them against others in their own group.
Levin posits the notion that some Jews living among Palestinians and identifying with and taking the side of the Palestinians against their fellow Jews exhibit the Oslo syndrome. Now, given the poor way Israel treats the Palestinians one can certainly question Levin’s analysis that Jews hating Jews in this regard have the Oslo syndrome. Instead, the case can be made that such Jews simply understand right from wrong as these terms are used in a universal sense. Nevertheless, Levin’s larger and perhaps inadvertent point remains by extension that any adult individuals and groups of adult individuals–and not just Jews and Jewish groups–can have the same psychological symptoms often seen in children who are abused, or as Levin calls it, the Oslo syndrome.
Native Americans
We saw a similar phenomenon among American Indians, many of whom came to feel so worthless that they preferred to commit suicide rather than live as the worthless individuals they felt they were. In these cases, the psychological feelings of guilt, self-hate and worthlessness were so great that to relieve these feelings–this very real, but unseen psychological pain–these individuals just ended their own lives. Others turned to alcohol. Still others just suffered silently and simply stopped trying to live full lives. In most cases Indians blamed themselves and other Indians for their problems.
Suicide to relieve the psychological pain and feelings of guilt and worthlessness
It is worth emphasizing that at the root of the Oslo syndrome are feelings of self-hate, worthlessness and guilt and that some individuals will strike out against their own people to relieve these negative feelings and their pressure release valve is this ritual suicide or self-abnegation. Others will take a more direct route and simply end their lives. Those who relieve their feelings of worthlessness and guilt by striking out at their own people and by embracing the bias against their people will often feel “virtuous” in doing so.
It is well said that those who commit suicide don’t want to end their lives, they just want to end their psychological pain. Suicide is one way. Erasing oneself with drugs or alcohol is another. Siding with the group that is attacking your group is still another way. And, there are others. The underlying psychological principle here is one of trying to release the pent up psychological pressure of these feelings of despair, self-hate, guilt and worthlessness.
Battered Child syndrome
And, the link to the Battered Child syndrome is clear and throws light on the adult manifestation of such a syndrome. A child who is battered, either physically or psychologically will often not see that the problem is not with himself or herself but with the parent or parent figure who has full control over the child and who is the abuser. The child internalizes the abuse, feels guilty, and blames himself or herself and believes that if only he or she acted better or was a better child, the parent or parent figure would stop abusing the child. In other words, the child believes he or she is always at fault and is worthless.
White self-haters
Whites who apologize for being White or who forgive non-White attackers often have the Oslo syndrome.
You’ve no doubt seen the stories of Whites forgiving Blacks who tried to kill them because they’re White and how these beaten down Whites will often accept the Black bias against Whites. You’ve probably also read about White parents who forgive Blacks who kill the White children of the White parents and these White parents then say they understand and sometimes even befriend the killers of their own White children. Such behaviors on the part of Whites are indicative of the Oslo syndrome.
Today, we see Whites attacked on many different levels in our society. There is a constant society wide drumbeat demonizing Whites. We constantly hear, for example, that Whites haven’t earned what they have and that they only got it because of “White privilege,” or that except for White racism and hatred of Blacks, Blacks would be leading better lives. This is nothing less than psychological abuse of Whites similar to what we see in cases of Child abuse. Whites are made to feel guilty for doing nothing more than being who and what they are by birth, yet any expressions of Whiteness or of their genetic identity or of feeling good about oneself are quickly denigrated as being signs of racism and White evil.
As with all psychological maladies, there is a continuum of self-hate and some of the symptoms and expressions of the Oslo syndrome in Whites are more subtle and may appear to the casual viewer as being virtuous. For example, when you see Whites who are hypersensitive to perceived insults to Blacks and who then attack their fellow Whites verbally or physically for their “racism,” you can be pretty sure you are seeing a person with the Oslo syndrome. The lives of such self-hating Whites are ones of self-abnegation.
And, we see cases of some Whites not so much fearing that others will call them racist, but fearing that they may be secretly racist and as such they have let themselves down and that they must punish themselves. In fact, we can safely speculate that a lot of White suicides are from this feeling in some Whites that they have let themselves down or haven’t lived up to some societal, religious or family standards regarding various norms including the societal demand that one not be a racist. So, instead of being racist, they obliterate themselves or they live on and hate themselves and relieve the pressure by transferring the hate to other Whites while proving to themselves that they are good people for attacking other Whites.
We’ll also see Whites trying to erase themselves and their kind by not having children or by holding down the number of children they have or by miscegenating and producing non-White children or by adopting non-White children instead of White children. Hermann Goering’s great-niece says she had her tubes tied so she “would not pass on the blood of a monster.”*
There are many ways this self-hate syndrome and similar self-hate neuroses can manifest themselves, but the goal for the individual is to is always to relieve that psychological pain of guilt for being White and then to make amends for the evil that you think you are born with because you are White by somehow sacrificing yourself. Of course you can add in the Great White Mother and Great White Father complexes that I’ve written before as part of the subconscious motivations for adopting non-White children–and, usually, the Blacker the better. These folks wouldn’t want to adopt a Black baby that isn’t almost purple Black lest others not realize that the baby really is Black and that the adoptive White parents are truly virtuous and righteous individuals.
Staying mentally healthy and emotionally strong
So, what is a mentally healthy view of oneself? It is that you should be who you are born to be. Don’t ever apologize for being White. Don’t ever support non-Whites against Whites. Always remember, that you have every right to be who and what you are. You have every right to identify as White and to feel good about yourself. No one has a right to abuse you or insult you or attack you because you are White and if they do, you should not go hide in a corner but stand up for yourself in whatever way is appropriate, and which doesn’t put you in harm’s way. If remaining silent under the circumstances is the best choice for your survival and safety, then that’s what you should do. But, as you do so, never let the haters of Whites make you feel guilty and worthless for being White. You are exactly the opposite of that, just by being born White. You are an important person to yourself, your family, your ancestors and to all the rest of us Whites who are awake and aware. You are not alone. You are never alone. You are not the only one who feels as you do. There are millions of us. Never let the haters of Whites make you feel isolated and out of sync with what is right and just. Your survival and the survival of our people–as proud White people who don’t want to be blended away genetically, spiritually or culturally is never unjust or out of sync. You have a right to be yourself. You have a right to your genetic identity. This is your planet as much as it is anyone else’s and no one has any more rights to anything than you do. That dirt under foot? It is yours. That tree? It is yours. No one got deeds to anything on this planet from nature, and your rights come from nature and (if you to choose to so believe) from nature’s God.
Develop the mental strength and self-esteem to withstand those who hate Whites. Stay White. Breed White. Live White. Never criticize other Whites who are also awake and aware. Never side with non-Whites against Whites. Do not hate yourself or your fellow Whites.


You are born to make more like yourself. Nature doesn't care how you do it.  It just rewards those who succeed.

Nature screams out to all living organisms:  Make more like yourself. Expand always and contract never. More wives helps a male individual fulfill nature's command.

To be clear.  For humans, as with many species, this command from nature is to individuals, not to couples, and it requires that males and females of the species partner with those of the opposite sex in order to allow each of the partners to expand his or her particular DNA code. In other words, it is an individual responsibility to multiply your particular DNA code.  It is not a couple responsibility.

A morality that says humans should only have children by being a married couple is a false morality invented by humans and is not what nature, with its true morality, says.

This "couple" idea has now been perverted to be the most important part of the relationship morality in our present Dark Age and this leads to the acceptance of same sex marriages. "Hey, they're a 'couple,' so it must be moral, right?"

And, thus, it is not nature's command to have children that is considered moral in our upside down present reality, but simply to be a couple.

Males and females are different for a reason

The reality of our species is that human males can have children very late in life.  This is so because human males produce new sperm every day until they die.  Why did nature engineer us this way? So we will continue having children and making more like our kind.  But it is also so we will survive and prosper during the constant changes in our ever spinning and dynamic universe.

To be able to survive and prosper, we, as a species, must be able to also change to meet new demands. Yet we mustn't change too quickly when there are temporary changes in the environment.

So, the way it works is that human males are the ones who  provide most of the novelty or mutations for the species. And they do this by producing new sperm each day that can  react to various internal and external changes in the environment.  And it is the human female who gets all of her eggs at an early age who provides stability of the genotype as her eggs are  fixed in their characteristics once they are produced.

And, what of this change in the "internal environment," that I just mentioned above?  This refers to various psychological and biological tensions and experiences that males encounter as they go through life which adjusts their internal chemistry as their genes react and trigger the release of various proportions of hormones and other natural chemicals. And, of course, the same internal process works to adjust for external changes in the environment--cold, heat, wet, dry, more sun, less sun, etc.

For example, in times of war and major conflicts, the sperm in males will react to the tensions and fears in male individuals and this will affect the sperm and the fluid it swims in such that it becomes more probable that certain sperm will gain a reproductive advantage over other sperm and be more successful in fertilizing eggs.  Think race horses.  Some horses do better on muddy tracks and some on dry tracks. The principle is similar.  The eternal struggle for survival always involves competition and the competition we see in the ordinary world around us also happens right in our own bodies as sperm compete with each other and even our genes compete with each other.

But why can males produce children late in life and females can't, if nature says individuals of our species must expand always and contract never?

Again, this has to do with not allowing too many changes too quickly in a ping pong fashion.  Many of the external changes we see in the environment are cyclical. We have ice ages and then we have warm periods, for example.  Nature has engineered us so that we may change slightly during such changes, but if the changes are temporary--only several thousand years in duration--and if we were radically changed each time there was such a minor change (in the long view of existence) our survival would be in question when things changed again.

Polygamy and nature's command to make more like yourself

As I said at the outset, in slightly different terms--nature doesn't give a damn about human invented morality and human trends in social thinking.  Nature simply says: Expand always, contract never.

Or, in other words: Go forth and multiply your kind.  Or, in even different words: You are born to make more like yourself. This is your individualresponsibility,.

 It is up to you to find a way to make more like yourself so your individual and unique DNA code will move into the next generation as the DNA code of your parents moved into the present generation in you as the unique individual you are.

If you choose to be in a one man/one woman couple marriage and your mate can't help  you make more like yourself, you still have to find a way to make more like yourself.

And, those who do find a way--such as those males in polygamous relationships--often have the greatest reproductive success since males can help produce a new child, like themselves, every few hours of every day if they have willing female partners, while the females, of course, are limited to producing only one child (or twins, etc) every nine months.  This also means that females must be more selective in who they mate with if they want their DNA code to carry forward in the next generation as it is in themselves.

 If you do not reproduce more like yourself, then you are a dead end in evolution and you have no stake in the future of this planet or existence. You are a broken link in the chain of existence that goes back to that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.

Those who have the most reproductive success--by having the most children like themselves--are the winners in the struggle for existence.  They are ruled fit by nature.  Those who do not reproduce are ruled unfit by nature. 

And, there is no appeal from nature's verdict. Nature works dispassionately--you either obey nature's laws in this regard and are judged fit or you disobey them and are judged unfit.

No rationalizations or excuses such as saying--"Well, I'm a good person and I've helped others," or "I accomplished much in life. I built cities, I wrote books, I composed great music, I was famous, I  rich, I was well liked"--will change nature's verdict.  If you have not made more like yourself, you are a loser in the struggle for existence.  You are a dead end.  Your fate is eternal oblivion.
#                                           #                                            #


    "There is much that I  teach, but the most essential part that can be followed by all awakened Whites no matter what else they believe or don't believe is: Whiteness before everything and anything else. No exceptions.

    "This means, in simplest terms, that above and before anything else one puts first one's own survival, expansion, happiness, self-determination, purity, evolution along a White trajectory, along with the right to live separate and isolated from non-Whites in completely White areas and nations.  This applies to Whites as individuals and as groups and it especially applies to the DNA code that makes us, us.(Note: The Teachings say Whites are more than a race and are actually a separate species.  Also, some Whites use the term subspecies instead of race. However, the usual taxonomic schemes don't go as far as our inspired use of the terms species and subspecies largely because Whites can still produce viable offspring with non-Whites.) 

   "The belief system that I  teach is moral and ethical and its values are the highest," said Arman.  "It is about living a meaningful, purposeful, happy and fruitful life while being  intentionally and fully awake. And it is about survival and evolution and it is also about reality and the ways of existence as they truly are and not as imagined by various humans over the ages. It is about things bigger and longer lasting than us as the individuals we see in the mirror each day and it is about the sheer joy of living and passing on our White essence to the many more that we make like ourselves from our own bodies. It is about right and wrong, good and evil. It says you as an individual come first and this includes your particular version of our White DNA code which made you, you and which you should pass on to as many children as possible during your lifetime.  After yourself, come those who are most closely related to you and then to others not as closely related to you and then to other Whites.  But the Teachings say your concern does not extend beyond Whites and that a wise person practices indifference and non-interference in the problems and affairs of non-Whites. They are not our kind and they have their own fates and destinies and we have ours.  Do not merge, combine or confuse them. Stay White in all ways.

The Teachings come through me but I am just the conduit
    "To me, the Teachings are my religion. To you, they may just be a philosophy or a world view or not even these. It matters not to me. My sacred obligation is to tell you about the Teachings and I do that in as many ways as I know how and through as many others as possible.  One can believe in what is right and wrong for us as White people and not believe in any concept of a God or what I teach.

    "If you live as Whites must live--in full Whiteness--we are one no matter what else you believe or don't believe. If you are happy with your present religious or philosophic views then you may just want to stick with them.  If you are not happy or if you think something is missing with them, then you might want to consider the Teachings. There is nothing to join, it is just a matter of reading, understanding, believing and most importantly living right and doing no harm or evil.

     "The concept of God in the Teachings is as elusive as that which is behind the word. We don't have the words to describe that which we sometimes call God but more usually in the Teachings we call it the First Cause and even the Unknown Cause or the Field of Existence and by other names.  In trying to picture the concept in my mind I think of it sometimes as being like the dark matter and dark energy that the physicists keep trying to find or even like electricity or light waves or even like a fog that permeates everything or even like the air that we breathe and which is all around us but we can't see.. I even think of it as a mind without the need of a flesh and blood brain and that it may be something more along the order of what we see with computers with the difference being instead of the man made parts of a computer, the physical components of the First Cause may be subatomic particles that come into existence and blink out again like Christmas lights and which may look like a spinning, spiraling cyclone. We sometimes think of the First Cause as a sort of Will-o'- the-wisp, always there right in front of us but just outside the range of our sight. I often use terms like energies, forces,  vibrations, frequencies, waves and sub atomic particles when I think of this ineffable something--this ultimate reality--this framework behind existence--that we can't fully understand except as it has revealed itself to us.  Because it is ineffable, we spend more time on right living than on trying to explain that which we don't have words to explain. If you feel awe when you experience storms, or in seeing photos of spiraling galaxies or all the wonders of nature right here on Earth, or when you hear certain musics, and if you feel sheer joy about life, you feel as we do. Ultimate reality can be found in the natural workings of nature.

About me  

     "I'm a skeptic by nature and I rely heavily on reason. I even question the personal experience that set me on this path to learn and teach what I teach. First, a little about me. Before all else, always and at all times, I am White. I like being White. I am proud to be White. I do not apologize for being who and what I was born to be--White. I believe White. I live White. I bleed White. I vote White. I breed White. I'm a non-Jewish White person of 100% European extraction. I have blue eyes and had blond hair as a child. My skin is pale white and burns easily in the sun.  My family was Catholic, but not very religious. I left that faith very young and never looked back. I don't do drugs or drink alcoholic beverages. I have no mental illnesses, and my family has no history of such illnesses. I'm completely healthy and I function normally in society.

How it began

     "Here's the major event that changed my life and set me on the path. When I was a young teen, I was standing in a field on the edge of some woods and near a small stream far away from people, buildings, planes and automobiles. It was Springtime. There was no one and nothing around me but trees and wind sown plants and the rest of nature. Suddenly, some fast moving, low-lying, dark clouds came over me and a light rain started. Then, as I looked up at the clouds, they opened in an almost perfect circle above me--it was almost as though a large cookie cutter had suddenly just cut a hole in the clouds--and a beam of light shone through. I can't be absolutely sure of the size of the hole, but it seemed from where I was standing to be  anywhere from 6 to10 feet across, but that may be wrong because I wasn't sure exactly how high the clouds were. The beam of light that shone through looked like sunlight, but was blindingly bright. At the very moment when the hole opened and the light came through I heard what sounded like many voices--dozens or maybe even hundreds--singing or repeating  something--maybe it was a language or maybe just sounds--that I couldn't make out. It didn't sound like English or any other language I've ever heard and it may not even have been a language. It was beautiful, though and I was awe struck.  Then, and I'm not sure how much time elapsed--maybe minutes, maybe hours, I don't know--the hole closed, the singing stopped, and all that was left was the clouds.  Space aliens, lost time? First Cause?  I don't know. But, I am absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that during that experience something was awakened in me or was changed in my subconscious brain or body or my DNA or something (like a computer program or software?) was downloaded into me. I accept it as a mystical or religious experience and even if this was a UFO encounter of some sort, I believe those behind it were motivated or manipulated or commanded to do what they did from a higher source. I believe I was selected, either just because I happened to be where I was at that time or maybe for some other reason unknown to me, maybe because of something in my DNA.. There is more to this including some odd "coincidences" that have happened over the years, but the above is the seminal event.

My quest

     "At any rate, that event sent me on my search for ultimate meaning and for answers to the big questions of existence.  It felt as though I was being tested to see if I could find the truth instead of just being told it. And, I was led in a direction toward Whiteness before all else. I have received inspiration when needed and I've been saved from harm and death several  times by subtle means. And, I have received messages which I write down. As I stand back and try to use my reason to look at that event and where it has led me, I know without a single doubt that the messages I receive are being given as a correction to the direction in which humanity is moving; which is away from the light and  good and toward darkness and evil. The messages are being specifically given to save White people and to have us expand and evolve along a White trajectory.  This is not the stuff of the Bible or any other religious teachings you may be aware of. This is new and at the same time it is from the ancient source and comes from the beginning of existence.  The primary message can be stated very simply: We must become more White and more numerous.

The bottleneck

     "The messages are clear that we are the selected ones who must do the will of the First Cause to save mankind from destruction by becoming the new mankind. We must multiply our White kind and only our White kind.  We must separate and isolate ourselves from other types of humans and avoid all gene flow from them to us or from us to them. And we must even try to avoid places where they leave their DNA even if that DNA is just from a fleck of skin or a fingerprint. Their trajectory is not our trajectory and there is a bottleneck coming. This bottleneck may bring the destruction of all humans but the purest Whites. Whites are the replacement for all other human types just as present day humans were the replacements for Neanderthals and other earlier types.  A message that we Whites are to "expand always, contract never," keeps coming through. Another message that comes through often is: "Our God is the God that your god would worship if your god were real." Another message says that we must have Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action to purify and move forward on the path.  This means, in the first instance, that we must be born White. Nothing is possible without this. Being born White means we have the right parts in our DNA code. It is the key to taking the path and moving ever higher and evolving ever closer to the First Cause.  There is no other way to be one of us.  But, Right Blood is dormant or sleeping without Right Belief and Right Action.  Right Belief means a belief in Whiteness.  Right Action means living the right way as a good and righteous person intentionally living Whiteness. None of us are fully pure.  We must purify. There is no guarantee of how many of us will get through the bottleneck for there are among us those who are evil and who hate themselves and other Whites.  They have much impurity in their DNA codes and their false ways and teachings can infect the best of us if we let down our guard. They are weak seeds and are White on the outside but not White on the inside.

The easy but wrong way

      "The easy way for Whites today is to go along to get along. This means that we would avoid the hate of others if we simply gave in to the evils that lessen us, such as miscegenation, mixing with non-Whites, not having as many White children as we can, aborting pure White babies and the rest of the evils that keep our numbers low.  This takes no effort and no struggle on our part.  However, we must not go that way.  That way lies our genocide and extinction. That way lies our blending and assimilation back into non-White humanity. That way stops our evolution along the White path. We must exert effort and we must struggle mightily against the evil even if everyone hates us.  In fact, having them hate us can actually help us so long as they don't harm us. Their hate will help us circle our wagons and remove ourselves from the presence of non-Whites and weak seed Whites who look White on the outside but who are not White on the inside.

There are many terms in the Teachings that should be defined so there is no misunderstanding. Here are just a few:

    "Whiteness"  means white skin and white DNA and genes and  it means everything that is essentially what we are as White people.  I use lower case "w" to refer specifically to the color white and upper case "W" to refer to White people; and in this latter sense it means the same as Aryans or non-Jewish White Europeans or those who are born of two White parents who were also born of two White parents who were also born of two White parents. I also refer to such people as Pure Whites even though "pure" is not totally accurate since we all evolved from earlier forms and got the core of our DNA code that reads "life" from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to become the living minerals that all life is.

     "We all carry, to varying degrees, "original sin," which in reality is bits of DNA code that are discordant and which we've inherited because of miscegenation in ancient and more modern times and which we must remove to purify even more so that we can move ever higher along the purely White evolutionary trajectory and so we can tune in to the First Cause.  Our unique DNA code can be thought of as being partly like a radio receiver and transmitter and the First Cause can be thought of as being a little like radio waves that are all around us but which we can't pick up unless we have the right parts in our DNA and tune in to the right frequencies. Our largest organ which is our bodily covering--our skin--MUST be White.  It is completely necessary for us to be white externally and White internally and in all ways for our skin to work as our "antenna."

     "Pure Whites are more than a race, although I will often use that term to be understood when necessary.  No matter what corrupted science now believes, Pure Whites are already  a different species from other humans, and once we purify a little and end gene flow from all non-Whites to us, we will soon be free of the danger of their genes harming us as we evolve as we must so that we will not be able to bear viable children with them.  This is the next great biological leap for Pure Whites.  After that, there will be many more leaps because evolution never ends.  We are on the verge of being the next human--fully a new species--looking much as we do now, but just a little smarter, a little more clever, a little stronger, a little more healthy, having a little more intuition, and not being able to have children with any types of non-Whites.  In other words, we are on the threshold of being what writers and philosophers in the past have sometimes called the Ubermensch or the Superman.

      "By "good" and "bad," or "good" and "evil," I mean that  good is what helps our survival, our proper evolution into a new species incapable of bearing children with non-whites, and our expansion both as individual Pure Whites and as our whole species.. What is bad or evil is not good for Whites or for our survival, our proper evolution, and expansion.

     "Any church, religion, philosophy, government, world view or way of life that puts anything, including, but not limited to, their idea of divinity or what is moral or just, above White genes are not ones to follow for Pure Whites.  They are death for us.   I once had an  argument with a White man who claimed to be a White Nationalist.  However, he put his version of Christianity above Whiteness and even said that he would accept a Black under his roof and would even let him marry his daughter if he were a Christian, but that he would bar the door to a White who was not a Christian and who might be a pagan or an atheist or who followed one of the explicitly White religions--such as what I teach-- and would not let him marry his daughter.  This is an inversion of what is ethically and morally right for Pure Whites and is an abomination and a perversion of the First Cause's commands to us as Pure Whites..

     "To be absolutely clear:  I put Whiteness (and I mean by this everything that benefits Whites) above everything else.  I am commanded to do so. It is not open for debate. Nothing trumps Whiteness.  And, nothing ever will.  Pure Whites have been selected for a special purpose and we have special responsibilities on us to remain pure and to multiply our kind in pure form so that we fill all of existence with our special and unique DNA code and that this will uplift mankind and lead to a better world. This is a heavy responsibility that is put on us and one that will cause evil doers who hate all that is good and just and of the light and White to hate us and try to destroy us. We will resist and we will struggle to bring in the good and defeat the evil, and First Cause willing, we will prevail.  We are not alone, we Pure Whites.  We never are. The First Cause is on our side so long as we do the right things.

The eternal gene wars

     "I see the world as White and non-White.  In the eternal gene wars, there are no good non-White genes, as "good" is related to our genes. By this I mean that any genetic codes  that are non-White, and which are carried by those who can mate with us and produce viable non-White children by invading and using our DNA code, automatically compete with our White genes. This is miscegenation which I also call bedroom genocide because that is what it is for us Whites. In reality, the eternal gene wars are nature's way of natural selection and evolution. It happens with all genes in all organisms and has no evil or bad intent and it often happens on a subconscious level. However, we Pure Whites are at the point in our evolution where we must now steer our evolution along the White path and not simply accept the defaults of natural selection. We must live now awaken and live intentionally so that we take over from the blind workings of nature and not only do not go extinct, but evolve ever higher.
   "We must be aware every moment of our lives that we are in eternal gene wars and we must act to win the gene wars. We must live Whiteness and we must make all of our decisions based on what is right for OUR genes, alone. If it is good for Whites and our genes (and the two are one), then it is good. If it is bad for Whites and our genes, then it is bad. As individuals we can do little more than try to tell other Whites about these things and they must choose for themselves.  That is our duty and our obligation: expose other Whites to the truth as taught in the Teachings and in similar systems of Whiteness and we must do it in ways that others understand. We must always consider the audience. But as we meet this obligation, we must never forget that even if others are blind to the truth and are not receptive, that's not our problem. We have done our part to try to save them and that's all we can do. And, we must always remember that it is we ourselves who must do what is right and that it is we ourselves who must live right and breed White to our fullest, for we really have no control over anyone but ourselves.  Each one of us is THE ONE. Each of us must be self-reliant, self-sufficient and have self-determination. We, each one of us, must be able to stand alone and do the right things and live the right way even if no one else does.
   "And, just what is good and bad?  Anything that helps purify White genes and expand and multiply them is good. Anything that makes White genes less pure and contracts them is bad. And, for us as individuals, this means that what is good for us as individual Whites is good and what is bad for us as individual Whites is bad. We do not follow false ethical or moral codes that say that what is good or bad for society or for a nation or a culture or for people unlike us determines good or bad. That way leads to false beliefs and actions and can lead to sacrificing oneself so that the genes of others can win the gene wars.  Avoid this at all costs.  YOU must live to breed Pure White.  You must love life and you must not die young.

    "Whites need a spiritual revival. And, by this I mean a revival of our sense of self and group worth and a love of life that causes us to have more of our White children. But it all begins with one. I am one. So are you. So is each of us. Each one of us must use our minds to reject the negative, death attitudes that so afflict our people. We must not simply waste our time waiting to die of old age. We must, each one of us, become the new spring. We must start breeding once again. We must find Whites of the opposite sex who will help us release the armies of us that are within our bodies.  We must fill all lands with our sacred DNA code that is a spark from the First Cause.  We must save the world as the only ones selected to do so and which can only be done via our sacred DNA code which contains a spark from the First Cause.

Why are you alive?
    "Why are you alive?  Each of us is alive so we can make more like ourselves.  You are not alive to be a dead hero who has never made more like yourself. Avoid danger, don't try to be a hero. Don't go to war for false causes. Try to be a good and decent person and practice the Golden Rule. Do not interfere in the affairs of non-Whites. Be indifferent to them. Be polite, but avoid mixing with them.  Never miscegenate.  Do not practice birth control. Do not abort fully White babies. Do not commit suicide. Do not harm other Whites. Live as long as possible to produce as many Pure White children as possible. Remember, we are not born as couples but as individuals. You, as an individual White male or individual White female, must find ways to pass on your particular DNA code to as many new fully White children as possible.  It is an individual responsibility, not a couple responsibility.  All forms of White relationships, marriages, contracts, agreements that meet this goal are good.  All that do not meet it are bad. Your nation, your religion, your philosophy are all within you and are one with your DNA code.  They are not to be found in artificial things.

Living right is more important than belief
     "These are some of the things that I am commanded to teach. They are true and they are from the First Cause.  The Teachings are not open to debate or argument. They are not voted on. They cannot be changed and they do not rely on consensus or polls.  They are as given, and while the words are our human words, the principles and meanings behind the words that caused these words to be written are from the First Cause. Period. One accepts the essential parts of them, or one does not and lives right, or one does not. Those with the right DNA parts will naturally gravitate to the Teachings if they are correctly exposed to them. Those who lack the right DNA parts won't.  This is as how it should be. It helps our process of purification and evolution. The Teachings are compatible with all other explicitly White teachings so long as they put Whiteness as outlined here before all else. As I wrote at the top, this is my religion. This is what I believe. This is how I try to live.  It is also a philosophy of life and stands complete and whole if just taken that way.  If you want to join various organizations and groups that promote their own versions of Whiteness  that's up to you and it's usually a good thing to join together with others with similar beliefs.  However, any organization, religious or otherwise, that veers from Whiteness before all else, is not one for us to follow because it is a false way and harmful to us either in the short term or the long term.  All I present here and elsewhere, and which I am commanded to do, is the Teachings. This is my responsibility: to tell other Whites of them and they, with their free will, can decide for themselves.  To be clear, the Teachings are not an organization, but are revelations, philosophical positions and inspired instructions on how we should live as fully functioning and explicit White people. They do not promote violence or law breaking and they do not demand blind belief. They do include much about evolution, but they do not worship evolution. Some see the First Cause as God.  Some see the First Cause as the natural workings of nature.  The First Cause is the ender of all arguments. His/Its Will is law.

We are to be a kind, righteous and just people always looking for the moral and ethical ways

     "We are to be a kind, righteous and just  people and to those who mean us no harm we are to be as polite and kind as they are to us, and we are to try to speak softly and  be fair and honest to all humans who we come in contact with. However, turning the other cheek against those who mean us harm is not part of our tradition or beliefs.  Our Golden Rule is "Treat others as they treat you. Good to the good, bad to the bad."

    "We are to believe strongly in non-interference in the business of non-Whites and to practice indifference to them.  Their paths and destinies are theirs and ours is ours and they shall not meet"

*The usual terms Genome and Genotype are often used in different ways, but we sometimes use one or the other to generally refer to Whites as in White Genotype or White Genome.  Phenotype refers to the manifestation of the genetic material in the actual characteristics observed and unobserved of an individual or group of individuals.  Notwithstanding the foregoing here are three simple definitions that may help (or may increase the confusion) about these terms:
Genome=All the genetic material in the chromosomes or All DNA material coding and non-coding. Genotype=All DNA that codes for Genes or protein production. Phenotype=All expressed genes.  Genes=Sections of the DNA code that

 #                                                      #                                                                      #

Homeless Jack on Stopping Bigotry and Hatred

“I’m White and I’m proud.
“I’m tired of hiding the real me. I”m a White Racist. I was born that way. It is as much a part of me as my skin color, my bone structure, my hair, my eyes and my heterosexuality. So, I don’t want none of them haters and bigots comin’ my way to try to reeducate me or deprogram me, or brainwash me, or condition me, or counsel me out of who and what I am. We are racist from birth.
“Homosexuals have been able to stop those haters and bigots continuing on that course with them, and I demand that they also stop that crap with us. We are who we are born to be and we’re fine as we are. Just leave us alone and mind your own business.
“Just as gays say they are born that way, I say we are also born the way we are.
“The way to stop hate speech and bigotry against us and to get fair treatment is for more of us to come out.
“You see, it’s not the White racist beliefs that came first, it was the White racist gene that came first.
“It’s like everything in our existence. Things just exist naturally and then we humans use words to describe them and define them and categorize them–which is good and this is what we should do, but we must do it correctly and we must not be blinded by prejudice, hatred and bigotry.
“A rose is a rose because of its genes. It does not have to believe it’s a rose to be a rose. It just is, as it is. That’s the same with us. We are, as we are. We are born that way. Should we try to overcome what we are born as and what we are born to be? Should a rose try to overcome being a rose? Should a homosexual try to overcome being a homosexual?
“Over time, humans got things reversed, as we often do, and too many of us came to believe that White racism is just a matter of choice. Well, it isn’t. It’s a survival mechanism that is built right into our genes, or as some of us say: into our DNA code.
“But, you know, the otherwise neutral term “racist” has been turned into a hate term by haters and bigots to try to smear Whites who do see their differentness. It’s like calling gays “faggots,” so maybe we shouldn’t use the term racist to define who and what we are. Racialist is one alternative. Some use the term White Nationalist or just Nationalist. Others use Race Realist. The point I’m making, man, is that what it is, is, no matter what words we choose to name it. A rose is a rose…yeah, you get the picture.
“And, what exactly is this White racist gene? Well, it’s probably not a single gene, but a combination of genes (but as a convention, I’ll continue to call it the White racist gene). It is a natural survival mechanism that is built into our genetic programs to help us survive and not be blended away.
“If one doesn’t recognize oneself as different from some others who really are different, one may override this natural survival mechanism and go extinct. The racist gene helps those with this gene to know us from not us.
“In nature, and humans are part of nature, us is usually safer and usually poses less of an immediate danger to our survival than not us, and most certainlyus poses far less of a reproductive danger to us in the long view of history than not us. “And, how do we know us from not us. Nature’s first line of defense is our sense of sight. That’s right, man, our eyes send us the first messages of who isus and who is not us. Don’t disbelieve your eyes. Your eyesight is the king of the human senses and you have it to help you survive.
“You, know, man, there are studies that show that females are most “racist” when they are fertile. Why? Because their genetic program wants them to make more like themselves and not be baby factories for genetic programs unlike them. Let me repeat: Racism is a survival mechanism. It helps you survive.
“Okay, man, I see you squinting at me. Let me backtrack and explain something about you and your survival.You are more than the person you see in the mirror in our everyday reality. You are also your genetic program that made you, you. And, your genetic program “wants” to expand and continue on even after your body dies. It does this by you having children as much like you as possible.
“But, those who hate us want to blend us away. And, trying to convince us that not us is the same as us is one of the major techniques being used in the blending.
“It’s a very old technique. It was used against the Jews by Antiochus IV who wanted Jews to blend in with his people. Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration of the revolt by (racist or separatist) Jews known as the Maccabees against being blended into non-existence. Those Jews who accepted the blending are no more. They were assimilated into the non-Jewish population and ceased to exist as a distinct people. Those who resisted the blending still exist in their Jewish descendants now alive.
“Blending was also tried on the American Indians as stupid Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers tried to destroy Indians by having them blend in with Whites. The examples abound.
“Okay, man, I gotta move on. Be who you were born to be and don’t run from being who you really are, no matter how many haters and bigots try to change you. You have a natural God (or nature) given right to be yourself, and when you are yourself as you truly are, you can find happiness.”

# # # #

Homeless Jack on Taking the Path

Homeless Jack on Taking the Path thumbnail

“LOOK, MAN, a lot flows from the basic principle in Arman’s Teachings about what we call Code A. And, understanding what he teaches about Code A helps us sort out lots of things about morals and values and how we should live our lives.
“Now, I follow Arman’s Teachings as best I can. Others can as well, but they’re not forced on anyone. In fact, we believe that one must come easily to the Teachings as an indication that such a person may have the right parts inside. You know that so-called White racist gene? Well, we believe in it. We say it is a survival gene or genes or is somehow part of our DNA code, but that it is dormant in many of us and weaker in some and stronger in some others. Not only do we not run from this concept of a racist gene, we embrace it. We love it as a beneficial mutation and we want to expand it.
“But I’m getting ahead of myself, man. First things first. We believe that our purpose in living is to make more like ourselves and to will our own evolution into a new species incapable of bearing children with other humans. We believe that by following the Teachings, we can cause beneficial mutations and changes in Code A that will lead us ever upward to specieshood. Some other religious philosophies try to obtain enlightenment, or closeness with God, or other higher states, through various methods. Many of them fail because they don’t understand or their believers don’t have the right internal parts — Code A. Anyway, our goal — as conscious believers — is specieshood. Enlightenment and higher consciousness will come as we progress physically and spiritually toward this goal.
“Now, just to refresh your memory, so I don’t confuse you: We call our White genotype Code A. Yeah, it’s the DNA code, or recipe to make a White person. All of us Whites get it in one way only. We must have a White mother and a White father. There’s no other way to get it, man. One White breeding with any kind of non-White cannot produce a child with Code A. That’s why miscegenation is evil. Just to be clear, man. It takes two White parents to produce a truly White child who is our kind with both our physical and our spirit Essence. Miscegenation is bedroom genocide. It destroys your family’s essential Whiteness.
“The two White parents give us the 46 chromosomes and the 3.1 billion combos of the four nucleic acids abbreviated as A, T, C, G and the 20,000 or so genes that make us White people. And, Code A exists within all the cells of our bodies where there is DNA. Code A is us, and we are it. It is what makes us. It spins us out as the people we are in our everyday world. Without it, we would not be. With it, we can become more.
“Because of our belief in the utmost importance of Code A and the further belief that we must protect it, improve it, and expand it, and because the way we do this is by living long, righteous lives so we can have the maximum number of children who carry Code A, we say that things such as miscegenation, homosexuality, celibacy, family planning, birth control, abortions, putting off having children, suicide, taking risks with our lives that might lead to our early death, going to war for false causes, irresponsible and dangerous acts of bravery for any reason other than to help Code A, mixing with those who are not our kind — and anything else that might stop us from protecting, improving, and expanding the particular version of Code A that each of us as individuals carries — are evil.
“You get that, right, man? We live to expand Code A and to also try to help it evolve, which means we evolve. And, we believe we can help do this by the things we believe and the way we live. You see, we believe that we, as our normal selves in our normal world, can influence Code A inside of us to improve it. We call our way of helping our evolution “method living” — which is somewhat like method acting. That is, we try tobe what we wish to become. We try to act the part of the “next man.” And, we do this by everything we do. It affects how we dress, our haircuts, our food, and everything else in our lives. This helps us move to evolving into a new species incapable of mating with other humans and to be the next model man who will eventually and naturally replace earlier models just as new cars replace older models.
“You see, man, the person we see in the mirror, you and I and other Whites — are the carriers of Code A. Code A is what must survive. Our importance as the person we see in the mirror is that we are the way Code A expands and evolves. Nature screams out to every type of organism: Make more like yourself! Too many of us Whites aren’t listening and we do not follow this very basic and important command and we substitute false and inauthentic things for what is most important. We are all going to die, man. Our bodies are going to wear out. But, if we have had many children who survive us, they will carry on and we will be part of them. This is our basic purpose in being alive and it is the basic purpose of every living thing: to make more like yourself — to make more like our kind.
“And, we also say this basic principle about Code A guides us in our idea of morals and marriage. You see, we are also individualistic in our beliefs and in this context this informs us that we are not born as couples. We are born as individuals, and as individuals, male and female, we have different natural laws that control our breeding. A male can impregnate many women each and every day, but a female is out of the baby making business for nine months while a new one of us is growing inside her. Why should the man also be out of the baby making business? It makes no natural sense for a people who want to expand their kind.
“We are also particularists. Our religious rules and religious laws are for us alone. We don’t care what other peoples do. They can have abortions all day long for all we care. They can commit suicide. They can practice birth control. They are not our kind and we believe in non-interference. We have our destiny and they have theirs. We do not make the mistake of trying to mix these different destinies as many non-believers in the present Dark Age are doing.
“So, you read all these words and you wonder what concrete things can I do: Here’s the answer. Separate from non-Whites as best as you can. Mix as little as possible with them. Have as many White children as possible. Bear a sacred symbol next to your skin (six-armed fylfot with curved arms and a central hub — the hub turns counter clockwise and the arms follow and it looks sort of like a spinning galaxy — is preferred by Arman). Pray a short prayer like this in the morning: ‘Thank you Lord for letting me have another day to do your work.’ And, in the evening say something like: ‘Thank you Lord for having let me do your work today.’ Yes, you should say those prayers or something similar twice a day even if you don’t believe. They help focus your mind and keep you on track. Remember, Arman’s Teachings involve method living, and this prayer stuff is part of it. But, you may say that you’re an atheist, and you don’t feel right about praying. Well, just understand that in our system we believe that there was a First Cause that started existence. We don’t know what that First Cause really was, and while some of us believe it was something like a cloud of consciousness and intelligence with no physical brain as we know such things and may have something to do with subatomic particles, waves, forces or energies, it is perfectly okay in this system to not believe that and to believe it was just the natural workings of Nature and had no intelligence or consciousness. Hell, man, I even go back and forth in my own mind about the nature of the First Cause and I sometimes wonder if there was no First Cause and existence always existed. You should also dress in functional, comfortable, dark clothing. In our system, if this has not already been made clear, we must try to have as many children of our kind as possible, and all forms of relationships that accomplish this are perfectly okay in this faith.
“There’s nothing to join, man, and you don’t have to send money to anyone to take our path. Just believe. You are an individual and you have the right to believe or to not believe. You are as empowered to take this path as I am, and we’re all going through our lives as best we can while learning more about the ways of existence as we go. Some of us think Arman has the answers to the big questions, and those answers can be found scattered in these essays. I’ll tell you some more things about how to take this path in future essays. To some of us this is a religion. To others a philosophy. It doesn’t matter how you view it. You are a free and sovereign individual equal to anyone else who follows this path.
“You can choose to believe as we do, and if you decide later that you don’t believe, so be it. You’re a free individual and you have the absolute right to choose your path in this life of yours that belongs only to you. You were born alone, and you’ll die alone. Make the most of what is in between. And, don’t forget this: Your life is your own. Be happy. If this system makes you happy, follow it. If it doesn’t, don’t
#                                               #                                              #

"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack, "you ever read that stuff that says White racism is genetic?  You know, like we aware and awakened Whites have a gene for being racist.
"I've seen some Whites rush in after reading that who try to deny it as though such a gene is bad.  Hell, it ain't bad, man.  It's a good thing.   You see, White racism is really a survival mechanism.  It has Whites with this superior mutated  gene quickly know who is like them and who isn't and to do whatever is necessary to protect their genetic code, which also means protect themselves.
"So, anyway, if it's true that there is a gene or genes for White Racism (and, praise be to God or nature if there is), and if we Whites, who call ourselves racialists or racists or White Nationalists or by a variety of other names or maybe we haven't even decided on a name for what we believe, truly do have the gene, and if we then are outcastes from polite White society (a good thing, by damn) as a result, we will more than likely gravitate to other Whites with the same mutation and we will have children with some of them and those children will then have a good chance of inheriting two copies of the White racism gene and be super White racists and will continue on into the next generation avoiding miscegenation, and perhaps avoiding mating even with Whites who don't have the mutation.  It's natural selection, man.
"See, it's kind of like if you have  certain color eyes and hair and if you marry someone with the same color eyes and hair as you, then your children are very likely to also have the same color eyes and hair.  I mean this is just basic genetics and Mendelian inheritance.  We don't spring up from nothing.  We are our genetic code and it is us.
"Marry or breed for the racist gene, man.  It's the way our genetic code and Whites will survive.
"Give it a few thousand years the way things are going now, and the descendants of today's superior genetic White racists may be the only Whites left on the planet, and they will be a tribe that will continue to grow and expand, while the poor Whites in the past--which is our present--who weren't lucky enough to get the White racist gene, and who eventually mixed with non-Whites, will be extinct and their descendants will no longer be White. Oh, I said a few thousand years, right?  Well, our superior White racist gene can spread through our White population much, much  faster if those of us with the superior White racist gene breed to our maximum.
"It is nature's way, man.
"Look at it this way,  Dodo Birds apparently lacked a gene that would have had them be wary of organisms unlike themselves, so they would just walk right up to humans who would often grab and cook them. They are now extinct.  Had they had the equivalent of our White racist gene, they'd more than likely still be around.  Bye bye Dodo and bye bye pitiful  Whites who lack the racism gene and who practice miscegenation and birth control.
"But, what about how most Whites used to feel about race, say a hundred years, ago?  Almost all Whites back then would be what today we call racist, right, man?  So, how come today many Whites don't still believe that racist stuff from the past?
"The answer may be that most Whites then, and also now, don't have the superior White racist gene or maybe only have one copy of it so it isn't fully expressed. 
"Such Whites are to be pitied.  They are like little children who don't see danger with their own eyes. They're also  like Dodos and  like Lemmings. They fall in with whatever is happing now in any age.  They are weak seeds with weak minds and they're easily conditioned to believe up is down or that black is white.   Back a hundred years ago, many of them  would have been racist in their surface beliefs--but not in their genetic codes--because that was what was happening then.  Today, if those very same people were now alive, many would see nothing wrong with mating with Blacks and Asians and they'd be in favor of homosexuality and whatever is happening now.
"You see, man, people like that just follow the crowd. They lack the superior White racist gene.  They are extinction walking.  They are useless bags of fertilizer on two legs.  They just easily fall in with whatever conditioning works best.  In an age when everyone smoked cigarettes, these would be the true believers in smoking.  In an age when few smoke cigarettes, these same people are the true believers in not smoking.  And, it's the same with everything else, man. They're the low I.Q. types who cluster around the center of the Bell Curve.  It's genetic with them, man.  They have the living half awake gene.
"You see how they are, right, man?  They're like the best subjects for hypnotists.  They can be easily convinced to not only accept things that are harmful for themselves, but to be the most vocal in favor of such things; or alternatively they can be convinced to go in just the opposite direction.  It just depends on their conditioning.  It is not genetic with them.  They lack a true genetic basis for their world views and beliefs--unlike us with the White racist gene.  Our views are genetically based and they're solid. Conditioning to change our views doesn't work any better on us than would conditioning to change the color of our eyes or hair. There is an authentic and physical reason for the way we think.
"Again, thank God or nature for giving us the superior White racist gene.  The future shall be ours. "


Arman, known as The Teacher, said....

"You shall not move higher to closeness with the First Cause or to become the Superman by belief alone. The Sacred White Path requires three things: Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action.  We are White by the fundamental processes of evolution and this putatively gives us Right Blood and puts us in the evolutionary position where we are  commanded to, and where we must, use our will to evolve genetically, spiritually and biologically to become a new species that is incapable of having children with those who are not our White kind and to continue evolving and expanding our kind forever along the White Path. With Right Blood comes our sacred responsibility to be the vessels that will improve and uplift life itself; genetically, spiritually and biologically, to be closer to the First Cause. This sacred responsibility put on our shoulders by the First Cause through and due to the evolutionary stage we have reached--as the distinct and unique White human kind, different from all others--puts us on a collision course with the forces of non-existence. These forces of non-existence are ultimately characterized by non-motion, cold, darkness and silence and have their corresponding  analogs in humans who are not our kind.  The forces of existence which we represent in human form are characterized by motion, warmth, light, sound. Non-existence is, when there is no action and no struggle to be.  Existence is when there is action and struggle to be and to become more."

Generally, the Teacher means this:

The Teacher  uses the term Superman (the Teacher uses the term for both male and female and in a singular, plural and collective way) in the sense that this new being is to be born of us and out of us alone and is above the present species of humans in that he  is healthier, more intelligent, has more cunning, more intuition, higher consciousness, is immune to some diseases, and  he isn't  concerned with the morals and ethics of other kinds of humans as he makes his own morals and ethics based upon his mission to expand always, contract never and to evolve ever higher. He has overcome  lesser human nature to become more.  He is less emotional and more calculating and cares only that he, and especially the DNA code he carries, shall  improve and expand to fill all of existence until it is his DNA code that wins the struggle for survival, for dominance, and for life in a higher state genetically, spiritually and biologically.  He doesn't care what other forms of humans think of him any more than he cares what a monkey might think of him and he thinks and cares not all  about other forms of humans and practices strict non-interference and indifference to these other forms of humans. He is alien to them and they are alien to him. These other forms of humans are not his kind and they are not his concern except as they may pose a danger to him, and in this case he must prevent this.  They have their destinies and he has his. The highest  purpose of  other organisms, including other forms of humans is to serve the cause of evolution,  and to help him evolve life itself, through him, ever higher.  This Superman is not the end of evolution, but is just the next step for humankind. The term Superman is often used by the Teacher and True Believers precisely because it is a loaded term, is an attention getter, and draws people to read about him. If those drawn to read about the Superman have the right make-up--the right Blood-- they may then feel called to follow the White Path upwards.  This is a good thing, because those who are evolving higher are helped when there are many others also evolving. And, to the casual reader who misunderstands the concept and plain words, let's be clear:  the Superman  cannot fly, does not have superhuman strength or abilities.  He is simply the next step up from primitive humanity and in his purest form he cannot bear children with the rest of humankind but only with his own kind.  In his best form he has subtle mutations that make him better adapted to survive our present Dark Age and breed his kind alone as he moves up the graduated scale to become more.

It needs to be emphasized that the term  Superman is used in two ways by the Teacher. The first way is to describe those among Whites now living or who have lived in the past who through the power of their minds and wills have moved higher within the present DNA code while not reaching full biological reproductive separation from other humans.  This, presumably, includes all pure Whites now living who take the White Path.  The second way the term is used is to describe the next evolutionary jump for Whites in which we have diverged enough from other kinds of humans that we do achieve full biological reproductive separation from them and will not be able to bear viable, fertile offspring with them, or they with us, and this will end the gene flow that now exists which threatens our existence as a distinct and different kind of human and which can cause our upward evolution to stop. In this second stage, our evolution will speed up as we diverge ever more and ever more quickly from other humans and eventually naturally replace them just  as present humans have replaced apes.

It should also be noted that the Teacher frequently uses "White" in describing our kind and the path up.  This is intentional and is an indication that our Whiteness is essential to us.  It is not a trifle.  And, when the Teacher uses White he means both our color and our other characteristics that make us a distinct and unique people.

And specifically, the Teacher means this about the three things required to take the path:


By Right Blood (sometimes just "Blood"), the Teacher means that we must, before all else, and as a necessary prerequisite to evolve on our revealed path, be born of a White mother and a White father who were also born of a White mother and a White father who were also born of a White mother and a White father and so on back generations.  And, the Teacher also uses the term blood to mean the DNA code that we uniquely carry which we often refer to as DNA Code A, to distinguish it from other DNA codes. The Teacher also refers to DNA Code A as the Essence.  So, it is Right Blood that is necessary and Right Blood is White Blood. Just as with a radio or an automobile or a computer, the right parts are needed.  And, DNA Code A has those right parts.  However, there is a hidden mutation called the "racist gene," (actually a part of the White DNA Code--with spiritual and biological elements--that is stronger in some of us and weaker in others) that is needed.  But, Blood, is not enough.  It is dormant unless it is activated.  Again, like a radio or automobile or a computer, blood (DNA Code A) is the hardware and it must be turned on or started up to work. The Teacher emphasizes that it is a revealed and fundamental truth that one of the signs carried on the bodies of those who have the right parts to evolve higher is White skin.  It is not a trifle as many people believe, but is absolutely essential and none but those who possess it, and the other White signs, and genetic background, have the right parts.  This is both a spiritual and a biological truth. We believe the reason we must have White skin and  Whiteness may have to do with our ability to mutate faster than others and thus undergo rapid, jump-like evolution, and that it, in purest form, is a sort of "antenna" to tune into some of the frequencies of the First Cause which permeate all of existence.


By Right Belief (sometimes just "Belief"), the Teacher means that we must believe in Whiteness and in the basic ideas that he teaches.  The Teacher says that the Teachings he gives, while given in our everyday words, are nonetheless revealed, are not the product of man and are genuine and are the only way to move forward up the path to becoming more, and to being closer to the First Cause.  Arman does say, however, that other Whiteness philosophies and religious views--even those that are atheist--that differ from the Teachings in various details but which still have at their core the essential beliefs about Whiteness and our need to expand, improve and evolve, will also help those with the Right Blood move up the path, although the path will not be as quick or as surely taken as by those who follow the Teachings and are True Believers. Proper belief about Whiteness starts the process to  turn on and  start up the machine that is our bodies. It causes us to make the right choices in life.  It starts the internal machinery of releasing hormones and chemicals to transform us.  Arman says we should be naturalists and observe nature and everything around us, because the ways of existence are there right in front of us.  Arman repeats often that a belief in Whiteness is a primary and  essential belief and such a belief is the key to understanding the big questions of existence as they relate to us.  Arman believes that the First Cause is what others may call God, and he says that our God is the God that other gods of other religions would worship if they were real.  However, Arman also says that one does not have to believe in the First Cause as a god to be a believer in the Teachings.  The truth of our DNA code--our Whiteness--exists as a reality and is not subject to belief in a god of any kind and one may simply believe in Whiteness, evolution, nature and the ways of existence and one can still take the path.


By Right Action (sometimes just "Action"), the Teacher means all the things that flow from Right Blood and Right Belief that lead us to live the way we should live and do the things we should do.  This means that we must live consciously and be aware and awake and to live White each second of each day all the days of our lives. The Teacher says that those who want to take our path must also do other specific things to help them on their way.  Among these is the bearing of spiral symbols and next to, in, or on the skin at all times and to pray morning and night.  And, by prayer, the Teacher means that one only needs to say something like "Thank you for life and for letting me live another day to do the work."  The Teacher eschews formulaic prayers for the most part. The heads of believers both male and female should be covered during prayers.

What are some of the actions and ways of life that the Teacher teaches?  He teaches that we must avoid all miscegenation with any non-Whites. That we must purify our DNA code. That we must have large families.  That we must avoid alcohol, drugs and other substances that can cause us harm, and we must avoid danger that might harm us or shorten our lives or keep  us from breeding to our fullest.  That we must not use birth control, that we must separate from the world of others, as best we can, even if we can only separate psychologically and socially right where we live, that we must be self-supporting and self-actualized and responsible, that we must not mix with other kinds, that we must hold the right thoughts, that we must help others of our kind but no other kinds, that we must method live--that is, that we must imitate the next step for man--the way actors take on roles. The Teacher calls this technique "method living."  If we are to become more, we must believe the part, look the part,  live the part, act the part, dress the part,  and we must never be out of character even for a minute.  This helps our minds release the right chemicals and energies to help us transform.  Correct actions help correct beliefs charge the correct blood in a constantly spiraling feedback loop in which each of the three raise the level of the others. Actions are more important than specific beliefs, but the right actions are dependent on having the right general beliefs.  One must live our faith.

The Teacher says that any of our kind who wish to follow the  Path can do so just by doing so.  They do not need to be validated or be given permission by anyone, including Arman. Each of us has the power within us.  Each of us is in charge of himself or herself.  We believe in the power of One. Each of us is One. Do not wait for others or for a crowd of believers to form in which you can hide.   It is up to you.  Not tomorrow, but right now, today and every day..  One simply needs to learn as much as one can about our ways and follow them, quietly and privately or more publicly if one so desires.  We believe in not being strident or pushy about our beliefs, but we also believe that it is important for us to gently expose our ways to those who have not yet awakened so that they may, in their own time, understand that this is the way of existence for our kind alone and it is the way to eternal life through our DNA Code A and the way to enlightenment and spiritual and physical holiness.

About Arman

Arman is a White male who started receiving revelations/inspiration after an unusual incident that happened when he was a teen. At that time, Arman was standing in a small rural and deserted field near some woods and a  stream on the edge of a small town when some unusually dark, low, and fast moving storm clouds suddenly moved over the field and Arman's head.  As Arman looked up at the clouds, an almost perfect circle opened above his head and a beam of  light, that looked like sunlight, shone through onto Arman.  At the very moment the clouds opened, Arman heard the sound of what seemed to be an ever increasing chorus of what eventually sounded like hundreds of voices singing with increasing intensity in what may have been a  language, but he did not recognize it and says that he's not sure it was a language at all.  He says it sounded like voices being used almost as though they were musical instruments and they seemed to be repeating a simple unknown phrase or series of musical notes or sounds over and over but with increasing intensity and building towards a crescendo. The voices singing were unusual in that it was hard to tell if they were male or female.   Then, the clouds closed and at that very moment the sound of the voices also stopped.  Arman believes that either something was planted in his mind during that incident or that something was opened or activated in his mind or his DNA.  Nothing exactly like that has ever happened to Arman again, but he believes that whatever did happen during that experience set him on a particular path to teach a message that has gradually unfolded over the years.  Was it a UFO?  Arman has stated that he never saw or heard anything in the sky other than the clouds, the light and the singing.  He has also said that there were no nearby homes, buildings, cars or people that might have produced the singing.  Arman did not and does not use drugs or alcohol so they weren't a factor.  He has never had any sort of brain injury and he has never been diagnosed with any mental or emotional problems or mental  illness and has always functioned completely normally in society.  So, being a rational person, Arman says that he simply doesn't really know the source of what happened on that day and usually leaves it at that and simply tells the facts as he experienced them. Arman does say, however, that he believes what happened to him was caused ultimately by what he calls the First Cause, whether working directly or indirectly.

As a matter of record about Arman and his Whiteness: Arman has blue eyes and had blond hair as a child. In addition to genealogical research conducted by Arman's family  that shows he and his family are of Northern European descent with no Jewish blood, Arman took a DNA test that confirms he is of 100% non-Jewish White European descent. The DNA test revealed that he is about 42% descended from the British Isles with the rest from various other northern European nations including, but not limited to, France and Germany.
#                                               #                                                                                                        #                                                                                                                #


You know, man, most of my early years, I just drifted.  I had no idea about the big picture of existence and my place in it.  I didn't see the patterns that start with invisible vibrations, frequencies, waves and then sub-atomic particles, atoms and  molecules and right up to our everyday reality and the magnificent beauty of existence and how it all fits together.  Then, I stumbled upon Arman's Teachings and it all made sense. I was awe struck and I never again even looked at water draining from my bathroom sink without seeing spinning galaxies and hurricanes and all the rest of existence.  To say that I am in a state of constant joyous wonder at just being alive and having a direction, a purpose and a meaning is an understatement. I don't even like to go to sleep at night, because I'm so overjoyed at life as I now see it and want to experience everything and keep doing the Lord's work.

Everything in existence is spinning, turning, spiraling.  Even in rocks, the atoms and subatomic particles are doing this.  The constant spinning, turning, spiraling are essential to existence and there is no existence without it. And, because of the spinning, turning, spiraling, there is constant change; and change is the definition of evolution.

In the bigger sphere, we see cosmic evolution and here on Earth we see organic evolution. They are part of the same thing. We are part of cosmic evolution, man, and it will continue on whether we know it or not.   But, here's the thing:  Arman says that we Whites--due to the way we have evolved--and the particular DNA code that we have acquired through our evolution, are now at the point in our evolution that we must consciously work to evolve  in the best direction for ourselves.  To not do this is to throw the dice and risk going extinct.  No other people are at this point, man.  The evolutionary elevator has put us at the point where we must now consciously act--where we must burn calories and use our brains and our bodies--to go higher.  And, we must do this alone as the distinct people we are and leave the other kinds on the floors below where they must face their own destinies which are different from ours.  We cannot help them.  If we try, we will share their fate and become as them and we will die off.  We must be indifferent to them and not interfere in their fates.  We are on our own.  We Whites are alone. We are a different kind and we are on our way to becoming an even more different kind if we follow the right path.  If we follow the wrong path, we will blend back in with the darker masses of humans from whom we evolved, and then we will become extinct.  Here's something else, man, our White skin and our other racial characteristics are absolutely essential to our evolution along the right path. Yup, our evolution is not only spiritual, it's also physical.

Arman's Teachings take up hundreds, maybe thousands of pages, and not everyone wants to read that much. Besides, many of the Teachings just expand on and clarify a few basic concepts, so here, off the top of my head, and as best as I understand them,  are the very basic ideas of this religious philosophy and system in a much abbreviated fashion.  Any of our kind are welcome to follow our beliefs.  There's nothing to join. You don't send money to anyone. No one tells you what to do. You just believe and live as we live.  We put much stock in the individual --in the One--and in individual responsibility, individual freedom and individual initiative, and all who believe are equal to all others who believe.  We are peaceful, non-violent and law abiding and treat all others as we want to be treated.  We love and have great joy in life, and it is death that we hate. Life is existence. Death is non-existence.  Again, we are indifferent to other peoples and do not interfere in their business or fates and we demand the same courtesy.

Many of the things in the Teachings may already be believed by others of our kind, because most of the Teachings are just common sense to those with a higher level of White consciousness. However, even in those common sense things, the Teachings scratch the surface more and go deeper into explaining why we believe them.  For example, the Teachings go into detail about the science of how and why we have evolved and why we must remain separate and isolated. In doing so, the Teachings mostly give solid, scientifically valid, answers that do not require blind belief. Using our reason and our intelligence are important to us.

Anyway, man, I'm already talking too much.  Here are some of the things I believe and the way I live and these are based on Arman's Teachings.

GOD--We usually use the term First Cause. The First Cause was what brought existence into being and maintains it.  He/It is ineffable and beyond our comprehension. We often use the terms "nature," or "ways of existence" as synonyms. We use spinning, spiraling symbols--primarily the 6-armed fylfot in different forms, but also representations of DNA and spirals-- to represent the First Cause and His/Its attributes, and we  believe we must have at least one of these symbols on or next to our skin at all times.  We say that our God is the God your god would worship if your god were real. We say that the First Cause is ever expanding and is filling the nothingness with His/Its somethingness and we are part of that. In addition to the symbols we use, we also use a fire, a candle or even a light bulb burning all the time to represent the First Cause putting forth effort to exist and defeat the darkness of non-existence.  We see the spinning forms as the engines of creation, maintenance, and destruction.

THE GROUND OF EXISTENCE--All the usually unseen things that build the framework and which underlie our everyday world. Vibrations, frequencies, waves, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc.

EVOLUTION--A reality.  It is inherent in existence. Existence requires movement. Movement means change. Change is evolution. Cosmic and organic evolution are essential to the Teachings.

HUMANS--An organism that evolved as a result of the basic forces of evolution starting with the first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that make up life.

WHITE PEOPLE--A race or subspecies of humans that has branched off from other humans and which has the potential to evolve into a new species no longer capable of bearing children with the rest of humanity if certain conditions are met--most importantly, avoiding all gene flow.  It is our purpose and our religious duty to so evolve. We believe we must stay as separate and isolated as possible from those who are not our kind. We often refer to White people as "our kind," and we define this to mean one who is born of two White parents. This is essential to our system, because one must be born with the same "parts" as us to be us.  One of our sayings is:  "Blood, Belief, Action."  And, without Blood the other two are as meaningless and useless as a radio that is missing the right parts. We encourage our kind to embrace their true genetic identity as they were born to be and to connect with like minded people of our kind whether they exactly follow our ways or some other ways that will help with the survival and expansion of White people worldwide.  We believe we must live long, happy lives and not put ourselves in danger for false causes. 

CHILDREN--The most important thing that any individual of our kind can do is to have as many children of our kind as possible.  This is an individual responsibility as we are not born as couples.  We are born as individuals. Another of our sayings is: "Nature screams out to every type of organism: Make More Like Yourself; Expand always, contract never." We believe nature has put a clock in our DNA that is there for our long term survival and evolution that tells us when to start having children and when to stop.  We don't even have to think about these things as nature automatically starts and stops us in this. We believe we live on in the children we produce, so long as those children are our kind, and that our survival, our expansion and our evolution requires that we have as many children of our kind as possible.  Anything that keeps us from having as many children as possible is evil.

DNA CODE--A deeper understanding of our belief in having as many children as possible in our image is found in our belief in the DNA code. We  call the code to make White people, CODE A, to distinguish it from other DNA codes. This is the "Blood," in our saying "Blood, Belief, Action." The most essential part of any living organism is the DNA code, and it is different in different organisms and even in different individuals within a group. It is even different in identical twins. We believe it is the individual responsibility of each of our kind, both male and female to expand their DNA code by having as many of our kind of children as possible.  We often say that like snowflakes, each one of us is different, but we are all snowflakes if we are our kind.

HOW WE LIVE--We live like everyone else, but we try to mind our own business and not interfere in the destinies of people unlike us, and we prefer plain, form follows function, comfortable, loose, dark  clothes usually of cotton or some cloth that can be washed with soap and water, and relatively simple living styles while not denying our senses, our personal freedoms and our happiness.  We try to do good and avoid evil.  We try to speak softly and we try to be respectful of all life. We just quietly believe and live our lives and don't bother anyone or force our beliefs on anyone else. Our main form or worship is living right, having children, and bearing the symbols. The most orthodox among us often cover their heads--sometimes with a brimless sort of black skull cap or even a cloth that often covers the whole head almost to the top of the ears (don't confuse this with skullcaps of other religions). We live with great joy at the very wonderfulness of life itself and we sometimes describe ourselves (no matter how old or how young we are) as the people of spring or as the new people.  It is said that we live our beliefs each and every day as our primary form of worship. Many of us do not wear our faith on our arms or act stridently in its expansion, but simply live the Teachings quietly.  What we believe is no one's business unless we want to share our beliefs.

RITES AND SUCH--We say a simple "Thank you for letting me live another day," or something similar, morning and night and focus on the sacred symbols including the fylfot, spirals and representations of DNA. Believers may join together for studying the Teachings and for more formal rites. Some of us believe in having a candle or a fire or even a light bulb lit all the time as a representation of the First Cause "eating" the darkness and non-existence.
SENSE OF AWE AND WONDER--The more we learn from science about the cosmos, evolution and nature, the more in awe and the greater the sense of wonder that we have for existence and the more thankful we are in being part of the process and for knowing our purpose and our direction and for being able to compete and struggle to get to the top of the pile of life. Our beliefs and true science are never in conflict.

OUR PURPOSE AND DIRECTION--To evolve ever higher along a White only path and to never stop evolving so that we may fill all of existence with ourselves and our DNA code.

NATION--We carry our nation in our DNA code.  This is where our loyalty lies. We have a dream that one day we will be able to have our exclusive landed nations--or entire worlds--where only our kind can live and that such nations will be the hubs of our future expansion, as the new kind, and places where we can live in peace and not be victimized by those who hate us and who want to harm us.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER 'WHITE' RELIGIONS--We wish them well and we see them as our brothers and sisters.  At the very core of those we know about, we see similar beliefs as ours, i.e. they believe that White people must survive as White people.  One difference we have from some of them is our concept of God (as the First Cause), which we believe is, among other things, important psychologically and as the ender of all arguments.  We know that some other conscious Whites reject the idea of God and dismiss the concept as a fairy tale, but in our belief system we accept the idea that there was a First Cause of existence--a One. You can call it God or you can call it the natural workings of nature.  It doesn't matter to us.  And, we also accept that there was a first DNA molecule of life--a One.  This idea of a One is important to our belief system and we believe that each believing individual is a One--a person who is spreading his or her particular version of Code A by having children.  Everything begins with a One that takes some action and which is a cause that brings about some effect.  We sometimes use the example of the Hass Avocado as a way to explain the importance of One.  As you may know, all the millions of Hass Avocado trees now alive all came from One mutant tree found in California in 1926. Each One of us is a potential new Adam or a new Eve that may have the evolutionary changes that will ensure our survival, our expansion and our evolution.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER WHITES WITH A WHITE SENSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS--We also think of them as our brothers and sisters and will never publicly criticize such Whites, who may not share all of our beliefs but who do share our most foundational beliefs that Whites need to survive, Whites need to expand our kind by having many more White children, and Whites need to evolve.  There is an obvious and desirous overlap between our religious views and the views of Whites who have reached a higher level of consciousness but who channel their activities into political and social avenues.  They are our kind, because at the heart of their and our Teachings is the unshakeable belief that it is our DNA code that is most important; and if these other high consciousness Whites don't use our terms, they are still  essentially saying the same things as we Teach.

RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER PEOPLES--We are indifferent to them.  We do not interfere with them.  We treat them with respect when they treat us with respect, but we do not mix or mingle with them when we can avoid doing so.  We mind our own business and we expect them to mind theirs.  They have their ways and we have ours. They have their identities and we have ours.  We do not impose our will, our values or  our ways on them, and we do not want them to impose their will, their values or their ways on us.  We are a different kind, and we must remain so for all times. We sometimes use the terms Noster Genus (Our Kind), Novum Genus (New kind), or Alia Genus (Different kind) to describe ourselves and our belief system.  We do not want to rule over them or have them be as us.  We want to go our own way and we want they to go their own way. To repeat: Indifference and non-interference.
#                                          #                                                       #


Axiom 1:   We are the outward manifestation of our DNA codes. They are one with us.Axiom 2:   We must survive to breed to expand our DNA codes.Axiom 3:   If we breed only with our own kind, we survive the death of our bodies by living on in our progeny.Axiom 4:   All DNA codes are programmed to compete and to expand their kind in an attempt to dominate all niches.Axiom 5:   Human races are naturally, automatically and subconsciously competing with each other to become the only human type.Axiom 6:   Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose.Axiom 7:   Nature screams out to all forms of life: "Make more like yourself.  This is your primary purpose."

If your happiness is based on unnatural values--values that are harmful to your DNA code, then you are either improperly programmed, stupid or insane.  This is so, because before all else in life comes the need of self-preservation and your personal survival.

What do you care for any values if you are not alive?  The only values that matter are those that help you survive so that you may live as long as possible to  breed as many more like yourself as possible in order that the  quantity of your particular  and collective White DNA code expands to swamp and replace all other competing DNA codes and becomes the dominant DNA code.

Without your personal survival and the expansion of your DNA code there is nothing for you.

All is non-existence to the dead, the non-breeding and White miscegenationists.
So, for example, when you hear about weak seed, pathologically altruistic, herd Whites bounding off to darkest Africa to help Black people survive, you can be sure that you are witnessing the acts of the improperly programmed, the stupid or the insane.

In helping those unlike themselves survive, those weak seed, short sighted,  White idiots full of misplaced compassion are helping their genetic enemies. They are, whether they're smart enough to realize it or not, helping their genetic enemies survive to  reproduce and  make more like themselves and thus create even more competition for Whites.

Have no doubt about it, these weak seed, insane, sick, herd Whites are helping an inimical and competing DNA code, that is programmed by nature to seek to destroy them and dominate the world (as are all DNA codes) and get a leg up on their own White DNA code.

And it is in this way that we must think of ourselves and other human types--as DNA codes.  Non-Whites have alien (to us) DNA codes that are competing with our own collective White DNA code. This way of thinking--in terms of DNA codes--puts things in proper perspective and lets us understand that the ultimate value of a person is in the DNA code, but since the DNA code and that person are one and are inseparable, we also value the person.  The person must do what is right as far as surviving, breeding and living a long life because this benefits the DNA code, and the DNA code, by expanding, benefits the person.

It is always the DNA code that we must focus on if we are to understand the purpose of all life and our place in existence.

Understanding the primacy of the DNA code helps us to adopt the right values and ethics and understand what is important and what is not important.  For example, many young Whites are manipulated into going to war for mixed nations because they have internalized a jingoistic view of "their nation" as somehow being who and what they are.  They mistakenly find their identity in an artificial and mixed nation.

Once, such an identity may have made sense. That was before mass transportation brought millions on non-Whites to White lands.  Now, it is only a White fool who finds his identity in a racially mixed nation.  Going to war and risking the death of the DNA code you carry to support a mixed nation is insane.  If you die in battle without ever having children, you have just wiped out your particular strain of our common White DNA code and we have lost you forever.  And, why did you die? To help people unlike you with DNA codes unlike yours survive so they can outbreed your own kind.  Insane, insane, insane.  And, also very sad.  Your true nation is found in your DNA code.  Its constitution and laws are written there.  It is what you owe your loyalty to.  Your only moral war is one that protects, preserves, advances your White DNA code.  It is the only thing worth fighting for or risking your life for. Period.

Your White DNA code is one with you and your essential Whiteness (meaning, here, all the characteristics that make a White person a White person).  Your Whiteness is your nation.  It is your identity.  It is what you owe your loyalty to.

Whites need to stop seeing all humans as being like us.  This is an absurd view. All humans are not like us. Your eyes aren't lying when they send signals to your brain saying non-Whites are not Whites. Whites are a  branching off from the trunk of mankind due to the fundamental forces of evolution.  We are a separate people on our way to being a new species of human.  This speciation is our highest possible destiny, but it is not guaranteed.  It requires that we breed only with our own kind so that there is no gene transfer from other kinds and it requires that we go even further than this and remain separate and isolated from other kinds as much as possible.  Not all White family lines now alive will reach this highest possible destiny of speciation and they will fall back into the masses of mankind and be blended back in.  Their White family lines will then be as extinct as the family lines of the Germans who tried to start a colony in Jamaica many years ago and who engaged in miscegenation. The result is that the German colony has now become a group of Black people with German surnames, but no German genes left.

We have to change and rid ourselves of many false beliefs and values that have been layered on over our people like a cheap coat of paint.  We need to sand and grind away those layers of cheap paint to get to the real us.  One thing we need to do is rid  ourselves of the Jewish cult of Christianity, which is just Judaism light.  It is the death of our kind.  It has values that put us at a survival disadvantage.  Turn the other cheek?  Absurd! Altruism for those unlike us? Absurd!  Love all mankind? Absurd?

And, so it goes with that religion that is not right for us and which is not in tune with our genetic nature.

We need to adopt particularistic views and rid ourselves of universalist ones.  What is good for our kind is good.  What is bad for our kind is bad.  And, we need to be indifferent to the problems of peoples unlike us and not interfere in their paths or destinies.  Let nature work as it will with them.  Remember, they are our competition.  They may not know it, but they carry a program in their genes that wants them to compete better than us and replace us and take over all of our lands and force us to go extinct.  This doesn't require conscious intent on their part anymore than a virus needs conscious intent to kill us.  It is  just part of the way life evolves to find the fittest.

We Whites are a particular people living in a sea of others.  We must look out for our own and stop thinking that everyone is the same as us; they are not.  We must will our  survival, our expansion, and our evolution higher and we must make sure by using our brains, our reason and our intuition that we are the fittest and that we come out on top in the long view of existence.

We must think long term and not falsely believe that we are doing good if we help those unlike us in the here and now.  We must use our reason to extrapolate into the future the harm that today's help may cause our kind tomorrow.  So, the foolish among us may feed some starving Africans who nature would have killed off.  Those they saved from starvation then breed more and in some future time their ancestors may kill off Whites either directly through violence or through bedroom genocide as their DNA code struggles to replace our DNA code.  In the end those weak seed Whites who didn't let nature run its course with non-Whites and who thought they were doing good, actually did evil and caused harm to Whites.  Practice indifference and non-interference regarding all non-Whites.  They are not our kind.  They are not our responsibility. They have their destiny and we have ours.
#                                                  #                                                                                #

The Way of Nature For Survival For Certain Species

Axiom 1:  We are not born as couples.  We are born as individuals.

Axiom 2: Nature commands of every individual: Expand your particular DNA code by making more like yourself.

Axiom 3: Making more like yourself is an individual responsibility.

Axiom 4: Those who do as nature commands and who do expand and make more like themselves, are the evolutionarily fittest.

Axiom 5:  Those who do not do as nature commands and who do not expand their DNA code by making more like themselves are dead ends and have failed nature's most basic purpose and command.
#                                        #                                      #

I'm an individual human being. I am also a White human being.  I was born the same way as all other human beings.  No other human beings have any more rights than I have.  As long as I don't harm others, no other human beings have the right to tell me how to live, who to associate with, what to think, what to believe, what I can and cannot read or do, what I can say or not say. They are not superior in rights to me.   This is what it means to be a free human being.  Anything less than this is not freedom, it is oppression, tyranny and slavery.
It is obscene that we White people have to put up with non-White crime and social problems. And, even more, it is absurd that all humans are lumped together as though we are all the same.  We are not all the same. We look different externally, and we have different DNA codes internally.  We are different peoples.  The human races are groups within the human species that have started to branch off and to become separate species if certain conditions are met.  And, this is as it should be.  This is the way of existence. We should not be forced to blend together, but should be allowed to evolve as we determine is best for each of us individually and as groups of like individuals.  Blending all human races together will not improve the species, it will force it down to the lowest common denominator.
Racial integration is a failure. Racial diversity is a failure.  Multiculturalism is a failure. These only bring non-White crime, social problems and miscegenation to once safe and, yes, pure White communities.  And, Whites are not only victimized physically by these failed social experiments, but we are also victimized by being made to pay for services and benefits for people unlike us. To be racially sensitive and not "racist" we Whites are expected to just accept being made into second class citizens and give up college seats and job opportunities and promotions to less qualified non-Whites.  We are expected to bend over backwards to understand and be sensitive to the needs of people unlike us.  This is stupid.  We Whites shouldn't waste one second of our time or burn one calorie in such efforts.  There is no profit in this for us. Non-Whites are not our kind.  They are not our people.  We owe them nothing, other than leaving them alone to their own separate destinies.
As it is now, we Whites must pay for the welfare and medical care and housing and much more for non-Whites and we must hire more police and pay for them to keep non-Whites from attacking and murdering us since we have been forced to accept them into our communities.  The ant and the grasshopper fable comes to mind, but tenfold, as we, the industrious White ants have been forced to accept the non-White grasshoppers into our ant communities as equals.  The result is harmful to us. Even if some groups of non-Whites aren't a direct problem, they are still not our kind and don't belong in our communities.
Whites should only have to put up with the crime and social problems of our own people.  We, as White individuals, have a natural right, just by having been born, to be as we are born to be, and to pursue happiness as we define it, and to choose to mix or not mix with any other humans as we alone decide is in our best interest, and to be the free human beings that nature has made us to be. And, this right that we have as White individuals extends to those who are most like us--other Whites.  Yes, we Whites are different from other kinds of humans as they are different from us. There is not a one size fits all human being.
The laws that we Whites have written over the years  are based on the innate outward manifestations and expressions of the White genetic code that makes us the people that we are.  They pretty much work for us, as a separate people living among our own kind, but they fail to work in racially blended societies.  We Whites, for example, can expect certain levels of violent crime from our own people and our laws are written to protect us from these crimes of our own kind.  However, the crime levels of some other types of humans--Blacks and Browns, in particular-- are naturally far higher  from our own levels, and our laws do not protect us fully from these higher levels of violent crime brought into our White communities by non-Whites.  The laws that most of us Whites naturally obey, but which the non-Whites don't, often work to actually put us in more danger.
Our laws, our constitution, our mores and ways were designed for us, by us and they're about us--and they do not always fit with other peoples.  Why? Because, they are different from the ground on up, and trying to force them to be like us oppresses both them and us  and it stunts our own development and robs us of our human sovereignty and right to be as we want to be and of the right to pursue happiness as we choose and the right to be around those we want to be around and not be around those we don't want to be around
Now, even many of the weakest seed Whites in society acknowledge that we humans come in different flavors.  After all, even they have eyes to see, so they're pretty much forced to admit differences.  So far, so good.  Then, common sense falls apart, because many of them then try to deny that there are internal differences also.  And, as they do that, some among them also try to deny the significance of the external differences and they foolishly try to deny that violent crime levels and social dysfunction levels are color coded. Some of these weak seed Whites suffer from cognitive dissonance and jump through hoops trying to reconcile the high Black violent crime rate with their false belief that Blacks are the same as Whites except for different paint jobs.  One can almost imagine some of the weak seed Whites having smoke coming from their ears as they say "Will not compute, will not compute," as they try to reconcile the facts of the real world with their ingrained false views, as though they're robots in a cheap science fiction movie.
Let's be very clear about this. Non-Whites are not Whites.  They look different because they are different.  They have different internal codes than Whites just as they have different external appearances.  This is true no matter what some dimwitted  weak seed politicians and elites try to tell us and force on us.
We Whites are a White people inside and outside and we have a God (or nature, if you prefer) given right  to our freedom as the sovereign individuals that we are.  We are no one's slaves.  No human or group of humans have the right to keep us from being ourselves and living our lives as we want among our own kind. We are living, breathing human beings with every right to be as we were born to be and with every right to associate with or not associate with others as we alone choose.  No one has a right to herd us together with other types of humans if we don't want to be so herded or so lumped.  They are not our kind, and intelligent, conscious Whites are aware of this fact.  We have the right to be free from non-White violent crime, non-White social problems and free from non-Whites altogether.  Let them have their ways, and we'll have ours.  Don't try to lump us together under some artificial national label.  The most authentic label that we have is the one we were born with:  White people.  We are our genes and our genes are us.
No one has the right to have us sacrifice our safety, our pursuit of happiness and our very existence in order to please people unlike us.  We do not have to please them at all.  We also do not have to support them, or take a back seat so they can have the front seat, or give up our dreams of college and better jobs because they are admitted or promoted based on their dark skin color.  We do not need to sacrifice ourselves, our children, our jobs our future, at all.  We have a right to be and to be more and we need to assert these rights in every way big and small or we're going to continue to be victimized and picked off one by one.
Non-Whites are not our responsibility. We owe them absolutely nothing. Again, they are not our kind.  They are a burden to us.  We do not have to carry such a burden.  We have enough burdens of our own to carry.
We Whites have a right to self-identification, self-determination, self-destiny and a whole lot of other  positive "self" combinations.
We can't continue trying to fit non-Whites into a White society.  They don't fit into ours and we don't fit into theirs.  We know who we are and many of us want to stay with  our own kind.
We have a right to  be White, to think White, to stay White, to evolve White.  And, we don't need anyone's permission to be as we were born to be.
#                                                #                                                      #


THE EAGLE swooped down and said to the Cockroach, “You are a despicable creature and you are hated by humans. You live everywhere, you eat anything, and you breed like crazy.
“I, on the other hand, am loved by humans. I am so noble and beautiful that many humans use me as a symbol for themselves and their nations.”
The Cockroach replied, “I don’t care what humans think of me. They are not my kind. I don’t exist for their pleasure. You think you’re noble and above me in the big scheme of things? You’re a fool. You and your kind are dying out. You only eat certain things. You only live in certain places. You don’t breed enough. You are not a symbol worth copying. You are death walking.
“All individuals die. I will die. You will die. The difference is, Mr. Big Shot Eagle, that I will live on in the many offspring that I have brought into the world who have my DNA Code within them. When you die, you will cease to exist and your DNA Code will die with you. You might as well not have lived at all.
“However, it is not you or I as the individuals that we see every day in our normal lives that are most important, Mr. Eagle. It is, in the first instance, the Core DNA Code within that is truly important. It is the Core DNA Code that has transformed so-called non-living minerals into what we know as life. All life is the manifestation of the Core DNA Code and its particular variants that make each of us different in our everyday reality. So, in the second instance, what is truly important to each form of life is its particular variant of the Cord DNA Code. Your DNA Code variant makes you a particular type of Eagle, mine makes me a Cockroach.
“Some particular DNA Code variants produce dead-end creatures like you, Mr. Eagle, who have specific adaptations, and such creatures are always on the verge of dying out as we live in a dynamic universe where everything changes because everything is moving. Such creatures cannot compete when changes happen.
“And, some particular DNA Code variants produce dead-end creatures like my kind who have general adaptations. Now, bear with me, Mr. Eagle, and I will explain why we are both dead-enders in our own ways. It is a sad knowledge that I possess for both of us.
“We Cockroaches do eat just about anything (and relish it all) and we do live just about anywhere (and are very comfortable) and we do produce many more just like us (gotta love those children) as we expand our particular DNA code. We are the survivors, but we are also trapped, Mr. Eagle. You and your kind are losers because you cannot genetically adapt to ever-changing conditions so you can survive and prosper. We Cockroaches, on the other hand, are losers precisely because we can survive without having to genetically adapt. You see the problem, do you not? No? Well, I will explain in due course
“Now, Mr. Eagle, you spoke of humans, so here’s something about them and especially about White humans. Many of them are ignorant of the ways of existence, and they, like you, fail to see that they must adapt and they must breed like us Cockroaches if they are to survive as a distinct life form and if they are to ever fulfill their highest possible destiny which, ironically, is to go extinct as they are now and to become a new species of human that is incapable of breeding with the other kinds of humans that still walk the Earth long after they would have died off had White humans not intervened to feed them and to medicate them and take care of them, just as they are taking care of you and your kind, Mr. Eagle.
“We Cockroaches know, with a cosmic sadness, that while we have survived for millions of years pretty much unchanged, that we are not the end all and be all of evolution, and it is precisely because we haven’t had to change that is our problem. We are both trapped, Mr. Eagle. Your kind will die out. My kind will continue to live, but we won’t evolve. We’re perfect as we are. We long for challenges that will force our particular DNA Code to change in order for us to survive so that we can become more, so that we will become more intelligent and more conscious, but we continue to meet all challenges without evolving. It is sad, in the long run.
“You see, Mr. Eagle, evolution requires change, not stability. Mr. Eagle, you will go extinct — truly extinct — because you are not able to evolve to meet changing conditions because of your special adaptations. And, we Cockroaches will not go extinct, for the same reason — we cannot change to a higher form, because we are perfectly capable of meeting most changes in the environment just as we are.
“But, back to White humans, Mr. Eagle. The hope of expanding and improving their particular DNA Code lies with those few White humans, who have the so-called ‘racist gene’ and the brains to understand these things and who can consciously adapt and evolve if they do the right things. It is this sub-set of White humans — the ones with the so-called racist gene — who will break out of the trap and who will will their own evolution, and who will go extinct as they are so that they can transform themselves into a new species that is just a little bit stronger, a little bit healthier, and a little bit smarter than other humans.
“You see, the White humans with the so-called racist gene have already started changing from other White people. They have a mutated gene that will lead to other mutations, and if they breed like us Cockroaches, they will spread their mutations to other White family lines. Oh, they look just like other White humans, but that’s the way it is with most mutations — they are subtle and often internal, but they are also very real. Their major survival advantage is that their racist gene helps them avoid miscegenation and even close contact with darker humans. These mutations are changing the particular DNA Code that they have just a few letters at a time, but the ramifications are going to be Earth-shattering if all goes as we Cockroaches believe they will in the fullness of time.
“And, these few ones, the White ones with the so-called racist gene — have the power to bring about their own further mutations. They have a plasticity of their DNA Code that is part of their mutation, and they just need the information on how to use that plasticity to make the right changes. They need to know how to use their minds to will their own evolution in the right direction.
“It is these White humans, the ones with the so-called racist gene, that are on the threshold to a new type of human that will be born from them. These new humans, this new species, will eat just about anything, live just about anywhere, and they will breed their kind like we Cockroaches breed our kind — but the difference is that they will be able to use their brains to keep evolving ever higher.
“You look at me, Mr. Eagle, and wonder how I know these things about Destiny, and I say to you, there is more to existence than you or I will ever understand, but I tell you that what I know, I know, and it is true and this knowledge comes from that which brought somethingness to the nothingness and which programmed that first molecule of DNA — that cornucopia of life itself — to endlessly and tirelessly bring forth and tinker with life in order to eventually fill all of existence with a life form that understands the meaning of existence and which is the master of all of existence and which is as a god to creatures that have not evolved to such a level.”

#                                #                                #
TOWARDS A NEW MORALITY                                                             
 In our belief system for ourselves alone, our thinking on morality is based on the belief that each of us as White individuals must multiply and expand our particular DNA Code to its maximum during our lifetimes.

In what follows, you can substitute "God" or the "First Cause" for "nature" and vice versa.

The DNA Code
We believe that what is most essential in each individual is his or her DNA Code and that we, as the individuals we see in the mirror, are the means to the spread of that internal DNA Code.  It would be an error in thinking, however, to believe that we--who we see in the mirror-- are nothing but robots who exist for the pleasure of some internal "being" that orders us about.  We and our DNA Code are one, and are inseparable, and the DNA Code is not a separate being and is not capable of thinking or willing anything.  The Basic Core DNA Code that we believe is the same in all life is, speaking metaphorically, like a tiny machine that has been programmed to constantly, endlessly, and tirelessly, make more like itself by tinkering, changing and modifying the add-ons to the Basic Core DNA Code.  We as humans and specifically as White humans are examples of those add-ons as are all other forms of life, and each form of life has its own particular DNA Code surrounding the Basic Core DNA Code.  We call our White subspecies DNA Code, Code A.

The basics
As you read on, remember that humans have 46 chromosomes with about 3.1 billion combinations of the four letters of DNA--A,T,C,G (think of them as genetic  playing cards)--and about 20,000 genes.  When we are conceived, we  get 23 chromosomes from our father and 23 from our mother. That means a child will receive approximately  1.5 billion genetic playing cards from the father and 1.5 billion from the mother and in those genetic playing cards will be  10,000 genes from the father and 10,000 from the mother.  If the father and mother are of the same subspecies (subspecies is a better term for race), and in our case this means if both parents are White, that child will be fully of that subspecies.  If the father and mother are not of the same subspecies, that child will be mixed.

Remember, also, that It takes two White parents to produce a new White child.  A White person and a person from any other subspecies cannot produce a White child. Why?  Simply because that child will never have the full complement of White chromosomes and genes.  Remember, it takes 46 White chromosomes to make a new White child and every child gets 23 chromosomes from each parent.

Our internal clocks
Nature has set things up so that females of our species can only get pregnant about once every year.  And, nature has also set it up so that our females usually only produce one child at a time.  A female's internal clock starts young and runs out fairly young. That's one of the reasons why females of our species mature faster than males--to increase their child bearing years so they can produce the maximum number of children. The other reason why human females mature faster than males is that her eggs get old as she ages and they are better when they are fresh.

Men, on the other hand, can impregnate several women a day every day of the year. Men can also produce children late into life as their internal clock keeps running until they die. Nature is a frugal inventor and just as it has designed females in a certain way with a certain internal clock in order for the species to survive and expand to its maximum, it has also designed males with certain other attributes to also help the species survive and expand, but more of this below.

If we followed  nature's way, with nature's true morality, we would not have males tied to a female's internal clock, which is exactly what happens in a traditional one man, one woman marriage.

So, either nature is wrong about how humans should make more like themselves, or we humans are wrong.   In fact, it is we humans who are wrong with our artificial morality. We have arrogantly overruled nature's  survival and evolution methods that nature has engineered for our species.  Instead of maximizing our reproduction, as nature intends, we have minimized it. This artificial morality  holds down our birthrate and is a prescription for our extinction.  In fact, this one man, one woman morality has been going on for so long that many humans incorrectly think it is natural.  It isn't.   In our world today, we're seeing a similar attempt to overrule nature as humans begin accepting homosexuality and homosexual marriage as normal.  Normal?  This is absurd. How can anyone think homosexuality is normal?  Such relationships produce no children.  And, nature screams out  to go forth and multiply your kind.  That's why we have males and females.

Sperm and eggs
But there's more to this that needs to be understood.  In our  species, men constantly produce new sperm, while a woman produces her life time's worth of eggs just once and then automatically rations them out each month unless she's pregnant, and then, in this case, the rationing stops until after she gives birth and then the eggs start being rationed out again. 

Because of the constantly produced new sperm, changes can and do occur in the sperm caused by everything from temperature in the environment, to cosmic rays, and even emotional pressures of the world around the man, such as wars and other situations, both external and internal, that cause the man's brain to have various stresses and  reactions which in turn cause his body to release hormones differently, which then affect the sperm. It is these changes in the sperm that bring in most mutations in our species.  That is why men produce sperm all the time and until they die of old age; to allow for changes in the species as changes in the world happen so that the species can adapt genetically and survive.  The goal of nature is to bring forth a new life that is ready for the way the world is when the child is born.  But, too many changes, too fast,  could have a deleterious effect on the species, because some of the changes in the world might just be temporary, and will change back to the way it was before; so a woman's eggs provide a check on the changes and  give stability to the species.  After all, we wouldn't want to have our children develop thick pelts of fur after just one aberrant and especially cold winter.

To put all of this in slightly different terms, nature has set things up this way with the sperm and the eggs for two major reasons.  The first reason is that it wants stability of the type.  This is afforded by the eggs which are not changed once they're made and will give a new child half of its chromosomes that have not been changed. Yet, nature needs to be able to bring in changes to the species when necessary so that the species can adapt to ever changing conditions.  The constantly produced new sperm of males allow necessary changes to be introduced into half of the chromosomes.

Up until recent years, it was thought that mutations were mostly rare and harmful.  This was because the mutations that were easily seen were usually major things that caused deformities in the child.  We now know that's not the way it is. We now know that mutations happen all the time and that most are very minor and often not seen, but they are still there and they can have a cumulative effect.  The reality is that nature constantly shuffles those 3.1 billion genetic playing cards of our DNA code, but the shuffle only usually changes a few cards in the order of the deck at a time and if the changes give a survival advantage to the organism, then, in time, the changes may spread throughout the whole population.  In fact, that's how we White people came into existence.  We mutated to have our White skin so we can produce more Vitamin D than darker peoples.

Our belief
In this faith, we believe that the important part of each of us is our particular DNA code and that we are commanded by nature (again, read God, if you prefer) to multiply and expand that code that we carry within us as much
as  possible.  This means that we must have as many children of our kind of human as possible.  But note that this command is given to each of us as individuals.  Thus, every male is commanded as an individual to have as many children as he can during all the years that he can produce children.  And, every female is also commanded to do the same thing.  So, you can see right away, that we have a problem with the present artificial morality that demands a  man and woman be a traditionally married couple to be the parents of children.  This prevents a man from spreading his particular DNA code as nature commands and slows down  mutations, the expansion of our DNA code, and our evolution.  If human evolution is stalled as some have maintained, it may be because of the false morality as outlined above.

From the above comes a natural morality for the survival, the expansion and the evolution of the White subspecies

1. Marriage or mating arrangements that hold a male to the female one child a year body clock are artificial and hold down our birthrate.  Polygamy and similar forms of marriage and arrangements are most likely to help a male expand his particular DNA code to the maximum, and will still offer stability and support to the mothers who will not just be abandoned by the males.

2. Women are precious and special, precisely because they can only usually produce a new one of us just once a year.  This means that we must protect them and keep them from harm's way.  This also means that women in the military should not serve in combat and women should not be put in danger. Men are more expendable.

3. Homosexuality is wrong because it does not allow us to multiply and expand our DNA code to its maximum.

4. Miscegenation is wrong because it does not multiply or expand or help evolve our particular DNA code because it produces children who are not White.

5. Birth control in all its forms and celibacy and family planning are all wrong because they limit the multiplication and expansion of our DNA code.

6. Anything that shortens our lives is wrong because this keeps us from expanding our DNA code. Thus false patriotism and wars that are not to advance our particular DNA code are wrong for us.

7.  The command to go forth and multiply your kind is the responsibility of each male and each female individually.

Now, to be clear, this is not a call for the wholesale abandonment by Whites  of traditional one man, one woman marriages for those who want such marriages, but for those who want to expand their DNA code to the maximum, and who want to help guarantee our survival and our evolution as a people, other forms of relationships that allow this to happen are needed that are more in tune with the biological realities of our species as engineered by nature.

Furthermore, those Whites who are in traditional marriages where their mate is unable to conceive, often wrongly believe, because of societal conditioning and false beliefs, that they must follow artificial man made morality and not  expand their particular DNA code  because  of their barren marriage.  This is false thinking and false morality and will lead to the extinction of the DNA code of the mate who can procreate, unless that mate follows nature's command given to each of us individually, to procreate.
#                       #                                    #

Perhaps we have a lesson to learn from the Hass avocado, Grasshopper; and about the mutant hating bastards who are trying to kill us all off.

In the 1920's, Rudolph Hass planted some seedling avocado trees that he thought were all of the Lyon variety. One of the trees turned out to be different. It produced smaller, darker, bumpier avocados. The Hass children ate some of these different avocados and told their father that they preferred the new avocados over the old ones. Rudloph investigated and learned that not only was this the only tree of its type in his orchard but there were no others like it anywhere. Apparently, it was a mutation of some other type of avocado tree--perhaps a Lyon, perhaps not. Anyway, this sole tree was, as far as anyone knows, the first Hass avocado tree. It was a break with other avocado trees. A new beginning. A veritable Adam and Eve of the avocado world. It was the mother of all Hass avocado trees in the world today. Hass patented the variety in 1935 and worked out a deal with a nearby nursery to grow and sell the trees. Today, there are approximately 80 million Hass trees around the world. All are descended from this one tree, which is still standing in La Habra, California. The Hass avocado has now become the industry standard. In other words, the genes of this one mutant now dominate the world of avocados.
"You're an avocado supremacist!" come the cries from the pinhead multiracialists. "Don't you know that there are three species of avocados and more than 100 varieties (the equivalent of races) of the things? We demand that you stop saying that Hass avocados are better. All avocados grow on trees. All avocados are the same under the skin. All avocados are equal. God loves all avocados just the same. We demand avocado diversity and we demand that all varieties of avocado be sold and consumed in equal quantities and that we have affirmative action for those varieties that aren't accepted because of their skin color. It's not their fault. It's the environment. If you prefer one avocado over another, then you're a varietiest. If there wasn't Hass avocado discrimination then these other avocados would be treated the same. It's time that avocado supremacists stopped their evil ways. We demand integrated avocado orchards to stop the bigotry and hate. There is a marvelous tapestry of avocados. Celebrate avocado diversity. If you aren't treating all avocados just the same, then you're a Nazi. Also, the word avocado comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word "ahuacatl" which translates as testicle, so not only are you an avocado supremacist and separatist, you're also a sexist." Ho hum, yawn. We've heard these silly cliches over and over again, haven't we?

But, the easily intimidated among us say: "But, but, but, I'm not a varietiest. I love all avocados just the same. Why, I don't even notice the difference between avocados (This is a big lie, of course. Hass avocados are popular largely because they taste better, don't have fibers inside as do some varieties, don't get watery as do some varieties, and have a higher oil content which makes them richer and better for guacamole than other avocados). I don't even notice that some avocados are green and some are black when they're ripe."
The discerning reader is probably now saying that comparing avocados to people, as I am so obviously doing, is specious. After all, avocados are avocados and people are people. Big difference. Well, yes and no. Nature is all pretty simple. It's only the explanations that are complex. The same basic principles that exist with avocados, exist with humans. It's all in the genes.

Do we have a human version of the mother tree of all Hass avocados?

As you might expect, we have more than one. There are forks in the road that constantly appear. Those of us alive today who are white people, had ancestors who kept taking the white forks. Had they not, then we'd not be white. Throughout history we've had more than a few parting of the ways with the old varieties as we took one fork and they took another.
Consider, just to get the intellectual juices flowing, the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Might we not speculate that the story, at its core, isn't really a myth at all and that, as with so many myths, there are elements of truth in the tale? Could it be that the creation of Adam and Eve was not the creation of all humans, as many Bible classes teach, but was just a new departure for humans? Two Hass avocado trees of the human kind, so to speak. What if the reality was that Adam and Eve were really the first white people on this brown planet? What if original sin was miscegenation? What if Christians have been trying for centuries to remove original sin but that they don't even know that their rituals are meaningless because the only way to remove original sin is to purify the blood? What if being thrown out of the Garden of Eden really was about Adam and Eve having to live as the older forms of humans because of their miscegenation and that their children and their children's children have carried this original sin of miscegenation in their genes ever since? What if the way to rid oneself of this original sin is to "inbreed" for many generations in a sort of distilling process to remove the fruits of the forbidden tree--miscegenation--from the genes? These things are taught in at least one religion I know of. Some may dismiss this as nonsense, but those who do so are showing religious bigotry and a lack of tolerance for the beliefs of others. As a religious teaching, what has just been written above is as valid as any other religious teaching. Ultimately, one either believes, or one does not. That's what religion is all about.

We also have an inkling of other departures for humans. According to Bryan Sykes who wrote The Seven Daughters of Eve, all Europeans are descended from seven mothers. The earliest one lived about 45,000 years ago, probably in Greece. There were many other women alive at the time, but this one woman and six others, if Sykes is right, are the mothers of all Europeans and European peoples alive today. These six were the Hass avocado trees of Europeans, so to speak. They were a new departure. Their genes dominated all others. The others died off. Perhaps these others practices miscegenation, and died off as their genes were swamped by the genes of others. Whatever happened, they and their genes disappeared. They were dead ends.
So, the Hass avocado was a chance mutation. Adam and Eve may have been chance mutations. The seven daughters of Eve may also have been chance mutations. Nature bubbles up such chance mutations all the time. Most die off, some don't.

Could it be that humans, in the time we find ourselves in, must now will our own mutations and evolution if we truly hope for a better world with less disease and longer happier lives? Could it be that nature gets creatures to the point where we are now and then leaves it up to them to struggle to move forward, or, like leaves in a stream, be pulled back down stream? Human evolution does seem stalled. Maybe this is just a dwell point between moving forward and being pulled back, and maybe we better start paddling with all our might so we can move up stream, or the natural pull of the stream will pull us back down to the dark ocean of ever lower consciousness. If this analogy is a valid one, then all that is needed for us to be pulled back downstream is that we do nothing. Going upstream, on the other hand, requires struggle. Could it be that we have a choice to make?--do nothing or struggle. Some believe this is the case.

It gets more complicated, though, because there are dark, evil forces in the world that don't want humans to evolve higher. They want humans to become less, not more. They don't want different human varieties to separate out and follow their own destinies. They want all humans to mate with all other humans to eliminate all differences. Most of these evil doers consciously or subconsciously hate white people and wish that white people were all extinct. These people who are sometimes called multiracialists or even multiculturalists (I often prefer "blenders") want to see whites mate with non-whites so that whites are destroyed. Most of these haters won't put it in those terms, but look beyond their slick smiles and their false compassionate sounding catch phrases to what will happen if these evil doers prevail over good. Their ways will result in the complete annihilation of white people. These pinhead multiracialists and multiculturalists simply don't like white people and they never will like white people. It's a genetic thing with some of them and its a matter of conditioning with others. Oh, you may find many of these people who seem to like white people, to their faces, but their hatred is often part of their genetic program. Whites are their natural enemies.
Will the haters of whites win, or will whites survive? History will tell the tale, but as thinking creatures, it's up to us to try to see that we do survive. It's just part of the big struggle that everything in our universe goes through. It's not even a very big part of the cosmic struggle except to us. Our "worth" has to be first measured by our own ideas of this worth. If we think that we are a people who should survive, then we'll struggle to make this happen. If, however, we are neurotic and feel that we should be destroyed, we'll also work in conscious and unconscious ways to see that happen. Either way, we need to understand that those who don't like white people will work in their own struggle to destroy us either outright or through bedroom genocide.

Although I've characterized this as good against evil, in a larger cosmic sense there is no good or evil in any of this. It is just the workings of nature. The good and evil are relative. Those who want to destroy us are evil in our eyes. Our wanting to survive is evil in their eyes. We need to understand the struggle for what it truly is and not be distracted with false ideas of the nature of reality. The reason we have to do this is because our tool of survival in the universe is our ability to think and reason. Nature doesn't care if we survive or become extinct. It is up to us to decide how to survive and to become more. We might change the old "I think, therefore I am," to "I think I should survive, therefore I should survive."
The next time you have some guacamole at a restaurant, you can be almost certain that it's Hass avocado guacamole. All avocados are not really the same, amigos. Neither are people. Genes matter. Let's hear it for the mutant avocado and for Rudolph Hass, who kept it separate and didn't let it blend back in with the other varieties of avocados. Had he not kept the Hass avocado separate, you'd be eating watery, less satisfying guacamole today.
#  #  #


I WAS CALLED A WHITE supremacist again recently (and not in a good way) by one of the usual low I.Q. lefties whose mouth is bigger than his brain and who apparently doesn’t understand that words have meanings.
Usually I don’t bother with bigots like this, but maybe this is a good opportunity to discuss what I believe; since it may also be of some minor interest to others who may also have similar beliefs and who have been called names by the bigots.

A white supremacist is one who believes in white supremacy. This is defined by Wikipedia as: White supremacy is the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds.

I checked many definitions of the term and the above is fairly representative. None of the definitions I’ve seen, including the one above, fit what I believe.

Thus, by definition, I can’t be a white supremacist.

Truth be told, I know too much about evolution to believe that one type of organism, including one type of human, is across the board “superior” to other organisms. This just isn’t the way life adapts and evolves. Superior? At what? In what environment? No organisms are superior or inferior across the board, they are just different.

But this begs the question about what I do believe about human beings and human races.

Unfortunately, for those who don’t like reading a lot of words, I have to start way upstream from human beings and work down to them in order to explain how I’ve arrived at my views on human beings. Nevertheless, I’ll try to keep this as mercifully short as I can. Naturally, this will entail leaving out a lot of details. If you want the details, you can find my essays all over the Internet or you can read my books. 

GENERALLY: I believe in the ways of existence. [You can stop right here if you want. What follows just explains what this means to me.]

THIS MEANS (in part): I believe in cosmic evolution (continual change throughout existence). I also believe that existence started from absolute nothing and began with a single point — a First Cause. I believe that change is the only constant in the universe including on Earth. This includes changes in organisms, including humans. I further believe that every organism in existence or which ever was in existence or which will ever come into existence is also its own single point that may or may not cause a branching off in new directions. Thus, you and I and every other organism is a single point. If we reproduce, we have started branching off. If we don’t reproduce, we are dead ends.

ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH: I believe that DNA (and the genes that are part of DNA) is the major determinant of the way life “IS,” on Earth and that all life on Earth evolved from the forces started by the First Cause that started everything and which eventually led to the evolution of the first molecule of DNA. This first molecule of DNA was a “single point,” between so-called non-living matter and living matter. This first molecule of DNA — this spiraling, code carrying, miniature cornucopia and life force — then started expanding, like the universe itself. From out of that first molecule of DNA started pouring forth an endless supply and variety of life constantly being modified so that DNA would survive and fill all niches where life is possible. The process of the expansion of the DNA continues as new forms of life mutate, branch off and evolve out of earlier forms.
This march of the DNA is a natural process and is never ending as DNA automatically and endlessly “tries” to fill all of existence with itself and constantly tinkers with life in order to survive under all possible conditions. As it branched off, this first molecule of DNA retained its basic core code that reads “life.” All other parts of the code were remarkably changeable so that living organisms carrying the DNA code would be able to come into existence and not only survive, but be comfortable and able to make a living in every possible environment.
If you’ve ever scratched your head when you’ve seen science articles about humans being this or that percentage the same as apes, or rats, or flies, or even bananas, you needn’t wonder about it. The reason we share so much with all other living organisms is because we all came from that first molecule of DNA that crossed the threshold from so-called non-living matter to living matter. It is not the similarities that are most important to us, but the differences. And, in the world of DNA, very minor changes can have major effects.
DNA is DNA no matter what organism it is in. The only difference is in the shuffle of the billions of combinations of the four chemicals that make up DNA.

AS FAR AS HUMANS GO: I believe that humans are just one of millions of life forms that came from that first molecule of DNA. Just as there was a single point — the First Cause — that has been expanding and evolving ever since it began, so too was there a single point of every type of organism including humans. This first true human — a single point — then became, largely through natural selection, the first cause of all humans.

WHITE PEOPLE: A sub-species of homo sapiens; a branching off from other human types. I believe that there was a single point White person who was one of the descendants of people who probably arrived in Europe from other places. This single point White person; or, to be more precise, the mutated genetic code he or she carried, then expanded via natural selection and eventually became the norm for Europe as the individuals produced from this particular genetic code proved to be the most fit for the European environment. I believe that Whites not only evolved the outward characteristics that we can easily see — skin color, hair color and texture, eye color, bone structure, head shapes,etc. — but that we also evolved internally, including in the way our brains work.
Now, to be clear, when I speak of a “single point” as with a single point White person, it’s not really as clear cut as it sounds. I believe that a person was born with a genetic mutation that made him or her whiter than others at that time. And as science now tells us, whiter skin allows for the production of more Vitamin D in less sunny climes and thus helps prevent rickets. This person thus had a survival advantage over others. This let him or her live longer to produce more children. Some of those children carried the white skin gene mutation and passed it on to even more children. Over the centuries, due to natural selection, the gene(s) for white skin won the battle with the darker skin genes in Europe and replaced them.

OUR PRESENT SITUATION: I believe that today, as never before, White people are an endangered sub-species and that we face extinction largely due to the modern lack of isolation, and the attendant gene transfer called miscegenation, and also because of abortions, birth control, and by purposely having fewer children than we can have who share our genetic code with our mutations that make us, us.

OUR DESTINY: I believe that destiny is not predetermined and that our highest destiny can only be achieved by avoiding the things that hold down our numbers and keep us from teeming. In this regard, I believe that we need a certain critical mass of our kind of human for us to progress. I further believe that we must follow a certain path in life (described in my many essays). Suffice it to say, here, that the path requires right thinking and the right actions that follow that right thinking and that the most important part is to have as many children in our image as possible. In other words, one can consciously choose one's destiny.

: I believe that the changes we see that constitute evolution are nature’s default settings. I believe that we can change those settings to our advantage and that we can control our evolution so that we not only do not go extinct, but so that we expand just as we once did when we started as a single point in Europe when we branched off from the rest of mankind.

ISOLATION NEEDED: I believe that because White people are a later evolutionary development, that our White genes are not as fixed as those of other peoples, and that this is why it takes two White parents to make a new White child. In other words, most of our unique genes are recessive. In the past, and with our European isolation and social taboos about miscegenation and abortion and without modern birth control measures, we were able to reproduce as nature intended us to. Those days are gone, and we must adapt to a new reality and we must now make conscious decisions to continue our evolution.

CONCLUSION: There you have it; some of my basic beliefs. But there is much more that flows from these basic beliefs. For me, these beliefs are what answers many of the big questions about existence. Most of my essays and books — even my fiction writings — deal with many of the details that naturally flow from these basic beliefs.
The difference between humans and other organisms is that we can study and understand the automatic ways of nature and we can act to change the course of evolutionary history if we have a proper understanding of what it’s all about and if we so desire.

As I indicated above, I believe that we can change the default settings of nature so that we evolve in the best direction for us, and we can leave blind hit-and-miss evolution to organisms that have less consciousness. And, no, this does not involve false eugenic ideas about breeding the few and the best. I believe that is counterproductive. In fact, I believe that to change the default settings of nature, we have to breed willy-nilly with our own kind without being overly picky about our own people who we produce children with.

Nature screams out: Make more like yourself or you will be replaced. We have to start listening and we have to start acting.

* * *


One cannot be truly happy if one is alienated from one's DNA code.  When one is in tune with one's DNA code--in the case of ourselves alone, CODE A, then one can seek to tune into the universe and all of existence.

Being in tune or in harmony with existence does not mean that one must be like a passive leaf in a stream and being pushed this way and that helplessly.

When one is truly in tune with existence one has the ability to steer one's course in the stream and to use the stream's own characteristics to one's advantage.

This analogy of a stream is not chosen lightly, for we see existence as having aspects that might be likened to water as we see it in various ways on Earth.

To navigate existence we must understand as much about it as possible and we must be open to the truth of the ways of existence both in the larger and longer sense and in the smaller and shorter one.

We must not deny truth because humans may not like it or because it doesn't comport with trends of any age or the beliefs, mores, philosophies, world views, religions or governments of any humans.

The truths we seek begins on the cosmic scale and is reflected throughout all of existence and in everything that exists, including human beings.

However, when we teach the truths, we must also understand that there are truths of human psychology that we must also account for in addition to the more concrete truths.  Human psychology is served with myths, symbols, rituals and beliefs; often in unknown and unseen things.  When these do not run counter to the truths and and when they help humans they are not to be abandoned out of hand for some purely reasoned approach.  When they do run counter to the truths, then they must be abandoned as false and potentially harmful for our journey on this path ever higher.  True religion and true science are never in conflict. Never.

The First Cause often acts in subtle ways in the affairs of man, like a barely felt breeze that blows a piece of paper in front of a person with something written on the paper that may cause the person to react or act in a certain way.

The First Cause chooses who will receive the messages of His will to pass on as He has commanded. He has chosen Arman for this and He has chosen no other and He has commanded Arman to pass the message on to one people and one people only who will be saved from sure destruction by obeying the Will of the First Cause and by upholding His laws and by not following the laws of evildoers who insult the First Cause with their false ideas of the nature of existence and of living organisms, including humans.

The First Cause made Himself known to Arman when Arman was thirteen years old and was standing at the edge of a wood in the northern latitudes. At that time, the First Cause brought a low, dark cloud over the head of Arman and with it a light rain.  As Arman stood there, the First Cause opened the cloud and shone a light through.  At the same time the chorus of the host that surrounds the First Cause sang. Arman was bathed in light and song of voices singing words that he could not understand. He was as if in a trance and knew not how long this lasted.  When Arman finally left the trance, the cloud closed, the voices stopped and he was changed, for now he carried in his brain, the message from the First Cause.

From that day forward, Arman was led and influenced to learn and experience much so that he would be a better vehicle for the First Cause to speak through.

Arman says the First Cause wants believers to live their lives by His law.  He says that evil ones seek to delay the entry of the people into adulthood in order to kill them off and have them blend with the darker peoples who are not part of the people of the First Cause.  The age determined by the First Cause for the people to be adults is thirteen years.  This is why He selected Arman when Arman was that age.  It is a reminder that one takes on adult responsibilities and all other things at thirteen years of age.  Evil doers have often set the age of adulthood at eighteen years.  This is not the way of the First Cause.  It delays the expansion of the code.  The code must be expanded starting at age Thirteen and it is by this way that the people shall multiply and become prosperous and become dominant.  It is not by the few that the people shall grow closer to the First Cause, but by the many, for the code that is contained within the people requires vast numbers of people carrying the pure code to fully manifest itself and have its full power.

If you die childless, even though there was no physical or medical reason for not having children, then you have sinned against the First Cause and you have helped diminish the code, for your life has not been lived by the righteous path in being childless.  You will be no more for

The First Cause commands that you be a completely separate people and that you never blend in with darker peoples.

The First Cause said to Arman:  I Am God.  I am the only God.  There is no other but Me.  The ideas of Me held by those who are not your people are false.  I Am as I Am and none can understand this. I Am here and I am there at the same time.  Every thing in existence is a sense organ for Me.

The false gods of other peoples are not Me.  They are not the First Cause.  I alone am the First Cause. Before Me there was nothing.  All was dark. All was cold.  There was no matter.  There were no energies.  There were no forces.  There was absolute nothing.  We caused existence to come into being and to start on the trajectory of which you are a part.  We set evolution in motion.  We are the Spinning One.  If we stop spinning, existence stops. Honor us with image of the spinning and spiraling and turning things.  For in those images and shapes will you come closer to Us.  Eschew images that are static and sterile, for they are not Us. We love the things of the turnings.

God said to Arman, you and your people are a separate people different from all other peoples on Earth.  You have diverged from them and your righteous path is to diverge even more.  You are a sub-species now and you must become a species incapable of mating with the other peoples.  This is your highest destiny and this is how you do Our will.

You are made separate and different by your birth, but you must now seek to be a separate people also by belief and action and belief and action will further distill you away even from others who seem to be your people but who lack your awakened and enlightened state as to the nature of reality.  Your belief and your action have increased your speed on the righteous path.  You are driving yourself and you are steering in the right direction when you do as We command.  You may not be able to see the far reaches of the righteous path, and you may not even be able to see a slight distance on the righteous path, but We are your eyes and We see the end.  We have set the trajectory, but you must take it and you must believe.

Our laws may seem different than some human made laws.  Follow Our laws when they conflict with human made laws, for to do otherwise is to reveal that you do not fully believe.

You are to seek a separate identity even from others who may seem to be your birth people but who lack your belief and actions.  You are a new people born out of the old.  They are on the path of devolution as they do evil and mix and mate with he darker peoples. You are on the path of evolution as you purify and move toward the white and the light.

In the future, all White people born will be your descendants, for you will be the new ones who have caused a branching off that survives while the trunk dies from the evil miscegenation and low birth rate of the deceived among you.

You shall know the truth and you shal teach it to your children that you and they must expand your numbers so that you teem.  You must be so numerous that you are the only people who can occupy lands and planets.  You are the future.

Awakening The Genetic Code - Gene War

We don't all awaken at the same time or in the same way and we don't all understand that the most important and authentic thing about us is our White genetic code.
Some of us never understand this and toil with a less than complete understanding that often has us wrongly believing that our primary identity is found in our religion or our nation.  This leads many of us down the wrong paths where we put these secondary identities in front of our most important genetic identity.  And, from these wrong ideas and wrong paths, many things flow that work against our continued existence as a distinct people.

How can one tell the difference between a primary identity and a secondary identity?  

Simple.  What you are born with is your primary identity.  What you acquire after you are born, and which you can change if you wish, is secondary.

We see some White individuals who seem to be on our side of things, but who will substitute nationhood as their primary identity.  When they do this, they logically (but mistakenly) accept darker peoples as being the same as them so long as they live in the same nation state.

The same thing happens when one substitutes religion for one's primary identity. You will hear some religious people saying they accept non-Whites as the same as them because these non-Whites share the same religion.  And, these same religious individuals will then reject their fellow Whites who do not share their religion.

Such acceptance of these secondary identities is a major error in thinking and is one of the paving stones along the path to the extinction of many White families and of their particular and unique version of our more generalized White genetic code that all Whites share in.

The ideal situation, and one I believe many of us would agree that we should work towards, is to have our two major secondary identities--nationhood and religion--be in perfect harmony with our primary identity as White people, and not conflict with it.  And, that's pretty much the way it once was.

Allow me to jump now to a longer discussion of this term I often use: White genetic code.  What  makes up this genetic code are the 3 billion or so bits of chemicals abbreviated as A,T,C,G.  These letters constitute our DNA and our genes.  When all of these are combined, they make up the blueprint or recipe for making us, us.

Now, the general genetic code for White people--let's pretend, for a moment, that we're talking about a blueprint for a house--is pretty much the same for all houses that are designed from it.  However, every one of those houses is still different in some particulars. That is, the furnishings and such are all different in each one.  That is a little like us as White people.  

However, the essential part of every house built from the White blueprint is still the same.  Its shape, number of rooms, materials it is made from, general look--just the way it is.  It is so, because every one of these White houses was built from the same basic blueprint.  That blueprint is our genetic code.

We must now quick step out of this metaphor because unlike the blueprint and the house, our genetic code is what makes us without any help from outside.  Our genetic code is on auto pilot.  It starts spinning us into existence the moment a sperm fertilizes an egg.  It combines 23 chromosomes from the male with 23 from the female and immediately goes to work spinning a new life that will emerge to meet the world in about nine months.  

If the male and the female involved are both White, then the child will be truly White.  If either the male or female are not White, it is impossible to make a truly White child even it that child may look White.  This is so, because that child has 23 non-White chromosomes.  To be truly White one needs 46 White chromosomes.

If we understand that the genetic code is the essential thing about us, and that we share in the same general genetic code with all other White people, we begin to see the world around us a little differently and we begin to strip away false morality and false world views, and we realize--after we add in a little knowledge about nature and evolution--that we must expand our genetic code and that we are in a constant competition with other similar genetic codes for survival and dominance in the niches in which we live.  In other words, we are in a gene war.  The winner of the gene war is the one whose genes take over each and every nation and finally, the whole planet.

Right now, our formerly all White lands are being invaded by non-White genetic codes.  These non-White genetic codes, as does our White genetic code, are programmed to replace all other genetic codes so that they are the winners and fully occupy every land.  
This is completely natural and there is no cosmic good or bad in this except from our own perspective.

But, because is a natural process does not mean that we should lie down and let things happen without our intervention.  We have big brains for a reason and that reason is to help with our survival.  However, if we have wrong world views, we are like sleep walkers and we won't live consciously and we won't compete and struggle for our survival and we'll let nature just throw the dice.

In fact, most people, both White and non-White, are oblivious to the gene war that is raging.

I say that we White ones need to awaken and realize the reality of this gene war so that we live consciously, and actively work to expand our White genetic code by having as many White children as possible.  It is with sheer numbers that this gene war is to be won.  And, in addition, sheer numbers will also bring forth among us those with slight permutations of our genetic code that may help us survive unseen future events such as plagues and diseases of various types as well as planetary changes.

Let us not become absorbed into non-White genetic codes by false thinking.  That way lies genocide and extinction.  Let us, instead, remain apart from all other peoples, even if they are in our midst.  And, let us understand the truths of nature and evolution and use our knowledge for our survival and expansion.


"You want to know the purpose of life, man?"  asked Homeless Jack.  "You'll  probably say you do, but what you really want is some mumbo jumbo for an answer and you want to hear about a god of love and how humans are just below the angels and how we're different from other organisms and that our physical bodies aren't the real us, and how we have some sort of internal spirit or soul and that it is this inner spirit or soul that just needs to be freed from our evil flesh, after we live a life free of sin as dictated by the usual religions, and that inner spirit or soul will magically go to some happy hunting ground in the sky.  Of course, these usual religions constantly change their dictates about what is sin and what isn't, as most of them aren't really  religions of God, but are religions of man that change with the changing winds.  Yesterday: Homosexuality?  Bad. Today: Good.  Yesterday: Miscegenation? Bad.  Today: good.  These religions just do what the nosiest mob demands in every age.

"Screw all of that crap, man.  It's a bunch of BS that you've been fed.  You've been lied to since your birth. 

"Here's the truth. The purpose of life, for every organism that exists now, has ever existed, or ever will exist, is to make more like itself.

"That's it, man.  That's the purpose of life; for all life. Make more like yourself.  We are born to breed, then we die and we go on into the future in the DNA code that we multiplied many times over, so long as we didn't miscegenate.  That's it man. That's the law of nature and nature's God. And, what about homosexuality?  It's bad because it holds down our birthrate.

"But that ain't the end of my telling you about this, 'cause saying that the purpose of life is to make more like yourself just begs more questions.

"Here's one of those questions. Why should making more like oneself be the purpose of life for all organisms?  I'll tell you why, but first, you have to understand that nature is a frugal engineer and doesn't do things for no reason. We may not always understand the reason, but there is a reason. So, here it is, man.  Here's the reason:  It's because the living organism you see is a means to an end for the core DNA code that has made that organism and which makes all organisms that we know about. 

"Got you confused?  Okay, here's what Arman teaches and it's what I believe.  Before any life existed on earth, there were just minerals.  Then, some of those minerals formed together to make the first molecule of DNA which is the molecule of life.  No, man, I don't know how that exactly friggin' happened. Maybe a lightning strike in a pool of acid. It doesn't matter, at least in this telling. Whatever got that molecule to jump from so called non-living minerals to living minerals happened. Somehow, it got a jump start. Some kind of zap, maybe.  Now, that first molecule of DNA was somehow programmed to survive, improve, modify and expand. No, don't go all creationist on me. By program, I mean it is in the nature of those chemicals of DNA to act and react in certain ways, like water running down hill.  It is the way they are.  Now, that first molecule of DNA, once it came into existence, went to work like those brooms in The Sorcerer's Apprentice cartoon. It never rested, it never tired.  It just kept churning out ever new copies of itself so that it could exist forever and  fill the entire universe with itself.  It tinkered to overcome every obstacle and fill all niches, that had some energy source, with life of some type that contained itself--the core DNA code.

"That molecule of DNA was the same at its core--you can think of that core as its primary program if you want--in every form of life that came from it, and all life that we know about did come from it.  And, it is still the same at its core as it was when it came into existence.  It lives inside us because it is one with us and with all life.  Without it, there would be no life.  Don't forget this. This stuff about the DNA core is an important thing to remember. 

"So, that DNA molecule tinkered and tinkered and produced all the life that we know about.  And, it didn't reinvent the wheel, so to speak, because it just built on what it had already created.

"But, there's still more to this.  There is an additional purpose that we can make for ourselves above the primary purpose of life. For those of  us who believe what Arman teaches, this additional purpose is to take control of our destiny and will our own evolution ever higher. For many of us who follow Arman's Teachings, we believe the individual is the primary unit and the individual should, while not trying to harm or cheat others, try to do the best for himself or herself so that the individual can improve the individual's family line and help us make the jump to full specieshood--to become the next model human to replace the old model.

"Yeah, we're not here to save humanity, man.  We're here to replace it.  The new ones will be born of our kind and our kind only, but only from those of our kind who are pure and who do not miscegenate and who produce the most children.  This is just the natural way of existence.  The new replace the old.  It usually happens automatically, but we're saying that with our level of consciousness, intelligence and knowledge, that we can guide our evolution so that we are not eliminated by a throw of the evolutionary dice and so that we can be certain to be the ones to replace the old.  We are to replace the weak seeds and be the strong seeds that take the next evolutionary step.

"If you do not make more like yourself, you are an evolutionary dead end and you prove thereby that you are not the fittest.  You prove that you are a weak seed.

"Now, here's the twist on all this.  The core DNA doesn't care if our whole kind goes extinct, because this will just prove that we are not the fittest to carry the DNA core into the future and throughout the universe.  It is looking for an organism that can have god like awareness and which can compete better than all other organisms such that it spreads itself with the DNA core and its higher consciousness.

"Yup, it's a big competition to get to the top, man.  It's like a sports contest.  Only one team can be the best.  We intend to make that team be the White team.

"I think the core DNA Code is a little like a man who needs a car.  Any car will do, but if he can get the best one, he is more comfortable.  And, by the way, man, I haven't just thrown that word 'comfortable' in there for no reason.  One of the things that Arman says is that all organisms seek comfort, and I guess this also applies to the core DNA code.  We are that more comfortable car--if we make ourselves so.

"Live long and breed to your maximum, man.  It is the way."
#                               #                                                     #


Arman says this is our faith.  It is one with our Whiteness.  It is who and what we are.  We Whites face extinction. Some of us know this and we believe we can avoid it by doing the right things and by avoiding the wrong things.  We can't save you.  You have to do that yourself.  If you don't believe as we believe, then we are sorry for you, but we can't force you to know and believe the truth.     But, know this:  If you are White, you are important to our survival. Every single one of us is important because of the DNA code that we carry.   It is your personal and individual responsibility to help ensure that we survive as a people by you surviving and breeding.  If every White person dies except  just one male and one female of our kind, we still have a chance that our kind--carrying all of us within their DNA code--will go into the future.

We believe that our responsibility is to expose you to our major beliefs and our way for ourselves.  Then, it's up to you to choose to also believe or not believe.  We say our way will keep those of us who believe safe and that we will be the ones who will not go extinct.  We say, if you do not believe the basics on a religious or philosophical level but still believe them on a scientific level, that you may still keep your family line from going extinct--so long as your belief is strong enough to have you actually live your beliefs and not just treat them as an intellectual exercise.  Don't wait until others believe.  You are an individual.  You must be prepared to stand alone for what is right.  Do it.

You do not need salvation.  You were not born sinful.  You need saving from extinction and being pulled back into the masses of humanity from which you evolved, and you need  guidance to help you evolve into a new species with better and more general adaptations that will give you higher intelligence, better health, and longer, happier lives.  But, you must understand that when you evolve, that it is not the end of your evolution.  Evolution never ends.  It is step after step after step and it always builds on what went before as the organism that is evolving diverges ever more from those it came from.

Here are a few of our basic foundational beliefs regarding our kind of human, if you believe these, then you're one of us:

I. We Whites are a subspecies and we are capable of becoming and should strive to evolve into a separate species of human no longer able to breed with other humans.   We must stay with our kind alone and with no other kinds.

Detail:  A race is a subspecies that is on its way to being a separate species if certain conditions are met. A deme is a group within a race that has started to diverge into a new species.  Primary among the conditions to become a new species are: a) isolation or separation from other races of the species so that there is no gene transfer from different races of the species and,  b) different selection pressures on the isolated or separate group.  These different selection pressures are often differences in environment that causes the group to adapt and evolve differently as mutations arise that make those with the mutations better suited for the new environmental conditions.  We believe that those of us who easily believe as we believe may be a deme and have what some call the "racist gene,"  which is really a survival gene (actually, it's probably a series of genes, but we'll go with the singular version of the term here) as they give those with the racist gene a heightened sense of us and not us and this makes them avoid miscegenation and mixing with non-Whites.  This is the opposite of the genetic condition called Williams syndrome--the so-called anti-racist gene. Those with Williams syndrome have a hard time telling who is us and who is not us.

II.  We Whites must increase our birthrate so that each of us produces the maximum number of our kind of children.

Detail: Our faith puts great emphasis on the individual and individual responsibility, but we also put great emphasis on the DNA code that makes the individual both an individual and one of our kind.  Many do not understand that what is truly important in each of us, is not just the person we see in the mirror each day, but the DNA code that we carry.  It is the DNA code that we believe we must expand always and that we must never let it contract.  We do this by having as many children of our kind as possible.  This means we must overcome false principles of morality that have been layered on us by false beliefs.  A man can contribute his DNA code to produce a new child several times a day for most of his life.  A woman can only contribute her DNA code once every nine months.  A man should not be held to the woman's clock, because this holds down his individual responsibility to produce as many children of our kind as possible in his life time.  In other words, he must find a way to expand his particular DNA code so that it expands always.  He--each individual male of our kind--must find a way to individual  reproductive success. An example of reproductive success is found in Charlemagne.  It is believed that Charlemagne is in the family trees of about half of all European descended people now alive.  Be like Charlemagne.

Nature has set up this male/female difference in the ability to expand our particular DNA code for a reason.  It is the male who brings most of the mutations and changes to new babies.  This is so, because the male produces new spermatozoa, each containing 23 of his chromosomes, constantly and the new sperm changes according to everything from the weather to what he eats to his emotional state depending on internal and external events and conditions.  

The female of our species, on the other hand, produces all her eggs just once in her life, when she's young and strong, and these eggs generally have a long shelf life and remain fixed as they were when they were produced-- stable and fresh.  And, of course, these eggs contain 23 of her chromosomes. The stable female eggs  help keep the male sperm from changing things too quickly. In other words, the male brings change, while the female brings stability.  If the world around us changes in important ways and if the changes are long lasting, the changes to the male sperm will begin to work via natural selection to bring forth a new population of babies who are better adapted to new changed conditions so these babies can have a greater chance of survival.  This fast changing sperm/stable eggs system allows our species to adapt to major long lasting changes but keeps us from changing too quickly at every temporary fluctuation in the world around us.

III. We Whites must avoid all things that hold down our birthrate or which shorten our lives so that we cannot produce the maximum number of our kind.

Detail: Our faith says these are forbidden to Whites:  Birth control, family planning, abortions (when the baby to be born is White), miscegenation, celibacy, actions, including going to war or doing anything else, that may cause the White person to die before having the maximum number of children that he or she can have in a long life. It is not heroic to die young, no matter the cause, without having had children to expand your particular DNA code. If you die without children who survive you, you prove thereby that you are not the fittest of your generation and that you are an evolutionary dead end. 

We are to avoid polluting our DNA codes by avoiding, as much as is possible, contact with those of other human races.  While this is difficult in the modern world, and while we must have some contact, we try to keep it to a minimum and to keep it on a business level if possible.  Notwithstanding this, we try to be polite and fair to everyone and we believe that we should treat all others as we want to be treated.

#                            #                                                    #                                                                                      

I write too clearly sometimes, no, most of the time; and in writing clearly I am understood by those who cannot truly understand and I am not understood by those who can--and this is a flaw--this seeking to be understood by those who cannot truly understand. So let me now write unclearly so those who are happily in possession of the so-called racist gene--which is really a survival gene or a combination of genes that gives them a proper sense of their true identity and the instinctive knowledge--which may be asleep in some--of how to preserve, expand and improve humanity--improve?--no, not to make humanity better, but to transcend it--to become a new species incapable of bearing offspring with the old species.  I write for White people, and no others--there, I once again fell into the old way of writing clearly--but, so be it--but I do not write for all White people; did I not already make this clear?--I write for those White people who have the racist gene--the White racist gene--and, I  praise them; us; we; for they; us; we--for I number myself among them--are to be the survivors in a world that wants to wipe out all White people and any expression of our essential Whiteness. We are different from them. We are evolving on a different path--if separation and isolation prevail--these few, the us and the we,  who are on our way to being a new species--us, we, are the ones being distilled ever more--we are the progenitors of a new people born out of the tired and rotting husks of the old people. We are the ones who do not relish racial diversity--we despise it as a threat to our existence, and we are the ones who do not praise tolerance--and we are the ones who honor what our eyes can see and our brains can think and we do not believe the body is evil and something to be overcome.  We are the ones who love life and hate death. We are the ones who love our senses and what they bring us. We are the ones who do not fill the old age homes after having lived childless lives. We are the ones with a new morality, a new ethics, a new way of looking at existence. We are the ones who laugh out loud and who do not take ourselves too seriously. We are the ones who shout and bounce about as though we are children first seeing the world and loving every joyous minute of it. We are the particularists and the non-conformists and we leave the universalists and the conformists behind to chew their cuds as the herd animals that they are, penned in with flimsy words to keep them docile, while we have escaped the pen--we have escaped the rot and the dust and the conventions that stultify and we look to the future not the past. The past is done.  We face the sky and do not beg to exist.  We demand it, but not of other humans, for to do so would be to beg of some lower animal that we be allowed to live--no, we exist because we will it to  be.   These ones who have left the herd, the we and us, are on a path we are making for ourselves, and we consciously live to take this path--and narrow it is, and fraught with danger, but it is our way for ourselves alone. We are the breeders.  We are the new Adams and Eves. We are the spreaders of the racist gene so that it will replace the non-racist gene among the White herd so the herd can live to produce more who will rise above it.  We are the saviors of our kind. We are the ones who love that the haters of life also hate us and demand that we be as they are so they can love us--and we shout: "never, you walking corpses, you ones afraid of life, you ones who do not want to struggle--go drink some warm milk and lie down and never wake up--that is the way of your kind.”

In trying to write too clearly I become nothing more than a draftsman and I self edit and I change and I search for just the right words and I  turn out stale, antiseptic, lifeless and static stuff that can be understood by those who understand little and who will never awaken--they are the groundlings whose eyes are fixed upon the dirt where they walk and who do not look up as they shuffle along through an aimless life--they cannot see the future  in its many possible permutations but sleep walk through each day conforming to whatever is orthodox and current and acceptable to the herd--the herd that is manipulated by those clever enough to use psychological tricks to insert false images into their subconscious minds that sit there directing their every seemingly conscious and free-will moves--free will?--a much overrated concept among ant like humans following the trail of the ants in front of them and wrongly thinking that they're doing so simply because they choose to do so--ants?--and herd animals?--well, why not?--the images come unbidden and unrestrained.  The manipulators fill their brains with pictures of what they want them to see and think, and these are like cattle prods moving them this way and that.  Homosexuality, why that was bad yesterday but today it is good and the herd agrees.  Miscegenation, why that was bad yesterday, but today it is good, and the herd agrees.  And, this is the way of those who are so easily manipulated that the term herd is a fine one to describe them. They are the apathetics, the old, dead inside weak-seed White people who are now picked off one by one by the dark masses who kill them in their homes and on the streets and in the bedrooms where they practice bedroom genocide and wipe out their genetic lines and who infect their DNA codes with bits and pieces of earlier forms that should now be transcended and these bits and pieces are spread like sexually transmitted diseases and in the same manner and they are sexually transmitted diseases that infect the seeds and eggs of White people and like germs that lie dormant, these bits and pieces of foreign DNA lie in wait in the DNA of the infected White hosts and spread in the White herd and kill off White family lines and White children who are now never to be born--and these apathetics--these herd creatures--these cows--and, yes, these ants--these ones with human wombs who let the eggs of our kind be polluted and infected  with the seeds of those not our kind, they are less than spit on the ground--but it is also the bulls--did I write bulls?--such weaklings should never be called bulls--they are males, but lack maleness--of our kind who let their seeds fertilize the eggs of those not our kind and this is true evil--for this reverses evolution.

Evil--what is it?--it is what is harmful to us and our kind--it does not exist except in relation to our kind--there is no evil as an entity and evil is not a being--thinking such, is the stuff of children not yet able to reason correctly--evil is what is not good for our kind and there is no other kind of evil.  Good--what is it?--it is what helps our kind and there is no other good.  The herd ones who look like us bound off to darker lands and they try to keep alive people who nature has marked for early death through famine, disease and natural forces and those they keep alive breed more and they compete more with our kind and they take up resources and space that our kind should have, simply because we are.  When we think clearly, we compete better for survival than other peoples--but the herd doesn't think correctly--it is manipulated so our herd kind stop producing our kind in the wrong idea that all kinds are our kind and if our kind dies out that we have not really died out because there are other kinds that do not look like our kind but which our herd kind has been manipulated into believing are somehow the same as our kind. Evil are the non-breeders and the miscegenationists among our kind. We must strip away the dust and veneer of centuries and we must reinvent ourselves in accordance with the true laws of nature for our kind and not in the present image that has been forced upon us by insane self-haters who arise whenever they get a chance.  We must reject the false civilized norms imposed upon us that now harm us and keep us down.  We must reject the false religions and false philosophies and false world views. We must become barbarians again and we must smash all that stand in the way of our highest possible evolution.  Their norms are not our norms.  Their ethics are not our ethics.  Their morals are not our morals.  Their ways are not our ways.  We will be ourselves and we will not conform to what they want, unless we can benefit in some very meaningful ways.  We will be strong, but we will also be clever and we will comport ourselves to that we live as long as possible to breed as much as possible for we know that our immortality is within our DNA code and the more we spread it, the more immortal do we become.  We will walk on distant planets in the bodies of our pure descendents.

What is important in a man? In a worm? In a rose? In a bacterium?  What is important in any organism that lives or has ever lived on this dark planet?  It is the DNA code that it carries within itself.  This DNA code consisting of about 3.l billion combinations of four simple chemicals in man, and is organized on that efficient beauty of fleshly engineering: a spiral ladder--it is the spiraling, turning forms found in entire star systems made small--and into 46  chromosomes with around 20,000 genes is the essence of a man.  It is what is essential, and why is this so?  It is because it creates life according to its particular recipe. It is the engine of creation made small. Change the order of the same four chemicals just a tiny bit and the life it creates changes.  Add up many tiny changes and life changes even more. Ah, but here I write too clearly again--should I speak of a spirit or soul within and pretend we don't now know about DNA and genes and such things? --would this be more satisfying?--I'll have none of that. The truth is more amazing than fiction and the truth of existence is the repetition of simple things over and over. Life is made up of smaller parts bolted together into larger parts with flesh and bone and the individual parts have their own blueprints and these are tinkered with constantly by the DNA core code.  An adjustment here and an adjustment there and is the organism then better able to survive?-no?--tinker some more-trial and error endlessly and tinkering without rest.

I say that at the heart of all DNA codes on this dark planet is a core DNA code that is unchangeable and is the same in all organisms.  It is a simple molecule of DNA programmed--programmed?--who is the programmer?--call it nature, if you will--to expand always and contract never--it is programmed to tinker constantly with life so that some organism will be able to live and prosper in every niche where some form of energy can be found to allow for the processes that we call life. This core DNA code wants--wants?--it has no will--it is a tireless machine that must try to fill all of existence with itself. That is its purpose. That is its goal.

We humans--we White humans--we few ones on this dark planet--we, the descendants of bacteria and slime mold and jelly fish and apes and non-White humans--all that went before us back to that first molecule that lept from being so-called non-living minerals to being living minerals now must consciously and willfully evolve ourselves if we are to ensure that we will be the life form that survives all that is to come from what is to come in future ages in this spinning reality of existence in which we find ourselves--spinning?--it is the engine of construction and destruction and should it stop, there would be no movement--no life-no existence.  Praise the spinning, turning, spiraling forces--and find them even in so-called non-living things--a rock-a sand grain--inert?--they are full of movement. And, from the spinning came existence itself and then the DNA molecule, that molecule of life--that bit of matter that spins out every form of life endlessly--a cornucopia spitting out new forms made from old forms--always building on what went before--always tinkering--never tiring--always creating via trial and error--always frugally adjusting organisms to adapt to not only live in every niche, but to love the niche in which it lives--always trying to find a way over, under, around or through the forces of non-existence that take no energy and no struggle to be for they are when there is no struggle--non-existence is what is when there is no effort to be.

From non-existence--that state of all cold, all dark, all silent, all still--came existence--that state of warmth, light, sound, movement--and existence is a burning fire that must expand or die out and there is no rest in existence--struggle is its nature--struggle to be and to be more--but you ask--what does it mean to be more?--it is to be the master of existence--it is to know, to sense, to feel, to exult in the joy of being over non-being and to control one's destiny so that one can truly be oneself and experience much--it is not through the denial of the senses that we evolve or become a better and new kind, but through using them--using them to send signals to our brain about all that we can experience so that we can sort out what we experience and so that we can know what is good for us and what is not good for us.

And, what then is good?--it is that which is good for us alone--eschew universal ideas of good, for they corrupt and weaken and confuse and they are the ideas of lesser humans--the ones who sleep walk--the ones in the herd--the ones who lack the White racist gene.  Good is what is good for you and yours and those like you--but what does this really mean?--it means that good is what is good for your particular DNA code.

You, we, us--We White ones--are in a competition for survival--for the right?--right?--the right that we give ourselves by our very existence--to exist--to be and to be more and we alone determine and you, we, us--We White ones--will define the terms and make the rules and we shall advance under our own power as we live consciously and distill that which is best in us and keep it pure and unpolluted by the masses milling in herds waiting for the slaughter--who have nothing but death inside them that is simply waiting for them to drop so that these walking bags of fertilizer can serve their purpose of fertilizing the Earth so other organisms can feed on their carcasses and can live and can struggle in their own way and on their own evolutionary paths.

But you, we, us--we White ones with the racist gene--are beyond the worm stage of our evolution--we are at the top of the stairs marked Homo sapiens, and on the landing, and now we must not stagnate, we must move higher--if we stand still we will be pulled back into the darker masses of humanity and we will devolve. No, we cannot simply improve around the edges of Homo sapiens-- we must diverge and make a clean break--we must now leap as that first molecule of DNA lept--to become a new type--we are to become a new species--those of us who have left the herd and who see the way and who take the path--we must leave the old ones behind and become a new kind--and we must, for we are from them--send out a signal to those of our kind  who have the racist gene but who sleep, so they can awaken, and take the path, or not, as they choose, but at least so they can look with open eyes and open minds and freely choose life over death.  And, those with this racist gene in its stronger forms will hear us inside their DNA code and they will instinctually know that they must follow our path--while those who cannot hear show thereby that they lack the racist gene and they are doomed to devolve back to an earlier form as they are reabsorbed into the darker masses of humanity from which we emerged not many thousands of years ago. There is no end to evolution--it is constant change.  We take the next step above man, and then we must take another and another and another.  And, we can only take those steps by breeding true and by not being infected with the DNA material of other human forms.

You speak to me of God?--where is this God of yours?--show me His face--let me hear His voice--if you wish a God--if you posit a God--if you wish to invent a God for the sake of human psychology I shall tell you of Him--His face and His voice are to be known in the spinning, turning, spiraling forces of existence and He is within your DNA as He is within everything that exists for He is existence itself--and do you think that He is as the false religions have dreamed up?--He is not--He is that which seeks to be and to be more and He is that which expands constantly and contracts never, save when it is time--He is that which seeks to evolve and devour all of the nothingness with His spinning, His fire, His struggle and this is God as He truly is--a ravenous, ever expanding something that eats the nothingness and expands to fill all that isn't, with what is, and He is not love and He does not forgive those who are full of death and non-existence--He was in that first molecule of DNA and He was in the minerals before they became that first molecule of DNA--and he was in the waves, and frequencies and forces and sounds and  particles that became matter and whatever is, is He, whatever is not, is not He--He is that which screams out to be and to be more and He is that which seeks to live forever and die never and He is that which seeks to experience everything--and He is that which hates death and non-existence.

No, I will not write now as a draftsman carefully choosing words--I will write automatically as the words well up and appear on the page as dictated by my DNA code--by my White racist gene--by my instinct--dictated by millions of years of evolution that have led to me for I have left the herd, I care not what the herd thinks, I am, and I shall become more by the power of my own being--I shall make myself anew--I shall mutate--I shall evolve--I shall adapt--I will this to be--what do I care what the herd thinks?  They are nothing to me--and I speak now of the herd from which I was born--the White herd--and if I think nothing of what my own herd thinks, you can imagine how little I think about what other herds think.

 And, you weak seed ones now speak to me of Western culture--you are afraid to say White culture--and you whine that what is important is not our genes, but our culture; and in thinking and saying this nonsense you show that you are either asleep or that you lack the White racist gene.  I've seen your kind in the herd--you frail, bloodless, weak ones, you ones who look like your shoes are too tight and as though your underwear itches, you ones who start at shadows and who are afraid to speak out lest you offend someone.  You polite tea drinkers in your antiseptic little shops mumbling to each other in whispering voices. You are usually childless--you often whimper that you can't find a mate who lives up to your high standards, so you do not breed and you then die and fertilize the Earth and you are no more--you are extinct, and even now you are simply extinction walking--you are not fit--nature is going to eliminate you; you and your smug pretences about culture--you who look backwards to earlier centuries and imagine that there was some sort of White golden age and to prove it you point to some music or some paintings done in the past--and, let me ask you--what part did you have in composing that music or making those paintings?--where are you in them?--are you so foolish to think that the work of a few individuals  who were White like us was the work of all of us?--those among us then and those among us now who leave the herd are the ones who look forward, not backward--these extraordinary individuals are the ones who create culture--you?--you puff yourself up and think you are somehow better because of the work of a lone individual?--you are delusional.  Your primary duty in existing, just as it is with all organisms, is to make more like yourself so your DNA code will expand to try to become the dominant version of the DNA code that exists, but you have failed even in this.  You stand in the corner and you watch others dance and have fun.  If you are male, you are afraid of women and you are afraid of anyone that is full of life.  If you are female, you also can never find a good, man--why?--because the problem lies with you, and whatever neurotic image you have of what would make a good man. Both of you are weak seeds. You are afraid of life.  You are afraid of the struggle.  You are afraid. You are dead inside, but you aren't even smart enough to know it.  You rail against sexual immorality and you know nothing about sex or morality except what you have learned in your false religions.  You are disgusting and you deserve to go extinct so our herd may be thinned and so we need not listen to your mewling; born of your weak and defective genes.  And, those individuals from the past and the music and paintings they produced, where are those individuals in those works?--they are not there.  And, if those individuals did not breed they are useless to us.  They were no more than bags of walking fertilizer.  Their works?--they are nothing.  They will be forgotten in time--and it is time itself that you often do not understand.  You do not see the long view of time--you weak fools--I hear some of you say that you are American and that you don't want hyphens put in your name--American?--what is that?--where is that in your genes?--it is not there.  It is artificial--your genes are what is real. Culture?  I reject your norms.  What you are is a White person. get in touch with your true nature and forget your conditioned ideas about culture and how a White person is supposed to act and behave.  Go and be, and in being, struggle to be more.

You effete, dispirited ones who constantly complain that some "them"  and "they" are the reason why you are not rich, or not married, or not successful or not this or that; you sicken me.  It is not them  or they who are the problem, it is you.  You must compete better.  You weak seeds are disgusting and sound like a man who has lost a foot race and who then says he would have won, but "they" ran faster than you and you would have won if only they hadn't run faster. If only there had been no competition, you would have won. Don't expect any other types of humans to hobble themselves so you can succeed in anything.  Competition is the way life is improved.  Either compete better and win, of die off.  Nature doesn't care who wins or who loses. I have heard your voices--you are also the ones who whine about Whites not awakening, so you do nothing but whine--why? because you are afraid to be and to be more.  You want others to agree with you so you can hide in the crowd; you are afraid to stand up and be.  You are the problem and you need to find a source of vitality to embolden yourself to be so that you can struggle and compete better.  And, if you do not struggle and if you do not compete better, you deserve to die off--there is no free ride in nature.  Each one of us must struggle to win.

You in the herd speak of evil as though it is a noun--it is not--it is a verb and it is relative. It is not a thing, it is an action. Is it evil for a lion to eat a lamb? No. The core DNA code has designed lions to eat other animals to get energy for their life processes so they can spread their particular DNA code. If a lamb comes upon a lion dying of starvation, should the lamb sacrifice itself so the lion can live?  Why would it do such a thing?  The lamb should be trying to spread its particular DNA code, not erase it.  Why do I write of such things?  It is because you in the herd--you pathological altruists--you sickly, weak-seeds--sacrifice yourselves by helping people very unlike you survive so that they can breed and make more like themselves, and then many of you herd animals feel compelled to go back and help them some more because now there are more of them, thanks to you letting them survive to breed and multiply their particular DNA code.  So, you go to Africa to help the starving people, and you swell up with self-pride and you get praised for how selfless you are by other herd animals.  I spit on you--you neurotic Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers.  You are disgusting and you do not understand that your purpose in life is not to help those unlike you survive to compete with you; your purpose is to make more like yourself and not sacrifice yourself. The moral rule you should follow is one of self-and in-group self-interest and non-interference in the destinies of people unlike us, unless they pose a danger to our kind. They are to live or die as history unfolds for them with all of its famines, diseases, natural disasters and life ending events of any and all kinds. Let nature run its course for those unlike us, for there is a natural balance in existence that you are upsetting. Existence itself is a self-cleaning oven that should be left running for all but our own kind, and with our own kind, we are to interfere to ensure that we breed to our maximum so that our particular DNA code becomes the primary DNA code on this and all other worlds.  We are to teem like maggots on the garbage of existence.  We are not to help those with DNA codes unlike our own replace us or compete better with us for land and resources or even to live.  We are to take care of ourselves alone and no others.
#                                #                                            #

Some have wondered how I would characterize myself. So, I've decided to give you my world view in as few words as possible and by using terms that are mostly known--except for a couple which I coined-- and with a few tweaks to some of the others  And, yes, some of these terms on the list seem contradictory and mutually exclusive as you read them, but in their fullness and when meshed together, with the proper weight being given to each (and some are weightier than others), they are not.

INDIVIDUALIST--One who believes in the primary importance of the individual and in the virtues of self-reliance and personal independence.

REALIST-- One who believes that the universals are real and exist independently of anyone thinking of them.

NATURALIST--One who studies nature in its broadest sense, especially by direct observation of animals and plants.

PARTICULARIST--One who has adherence to, dedication to, or interest in one's own group.

RATIONALIST--One who relies on reason as the best guide for belief and action.

LIBERTARIAN--One who believes that each person has the right to live his life in any way he wishes.

EVOLUTIONIST--One who believes in evolution including both cosmic and organic evolution.

EXISTENTIALIST--One who holds that the individual is a free and responsible agent who can possibly determine his own development through acts of the will.

COLLECTIVIST--One who believes in giving the group priority over each individual.

CODIST--One who believes that behind everything in existence is a code, or recipe, or program, or blueprint, or template.  In life, as we know it, the code is embedded in the DNA.

DNAIST--One who believes that we are our DNA code.  .

SEPARATIST--One who believes in separating from other peoples.

So to put it all together, I might say I am an Individualist, a Realist, a Libertarian, a Rationalist, a Naturalist,an Evolutionist, an Existentialist, a Codist, a DNAist within a Collectivist Particularist framework.

Or, I could simply say that I follow the Teachings of Arman or that I am a believer in Ourselves Alone or some of the other names that we use to identify our religious beliefs.
#                             #                                        #


I am a White person.  This is my most essential identity. All other identities come after this.  I am as I was born to be.  I have no interest in other peoples. They are not my kind. I profit not at all by their existence.  I believe in non-interference in the destinies of non-Whites.  They can live or die as is their fate and I won't butt in. They have their paths and we Whites have ours. These paths  should not be mixed or blended

In the philosophy and religious views that some of us have, it is important to put things in proper perspective to help us understand the meaning of life  and to clearly see what is most important and what is not so important. In our view, many of our kind have gone astray from the correct path, and, in fact, are on paths of personal and family destruction.

Existence requires struggle and effort.  Non-existence requires no struggle or effort.  It is like this with White people. It takes struggle and effort to remain White.  It would be far easier for us to just blend in with non-Whites--to not seek out White mates, to not try to have White children--to just stop existing as White people. And, that is what weak seed or brainwashed Whites are doing as they either have no White children, too few White children or who miscegenate. They are on the path to non-existence as they give up the struggle and effort to be White and as they blend in with non-Whites.  By contrast, we Whites who understand something of the ways of existence and evolution consider such blending in with non-Whites as evil because it destroys our White DNA code and stops our evolution along the White path that we believe is not only the best for our kind but which some of us also believe we have been  commanded to take by what we call the First Cause (you may say nature, and that's okay with us). We believe that it is our sacred duty to stay on the White path and to expand our kind.  There can be no compromise in this.

We Whites have branched off from other humans due to the fundamental forces of evolution that are one with existence itself.  We have become a distinct people.  We look different from other peoples, because we are different.  We must not try to erase the differences, but increase them.  Our highest possible destiny requires that we become more White (meaning have more of all of our different characteristics) not less White. This highest destiny is for us to evolve to become a separate species incapable of bearing children with non-Whites.  We are the new model human on this dark planet,  but we will remain so only if we avoid gene flow from non-Whites to us.

Non-Whites are a danger to Whites simply by their presence and even if they don't have any intentions of harming us.  Germs also don't have any intentions of harming us, but they do.  Just as germs can infect us and cause sickness and death, so too can the genes of non-Whites "infect" us and cause sickness and death.  And, when we speak of sickness we also mean mental illness that causes some Whites to not even care about their survival and who may even be trying to obliterate themselves because they hate who they are.   Whites who have become sick and weak must be told the truth and they must heal themselves and deprogram themselves from the evil that will lead to their destruction.  They must become strong and they must have confidence in who and what they are and not apologize for being who and what they are. This healing begins with our minds and we may all need some measure of healing in this present Dark Age.  We must first think correctly and then act correctly.  We must rid ourselves of false thought patterns and false morality.  We must strip away the false ideas that harm us.  We must understand the true lessons of nature (nature meaning all of existence, not just what we see in fields and forests of Earth). We must understand a little about evolution, because this is essential for a full understanding of why there are even White people at all and what we must do to ensure that we not only survive but prevail.

And, we must adapt to an ever changing world, but in adapting, we must not lose our identity--our White identity--we must strengthen it.

One way of thinking about our evolution is to analogize it as being a little like distillation.  A small amount of liquid is purified and leaves the larger body of liquid a drop at a time.  Those drops of purified liquid can stay separate or they can drop back into the liquid they came from.  If they do drop back in,  they cease to be separate and pure and just become part of the original liquid.  We Whites are the human version of those drops of liquid that have left the larger body of liquid. If we miscegenate, we drop back into the larger body of liquid and our evolution is thwarted.

The DNA code

What is it that makes us, us?  Is it our body?  Our brain? Well, yes, but there is something that is behind these that is more essential.  It is our DNA code, which is also known as our genotype.  In humans, this DNA code is made up of approximately 3.2 million combinations of the four "letters" of DNA--A,T,C,G which in turn give us approximately 20,000 genes which are further organized on the 46 chromosomes that are normal for our species.

We get half of our chromosomes from our father and half from our mother.  When two Whites mate, the child that is produced is White.  If a White and any other race mates, the child is not truly White (no matter what he or she looks like), because that child will always have 23 chromosomes and around 10,000 genes from the non-White parent. It takes 46 "White" chromosomes with all 20,000 of our genes to truly make a White person.  Yes, it's more difficult to make a White than a non-White.   A child of a White and a non-White is never half White and half something else.  He or she is one hundred percent non-White. You can't mix Black paint into White paint and expect to have White paint or half Black and half White paint. And, while we are not paint,  and this example is simplistic, it does illustrate my basic point which is that we Whites must remain White and not allow ourselves to be mixed and blended with non-Whites.

And, speaking of this term White as in White skin.  It is essential to our beings.  It is not a trifle and its importance is not to be minimized.  There are many reasons for this, including our belief that our White skin is important for allowing in the sun's rays along with various cosmic rays to cause mutations that will help us evolve into a new species.  The general way it works is that the rays change the order of some of our DNA code or in other ways knock things about in the code.  Sometimes the mutations are harmful, sometimes they are good.  Then, natural selection works to select the fittest for the niches in which we live from among the available types. Over time, If the mutations are bad, they will be eliminated.  If they are good, they will spread. We believe that Whites are the most mutable of peoples and we point to the wide variety of hair and eye colors and other characteristics among our people as evidence of this mutability.

Our personal DNA code is unique to each one of us.  It has made us unlike any other human beings--even if we have an identical twin, we are different. Yet, even with the differences, we are recognizable as a part of the human group that we call the White race.  Yes, we are like snowflakes, each one different, yet each one the same, on a broader scale, as those like us who are also snowflakes.

By thinking of ourselves in terms of the DNA code it helps us put things in perspective.

When we speak of our survival, what we, who think as we do, primarily mean is the survival of our DNA code. And, of course, the DNA code is not like a little robot riding along inside us.  It is one with us, so its survival is dependent on the survival of us as the individuals we see in the mirror.

We all die.  Our bodies wear out . But, if we have done what nature screams out to us to do--MAKE MORE LIKE YOURSELF!- we will survive in the DNA code  in our children.   This is to say that  our essence--that which is most essential to who and what we are--carries on in our children, but it does not carry on if we mate with non-Whites and it ceases to carry on in any of our children who do not also have children like us. it also dies out and we are evolutionary dead ends if we do not have children who survive us and who  breed true.

Our primary duty in living

What is our primary duty in living?  it is to breed. To make more like ourselves.  And to do that we must survive.  With this in mind it follows naturally that we must not try to be heroes or to risk our lives in false causes. And any causes that do not further our DNA code are false causes.  Graveyards are full of dead end heroes. There are no values or morals or nations or causes that are worth anything if our DNA code dies with our untimely death.  To survive, we must make more like ourselves and to make more like ourselves we must survive.  Our personal survival is paramount.  Our future depends on it. The dead don't have children. Death before dishonor is a cliché that is used to manipulate our young to die for mixed nations and false causes.  Death is never honorable.  Life is what we want.  We want to live as long as possible to breed as much as possible.  This is the way to fight the enemies of our kind. If you must put your life in danger, don't ever do it unless you have had many children to carry your DNA code on into the future.  Don't be a deadender.

As you probably know, we humans are various percentages the same as all other organisms on the planet that we know about (except some viruses).  That is, when you look at our DNA code, it has lots of the same code sections that you will find in everything from a banana to a chimpanzee.  Why is this the case?  It is because we are all ultimately descended from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.  That DNA molecule was and is programmed to survive, adapt, evolve and expand always.  It fulfills that program by constantly tinkering with life to bring forth the best suited organisms for every niche and environment.  If there is water, it adapts to invent fish and other organisms that not only live in the water, but love living in the water and prosper there.  If there is an atmosphere, it creates birds.  If there is land, it creates organisms that love the land and prosper there.  And, so it goes.  If there is some possible source of energy to sustain the life processes, the DNA molecule will find a way to invent some form of life that will take advantage of that energy.

And, as it invents different forms of life, always building on what went before, it sets up an eternal competition to find the best adapted for each niche.  The competition is usually strongest among closely related organisms, and this is true also of humans.  The strongest competition we Whites have for our survival is with other humans.

Now, most of evolution is automatic.  Lower animals (and even many humans) don't think in the terms I've outlined here.  But, we Whites must start thinking in these terms.  Some of us believe that we have reached a point in our evolution where we must help guide our future evolution or we risk going extinct.  And, the most important thing we can  do is increase the number of White people and we must never stop increasing our White population. No matter what else we also do, we must breed to our maximum.  This is why some of us do not believe eugenics is the way for us.  With eugenics, attempts are made to just  breed the best and brightest.  We believe this can hold down the population of Whites.  We believe that we must breed Whites so that we teem and so that we fill all levels of society and all jobs and functions in society.  We want White janitors and White scientists. We want White farm workers and White farm owners. The way to do this is to breed to our maximum and not worry about trying to breed the best and brightest.  We believe so long as we just breed White, that nature  will  sort things out in our favor.

Each of us is unique and it is our duty to try to spread our particular  unique DNA code and expand it as much as possible by having as many children as possible.  Each one of us carries whole armies and civilizations within our bodies just waiting to be turned into living, breathing White people.  We just have to mate to let them out.  

And, about  competition.  I am in a friendly competing with all other Whites to try to make sure that my particular White DNA code becomes the primary White DNA code. I want all Whites in the future to find me in their family trees.  And, whether any other Whites know it or not, they are also in this competition--each and every one of them. Of course, if  you are White and you have more children than me and thus spread your  DNA code more than me, it won't upset me very much, because I am a part of all Whites and all Whites are a part of me. But, our competition with non-Whites is naturally  less friendly, again, whether anyone realizes it or not. We are trying to be the dominant human and they are too. It is completely natural and the way nature has set things up.  

It is up to each one of us Whites to take personal responsibility and to compete to our fullest so that we are the dominant human type and so that our highest possible destiny of being the new human type no longer capable of breeding with the old humans is realized.  Whether we know all these things and take charge of our future or not, evolution will keep going on.  By taking charge of our future, we can help ensure that we are not the kind that is eliminated, and be very clear about this, some will be eliminated.  It is the way of existence and evolution.
#                   #                                                                     #                

  WHITENESS ETHICS AND MORALITY                                               

The natural and righteous code of ethics and morality for Whites:
1.  What is good for Whites is good.
2.  What is bad for Whites is bad.

Simple enough, but as might be expected, it is necessary to explain more for a fuller understanding of these two rules. 

Too many Whites are caught up in universal religious ethics and morality and mistakenly live their whole lives thinking this is the way things should be.  It is not.  Universal  ethics and morality  generally teach  that one should treat all humans the same and that one should serve others--pathological altruism--no matter who the others are.  This false idea is the progeny of the more basic false idea that all humans are basically the same except for different  paint jobs and that underneath those different paint jobs the engines are all the same.  Big mistake.  Humans are not all the same.  Not by a long shot.  In fact, the races are so different that Charles Darwin correctly wrote:
"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin

In believing the falsehood that all humans are the same and in internalizing this flat-world nonsense, one then thinks that all people are fungible.  So, in such false thinking,  if the White ones die off one wrongly believes  it's no big deal because there are still plenty of humans around. Well, the reality is that if you are White and all the White ones die off including you and your family lines, you are extinct.  You have no place in existence.  The fact that other kinds of humans are around is essentially meaningless to you and other Whites. Those general parts of your DNA  code that read such things as mammal and human still exist in other kinds of humans, but the parts that specifically read "Whiteness" are gone and it is the parts that read Whiteness that are most important and meaningful  for your existence.   Without these right parts that read Whiteness, a human is like a radio that is missing some parts and can't  receive the "radio waves" aimed at Whiteness that are all around it.  This is not to say that Whites are superior to other kinds of humans, but it is to say that we are different as they are different and it is also to say that our continued existence requires our White difference.

To maintain that White difference we must only breed with our fellow Whites.  Miscegenation is a great evil and must be avoided.

The reality of existence is that we Whites can only find our most complete existence  and identity as Whites.  This is so, because we are most fully us in the White DNA code that makes us and all other pure Whites the people we are.  If the White DNA code continues to exist, even when our bodies die, we are still existent, even without consciousness in other Whites and most fully, of course, in direct descendents of us as individuals. There is, however, something of us in all pure Whites.  In other humans and other organisms, some of the more general DNA  code exists (after all, DNA is DNA no matter which organism it is in) but we are such a small percentage us in all non-White organisms, including non-White humans,  that it is meaningless.  Whites must exist for us to exist and this applies to the future long after we are gone. And, speaking of all DNA being the same, we just remember it is the shuffle--the order--of the four chemicals of DNA that matters in what type of organism is created, not the raw chemicals.

Our morality--the morality that some of us follow, and which you may also wish to consider--is based on the truths of nature and evolution.  We have a solid and unshakeable understanding that what is right and good must be based on what is right and good for us as Whites. This  means what helps us survive, expand, evolve and be happy is good and right.  If it is good for Whites, it is good.  If it is bad for Whites, it is bad.  But, herein lies something that must be understood.  Good and bad for Whites does not just mean what is good and bad right now and for the person we see in the mirror.  It also means what is good for our DNA code that is inside us and which makes us who and what we are and which also makes us part of all pure Whites.
Of course, there are universals, but there are also particulars. And we must, as White people, look out for ourselves as White people first and always, and put nothing in front of or above Whiteness. This means, in part, we must not put false universal religions above Whiteness.  Everything must be for Whiteness. Our lives, our religions, our world view, our philosophy, our culture, our nations, our beliefs, our politics...everything...must put Whiteness above all else. There must be no fragmentation of ourselves-no alienation from our most essential selves--our White DNA code--all must be integrated into Whiteness and flow from it.

To understand why across the board universal ethics and morality are wrong with respect to us as Whites, one needs to understand the reality of the gene wars (you may prefer the terms gene struggles or gene contests), which are eternal and necessary for evolution to work.
The gene wars are simply different versions of  genes trying to replace other versions for the same characteristics, and the gene wars start in us during our conception. When the male sperm, carrying approximately 10,000 genes, meets the female egg, also carrying approximately 10,000 genes, the various versions of genes have to compete to build a new human.  There are thousands of contests that have to be won.  Which characteristics from the father or the mother will win in the new human?  Which eye color, hair color and texture, nose shape, lip shape, body type, brain characteristics and on and on and on will the new human have?  Now, these gene wars seem fairly benign within our bodies, especially when the mother and father are of the same race, but when they are of different races, the gene wars are not as benign and one race beats the other on various characteristics including one of the most obvious characteristics: skin color.

With the above in mind, you also have to understand that you have a right to exist and to exist as you are, as a White person. You have that right simply because you do exist.  You are the most important person to you. Without you, nothing else matters to you since without you, you are nonexistent.  And, as you think along these lines you must realize that no one is more important than you or has any more right to exist or to any part of existence of the planet than you.  Kings, Queens, presidents, prime ministers, billionaires, religious leaders, whoever--no one is more important than you. You take no second seat to any of them.  You are you, and you are important. Without you, there is nothing for you.  And, as you have a right to exist you have the right to your freedom.  You have a right to try to find happiness.  You have a right to associate with or not associate with any other persons for any reasons you so choose.  You are the King or Queen of yourself.

You are here.  All of existence, for you, depends on your existence.  Nothing matters if you are not here. It is the same with the rest of us.  But, you also need to understand that you, as the person you see in the mirror, are created by your DNA code.  Your DNA code has many aspects.  In you, some aspects of the DNA code are absolutely unique and not like any other DNA code.  However--and going from the specific you to ever more general levels--you share the next level of that code with your family and then your extended family and then with all Whites, and so on and so on and you can keep extending  this right out to ever more general categories such as mammals,  organisms, minerals, subatomic particles and energies because at some level they are part of you.  However, it makes no logical or practical sense to go beyond Whites for your identity.   Feeling one with all minerals, for example, because you are made of minerals makes no sense. And, feeling one with all non-White humans also makes no sense. So, we stop our identity train with all Whites.  Whites look like you and think like you and act like you, as looked at statistically, because they are like you.  They have the same DNA code that reads non-Jewish White person as you do.

Our ethical and moral code--what is right and what is wrong--flows naturally, in a secular sense, from the ways of existence as they really are, and informs our understanding of the primary importance of our DNA code and our genes to our existence as we see ourselves in the mirror and as the recipe that makes us who and what we are and for our future life within our offspring if we mate correctly with our own kind.

Just a few words here about some of what is immoral for us as Whites because we are White, and these are particular to us and are part of the extra burden we carry to fix the broken world. It is immoral for Whites to butt into the affairs of non-Whites or to let non-Whites butt into our affairs. We have our White trajectory and destiny and non-Whites have theirs. The different destinies should not be blended together  or mixed.  It is immoral for Whites to miscegenate, to have abortions, to limit our family size, to commit suicide, to practice celibacy, to not have as many pure White children as possible.

The highest morality for Whites is to be truly White.  To be as we are born to be and to not hobble ourselves with false morality and false values which is what false religions do to us.  We must be us.  And the us that Whites are is a race (we're really a subspecies, but we'll use the term race here for convenience) that invents, explores, builds.  We are scientists and engineers by nature--at least in our ideal forms.  It is part of our nature.  It is part of our DNA code. 

Our happiness depends on us facing the world as Whites and in not trying to be less than we can be and in not trying to fit non-Whites into our genetic program or societies or us into theirs.  They do not have our genetic program and they are a bad fit into Whiteness, just as we are a bad fit into their genetic programs.

*Whiteness, White, and Pure Whites  as I use the terms refer to non-Jewish Whites of European descent no matter where they were born or live who are the children of two White parents who are themselves the children of two White parents. Used here, DNA code is the same as genetic program.
#                                            #                                                                  #

God wants White people to survive and expand and to be the new kind of human. We have been selected to bring God's love, goodness, justice and righteousness to the planet through the presence of our flesh and blood--our DNA Code--our White genome--the biological reality of who and what we are.

The more of us Whites  in existence at any time, the greater will God's love, goodness, justice and righteousness be shined through us to the world. We must always know, however, that this does not make us better than other kinds and is more of a burden upon us as we must strive to be better and to be holier and not do many things that other kinds can do. What is evil for us to do may not always be evil for other kinds to do among their own kinds.

The good, just and righteous ways of living required of us by God are more concerned with how we actually live and act and what we do than the minutiae of  beliefs and rituals. God does not lack self-esteem and does not need to be constantly reassured that He is God by meaningless rituals.  He knows who and what He is. He has supreme confidence.

No man or group of men is above God or God's laws.
Where is God?  He is all around us in the sub-atomic realm. He is there in the scaffolding and underpinning of our level of reality. Where this is something, He is.  Arman says He is far different from what most people think He is and that He can't directly do everything as is often taught in manmade religions.  He is subject to the basic laws of existence.
There are things we can do that He can't do. For example, we have hands and can build airplanes that can take us thousands of miles away from where we started. God has no hands and can't build an airplane.  But, why would he need to?  He's already at the starting point and at the destination and every place in between at the same time.  But, also, God can influence us and use us, and guide us to do what He wants done on our level of existence so in this sense our hands are His hands.
The Golden Rule: Treat others who mean you no harm with due respect, kindness, dignity and as you as a rational, awakened and sane White person want to be treated.
Be a good, decent and righteous person and treat all life and all of existence with respect and dignity.
Do no harm or evil and do not look for trouble or cause trouble.
Be polite and gentle in your dealings with others and avoid conflicts and dangerous, harsh, vexatious or negative situations.
Do not invade the peace of mind of others and do not invade their space.
Avoid obnoxious and negative people and situations.
Live to be happy and at peace with yourself and others so that you are not constantly anxious or on edge.
Learn to control your emotions and especially your anger.
Be a peace maker, not a peace breaker.
Be positive in thoughts, words and deeds.
Make others feel good about themselves and life and don't cause them grief in words, deeds or even in subtle ways.
Do not interfere in the business, the fate, the destiny of those unlike you. Leave them alone. Be indifferent to them at all times and in all places. You are not their parents, their teachers, their protectors, their saviors, or their masters. Leave them to their own individual and group fates no matter what they may be.  Do not inject yourself into their ways or their lives and stay separate from them.
Repent the wrongs you do and avoid doing them again.
Love life and enjoy it, and do not deny yourself rational and reasonable pleasures but be sane and rational and practice moderation in all things.
Keep peace in your home and make it a refuge from the world for you and your loved ones.
Put Whiteness above all else and ask of everything: Is this good for White people? No miscegenation.  No mixing. No blending.  Do everything rational to increase the number of White people in existence--which has as its goal to increase the volume of the White DNA Code in existence. We exist because of our White DNA Code and it exists and expands because of us. We are one and the same. Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. This is as God commands it. Whiteness is defined to mean doing everything that is best for Whites and it includes the expansion and evolution of Whites via their unique White DNA Code into a new species incapable of bearing viable children with other kinds of humans. When we put Whiteness above all else, we are putting God above all else, for this is what God has told us.
Man made laws that are just and righteous and which do not conflict with God's laws should be followed but any laws that in any manner, direct or indirect, contradict God's laws or which can harm our kind, or restrict our religious duties and way of life and beliefs and our freedoms are not just or righteous. We are a free and sovereign people and must not have our rational and peaceful freedoms and sovereignty impinged unreasonably by others.
 1.    Be a good and decent person minding your own business and not harming anyone or anything.
2.    Treat others as you want to be treated.
3.    Treat others with respect and dignity.
4.    Do not force yourself or your ways on others.

5. Do not be arrogant or vexatious or look for trouble.

6.    Let others have the freedom of choices as you wish to have in your own life.
7.    Do not murder.
8.    Do not steal.
9.    Do not harm others
10.  Have respect for all life and all things in existence.
11.  Do not cheat.
12.  Do not force your ways or your will on others. Allow them the rational and peaceful freedom of choice in their lives that you demand in yours.
1.   Do know and believe with all your heart that there is a God, who we sometimes call the First Cause or Existence or Nature or by many other names, but know that He/It is not as imagined in false belief systems and that He is scientific and exists in and is the framework and structure of our level of existence and is just behind everything that exists in the subatomic level of reality.
2.   Do say aloud or silently a short thank you to God, for your life, in the morning upon awakening and at night before falling asleep.
3.   Do try to live the Will of God and do what God wants for you as part of His plan for existence as revealed through Arman.
4.   Do know that God is a light in  your White DNA Code and that your body is a temple and your pure White DNA Code (aka Essence) is the holy of holies that you must multiply by having as many pure White children as possible.
5.   Do know that God's goodness is increased in proportion to the volume of your Essence that is in existence and that the more pure White children you have the greater is the increase in goodness.
6.   Do trust in God and do trust in the White genome for it is infused with the goodness and light of God.
7.   Do turn away from sin and confess one's sins before God.
8.   Do seek self-knowledge, wisdom, justice, moderation and perfection and do study all things and learn from all things all the days of your life.
9.   Do be indifferent to other kinds and leave them alone and do not interfere in their lives, fates, problems or destinies. They are not your responsibility. You are not their guardians or parents. Their struggle for existence and their attempts at self-preservation and group-preservation are not yours. Leave them be to their own resources in all ways. They are to live and die, rise and fall on their own. They are to be invisible to you unless they can harm you, and in this case you must always defend your Essence to the maximum so that it always survives in order to multiply and bring more of God's goodness to the planet through our flesh and blood.
10. Do know that God is everywhere as He is in the Quantum and He is watching each of us all the time.
11. Do know that God is the ender of all arguments. What He says, is the law. Period. And must be obeyed. Period.
12. Do know that God does not conform to what humans may want in any age.
13. Do know that God does not take polls or votes or seek human approval for what He wills.
14. Do not have false ideas about the nature of God; he has no body as we do and is in the underpinnings of our level or reality. Where this is something, He is.
15. Do know that everything in existence, including all life, is sacred to God and must not be wasted or damaged unnecessarily, but that there are different destinies for different types of things. Just as you do not treat your eye the same as a hair on your head, so also does God not treat different things in existence, including different kinds of humans, the same.
16.  Do know that your individual DNA Code is part of a collective White genome and the more of you there are, the stronger are the vibrations of love, goodness, justice and righteousness.
1.   Do study the Teachings and teach to others.
2.   Do not change the Teachings.
3.   Do not deemphasize portions of the Teachings or emphasize others different from what Arman revealed. If in doubt, follow the spirit of the Teachings, which is Whiteness before all else, which means, in part, White purification, White perfection, White expansion, White evolution into a new species incapable of having viable children with non-Whites. This is what God commands of us.
4.   Do not apologize for the teachings or try to make them acceptable to anyone and especially not to those who hate our kind.
5.   Do know that Whites are selected by God for a special purpose and that we have special laws and requirements upon us that no other kinds have.
6.   Do know that to be selected in the first instance one must be born of two pure White parents who are also born of two pure White parents but that one must also choose and select to be what is possible.
7.   Do know that essential and central to our beings is our Essence (aka White DNA Code).
8.   Do follow the 7 P's relating to our Essence: Purify, Protect, Propagate, Persevere, Perfect, Preserve, Prevail.
9.   Do know that being selected does not make us better than other kinds, it just means that we are different and have a different destiny and special laws, duties and requirements upon us that other kinds do not have.
10. Do know that all life is involved in an eternal and necessary struggle to be and to be more and it is the same with different types of humans. This is as God wants it to be.  We call this the eternal gene wars as well as by other names.
11.  Do respect all other White religious beliefs if they truly put Whiteness before all else for this is as God demands. Even if you do not believe in God, God is not displeased so long as you put Whiteness before all else and live right and seek to multiply your White DNA Code by having as many pure White children as possible and by not miscegenating.
1. Do bear the sacred symbols--the fylfots and the spirals-- on the skin always and also on jewelry and where you live and work so that you may always see them.
2. Do wear soft and comfortable but functional cotton next to the skin.
3. Do wear dark, plain clothes suitable for physical work.
4. Do cover the head for holy purposes or whenever and wherever you desire to show respect for God and to signal your beliefs.
5. Do as a male believer  wear the hair militarily short with the sides shaved or very short in the style called high and tight.
6. Do as a female believer wear your hair in a suitable military style for females.
7. Do dress and groom so as to be different from others and as a reminder of who and what you are and so others on the path will know you.
1.  Do seek to look like, act like and think like the ideal of our type in all ways. Method live. Never break character.
2.  Do seek self-knowledge, wisdom, justice, moderation and fortitude.
3.  Do seek happiness.
4.  Do seek to have as many White children as your body will permit.
5.  Do seek a long, free and happy White  life.
6.  Do try to have positive thoughts and words always.
7.  Do know that God does not ask you to do anything meaningless or harmful to yourself or others and any that teach differently are false and are not to be listened to.

8.  Do whatever is necessary for your survival.  This supersedes all other laws. Your survival is paramount because you carry the selected DNA Code (the Essence) within you and you are necessary to help perfect and multiply it so it can evolve ever closer to God .
9.   Do know that you are very important to God's plan and you must survive and breed pure White.
10. Do know that you are more than the person you see in the mirror. You are your DNA code and it is you. Your DNA code will survive you if you breed pure White and have many children.
11. Do obey the righteous laws of the lands you live in that do not conflict with God's laws.
1. Do pray to God and seek guidance from Him always.
2. Do say a short prayer of thank you for your life morning and night.
3. Do think of God constantly.
4. Do know that it is okay to doubt but even in doubt believe in Whiteness, in Nature and  in Existence.
5. Do know that even with doubt, prayer works on your own mind.
1. Do love all who are selected and who believe.
2. Do not speak harshly to others of our kind.
3. Do not insult others of our kind.
4. Do treat others of our kind as you want to be treated.
5. Do not treat other kinds as brothers or sisters.
6. Do not tell lies or tales about others of our kind.
7. Do not cheat or steal from or harm others of our kind and our kind are all Whites born of two White parents and who, whether believing in our specifics or not, work to increase Whiteness and who do not miscegenate.
8. Do help others of our kind and especially the poor of our kind. Be kind and compassionate to all of our kind.
1.  Do know that you are triple selected: Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. The first you have by birth and can be called natural selection or God's selection.  You must select the second two to activate the first.
2.  Do know that the signs of your selection are seen and unseen and there are no other peoples so selected for the special tasks and duties of God given to you.
3.  Do know that you must have the right parts by birth. This is called Right Blood.
4.  Do know that you must activate those right parts by right beliefs.
5.  Do know that the right beliefs must lead to right actions in life.
6.  Do ask of everything:  Is this good for Whites?
1.   Do stay separate from other kinds and isolate yourself if possible from them and from all contamination and uncleanness.
2.   Do be moderate in all things and avoid alcohol, drugs and any substances that can harm you as a temple of God.
3.   Do work to purify and perfect yourself.
4.   Do method live by imitating, looking like, acting like and thinking like the ideal of our kind.
5.   Do shun evil.
6.   Do good.
7.   Do not interfere in the lives, business, fates or destines of other kinds of humans; let nature and God work it out.
8.   Do be indifferent to other kinds of humans; they have their paths as you have yours.
9.   Do not mix your life, your ways, your destiny or your path with other kinds of humans.
10. Do let God determine the luck and fate of other kinds of humans; do not intercede for them in any way.
11. Do bear the sacred symbols next to your skin at all times.
12. Do protect the Essence.
13. Do expand the  Essence.
14  Do ask of everything: Is this good for White people?
15. Do pray morning and night.
16. Do seek your happiness within the context of the teachings and Whiteness.
17. Do try to remain separate and isolated from the unclean and unholy.
18. Do be fair.
19. Do to others the way you want them to do to you.
20. Do respect all life.
21. Do have an alter for God.
22 .Do support the places set aside for worship and gatherings of the faithful.
23. Do seek justice.
24. Do seek righteousness.
25. Do seek to be kind and polite.
26. Do seek to be compassionate.
27. Do love other Whites.
28. Do  repent and make things right.
29. Do protect your children and teach them the truth.
30. Do honor your elders and your parents and care for them.
31. Do appoint judges and leaders in every community of whites.
32. Do uphold our own laws for our own kind.
33. Do know always that the true source of morality is God.
34. Do know that true prophecy from Arman is better  even than wisdom and learning but study everything all the days of your life.
35. Do  seek truth and understanding.
36. Do have many children with our kind alone.
37. Do seek to live as long as possible.
38. Do study nature.
39. Do trust in god.
40. Do God's will.
41. Do wear cotton next to the skin.
42. Do wear your hair short and military in style.
43. Do wear plain comfortable clothes; function over fashion.
44. Do cover your head for holiness.
45. Do avoid danger and do not be a dead hero. Your continued existence is primary.
46. Do use pleasant and non-abusive language.
47. Do whatever is necessary to survive and expand our kind. This overrules all other laws.
48. Do know that we are born as individuals, not couples and we must breed to our maximum as a male or a female as nature has engineered us differently and for good reason for our long range survival.
49. Do know that the reproductive capabilities of males and females are different and this is for a good reason and try to obey these natural differences.
50. Do know that every pure White child born is worth a billion prayers.
51. Do know that you must not be arrogant towards other kinds, but you must not mix and blend with them. You have a different highest potential destiny, but you must choose wisely, constantly.
52. Do know that the first law of nature is self-preservation or survival of yourself and that the second law is to make more like yourself to increase your DNA code and Whiteness and goodness in the world.
53. Do try to have a peaceful and happy home.
54. Do keep your home as a refuge and your primary religious and spiritual location.
55. Do know that any laws here or elsewhere that if obeyed would cause harm to you or yours must not be followed.  Your continued and long term existence in flesh and blood is important to God.
56. Do whatever is necessary for your safety, your security and your survival. Avoiding dangerous situations and persons is not cowardice, it is wisdom.
57. Do tell lies and do deceive if necessary for your survival. Be clever and do not be a fool.
58. Do know that if you sense danger, you must get away from the danger as quickly as possible and then you may assess the situation.
59. Do not war for false causes or mixed nations; the only cause that is not false is the preservation and advancement of your kind and your DNA code and the only nation that is yours is one that is of your kind only
60.  Do know that you carry your nation, your religion, your culture, your world view within your genome.  Where you are, no matter where you are, they are there.
 The following Don'ts are strictly forbidden to our kind, but are fine for other kinds.
1.   Don't miscegenate.
2.   Don't be childless.
3.   Don't use birth controls.
4.   Don't abort fully White children.
5.   Don't be celibate.
6.   Don't practice family planning.
7.   Don't restrict the number of  children your body can produce.
8.   Don't put off having as many children as possible and let your body's ability to produce children, which is God's way, be your guide.
6.   Don't have false morality. The highest morality is God's morality for us and He has written this in nature in general and in our kind's genetic nature in particular. Seek to understand.
7.   Don't associate or befriend other kinds if possible, but be polite and gentle in the way you avoid association or friendships with other kinds.
8.   Don't do anything to make your life shorter.
9.   Don't have false morality.
The following items are also forbidden to us and to all others
1.   Don't harm  Whites.
2.   Don't cheat  Whites.
3.   Don't be unkind to Whites.
4.   Don't disrespect  Whites.
5.   Don't embarrass  Whites.
6.   Don't side with non-Whites against Whites.
Don'ts related to God
1. Don't have false ideas about God.
2. Don't disobey God.
More Don'ts
1.   Don't use any substances that can harm you or cause you to be intoxicated or in altered states.
2.   Don't put yourself in danger or let yourself be harmed.
3.   Don't do anything that will shorten your life.
4.   Don't be loud and boisterous.
5.   Don't be rude and impolite.
6.   Don't insult others of make them feel bad.
7.   Don't have false conceptions of God.
8.   Don't  follow those with false conceptions of God.
9.   Don't  follow those who can have children but who don't or won't have them.
10. Don't follow those who miscegenate.
11. Don't respect those who miscegenate.
12. Don't allow those who miscegenate to live among you.
13. Don't be friends with those who miscegenate.
14. Don't hate your fellow Whites who are true to Whiteness and thus true to God even if they lack belief in the Teachings.
15. Don't say anything bad about fellow whites who put Whiteness above all else.
16. Don't have homosexual relations.
17. Don't have sex with non-Whites.
18. Don't allow your DNA to mix with the DNA of non-Whites.
19. Don't marry non-whites and non-believers in Whiteness.
20. Don't let non-whites join with White people.
21. Don't take counsel from non-Whites or listen to their advice.
22. Don't cross breed or condone this.
23. Don't defile yourself with contact with other kinds.
24. Don't trust in anything other than God.
25. Don't use harmful substances.
26. Don't deny or doubt that the true source of morality and just laws is God.
27. Don't be harsh with others.
28. Don't use birth control.
29. Don't be celibate.
30. Don't wait long to have children--your body is programmed by the Divine to start and stop automatically at the right ages.
31. Don't tolerate injustice.
32. Don't hunt animals except for food--the life force is in all that lives; respect it.
33. Don't harm the dignity of others.
34. Don't invade the privacy or space of others.
35. Don't cause others shame.
36. Don't cause others embarrassment.
37. Don't cause others to worry or create anxiety in them.
38. Don't murder.
39. Don't steal.
40. Don't put yourself in danger.
41. Don't avoid truth and understanding.
42. Don't hold negative thoughts.
43. Don't have a negative attitude.
44. Don't use negative words.
#                                         #                                                            #


Discriminate: differentiate, distinguish, separate, draw a distinction, to recognize of identify as separate and distinct.
Love: an intense feeling of deep affection.

Ignore the childish opinions of those among us who promote the foolish notion that God is happy with whatever humans do and who use this notion to approve of homosexuality and miscegenation and low births for Whites.

Such notions are very wrong and they lead to insulting God whose will  is seen each and every day in the way existence works and in the natural laws that are all around us if we but look and learn to discern the truth.

And, while we cannot truly understand God or even prove He exists, some of us do believe in Him and some of us follow the Teachings of Arman in this regard.  And, while, at the same time, many of us remain skeptical, we realize that there is not only no harm in our beliefs but much good in that they give us a purpose and a direction in our lives that is good, compassionate, righteous and just. They also give us an unassailable authority-- God is the ender of all arguments even if you are skeptical of His existence. Do you want to end an argument?  Simply say: "God said it and that's the way it is." You don't need to argue any further beyond that.

But what about God discriminating  based on race? That's probably not what you've been taught in the desert religions which mostly teach that God loves everyone and everything and modernly accepts just about everything that anyone can do. Miscegenation by Whites, homosexuality by Whites, suicide by Whites, you name it and the present day version of God is okay with it. But that present day version  of God is not God. Not even close.

Arman points out the obvious truth that all things in existence are not the same and so it is with living things and humans.  God knows this and He favors some over others for reasons of His own but which might be because some things in existence help His plan and some don't. That is why God discriminates. 

Arman says that God loves White people.  We are His light made flesh. But, a more precise way of saying this is that God loves our White genome (aka our White DNA code or White Essence) when it is pure. And, since our White genome is one with us as we exist at  our level of existence He loves us as fully formed White human beings.   But God hates those who are White who contaminate our common White DNA by miscegenation and other sins and who do not multiply the White DNA according to God's Laws embedded in nature and which we must try to understand and live by.

Arman says God wants us to decide between good and evil and freely choose the good. Doing so shows that we are growing out of our childhood and are evolving closer to Him.

The religions invented by ancient desert wanderers got at least a few things right:  God has a plan, and all that exists including organic life which includes humans is involved in some way for good or bad in that plan. God acts to fulfill his plan, sometimes very directly but often in very subtle ways as he walks behind our level of reality.  We do not have the ability to fully understand God's plan but as Whites we know that we are an important part of it which involves us evolving higher along an exclusively White trajectory to be  closer to Him and better able to bring his emanations into our level of existence through us.

To have a plan means that one chooses to do some particular thing or things instead of some other things.  This is the heart of discrimination--one selects this and not this other. As we read in the hoary religious books of the desert religions,  God repeatedly destroyed humans who he didn't like or who did things that he opposed. Others he left alone. Some he guided. Maybe those stories are just metaphors to keep people in line, or maybe there was some truth in them as  God acted on His plan to eventually evolve White people as we are today. 

Arman constantly emphasizes that God is far different than many people believe and that He has selected White people to make the earth and all of existence holy and that His emanations flow from Him through our White DNA Code that is unique to us among all humans.

Whether this selection is the product of our natural evolution or results from God guiding things over the past millions of years to create us through influencing various things including choices Whites have made as to where to live or who to mate with and more--the still small voice, the whisper in the mind's ear at night, the decision to stay off a plane that later crashes and much, much more--may have been God acting to advance His plan to cause Whites to be as we are now: standing on the threshold of becoming a new species closer to God. But among our kind there are various opinions and some of our sages believe that natural selection in our case was always God selection.

When asked if God created humans, Arman has answered that God--that is the spiraling  forces, vibrations, waves, energies, subatomic particles that are behind and underpin everything in existence--led to the creation of matter and matter led to the creation of minerals and minerals led to the creation of RNA and DNA and these led to the creation of life and this led to the constant evolution of life and this caused man to come into being and then Whites evolved out of earlier forms of man to be their  replacements and be the new model for mankind that is holier and more conscious and which naturally brings God's goodness and life force to greater fruition through our flesh. 

Was that which we call God really behind all of this?  We can choose to believe He was or that  He wasn't. Some of us choose to believe that He was. All we know for sure is that we can see organic and inorganic evolution at work and we believe in  cause and effect. Our reality is the effect. The cause? We say ultimately it was what we can call God--the First Cause.

Because we are selected does not make us better than other humans and we should be humble and not be arrogant for we have many, many flaws and faults among us and we are certainly not perfect, and millions of us are on the wrong track,  but even those Whites who are on the wrong track may have pure White Essence and still have the potential that just needs to be awakened.  Flawed or not, we Whites have the potential as the front runners in the evolutionary struggle to cross the threshold and be a new type of human who will look pretty much as we do now but will be "Whiter" in many ways and will be better suited to  help God with His plan at our level of existence.

Again, this  potential we have is no cause for arrogance and it  often may seem to be more of a burden upon us than a blessing.  We are simply expected to act better than other kinds and to follow many of God's laws that are particular to Whites but not to any non-Whites.  For example, it is forbidden for Whites to mate with non-Whites.  By contrast, non-Whites may mate with all other non-Whites (but not with Whites). Whites are also forbidden to do anything to endanger our lives or to have fewer children than our bodies can produce. This does not apply to non-Whites.  Non-Whites are free to endanger their lives, to have abortions, to have family planning, to practice homosexuality, to use birth control.

It get's tiresome to hear some people constantly say that God is love, by which they usually mean love in a universal sense. This is nonsense.  God is not love. God is God. And, God makes choices--he discriminates and treats different things differently according to His plan. He does not love or treat all the same because all are not the same. Do you treat your ear the same as your eye?

God has revealed Himself to Arman in our day, perhaps at this time because He must once again make sure His plan stays on track at a time when many Whites have fallen off the narrow path set for us and now do evil.  And, just to be clear, "evil" means anything that is against what God wants.

We may be at one of those periods in history where things have fallen so far from what God wants that God may be ready to wipe the Earth clean of most humans and start over again. Arman says the reason He hasn't done so is that Whites still have a chance to change things and make the earth holy as God wants it.  In a  sense, God is rooting for Whites to make things right and bring their White goodness to fill all niches where we can survive and to fill them with our kind only.  We are to push back the dark. This seeming metaphor of light and dark is more than a metaphor it includes flesh. Whites are the light. If we fail, God will indeed wipe the Earth clean of most if not all humans and Whites who are doing evil or who have contaminated their Essence or who are living near non-Whites or in mixed communities will be destroyed with all the rest.  So, be wise and live only among Whites and work to improve, perfect and purify yourself in all ways possible to survive the wrath that may come if we fail in our mission to help with God's plan.

However we Whites came to be, we are. We exist and we are the good, decent and righteous people who make everything better by our very presence as God's emanations flow through us and spiral out into the world. But we are not perfect and it is our perfection and purification that we must seek by living correctly and doing the right and just things. Living correctly and doing the right and just things are far more important than any specifics of our beliefs. God would rather we live according to his laws for us than believe in Him.  God is not insecure and doesn't need constant praise and prayers, but these things are good for us to do because they help us stay focused on God and prayer helps us in our own minds.

Where there are more of us Whites gathered as awakened Whites there is a greater volume of our sacred White DNA Code that is different from all other DNA codes and it is our White DNA Code that is one with our physical beings that we see in the mirror that is the door to God and there is a threshold to this door and we are poised on that threshold and we are the only ones who can walk through it for the door is locked and is opened only with the key that is found in our White DNA code.  But, to use the key we must perfect and purify ourselves spiritually, genetically and physically.  To do this, we must live pure White lives and avoid contamination from DNA of other kinds of humans.  The very presence of other kinds of humans near us causes static and interference with the emanations from God to our receiving DNA code and causes the signals that we then release to be garbled.  We must remain pure White in all ways possible.

Ultimately, belief in God does come down to belief because we simply can't use our reason to fully understand exactly what He is.  Arman says that even though we must rely on belief, the fact that we are intelligent and reasoning organisms means that we are not barred by God from speculating and trying to understand Him.  And, Arman also says that we are lucky in our present day to finally have words and concepts, thanks to modern physics and other sciences and computers and much more so that we can now at least satisfy some of our natural curiosity about God by thinking in terms that go beyond simply saying he is a sprit with no body, and leaving it at that.

Arman says that God is from the subatomic or quantum level of existence.  Whether he is a force or a power or a wave or subatomic particle or vibration or energy is interesting to speculate about, but we don't know and He may be all of these things or none of these things, but Arman says that is where God dwells--just behind everything that at our level of existence and he is a will o wisp in that if we had the ability to look where he is, he is both not there but is still there looking back at us.  Arman says that God is not all powerful in that he can't do some of the things we can do because he lacks a body.  God can't build an airplane because he has no hands, but God doesn't need an airplane, because he doesn't need to go somewhere as he is already there and here at the same time. 

Arman says that God has no son and there is no one like him.  He is One and He is the Only One of His kind.

Those of us who seek wisdom, justice, love compassion and understanding and our evolution ever closer to God by following Arman's Teachings believe in Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action and all that we are or do can be listed and subsumed under these three headings.
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