You are excused from any laws that may put you in danger or which may harm you or keep you from having as many of our kind of children as possible during a long as possible lifetime. The first law of existence is to survive to make more like yourself.  No other laws take precedence over this.

The Teachings help us avoid error and live as the First Cause tells us the proper way to live under His laws that are also seen in the natural world. We must learn to know which laws are for all living things and which are just for Whites.

If we were to sum up these Laws for Whites in just a few words, we would say: Do the Will of God and Put Whiteness above all else. No exceptions.

There are Universal Laws that apply to everything in existence.  These are also called Natural Laws.  Then there are laws that apply to specific types of things.  And, there are laws that apply to all humans and there are laws about how we are to treat other humans and how they are to treat us and then there are laws about how we are to treat our fellow White kind and laws about how we are to treat our fellow believers. 

The First and Primary Law of Existence That is above all other Laws
Survive to make more like yourself. It is the sacred duty of each individual of our kind to expand his or her Code A by having as many children as is physically possible during his or her lifetime. The individual  must protect his or her life at any cost. Self-preservation takes precedence over any other laws. Do not be a dead hero. Use your intelligence, your cunning and your instincts. Some situations require fight, but most are better handled with flight. Avoid trouble. Brave but dead individuals are useless.

The First Cause
 1.  You shall do the will of the First Cause.
 2.  You shall not disrespect the First Cause.

 3. You shall bear the symbols next to or on the skin as tattoos, brands, scars, marks or on rings and amulets.

 4. You shall pray a short than you prayer morning and night.

Fellow Whites
 5. You shall treat them with respect and expose them to the Teachings.

Fellow Believers
 6. You shall love them as you love yourself.
 7. You shall help them when they are in need.
 8. You shall gently guide them on the right path.
 9. You shall keep their counsel within the community of believers.

10. You shall  neither harm them nor help them.
11. You shall be indifferent and not interfere in their destinies, their fates, their lives.
12. You shall not mix with then or blend with them or socialize with them.

Marriage and Children
13.  You shall mate only with others like you and preferably only other believers if possible.
14.  You shall not miscegenate.
15.  You shall have as many children as possible. This is your individual responsibility both male and female. We are not born as couples.
16.  A man may have as many wives as he can support in order to expands his DNA code.
17.  You shall follow your internal natural time clock as to when to have children and when to stop.
18.  You shall not use,engage in or countenance, abortions, family planning, celibacy, homosexuality, miscegenation, or anything that would hold down your birthrate or that of other believers.
19.  Every woman of childbearing age should be pregnant or nursing.

20. No food is forbidden you that is healthy and will give you a long and fruitful life.
21. You shall ingest nothing that would harm you.
22. You shall avoid drugs and liquor.

Clothing, Head coverings, jewelry
23. You shall wear loose, comfortable, practical, dark clothing suitable for manual labor.
24. You shall cover the head when in sacred ceremonies, a sacred place, or if very devout.
25. You shall wear rings, pendants, bracelets, amulets with the sacred symbols.

Religious leaders
26. You shall not be childless and you shall have as many children as physically possible.
27. You shall study and keep the Teachings pure and unchanged.
28. You shall guide the faithful with love as a friend, a confidant, and like a brother or sister.
29. You shall officiate over life events.
30. You shall be wise, honest and trustworthy and above reproach.
31. You shall serve as a living example to the faithful in all the ways of the Teachings.
32. You shall live plainly and simply with no ostentation.
33. You shall help resolve disputes within the community.
34. You shall not look to outside laws or officials in handling problems of believers.

35. Those with more than they need must help believers in need. Ten percent to charity.
36. No charity outside the community of believers.

Daily Living
37. You shall do nothing to shorten your life.
38. You shall not engage in wars except for our DNA code.
39  You shall not put values that harm our DNA code above those that do not.
40. You shall be honest and good and righteous.
41. You shall speak softly and not be loud and boisterous.
42. You shall repay favors with favors.
43. You shall keep the business of believers within the believer community.
44. You shall never help those without our DNA code to prevail over believers.
45. You shall attempt to live as long as possible to bear children, expand the DNA code, to purify, and respect  First Cause.
46.  You shall keep a light burning day and night representing the First Cause.
47.  You shall remain separate and isolated from other kinds of humans.
48,  You shall understand and live by Blood, Belief, Action.
49.  You shall study the Teachings, nature, and all things.
50.  You shall not harm other believers in word or deed.
51.  You shall be honest with believers.
52.  You shall treat others as you want to be treated.
53.  You shall expose non-believing Whites to the Teachings and help them see the truth.

Aid to others & the faith
54.  You shall help others of our kind and only those of our kind and no others.
55.  You shall use a percentage of your increase to help expand the faith.

Religious sites, symbols and the like
56.   You shall have religious sites and sanctuaries and none but our kind may enter.
57.   You shall bear the sacred symbols next to on or in your skin.

58.   You shall seek to be pure ritually, physically, mentally, biologically, genetically.
59.   You shall seek to use food and products made only by believers.
60.   You shall seek to live only among believers.
61.   You shall seek to separate from all non-Whites.

Wars and conflicts
62.    You shall never put yourself in danger for false causes.
63.    You must never risk yourself to help those not our kind.
64.    You must not put bravery or honor above your survival.
65.    You must put your survival and your happiness first.
1.      Do no harm to our kind.
2.      Do not lie to our kind.
3.      Do not cheat our kind.
4.      Do not criticize our kind.
5.      Do not spread false rumors about out kind.
6.      Do not side with other kinds against our kind.
7.      Do not seek the help of other kinds in problems with our kind.
8.      Do not mix with other kinds.
9.      Do not have children with other kinds.
10.    Do not do anything to keep your birth rate low.
11.    Do not do anything to help other kinds.
12.    Do not try to save other kinds.
13.    Do not interfere in the fates of other kinds.
14.    Do not try to be a hero or risk your life.
15.    Do not take a life, which the First Cause has forbidden,except for just cause.
16.    Do not miscegenate.
17.    Do not be childless.
18.    Do not mix with other kinds. Stay separate and try to be isolated from them.
19.    Do not have false gods.
20.    Do not kill for sport.
21.    Do not be loud, obnoxious or boisterous.
22.    Do not interfere in the business of other kinds of humans.
23.    Do not believe or practice false universal morals or ethics.
24.    Do not pollute, corrupt or lessen your DNA code.
25.    Do not let your personal DNA code die.
1.      Be respectful of our kind.
2.      Be polite with our kind.
3.      Be forgiving of our kind.
4.      Be helpful with our kind.
5.      Be charitable with our kind.
6.      Be indifferent to other kinds and their problems.
7.      Be happy.
8.      Be good to your parents.
1.      Do have many of our kind of children.
2.      Do try to live as long as possible.
3.      Do follow our ethical and mora codes and not the codes of others.
4.      Do speak softly with respect to our kind.
5.      Do cover your head when you pray.
6.      Do bear the sacred symbols next to your skin.
7.      Do say a short thankyou in the morning and night.
8.      Do avoid danger so you may live as long as possible.
9.      Do seek moderation in all things.
10.    Do treat others as you want to be treated.
11.    Do prevent others from hurting our kind.
12.    Do whatever is necessary to survive to breed true.
13.    Do honor your ancestors, your parents and your descendents.
14.    Do will your evolution along the White path.
15.    Do study all the days of your life.
16.    Do stay true to the faith.
17.    Do be polite to all.
18.    Do keep a light burning for the First Cause.
19.    Do be indifferent to other kinds of humans.
20.    Do seek physical and spiritual purity.
21.    Do see mates of the opposite sex and partner with all who can help you and them expand your and their DNA.
22.    Do follow particularism.
The First Cause Said..

I Am as I Am.
You shall be as I command or you shall not be.
I Am in things seen and unseen.
All that exists, I know from.
When humans have become so evil that no humans can change things, I shall come and I shall wipe out the evil and start anew. Bear my symbols on your bodies, your homes, your workplaces, your vehicles if you wish to be spared when I send my legions to destroy evil. Cover your heads and wear clothes that distinguish you from non-believers and the evil ones.
I am One and there is no other God that is real.
You are selected to be the only ones who shall be closer to me. Your white skin is your uniform, do not let it change.
I come in the breeze and the wind. The rain speaks my name. The cyclone is me.
I am the Energy that Is.
Where I am there is existence. Where I am not there is no existence.
I am all movement inside and outside. If movement stops, existence stops.
I am the Divine Presence that you alone can feel correctly.
You must make more of your kind and you must protect your DNA code from pollution of other kinds.
I Am the Life Force that exists in all that lives, but I am brighter in your selected kind. Do not deny it. Assert it.
You are to stay a Whie peple of it is this that allows you to evolve as I command.  If you lose your Whiteness you are no longer the select and this applies to you as individuals and as a whole. Those who lose the Whiteness are no longer your kind and they are no longer selected.
We will help you, but you must first help yourself and you must do this constantly and not look to us for help.  You must compete to win against similar kinds because your path is not an easy or free one. You must prove yourself against all others. Be smart. Be cunning. Do not be foolish. Do not risk your lives. Breed constantly but breed true.