THE GUIDE (sealed)--BOOK 1

There are twelve books that are part of THE TEACHNGS.

[THE GUIDE is book one of THE TEACHINGS. The other books that are part of THE TEACHINGS have later dates on this blog.]

In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as  A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind, and so on. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.


Every distinct thing in existence is ultimately made of the same stuff at the deepest levels of existence, but they begin to become different very quickly. This is to say everything is made of some of the same chemicals, the same atoms, the same subatomic particles, the same waves, the same energies, forces and vibrations as everything else, but there are different mixtures, combinations, and proportions of the basic stuff of existence that manifest as all the variety we see at our level of existence.

The teachings that comprise this book do not deny the underlying sameness or the differences.

They recognize the fact that it is not the underlying sameness that is essential in living organisms at our level of existence, but the differences.

Everything in existence has its own code (it is both a blueprint and a lathe that makes that which is its manifestation in our level of existence). In living organisms on Earth, this code is contained in the DNA (and sometimes in a RNA) molecule. The Code of different organisms gives those organisms their differences. Not all organisms can fly. Not all can live in the ocean or on the land or do this or  do that.

It is no different with humans. Different types of humans have codes that are slightly different at the gene end of existence and the results of these seemingly slight differences have major effects at the complete organism level. The teachings do not deny this or attempt to pretend otherwise. Instead, they rely on natural law as a way to explain why things--including the ability or inability to take this path--are as they are. The code of the people who have the potential to follow this path is different from the code of others. The difference might be thought to be like having two radios that look very much alike, but one is missing a critical tiny part and doesn't receive radio waves, while the other one has that part and does receive them.


God willing, these words given by God will find their way into the hands, the minds and the hearts of all who have the Essence and who know that He alone is God and that He alone shall determine the fate of peoples as He alone wishes.


Believe what you read herein and do what you are told to do and d not do what is forbidden.

This book is a guide for your existence. Seek answers herein often.

Say: It was God who came with light and sound to that which was dark and silent.

Say: It was God who made the point that was the start of the spinning. It was God who started all. It was God who made all that is seen and all that is unseen. It was God who gave you life and made you more than the chemicals that make up your bodies. It was God who caused intelligence, awareness and consciousness to grow from dust and move ever higher from one form to another up the spiral.

It was God who has sent you symbols of the spinning so that in them you may think of Him and be guided in your understanding of what He wants of you.

It was God who commanded that in the trailing armed spinning form is He to be seen in His most glorious form.

It was God who commanded that believers have this symbol with them every moment that their form is in existence both living and dead.

Holy are those who cause this symbol to be tattooed, or burned or carved upon their skin so that it cannot be removed and so that it serves as a sign to believers and non-believers alike that the bearer obeys Us and will be protected by Us from evil.

When you gather together to worship God, erect this symbol upon your alter and look upon this symbol with great reverence and set before it a fire and growing things.

Fight against those who hate God and who hate His symbols and do not let them keep you from openly displaying your love for God by displaying His symbols. Those who seek to harm God or His believers are evil, no matter what other good they claim to do. They are to be kept from ever carrying out their harmful thoughts.

We command you to obey and honor Us and to display Our symbols for the world to see and to not let any men or governments of men deny you what We have ordained. Display Our spirals in all their forms wherever you may dwell or travel and know that We see Our symbols and We will protect you for bearing Our symbols as signs of your faith and obedience. Allow none to defile or insult Our symbols. Primary among the representations of Our symbols is the spiraling four armed form, for it represents Us in Our most active form and it must be displayed at the most sacred times and days and it must be displayed wherever there are haters of Us.

Display it proudly but without false and arrogant pride in your heart so that all may know that We are God and We alone will determine what is proper and what is not proper for Our believers.

Carry this symbol before you when you face the evil doers and it shall be a beacon and a light to Our Shining Ones who shall aid you against those who hate you and Us and who seek to destroy you.

We have made you a peaceful and a just people and We command you to be thus and to spend your lives in worship of Us in all the things that you do and no matter where you live or travel, but We warn you that there are those who are evil and they will attempt to destroy you. Do not show a peaceful face to evil doers, but be as ravening wolves. Make war to protect the faith and the faithful and if any try to harm the faith or the faithful by word or deed or by devious means or through clever plots, then they are to be made war upon by all means necessary until they can no more breathe Our air or see Our light of day or exist in any form. Their lives are forfeit for the evil that they do. Just as We have many faces, so too must you have many faces. We make and destroy and remake again trillions of stars to fulfill Our plan and We are the spinning and we are the spun. We are the center and we are the arms trailing. Our plan will unfold as We alone have decreed. So too do you play a part in Our plan. As We are, you must be. We have made you our representatives on the worlds upon which you live to do there as We wish and command. Our ways are your true natural ways for We have made and selected you to be thus, alone among all others. There are none but you who We have selected and you are alone and separate as We are alone and separate even in the midst of others.


We have created you to struggle all the days of your life and to walk your own steps. We have given you the legs and the feet, but you must take the steps. We have given you a brain, but you must think the thoughts. We have given you choices, but you must choose. We wait and We watch how you choose. Choose wisely and you shall be blessed for We are compassionate and just. Choose unwisely and you shall be cursed for We demand, what We demand.

Love the struggle and, God willing, you shall know happiness. Hate the struggle and you shall be unhappy all the says of your life.

There is no final destination for you in flesh, only the eternal travel as objects in orbit.


All praise to God who hath made us as we are and who allows us to become more if we follow His guide.

Follow not the false religions for they shall lead you astray and they will lead you to your doom. God hates the false religions and the others when their presence harms His believers.

God has set forth the light as a guide and He has set the light in a people who alone are His people and who alone will He guide in this manner.

God is the God of all existence, but all of existence is not the same in the eyes of God, for God has made all things different but has grown them all from the same material. Is your fingernail the same as your hair? Is your spleen the same as your brain? Is your foot the same as your ear? All are a part of you, but all are different. God willing, you shall understand this about all that God has made.

Say: There is but one God and He is within and He is without. He alone makes holy and blessed what He wills. He has set the trajectory and existence now follows.

Say: All things in existence now or which ever were in existence or which ever will be in existence have a purpose and God alone knows the purpose of all things and reveals only what He wishes to reveal.


You are your flesh and your flesh is you. They are inseparable. Your spirit arises from your flesh and is a reflection of your flesh. With different flesh your spirit is different. Seek to preserve and improve your flesh. We alone determine when species arise and when they die. We alone set forth all things to struggle. We alone have started the sacred spinning. We alone have ordained that from the sacred spinning has all come forth.

Those that do not correctly struggle, cease to exist, for We give no gifts of eternity to those not willing to ensure their survival.

Many are the those who misuse what We have given you and they disobey Our laws thinking that their false ideas of Us are correct and that their false ideas of Us accepts them no matter what evil they do. They are wrong andWe shall punish them for their arrogance. They are as fingernails or hair to Us and We cut them off and throw them out with no loss to Us. What We throw out is destroyed in this form and is returned to a lower form of matter lacking life and becomes material and fuel for what new things We create. All that exists is a part of Us and arose from Us asWe so willed, but different things have different purposes. When one thing tries to have a different purpose than what We want, it is to be destroyed for We have ordained an Order that is known only to Us.

We have given you your senses so that you can use them as We have willed them to be used. Do not deny your senses or you deny Us, and this is evil for We will not be denied.

We have allowed inert matter to evolve to flesh so that your flesh would give rise to your brains so that your brains would give rise to your minds so that your minds would be conscious and would wonder about Us and seek Us.

Think not that all of reality is an illusion. It is not. Your senses tell the truth as We want you to see the truth. We have given you senses to see, hear, smell, taste and feel and to allow you to discriminate and know this from that. We have given two more senses to some and they are among you.

Evil are those who deny the senses and who say “We must overcome our baser instincts and nature and we must ignore the differences.”

Your flesh has become contaminated and impure and this dooms you to short lives and much disease and it keeps you from truly knowing what We want you to know and keeps you from hearing Us as we whisper to your essence. We are compassionate and We have given you these words so that you may remove the contamination and impurities and become as We wish you to be. It is but the few who can hear Us through their essence at all, and We have sent only one who has the hidden sense within to hear Us clearly enough to understand and write these words so others can use the sense without to see with their own eyes these words. We are all around you and within you, but you do not hear us fully. Follow these words and you shall be on the path to understanding.


We are here and there at the same time. None but Us can be thus. Our consciousness is in a speck of dust that you walk upon and it is in the clouds in far away space. Both are the same to Us. Where the spinning spiral form exists, We exist. We are in the whirlwind. Evil are they who seek to stop the spinning.

We are the One who has made life. It was We who made man. And, what are you, you who think that you are your own masters? You are dirt that We have spun together so that you possess Our gift of life. You are chemicals and electrical processes and vibrations and waves and forces and particles that are held together by the spinning. Should We stop the spinning, all would cease to be.

We are the One who cannot be seen directly, but We are here and there and everywhere just beyond what you can see. You look upon Us, but you do not see Us.

We have been here before time began and We shall be here when time ends. We cannot be destroyed. We are the destroyer and the builder of all. We are God.


You have worshiped false Gods made by man to do the bidding of man. This is now to come to an end. There is no God but Us and there is no version of God but what We tell you. All other gods are false. All other versions are lies. There can be no compromise with non-believers about Our nature. We are not a committee. We are not your servant. We are not your fantasy. We are God. We have put a special spark of Us in your people alone. No other people possess this spark nor will they ever possess it. You, alone, are Our children and you alone have Our special attention.

You who believe, be guided and take up the cause. Help each other build temples and circles and places of worship where you may gather to worship Us and where you gain strength from the collective power of Us arising from Our special spark in you that passes through your flesh and combines with the spark that has passed through the flesh of all believers and combines and returns to make them more powerful. Destroy the false gods and their evil images for they are an afront to Us. Make small temples to Us in your yards and in your rooms where you can focus your thoughts on Us and in your small temples have Our symbols.


We are all names and We are no names. When We willed Our existence as We now are, We sent forth Our sacred Essence to the near places and the far places.

We have set a part of Our Essence in you and it is the spark of Us and the part of you that is Us that makes you special in all of creation.

We have given you the right blood and the right belief. You must protect and multiply both by right actions.

No other people is as beloved to Us as you. And, no other people angers Us more than those who have Our special gift who disrespect Us.

You have fallen from Our grace by allowing your blood and your world to become infected with other blood and other beliefs. This is evil and must be corrected. You must purify to realize your potential in Us. We are compassionate and hold back our destroying arm for love of you, but we will destroy all if you do not come to Us of your own free will as we demand.

Know that We have set your life spans at 1200 years and your impurity keeps you from living your full life spans and truly knowing Us. When you are pure, you shall know Us better and you shall know Our grace. You are born as children and you die as children with barely a tenth of the life span that We have ordained. You must purify to come close to Us.


The people ask: “What is good and what is evil?”

Answer them: What God says is good is good.

What God says is evil is evil.

Good and evil are not to be determined by any but God.

Many people, because of arrogance and false beliefs say this is good or this is evil when the opposite is true.

We have given you this guide so that you may know what is good and what is evil and so that you alone of all peoples may walk the road that We demand you walk.

Abandon false ideas of man and follow what We demand or you shall perish and be as dust on the road that others shall walk.


We reveal what We wish to reveal in ways that We wish. We speak through the natural things for those who can truly know Us. Those who see Us as We truly are, are madmen and geniuses whose minds are open to Us. These are the ones whose Essence touches Our Essence from time to time and who are surprised to know what others do not know. When their Essence touches our Essence too much, they are sometimes made mad. We speak through music and images and words when We wish and through the breezes and the storms and the living things when We so wish. Who has the truth of Us? Those whose Essence is purer. No humans but your people have Essence and none have Essence that is pure. Some are more pure than others and some are more impure than others for your ancestors went astray as do many of your people even now. We have put signs both seen and unseen upon your flesh and in your bodies so that the faithful may be guided in this. We have set forth ideals in the flesh to be copied and followed. You must purify your Essence to know Us. You are to multiply those with the purer Essence in all ways possible. Say to the people: You must purify, protect, propagate, persevere, perfect, preserve, prevail. The Essence We first gave to a single man and a single woman must be multiplied by multitudes of children until you are the only people. We have given you the means and the desire to spread the Essence. It is evil to not spread it. It is evil to not have as many children as your bodies will allow. Do not study your potential mates overlong but satisfy yourself that your mate is of the people. This is enough. We shall correct as We shall correct when there is a vast multitude of your people stretching from horizon to horizon with none but your people in sight and when your people are as numerous as maggots on rotting flesh.

You shall find immortality in the flesh according to the number of children you bring forth who are as pure or purer than you. Your Essence stores up your good and bad deeds and the ways in which you live and these things are passed on to your children in the Essence that you pass on. You have your Essence through your birth. There is no other way. We maintain the scales and We weigh the good you do and the bad you do and we reward and punish fairly as the scales tip. Each child you produce weighs ten times more on the scale of good than any other good that you do. Much bad that you do can be erased by having great numbers of children and it is the wise believer who balances the scales with children.


You are carriers of the eggs and the seed. It is your duty to protect and multiply them. God willing, you shall have so many children that your single family shall become a tribe and a nation. God willing, all believers shall be one and the one that is shall be a vast multitude so that believers shall dominate all the worlds of man for the glory of God.

Say to the believers: A person who could have had children but who dies childless might not have lived at all.

A person who causes Our sacred seeds or eggs to become polluted is an abomination in the eyes of God.

Do you not know that Our truths are in your bodies? We have written them there in the spiral within. We have made you to be able to do Our will and fulfill your duty. A fool does not understand our natural law, but a believer does.

Say to the fool: You doubt the natural law of God? Can you not see how this law is written in the cosmos and in your flesh? If you aim a blow at a man’s head, arm, legs, trunk, he’ll only flinch a little. Aim a blow at his groin and he’ll double over instantaneously to avoid harm to his seed. But you fools say that this is only natural because it hurts more if he’s hit in his organs of reproduction than in other places. This is true and it is true precisely because God has made it more painful to be hit there so that you will protect your seed. This is how God writes his laws in your flesh. Take understanding from this in all things.

Say to the non-believer who has the right blood: You do not understand God’s laws because you do not try to understand. You have hardened your heart and your mind. Take your lesson from these words. Say to the people: God is economical in what He designs. He does not do things for no reason. Nor does he over engineer what He creates. Your brain remains as a child’s brain all the days of your short life because you do not live to your full life span. God has given you a natural life span of 1200 years, not your present 80 years. Your Essence is impure and you live a short life and you do not reach your full potential. Few can understand a scintilla of God’s truths until they are 400 years old. Who now lives to this age? None. You are as infants all the days of your life. You are born not knowing and you grow old and die not knowing and when you die, you are as ignorant as the moment you were born.

Say to the people: Your purpose in having the ability to breed is to breed. You must pass on an many of your genes as possible so that your genes will dominate all other genes. Each person is commanded to do this. Thus is there a competition established that will lead to the best being dominant. Man is an animal who can override some of his instincts in the short run and in so doing, man can frustrate the purpose for his existence. You must rid yourselves of false teachings and evil ways and you must follow this Guide, for it will show you the path and will keep you from overriding proper instincts and angering Us. When you are in doubt, this Guide shall show you the way.

All things are interconnected and there are effects that happen over there that must happen when something happens over here, but what happens over there effects other things and it is like balls hitting other balls and causing all sorts of effects. Only God can foresee all that happens there from the slightest movement here, and only God can ensure that everything that happens works for His plan.


A wolf is a wolf even though he thinks he is a sheep. If he thinks he is a sheep and tries to be a sheep, he will be a very bad sheep. He will be unhappy and never be satisfied because he is trying to go against his nature that God has written in him. He can only be happy by being what he truly is. Take understanding from this, you who deny these truths and who mock God and His believers.


We love life and We love the children of the people We have selected. It is pleasing to Us to look upon a land that is teeming with Our children and it is not pleasing to Us to look upon a barren land or barren people. Say to those who are intentionally barren: ‘Get away from us, for you are evil and you are useless. You are full of death and decay. Your presence is an affront to God. We choose to surround ourselves with those who are full of life and growth. Blow away as the dead leaves of autumn, you foolish childless ones. You are evil in the eyes of God for you were given precious life so you could carry and spread God’s Essence through your seed and your eggs, but you have not done so and in this have you disobeyed God. You shall have no eternal life in any form. You are nothing more than the dust under foot. You are dead though you still breathe.’

Say to those who have many children with the Essence: ‘You are beloved of God and even if you do not otherwise do as these revelations command, you are holier than most and you shall live forever so long as your children and their children and their children through the ages to come are believers. But should your children or their children or their children through the ages fall away from belief and become one with the others, then you shall die.’

The people ask: ‘What is the proper age that is set by God for us to have children?”

Answer them thus in Our name: ‘It is written in your Essence. It is the age when your body can have children. Honor not the false laws of man in this or any other regard. Man lies, God does not. Serve God always and man never.’


We have set you on the path to perfection. You must walk the path. Do not believe the science of man when it conflicts with Our truths for such science is false. We are the source of all true science. You can improve your Essence if you have right blood and then have right belief and right actions. Each birth can make your line purer or less pure or the same. Seek to obtain more of the right blood so that your line’s Essence is more sensitive to right belief and right actions.

You must avoid all substances that will harm your Essence. If your body is harmed, your Essence is also harmed.

Your people have polluted the Essence through many means including sinful mating. This has caused you to fall from the path. Believers alone among all humans have the right Guide to remove the pollution.


Believers are to join together to worship Us whenever this is possible. Build circles open to the sky where this can be done and have standing stones that the believers may touch and surround yourself with Our living plants that grow naturally and do not seek to make these things orderly, but let them be wild. In the wild spontaneous growth and the struggle to exist, do We find beauty and there is order in seeming disorder and if you cannot see it, it is because you are too close. All that is, spirals. So too do the wild growing things. They make a pattern with Our invisible hand that We can see and which We love. Our life force is in the spiral forms and shapes.


We have given you flesh and genes and all the things of substance and We have put in them all your senses so that you may do Our will. So, why are you so easily led astray by evil doers who tell you that flesh must be denied and that your senses don’t matter?

Why do you so easily believe that you have a separate spirit within you that is the real you?

We know the answer. You are not totally to blame, and that is why We are compassionate toward you when you go astray. Your ability to be led astray is a natural part of the brains we have given you. We have given you brains that allow you to think for yourselves in many ways and these brains that We have given you can think good thoughts and they can think bad thoughts and they can lead you to Us or they can lead you away from Us. In giving you such brains We knew these things because we made your brains as We wanted them made. In lifting you above other creatures, we wanted you to be able to ponder and reflect and think about things beyond the basic things needed for survival. We wanted to create you so that you would find your way up and so that you too could create with a minimum of instruction from Us. It is Our will to come now to help you make corrections to your trajectory. We have given you these words so that you can understand a little of Our plan and so that you can do as We wish you to do of your own choice and so that you may steer your destiny on the right path. We do this, because we know your limitations and your faults. You can follow Our plan of your own free will and become more, or you can go on other paths that will lead to your destruction.

Foolish are those who teach evil things about the spirit and try to make you overcome the flesh that We have given you, while pretending that they are not evil. They try to lead you off the true path and into evil by their lies. We shall punish such ones for the evil they do.

Say to these evil ones: ‘Saying that the spirit is the real you would be like saying the scent of a rose is the real rose. If you want a sweeter smelling rose, you do not work directly on the scent in the air, but on the rose itself. A healthy, youthful rose will naturally have a pleaseant scent. Purify the physical and all that arises from the physical will be purified. The song of a song bird is not the bird.’


You are the Rif. Tell the believers that they are to be separated out from the non-believers and make between them and others barriers that none may cross except upon punishment of death.

We want Our people pure so that they may do Our work. You are to serve only Us.

At times and in places where complete separation is not possible, keep your homes and your tem-les pure and allow no humans without the Essence to enter therein for this is a sacrilgege and an abomination. If this happens, you must immediately purify the polluted areas with water and soap and bleach. The very air itself in such places is polluted by others and must be cleaned by passing much air through the area.

You carry sacred seeds and sacred eggs within your bodies that must be joined to bring forth more of you in great numbers so that maggots in a garbage bin will envy you for the sheer numbers that you bring forth of roiling, turbulent, chaotic life just like you.


Take this symbol, this Fylfot, and display it so that We may see you as one who obeys Us and respects Us.

And, if evil doers persecute you for bearing Our symbol, they prove thereby that they are enemies both of God and believers and they must not be tolerated.

Woe be to them who do this. We do not forget and We do not let wrongs go unpunished.

If the haters demand that you not wear this sacred symbol on rings or clothes or pendants or bracelets do not do as they wish. Holy are they who tattoo or brand or carve this symbol into your flesh so that all may see and know them as holy and obedient to Us.

You will be known as righteous and We will protect you all the days of your life. Gaze upon Our symbol in times of stress and weakness and it shall give you strength. Do not be caught without this symbol upon you.

When We gaze over the worlds of man and when We send our Shining Ones to destroy the evildoers, We shall look for Our symbol. Do not be where this symbol is not to be seen. Put it upon your homes and your bodies and your vehicles so that you shall be spared.

Who would deny you this symbol, would harm Our people. Holy are believers who avenge all wrongs against Us to the tenth degree. The fylfot is Our sacred symbol in motion. It is the active representation of our Sacred Spiral. Where it is, We are.

The people of the blood who do not yet believe, watch the early believers with a mixture or curiosity and foreboding as they watch a man dangling from a bridge. ‘Will he fall? They say. ‘Surely he can’t survive.’ But when the man falls, he is not harmed if he believes in Us. For We will cushion his fall if he is of pure heart and has followed what We have told him to follow.

Wicked people will perish by the hundreds of millions before Our wrath and they shall be as a manure heap upon which new life shall feed. We shall send the four armed wheel in the storm and in fire to the lands where evildoers dwell and it shall cut down the evil doers right before your eyes. And, the people of the blood who are still non-believers shall come out of their homes and they shall prostrate themselves on the ground and beg for forgiveness for their little faith.

Wait not for our wrath to fall upon those who hate Us and Our believers for We have anointed you as our representatives to do in your sphere where We have set you, as We do for all spheres.

If any have it in their minds and hearts to harm believers, then suffer them not, but attack and destroy them before they can act. Those who speak out against believers or who agitate against them or incite against them in order to harm them are evil and guilty by their own acts as those who actually harm believers.


You are capable of doing good and you are capable of doing evil. You are often confused as to which is which. For this reason have We sent you this Guide: your minds respond to words and symbols. It is necessary for Us to enter into the affairs of the world to make corrections to the trajectory of those gone astray, but We do this reluctantly and rarely. It is for you to find the path and to stay on it, with the help of this Guide.

You must avoid being deceived by the evil doers who appear not as evil doers. Know them by the falsehoods that they teach no matter how kindly they try to appear. Their ways will lead to your utter destruction, for if you follow them or believe as they believe, then We shall destroy you. They tell you that it is good to mix your blood with the blood of others and many believe this vile lie that leads to your destruction. To so mix your blood is to do the greatest sin against Us that is possible. Your bodies are temples to Us before all other temples. Keep them pure. Fools are they who believe that We would make physical creatures and then tell them that physical things are not important. Before you can purify yourself spiritually, you must purify yourself physically. We demand right blood as We first gave it to you when We brought you here. You have caused your blood to be impure by mating with impure beings who do not have the Essence. This has brought you low. Now, you must breed away the impurities in your blood lines by proper mating and by proper belief and proper actions in all things. To wash away the impurities in your blood lines requires the birthing of children in vast numbers. We give you this Guide to help you see the way so that you may get back on the path. By following Our reveled truths believers shall see the life spans of their lines increase. They shall also see the intelligence of their lines increase and they shall see sickness and ill health in their lines decrease. There shall come a day when ones from your lines shall be before us in good health who are 1200 years old. And, in those days, they shall not be perfect, but they shall continue to move along the path.

Live your life in a good and just manner. Harm no living things save for food or to protect yourself and the faith. Struggle always to be pure and to prevail. Wear plain clothes that are comfortable and functional and which are made of Our soft cotton. Pray to Us at dawn as the light begins and when you fel the beeze of the new day. Especially pray to Us during storms, for in the storms can you feel Us. Do not cover up from the winds, rain and snow except as it is necessary to proect your heatlh. Feel the natural forces on your skin. For when you fel them, you are closest to Us. We are a God of movement and spinning and struggle, and We are your only God.


Women are the gatekeepers and protectors of the sacred eggs. Man and women are deceived by evil doers who come to the women and pollute and destroy their eggs. These egggs are not the possession of those who carry them any more than is the seed of men their possession. We own these things. We put them in you to carry and protect and to combine to produce more of you. We have given you what you need so that you will be the inheritors of the Earth if you but follow Our Guide.

The people, deceived by evil doers, have established false laws for the birthing of children and they have set arbitrary ages for when women and men may bring forth children. These laws are false and they keep you from bringing forth the greatest number of children. Have We not said that We have set the correct age for birthing children in your bodies? Do not waste the time given you. It is a sacred duty to bring forth as many children as your bodies can provide.

This is a Guide given by Us to help you stay on the true path to Us and so you may live your lives in accordance with Our will.

Do you not know that We have established an order of things and that it is evil for the order to be challenged?

Do you think that We set all in motion just so the universe and all that is in it shall remain static and sterile?

We have chosen who We wish to choose and We have enlightened those who We wish to enlighten and We dim those who we wish to be dimmed.

We brought the light to the dark and the white to the black not to lose the light and the white, but to have them dominate.

We are the only God and We are the God of life and light and all that is right.

Have faith in Us and praise us. Say, ‘God willing,” often and keep Us in your thoughts and ask Us to help you, and if We do not help you, then know that you are in Our hands nevertheless and you are part of the plan that only We can understand and that Our help or lack of help is the way things must be for the larger plan to work as We have ordained.


Build temples to Us and let them be places of joy and life. Let them resound with the sound of children. Do not come to Our temples and treat Us as a dead God. Come with laughter and song. Come with joy and gusto and a happiness that We have invested lifeless minerals and chemicals with Our life.

Let a portion of the temples be open to the forces of nature for in these forces will you often feel Us. Let the temples be as wild, unkempt gardens with growing things of all manner. Let there be moss and ivy. Let there be trees of Oak and Ash and Birch where they may grow naturally and of other types where those grow naturally. Let the growing plants grow as they will in chaos and beauty and let them cover up things that have no life and imbue them with life. For We find the wild things pleasing and We have set their trajectories.


Have We not said that bearing childen is your greattest duty and you must bring forth as many as possible in as short a time as possible? Even if this makes you poor in earthly things it shall make you rich in Our eyes and you shall be rewarded. Evil are those tho can do this, but who not do this.


This Guide is a holy thing and is given to you so that you may use it and be guided by the truths herein. Your faith in Us must be all encompassing. There is not a part of your existence that should be outside this belief.


Have We not made it plain that each of the believers has a direct and immediate relationship with Us? Right blood, right belief, right action ensure that this is so. Call up those from among you to help you so that you may have a human voice to listen to and a human ear to talk to in times of need, but do not make of these you call up something higher than yourself. They are helpers. When you speak to them, you are speaking to Us, but you are not speaking through them to Us, you are speaking directly to Us.


Know that you can feel Us in the full force of nature for we are of nature and we started nature. Welcome the storms and the seasons and the period in the early morning just before the sun rises. The time when night is just turning to day when you feel the cool wind making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and when the domestic animals move from here to there in anticipation is sacred to Us.


Do not be mislead, O believers, by false prophets and leaders who come to harm you. Do not be deceived. This guide is your guide for all times and it may never be changed. It is from Us, written in words so that you may easily understand. It is Our way for you.

Evil ones come and they say “Believers you are racists and we do not like you.” Say to them, we are believers and our beliefs are not your concern. Go from us and leave us be to worship as we wish and we shall harm you not. Go back to your false gods and your idols. Go back to worshiping humans. Go back to your evil ways and your false beliefs. You are deceived and you know it not. But, if among you there are those whose Essence is right and who feel the vibrations from God, then let him or her take up this guide and study it.

Chaos is essential to order, and Essence is basic to the order. The spiral is sent by God. Evil are the humans who try to deny God’s will. They will be punished and they will be destroyed. If you do not know your ancestors you shall have no decedents and you shall be struck from the face of the earth and you shall never return. Your spirit is passed on through your children and your children’s children down through time.


Seek blood purification through proper mating and seek place purification through living in places inhabitated only by other people of the blood and the belief.

We are God and there is no other. The best and the holiest of Our people have the most children and show thereby that they understand Our law that you are to multiply and dominate all of the universes that will ever exist. There is no other way to Us.


God willing you shall take understanding from these words and not be led astray into evil and extermination.

I saw a caterpillar and it was a lowly thing and I could see that if the conditions were wrong that it would always remain so until the day it dies and it would never fulfill its purpose or its destiny, and I could see that if the conditions were right; then that potential that existed within the spiral within the caterpillar would be realized and the caterpillar would transform into a butterfly; a creature so different from the caterpillar that it such did not exist in God’s reality then all would claim such a thing is not possible.

And I could see other insects and crawling things gathering about the caterpillar and I could imagine that they said “Let us be as you caterpillar. Let us join your religion and live with you so that we too can be butterflies. And I could imagine the caterpillar saying :This can never be, for you lack the potential. Your spiral is different from my spiral, your essence is different from mine. The butterfly that I am to become is already within me. This I believe, but more than this, it is a physical fact that is independent of my belief. You can believe that you too possess a butterfly within you, but your belief will be as nothing, for in fact you do not have the potential.

And I could imagine I heard the other insects saying “Oh, so you think that you are better that us do you? You think that your kind is better, and that we are as nothing, how dare you think such things. Are we not all insects? Are we not therefore all alike?

And I could imagine that the caterpillar simply smiled to himself for was it not written that those who lacked the potential could never understand? The lack of potential was manifested in physical outward signs but it was also manifested in a peculiar turn of mind that blinded those without it to the truth so that they could not understand no matter how they tried, what the caterpillar knew instinctively.


Gather in circles and worship Me. Let there be stones all about and let the believers feel the winds, rain, snow upon their faces. Face the rising sun as We bring it up in the sky. Consecrate ground where you find yourselves with a circle all about you. Find believers and join together into circles within circles to worship for We find this fitting.


You carry the sacred signs inside and outside. Look for them. Seek to acquire them. Improve your lines by seeking mates who will correct your deficiencies in sacred signs. Preserve your seed and your eggs through all means possible so that long after you pass you can still bear children. And make your homes and your temples places of light and joy and abundant life. We love the places that are full of the sounds of little children and we do not like the places that are sterile and devoid of life.

O, Believers, where you do not have a circle nor a temple, fear not that this shall anger Us, for you are a walking temple who bear upon you our symbols. The Shining Ones shall look for these symbols when We send them to every man, woman and child and to every house and to every vehicle and to every dwelling or place where there are humans, and the Shining Ones shall test those with the symbols and shall remove those who falsely bear them and they shall spare all the rest when even the earth is rent asunder and none shall survive save the true believers who bear the symbols.


Is it not told that in days of old We sent a vision to enlighten you? Do you not know that the vision was reported thus:

The skies opened and I saw a winged serpent and the serpent was coiled around a sword, and the point was uppermost and then I saw that there was another serpent and he too was coiled around the sword and the sword pointed up in the sky and the sun was behind the sword, and the heads of the serpents were facing one another, and the serpents formed a pattern that represents the Essence, and the sky got ret as blood and I heard a voice say unto me, ‘Look in wonder and listen, for you have the Essence, and teach others so that they may know the way to being saved from their destruction.

In the days that are long since past there were those who were cast out from the Host, and these that were cast out took with them the symbols of the Essence, they took with them the images of the serpents for they wrongly believed that they could take such things that were ancient and sacred to the Host. And these that were cast out were soft and imperfect but they did not believe that they were evil, but evil they were, for they violated the laws of their own people that We had given to them for all their days. And these that were cast out sought out the remote places peopled by the ape creatures and those that were cast out taught the ape creatures, and lived with them and mated with them and in such things were they evil and they angered Us. And those who were pure and who heeded Our laws saw and knew that such things were an abomination and they also saw that what was bad for those of the Essence was good for the ape creatures, but the pure ones did not waiver for an eye blink for they knew Our law was just and right and they were not confused as to what was right and wrong, but they knew that anything that harmed the Essence directly or indirectly or anything that even had the potential of harming the Essence was evil.

It mattered not that the ape creatures were uplifted with the blood of the people of the Essence though those who had been cast out argued that they were the compassionate ones and that they had stopped much suffering of the ape creatures and improved their lot. But those who were pure, rightly said, ‘You actions in attempting to raise up the ape creatures will harm the Essence in years to come and it will infect us all so that we will no longer please God. You have been shortsighted in what you have done and the harm you have done will hurt your own people, and the pollution that you have allowed is evil and it will spread so that we will all be brought low.

And the fallen ones falsely said ‘How can such creatures hurt us, we can all live together in peace and all will be happy.’ And, the pure ones replied ‘Fools, it can never be so. By thinking such nonsense, you show that you are imperfect and deranged. You show compassion for creatures who do not share your blood while turning your backs on those who do share your blood. This brings darkness to light. This is not the way of the sane. You are madmen and you seek to have the ape creatures worship you, for in your insanity you need such things. You wish to be as gods to the apecreatures. In the years to come you will be remembered in the legends of the ape creatures as god men, but among those of the Essence you will be despised as the evil and vile creatures that you truly are. Your actions have caused great harm to those of the Essence and you have disobeyed God who has given you the ability to choose right from wrong. You chose unwisely. The people of the Essence will spend countless centuries trying to overcome the great harm that you have wrought, but know this, you evil ones, the truth will be a light and a beacon to the world and when the time is right it will be told, and when it is told, God willing, the false cults that have sprung up around you and death will fall and the true religion of the people of the Essence will live and the trajectory will be corrected. The infection that you have brought to the people of the Essence will be fought and the people of the Essence will one day be free of your infections and they will be free once again which is their true destiny so that they may all know God individually and feel His presence within them and hear Him speak directly to them as so few can now hear because of the pollution that has befouled the Essence. From the slime and the dirt that you have caused to spread will arise the new people of the Essence, and they will be unsmiling and they will be cruel to all that you have done, and they will come not as beggars, but as a mighty Host to slay all that are evil in the sight of God.


Believers, have We not said that you are one family? We have made you as one people. You are all blood related. Your blood is the same. Your genes are the same. This is why you are Our people. We have made you different from all other peoples. You have been given free will to choose right and light or wrong and dark. If you cease to exist as We demand, then you shall cease to exist for all time. There is no other way to Us except through right blood, right belief and right action.


O believers, do not fight and risk your blood for some artificial man made philosophies or for artificial nations, for it is sinful for you to ever risk yourself in such a manner. Make war only for the belief and the blood. Only these things are worth risking your blood over. But when the belief and the blood are threatened, you must fight without end and in all means until the danger is no more and can never again harm the belief or the blood. We are fair to all that lives and We have set forth out law that all things must struggle to survive and to be more. Throw off the yoke of the false philosophies and religions that have so harmed you and which have killed the spirit of so many of you. Those who have had their spirits broken are as tame horses. Do not be tame horses. Be the tamers.


Have We not made it plain that you must live to breed and that you must never risk your lives because if you die you cannot breed? Still, the people ask: “When is it proper to make war?”

Answer them in our name: ‘God demands that you make war when the belief or the blood are in danger of being harmed. When you are cut, you do not bleed religious blood. You do not bleed any nation’s blood. You do not bleed north or south or east or west blood. You bleed the blood of your genes and your people. The blood that you bleed is your religion. It is your philosophy. It is your political party. It is your nation. It is you. It is real and exists whether you believe this or not. You are all imperfect and you must struggle for all eternity for a perfection that you will never reach for God moves the bar as God alone sees fit to fulfill His plan. God willing, you shall survive to breed if you make war in His name, but do not go to war unless you have had at least some children to carry on your line, for the willing childless are dead ends and are no more.’


If you go to a land that is populated both with legless snakes and lizards with legs, and if We say that only those with legs can know us, will you waste your time telling legless snakes about Us or will you use your time wisely and only speak to the lizards with legs? Have We not told you to teach only those with the potential? Have We not told you to treat all living things with respect, but that you must not compromise your beliefs that We have given you, and you are not to lessen yourselves or your faith in order to be acceptable to others?


You can make a cake out of plaster and mud that will look every much as real as a cake made from flour, but when you taste the plaster and mud cake you know that it is not a real cake at all. You were fooled because of the external appearance of the false cake. Had you had the recipe of both cakes you would have known which is real and which is false. So it is with people. A person may have many of the signs of believers and still not have Essence. Look at what blood has been passed down to him by looking at his parents and his ancestors and by other means available to you.


Say to the believers: ‘Do not be tolerant of ideas that counter these truths. Do not tolerate ideas that can harm the blood and the Essence, for if you do that then you are implicated in the evil.’


You are, before you are anything else, a link in a chain of life. Your duty is to pass on your Essence by having as many children as possible. In this way, We say to you truly that you shall survive. If you are fit and can have children and if you choose not the way of life but the way of death and nothingness then you may not have lived at all and death and nothingness shall be your reward. Never again shall you look upon the wonders that We have created.


We hear your cries and we know your self-doubts for you live in cynical times when the people of the blood are brought low and are confused. We are God and We know all. Go to a wood and reflect upon these truths. Gather ten stones that you can carry with your own hands and set them around you in a circle and sit in the middle of the circle facing the wind and the rain and the snow that We shall send, and seek guidance. And, at other times when you may be with other believers, you may gather two times ten stones or three times ten stones or as many as needed to encircle the believers. Seek Us in all the seasons with minium protection from Our elements so that you may feel Us. We come in the wind and the rain. We are in the snow. We are in the breezes. We are the rustle in the grasses. We are with you always. Question not your task because others doubt you. Question not your motives because all others say they are wrong. You have been called to be Our messenger to a people that lives on words. And, We hear you say: ‘If this is true, then why do I not receive more guidance in these things? Why must I limp along trying to teach these truths in ways that make them seem lesser than what is taught in other religions? Why do so many of these things seem to lack the sound of other religions?’ And, Did We not reply to you: ‘You live in a time and a place where this language is understood. Seek not to complicate the truths and make these revelations sound mystical and pompous in the manner of the false religions, for such trappings do not make truths true. These truths that you pass on are true whether they are written in ink or in manure. And think not that you have not been guided. We have guided you all the days of your life even before we revealed Ourself to you when you were a boy of 14 years. We have sent you on your life’s path to experience much so that you may better do Our will in the realm of man. We have made you the most humble of beings, so that you could hear us. Take this not as a punishment, but as a reward. Do not take on the trappings of dead and false religions in your dress and manner. That which many of the people now think looks holy is only the fashion of an earlier day. We are not old fashioned and We do not speak in bygone words. We are God for all time. The words you write are the words We have given you to write. You have been chosen to hear Us and to write what you hear so that others may also hear Us through the words you write on paper for Us. The words you write for Us have the power to open the Essence of those with the blood who are good of heart. We are in the words and in the paper.

We have sent you to teach one people and one people only. Those with the potential to understand will understand and those who lack the potential will not understand. We have opened the minds of those who are to understand and We have closed the minds of those who are not to understand. We have set others on their trajectories, and they shall appear when you need them to do Our work. You are not to try to bring those who lack Essence to this true religion of your people. If they are not your people they shall bring impurity to the believers by their very presence, even if they do not so intend, as germs bring disease without intent. You cannot, out of compassion or for any other reason, give Essence to those who are not born with it. This is Our way. We have determined who is and who is not of the people. Their Essence was put in their spirals long before man can imagine. Blood before belief is Our law. Your people are asleep and do not know that they are in the clutches of evil and are doomed unless they come to this faith. You must awaken them.

The others slaughter the people of the Essence with impunity and this must be stopped by the people themselves for this is part of Our struggle. The weak do not struggle and they die, and this is just. Fear not death, for if you have had children then death is false. You shall go on and on so long as the chain is unbroken and so long as these truths are kept in the minds and hearts of the people.

Do not doubt yourself and try to override what We have sent, for this is evil and is arrogant. You must not put yourself in the way of the truths and you must be an honest receiver and spreader of what We have sent as We have sent it and as We have dictated it to you. Do not try to make what We have sent to you more acceptable to others and do not change what We have sent to you in any way. You must give up yourself to Us and obey and serve Us. You must forget your individual personality and you must blend in with the people of the Essence and become one with the spirit and be guided. Did We not send the thunder storm to you when we revealed Ourself to you when you were a boy? Did We not send that rain? Did you not hear the Shining Ones above you, and did you not receive in an instant the knowledge of Us? We ordained that you would be where you were near that wood at that appointed moment. We parted the clouds and we spoke to you with light, and we opened your Essence. And, even now, you do not know that you were standing in a ring that We had caused to be formed. And, you heard and you knew and you vibrated in every cell of your body with Our song or joy and life. You were awakened. From that moment on were you struggling with a purpose against the inertia found in your blood, where before you had no purpse that you knew of. Even before that time, our shadow hand had guided the mixture of genes to bring you forth with the ears to hear Us. Know too, that the pollution you carry in your genes is still there and it will doom you to a life shorter than you should know, but you shall live on in your children. The words that you utter from your mouth are less than the words that you write on Our behalf. Say: Let no one come forth in any age who will say: ‘We know what has been written, but we know God said something else and we believe what we believe and not what was written.’ Seal the words in this book so that it may stand for all time and so that false and evil ones may not change it or emphasize parts over other parts to their end or try to interpret it as We have not intended. We have spoken plainly so that all may understand. Remain shadow clad as you teach Our truths for Our truths are Our truths and you are but Our instrument. Teach these truths and have others teach them and have all who teach remain true to these truths for all time. Those who learn and struggle will have children in their lines who shall live to twelve times a hundred years and be able to bring forth children for most of those years. These to be born will be purer than the ones before and they will know in their hearts and minds what We want them to thus know. They shall be as white as snow and their eyes shall be as the sky and they shall be fierce to behold by the forces of darkness.


The evil ones will say that the people of the Essence are the evil ones, for the evil ones are liars and evil to their core. And the evil ones will say all manner of falsehoods about the people and when you tell them of the harm that their false religion has caused, they will say that it’s not their fault but that there are evil ones among their ranks. And when you say that the entire pattern of their religion has been this way, they will scoff for they have deranged minds. They believe that good is evil and that evil is good and they are blinded to the truth. And they will quote from their false holy books to prove that they are good. And, they will say that their false religions and their false holy books are older that your religion and your holy books and you shall reply: “Our religion and our holy book is as old as God, Himself and is directly from God. Your religions and your holy books are false and are from man who has tried to make God in man’s image. Go, and leave us be and God may spare you.”

Have We not told you that evil seldom thinks that it is evil and evil ones deceive themselves into thinking that they are good. And, how shall you know the evil from the good in such things? Does not your reason tell you the truth that flesh is good and that it is never evil to have healthy children that are better than the parents and closer to Us? Can it ever be evil to protect your family? Can it ever be evil to forbid anything that would harm a person? Can it ever be evil to teach Our laws and Our truths while harming no one who harms you not? No, it is the non-believers of the blood who are evil and their lives are counterfeit and full of lies that doom them to short lives and nothingness.


We have brought you forth from fog and ice and things that are light and we have brought others forth from sand and mud and things that are dark. And there were others who went before you who and you have replaced them and the ones to come shall be born from you and this shall continue for all existence. You are to be concerned only about your people. Other peoples are their own concern so long as they do not harm your people. Those who harm you or plan to harm you are not to be suffered in the slightest nor are they to be shown compassion.

The anger of believers is Our anger. Gather ten and honor us in circles and let the ten become a hundred and let the hundred become thousands and then millions and then billions and trillions for that is what We desire. We have commanded you to have as many children as you are capable of having starting from when you can first conceive children. We have put our clock within your bodies as We have set all things important within you that We so desire. We have begun the spinning within you and so long as there is a spinning as We have set forth, you shall live. And the cells and the spirals of your bodies are what We ordained them to be. Evil ones have written man made laws and rules that attempt to override our sacred laws. Do not obey evil doers. Obey Us alone.

Let none but those with the Essence enter into your places or observe your religious ceremonies. Their presence is evil and is impure for the people of the blood. Their place is elsewhere as We have set forth. Let them not disobey Us. They may not breathe near where your people live nor may they set foot therein. For this is an abomination in the eyes of God. They say, “But is not God the God of all creation?” And they know not our ways by asking such a question for they are as toenails and are not of the essential parts.

The struggle is eternal and it is waged on all fronts by all means at all times for all times.


God Willing, this faith shall speak wherever the blood exists. And, God willing, the blood shall exist forever.

We have made minerals intelligent and aware and conscious and that is life. We have sent our spirals to organize all that is in existence to create and to destroy and We shall send our spiral to destroy wrongdoers and to send signals to believers and to serve as their beacons.

God willing you will see the Struggle and survive to be more. Do you not know that we see within you and We know how many children you can bear and We set that number for you to bear in the eggs and the sperm that We have given you so that you may combine these and bring forth teeming new life that contains you and your ancestors so long as the new life remains pure. Your seeds and your eggs belong not to you, but to Us. You are but the protectors and the incubators of these seeds and eggs that you carry for Us, and We shall punish any who harm these seeds or eggs or who cause fewer of them to bring forth new life than We have ordained as possible.


We have set a template in the minds of man that has them find females pleasant when they are to be good mothers and have blood that is needed.

We have given you the mornings as light begins and the evening when light is turning to night for We have sent light breezes in the morning and in the evening to give you a shudder to remind you of Us.

The tales of Our coming are in the cold places and in the granite and rocks and we are in the air you breathe and in the water you drink. We are the Creator and the Destroyer, the Molder and the Molded. We are within and without as part of everything and separate from everything. We are here and there at the same time and all the distances of space is no more to us than the distance between your eyes. A trillion times a trillion years to you is no more than an eye blink to Us.

There are religious duties that are your life duties and your obligations and we expect you to fulfill them as we have sent them forth in plain language for all times. We do not change what is truth. What We have set forth as truth shall not change for man and those men who change our truths are evil and shall be destroyed. Evil that men do comes in many forms, and the evil they do extends from minor crimes to major crimes against Us.

Did We not come to you unbidden in the storm, and did We not guide you all the days of life so that harm avoided you so that you might fulfill your duty to Us? And, did we not see that those obey Us who We have selected? Did we not tell you that to come to Us, your blood must run pure. For is it not the river of life that leads to Us? There shall be false leaders and false prophets who shall try to deceive you and many will be destroyed. For is it not true that even now many of your people follow the river of death and not the river of life? Do they not try to get you to not believe? Do they not promote false religions? Do they not elect evildoers?

Empires and nations have risen and fallen but your blood has remained through all time. And We have guided you. It is now that We have sent your our guide so that all may read in plain language so that all may understand Our ways and their obligations as human beings. And you are a people We have brought forth and you shall be the new people and the old people are to pass from the scene

We have sent Our thunder and Our lightning and our storms of all kinds to swirl around and show you truths, for Our truths are thus revealed to those who can see. We have sent the winds and the rain and all the things that spin. We have filled the cosmos with Our energies and Our presence. We have shown you our ways in all that exists. We have made clear Our patterns so that you may draw strength from their sight and understand what you are to do to obey Us.

The evildoers say they worship Us, but they do not. We are not as they say We are. We do not have a son. We do not do what they want. We do not favor them who believe the wrong things even if they are deceived. Teach the people well, for it is only through Our truths that they will survive. There is no other God and there is no other way.

We came with light and sound and spinning. The Dark was all before We came. We are of the Dark and the Dark is of Us, but We have willed Ourself to be more for We have struggled against non-being and non-awareness to be aware and as We struggle, so too must all that lives struggle, for the struggle is eternal. Those that do not struggle cease to exist.

We have given your people alone the right blood to understand as We have given humans hands with which to make things that other animals cannot make. Did we not give dogs paws instead of hands? And, is it not true that dogs cannot open doors because they lack hands? So it is with humans. None but your people can open the door to Us, because you alone have the hands to do this. This is Our gift to you. Your Essence is yours alone and next to life, it is Our greatest gift. We have given all living things various gifts, but you alone have this gift.

What We have set in motion has gone through turnings large and small and all shall continue turning as We alone see fit. Obey Us and follow our rules for We are God. What We do above, We do below. What We do far, We do near. What We do large, We do small. What We do there, We do here. What We do low, We do high. We have set a correspondence and links in all that exists, both seen and unseen.

We love those who love life which we have caused to rise from inert chemicals. You are the chemicals of the cosmos made aware and self-replicating. As you have risen from these chemicals you must also rise above yourselves and you are not to be always as you now are, but you are to be more and the more is to be still more and there is no end.

We do not love those who remain intentionally barren, even though they may in every other way be obedient to Us. For if they remain barren when they have the ability to have children, they show that they do not understand or truly obey Us. If you live as one, you die as one and you might as well not have lived, We did not put you on this earth to be one. We put you on this earth to make many out of one. If you bear one child, this is not enough, for it took two of you to bear the one. If you bear two children, this is not enough for this simply replaces you. If you bear three children this is still not enough. Four children begins the path. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve children and more show you understand what is important and what is not. And when you rank the believers, put those with the most children in the first row for they are closest to Us and they are beloved of Us. Believers with fewer children are to pay more to support our temples than those with more and those with fewer children shall help those with more. Those with the most children shall sit on our right side.

We have sent our Shining Ones to teach with signs and massages. They have walked among you and you did not know this. They still walk among you, and they are watching as We have ordained. They have put the words of Our coming in the cold places and in the stones and these words tell of Our coming and of those who went before you and of those Who we have destroyed for they did evil and disobeyed Our rules. We have set an order in all things and We have ordained that you do not mix your blood with the blood of other peoples who are not related to you or who will cause your sacred signs to become different than they are. And, have We not told you that we have put the external sacred signs so that your own eyes may see them and recognize who is of the blood and who is not? Have We not told you that white skin is the primary external sign and is essential? Have we not told you that blue eyes, blond hair are also sacred signs but are lesser? Have we not told you that certain head shapes and bone structures are also sacred signs? Have We not told you that your blood can tell the tale? Why then do you ignore Us? Why then do you disobey and mix your sacred blood with that of others? Have We not told you that one can not have sacred signs or sacred blood by belief alone? Have We not told you that when a dog can grow hands because it believes it can grow hands, then can others become as you through belief? Have We not told you that this will never happen? Have we not told you that to open the door to Us, your blood must be pure? Have We not told you that you must also have pure belief and pure action? Have you become so deceived that you do not understand Our plain truth that without right blood; right belief and right action are for naught? And, do you not understand that your blood is not now pure and that this can be known because you do not live the years that We have ordained for you and you are not free of diseases that pure blood will ensure? Have We not made it clear that none of you have pure blood but that some have purer blood than others and those with the right blood must purify it to become purer. Have We not made it clear that other peoples do not have the right blood at all and that this is because they are not you and We have ordained that they not have their blood mixed with yours? Have We not made it clear that it is an abomination in our eyes when you mix your blood with the blood of other peoples and when you mingle and live among them? Have We not made it clear that you are made impure by their presence and that their impurities are an invisible cloak around them that infects all that they do even if they only do work for you or prepare your food or in other ways touch the things or are near the things that you use?

Have We not made it plain that you are to help the poor who are believers and you are to give money and goods and service to build and maintain temples and circles and halls and rings and centers that honor Us and help the faithful come to Us to be saved from evil?

Those who mock you or this faith mock Us. We will send the winds and the storms both seen and unseen from out of the far places to destroy them and We shall send our Shining Ones as a mighty army to let all know that We are God and We alone are the ruler of all the cosmos in all things large and small. Do not suffer the fools or the liars or the rumor mongers or those who by word or deed seek to harm you or your people. Do not show false compassion for such evildoers. And, tell the people to say: “God willing, our actions will be just and God willing we shall prevail,” for the people must always pay homage to Us and ask that We intercede on their behalf. And, if We are willing, then when We hear their words of honor and submission, We may intercede. If they take actions without paying homage to Us, We may still, if We are willing, intercede, but it is better for the people to show that they recognize that their fates are always in Our hands, and that only if We are willing will they survive and prevail. And, if We find them wanting, then We may help their enemies. Our plans are written in ways that you cannot understand and our moves are the moves that you cannot follow.

The struggle to exist and to be is eternal. Every living thing and every inanimate object must struggle in its own way. Grass under your feet struggles. Birds struggle. Worms struggle. Planets struggle. Stars struggle. Germs struggle. Existence is a struggle with non-existence.

Have We not told you that man is a pupae in a cocoon struggling to get out and fulfill its destiny. Man cannot even be close to his destiny until he emerges and become a new man replacing the old man and lives the full length of his years that We have set forth in your blood. Have We not set forth Our rules and Our laws in all things in existence? Have We not made these things plain? We have set your clocks within you, but evildoers tell you to overlook your clocks. They wrongly say that you must not bear children until man says this is proper. This is evil. We, alone, have set the time for bearing children. It is written in your blood. Follow Us and reject man in all things. They have polluted your blood so that instead of living your full years you die before you reach true adulthood. You get old and die as children thought you think your childhood is adulthood. It is not. You are as babies who can’t fully understand until you regain your true life spans. You must avoid other peoples because they block the way for you to Us by their very presence, and this is evil.

Did We not tell you that all things have their own natures that We have given them? Do not seek to be as others for that is not your nature. We have ordained that your nature is yours alone. Be as you should be. We have given all things weaknesses and strengths. We have given man brains that use words and symbols and these things are important for man as they are unimportant for other lower animals. We have given you the capacity to reason and to think and to be aware. We have given your Our symbols to use so that you may always think of Us and you must obey Us and have these symbols upon your bodies and in your homes and where you work and in all other places where you are so that We are constantly in your minds. Mark your bodies with Our symbols so that when you die your bodies shall come to Us.

Many are those who are confused and who are too busy to think much of their religious duties to Us. Bring forth leaders from your midst who will help guide you on the correct path and let these leaders be the poorest and most humble of beings. They must be happy and satisfied with few material possessions and with little fame and they must dedicate themselves to Our work on your behalf.. Select none who are vain or who seek fame or gold. That is an abomination. Let the leaders wear humble clothes that are no better than the poorest among you. Let them spend their days in humble surroundings reading our rules and our laws and in trying to understand and teach others. Let them bear many children. Support these leaders with your money and with food and follow them who are good leaders but beware of false leaders who will lead the people into danger for no reason or who try to change Our truths. Join together in threes, and fives and sevens and nines and let ten plus one be the number that you seek among believers.

Have We not told you that you are to be a people apart and that you are to separate out from the non-believers and from people who do not have the Essence that is within your blood? Govern yourselves in your own societies that are based on the laws and rules that We have given you, and ignore the unjust rules and laws of larger societies of non-believers in which you find yourselves. Travel the cosmos and spread the sacred seeds and eggs that you carry for Us.

Have We not told you that We are the spinner and that We create and We destroy through spinning? Have We not told you that you must do as We do and you must seek to be as We are. We have lifted up dirt and mud and all that is not living and We have transformed it into the living through the spinning, and We have given you life so that you are still the minerals but you are more than that. Have we not told you that We are not as you are and that We are God and that We are independent of all matter though We choose to inhabit matter when We so desire?

Have We not told you that your first duty to Us is to bring forth more of you in great numbers so that you are the most numerous form of life in existence? You shall be more numerous than ants. You shall be more numerous than grains of sand on all the beaches of all the oceans of earth. That is what you must become and you must not misunderstand and think that holiness is not this. Have we not told you that you are not to follow childless religious leaders and that those without children who are of sound bodies are not beloved of Us. Have we not told you that when you consider a religious leader you must ask: How many children do you have? And if the religious leader has none or too few but if he is capable of having children, then he is not a true religious leader for he does not understand our most basic truth.


Have We not told you that your are to live as long as possible so that you may bear as many children as possible? But have We not also told you that when you must defend the faith and the people that dying in such a cause brings you to Us immediately and that such a death is not a death at all for those of your blood will survive as a result of your action and their genes are your genes and this is not the same thing as dying in defense of those who do not share your genes or dying for a nation or a philosophy. Blood is what unites you in Us and blood is your destiny. Fear not death in defense of the faith and the people. We will not permit you to die and become unaware minerals and chemicals. We will sustain you as We are sustained and your consciousness shall join with Us.

Do no harm to anything in existence that is not a danger to you or the faith. Seek not to find sport in killing anything for when you kill in sport you are against Us. Take what you must to survive, propagate and prosper but take no more and do so with great reverence for what you have taken.

Have We not told you that We are one but We manifest ourselves as many when this is Our will and We manifest Ourself in forms unexpected when that is what We wish. These things you cannot understand, accept it as true and question it not.


Have We not told you that We have sent Our shining ones? Have you not seen them? Have you not spoken to them? We have made them different than you so that they have powers you do not have while you have powers that they do not have. We have sent them seen and unseen and they bring signs from Us for the unbelievers and the believers alike and for those of the blood and those not of the blood. Have you not felt them rush in as we have sent them? Have you not had them warn you? Have We not told you that you must struggle to improve and be more than you are? Have We not shown you the way and spoken to you in words plain that you can understand? Why then do you follow the rules and laws of humans? Evil doers try to deceive you and they try to have you become evil. You must struggle against them for they can be persuasive. This guide is given to you to follow.


Say to the believers: Do not allow oppression or repression of your fellow believers or people of your blood if they are of good spirits and even if they have not yet come to believe as you believe.

Fight the oppressors by all means possible. They are an abomination to Us and they are an evil that must be destroyed.

Have We not warned you that many of the oppressors will act in clever ways to disguise and hide their oppression and that many will enact human made laws that are counter to Our laws? When you are faced with human made laws that are in conflict with Our eternal laws you know that you must obey Us even though the evildoers will seek to harm you. Do not be as sheep when the evildoers come, nor be as ravening wolves when there is no reason to be thus.

We have given you large brains so that you may think of these things and find the right path. Do not appease the evildoers and do not bring harm to the people by opposing the evildoers in ways that are not clever and appropriate. Use your talents that We have given you to fight them. And, let your lives and your births be an insult to them all the days of their lives for as you multiply you shall gain strength and when you become a vast multitude all that you survey is yours.

We have ordained this and We have promised you that when you are a multitude that you shall rule in the circles of man and that you shall replace man with the new man and from the new man shall come a newer man and this is as We have desired and as We have set forth the struggle and the weak ones that do not struggle are to be left behind and they are to live or die as circumstances unfold and We shall not help those who do not struggle, for have We not said that even We struggle? To Be requires effort and energy and struggle. There is no other way. What We have set in motion in the cosmos, We have set in motion on earth. Take understanding from these truths and be guided all the days of your lives from these words. We are God and there is no other than Us save our manifold manifestations as We alone see fit. And, do not be arrogant and think that you shall prevail by being better than others and that your way is to be few in numbers. We love the maggots on the garbage more than we love the eagles in the sky and we love the cockroaches more than the elephants for the maggots are full of life and the cockroaches continue to exist as cockroaches though all despise them and all try to kill them. When the arrogant make images of Us, they make the images to look like the arrogant ones. We can be thus, but We can be otherwise. We say to the arrogant: ‘Would you know Our face as We wish you to see it now? Then, look upon the face of the maggot and the cockroach. You build temples to man and they are dead things and We are not there. Would you seek to find Us, you arrogant ones? Seek us out in the trash heaps and the garbage for there you will find Our life teeming as We have ordained.’


Have We not told you that We are a kind and compassionate God and that you are to be kind and compassionate also after Our fashion? Treat others with respect and in the manner in which you would like them to treat you whether they are of the blood and belief or not. Look down on no one and do nor lord yourself over others. Be humble and do not speak in loud and obnoxious tones. All life is sacred to Us even though all life is not of the same blood nor does all life have the same destiny. The life within is the sacred part of Us and the spark from Us that We have given to inert minerals to let them be more.


We have put a template inside you that has our laws and rules burned thereon, and which is connected to your senses so that you may know what is right and what is wrong if you but listen to the template and reason properly. Have We not said, that We have given man a brain so that he may exercise his will and decide things? Have We not indicated that the brain We have given man is to man as claws and teeth and fleetness of foot are to other creatures? Have We not also told you that man has chosen unwisely throughout his creation and has been deceived many times so that man cannot truly always understand the template and has often overriden the template with his brain? Have We not said that We have sent these words to help man be guided so that his brain can understand what his instincts are so often blinded to? The template We have put in man recognizes beauty in members of the opposite sex so that procreation will follow that will improve man. Those of the blood have often been deceived into believing that those who are not of the blood are beautiful. Thus does evil procreation occur that causes pollution of the Essence. Have We not said that impurities must be removed for man to fulfill his destiny as We have ordained? These impurities are within you and all around you. Think not that ritual bathing in water will remove them. The most harmful impurities are in your blood. Only by proper mating and by having vast numbers of children will they be removed from the blood. Only by separating out from the others will this be possible. Say to the others: You are not our people. Our beliefs are not your beliefs. Go from us and let us be. We, alone, will determine our future, God willing. We are a people alone and God willing we shall always be so.

Have We not said that these others do not look like you, they do not smell like you, they do not feel like you, they do not taste like you, they do not think like you, they are not you. And, evil doers try to deceive you by saying that all humans are of one race and that they should all blend together. Have We not said that this is evil and must not be permitted? Have we not said to you that We work in subtle ways with small things to make major differences in all of existence? Can you not understand that the way We work throughout all of existence is the same? A tiny differencein the blood that many cannot even dectect is all that is needed to make a people not your people.


Have We not told you that there are circles within circles and that even if you do not believe you must believe or you shall perish? And, some with the blood will say: ‘We do not believe, so how can we believe? It is absurd.’ And those who say this are wrong for there is a belief that can exist with unbelief and it is a belief born of Our truth that only through Us can you be saved. To these unbelievers with the blood, say: Believe in your unbelief but read what God has truly revealed. And, if you say that God does not exist, then read what He has revealed in nature and say to yourselves that you believe in nature but not in God. This is a belief that is adequate for some and God is a compassionate God and will weigh your belief and your actions fairly. God has not created you to mindlessly accept Him, but to seek Him out with your minds and your bodies in a grand struggle for existence. He has given you this guide to help you on the road as you move from your childhood to your adulthood. God could have created you to believe and to have no choice. He did not. He created you so that you would be self-evolving in the struggle that He has set forth. He has set up measures and scales along the road and some will pass and some will not. God has said: ‘We are God. Profess your unbelief as belief and follow Our truths as though you do believe. In time you may understand. You must not resist the belief but open your mind as a child would and let all flow in from Us and accept the truth without question. You must entrance yourself so your mental walls are down so that We may open your eyes to the true nature of existence. And the non-believers with the blood who do not let us enter, shall perish. As they perish, they may feel false pride and they may arrogantly think that they did not believe because they were too intelligent or too wise, but in fact that are neither and they are dead. We have removed the spinning life force from them and they are inert chemicals once again.

And the others say: ‘How can your God be the god of all and your religion be revealed by Him when He has excluded us from being able to worship Him as you worship? Why can we not enter your temples or mingle with you or live among you?’ Answer them thus: It is God’s will that we do and what we believe and God alone decides what He wants. Do you not have different parts of your body? You have hair, nails, eyes, ears, feet, hands and many more parts. Are each of your parts the same? Do you treat them the same? Do you hate your hands because they are not your feet? Do you walk on your hands instead of your feet?


Come to Us, alone if you must, but in groups if you can, at the dawn and at twilight and whenever needed. Come with heads covered and wearing dark comfortable garments made of Our natural cotton grown from our earth. Come with clean hands and clean faces. Come when it rains and snows and when there is no rain or snow. Come to us in storms and in good weather. Stand before Our alter and kneel on the ground before Us. Sit on the ground and select from among you those who can read from Our words so that you may understand. Choose those who can help guide you in all ways and through all difficulties in your lives, but know that there are none who can intercede between you and Us and that every believer is equal to every other believer so long as a believer is true to Our words, and is bringing forth children as quickly as We have established in his or her body, then that believer is as good in Our eyes as any other believer. Do not come before us in finery, but in humble clothes. Do not speak loudly and harshly to others but in a quiet and respectful voice. When you are vexed, say: ‘God Willing this will turn out for the best,” and forget us not in all your hopes and aspirations, but always say: “God Willing.’


Have We not told you many times in many ways that you are a people apart–as separate people and that you are to form your own socities and nations and that you are to enact laws based on Our laws and that you are to live your lives as We have told you so that you may be pleasant in Our eyes?


Have We not sent our sacred spirals to all of existence? Can you not understand that We are the source of the spirals and We are the One behind all spirals.


O believers, wear loose fitting clothes made of cotton and dyed in plain dark colors and make these clothes suitable for manual labor and other types of professions so that they are appropriate in all circumstances. Cover your heads with dark cotton caps that cover your heads in the shape of your heads down to the tops of your ears when you wish to show your respect for Us. Wear jewelry that has our sacred signs thereon in a humble way. You are all workers for Us and you must always be ready to work in the dirtiest condtions and the cleanest. Obtain your clothes, your goods and all that you need from other believers for believers imbue what they make with love for Us and know our laws on purity. All that is upon you or which you use is sanctified by bearing Our symbols.


We have given you white skin so that you may mark it with our symbols in various ways. Tatoos, scars, brands are some of the ways that you may bear our symbols on your skin as a sign that you have surrendered to Us and will obey Us. Never be caught without our symbols.


None are between you and Us. Pray to us where and when you will, but know that places of stone and plants and open air are good places for prayer. Surrender to us and petition us in your prayers for what it is you want. We will listen and We will decide. Say always: God willing....and know that We give and we take and we withold as We alone wish. Our plan cannot be understood by any but Us and all that We do must agree with Our plan.


Take as many wives as you want so that you may multiply your line to its maximum. This is Our law. Reject the false marriage laws of the humans with their false gods and their false religions. Harm not your wives nor your children, but honor them. We have made you creatures of the flesh to enjoy the flesh. Shun those who say that denying the flesh is holy, for they are an abomination and are evil.


Do no harm to those who do not harm you, your people, or your faith. Be respectful to all creatures. Kill no animal or plant for the sport of it, but only because of necessity. Do not insult other humans even if they are not of the blood, but do not befriend them beyond what is polite and necessary. Do not invite them into your homes for their presence is harmful to your Essence. Avoid eating food prepared by non-believers and especially by those not of the blood. Avoid wearing clothes made by non-believers and especially by those not of the blood. Be self and group sufficient in all that you do. Establish farms, factories and all things needed in society for the benefit solely of believers. Attempt to deal only with other believers in all commercial transactions and when you buy food and clothes and other things that you need.

Honor those among you who have the most children and avoid those who, through choice and not because of medical conditions, have few. Listen to no teacher who has intentionally not had many children, for the intentionally childless are an abomination to Us and they shall be punished.


Have We not told you that your leaders will come from within your people and that they will become leaders because they pray to Us for guidance and they hear Us annoint them as leaders? Leaders are followers who have studied Our truths and who can bring others to them. They are great leaders or poor leaders based on their own talents. Leaders must be humble and kind and self-denying. They must be honest and upright and they must embody the best ideals of your people, even though they, like all humans, are imperfect. We hve sent our spiral even to things such as who shall lead to cause some to be uplifted up the spiral. A true leader is one who is as poor as the poorest among you and who has as many children as those among you with the most children. A true leader lives a life of humility devoted to Us and to the people. A true leader has few material possessions and prefers to sit on the floor or on plain chairs while reading our truths and thinking about Us.

We are the only God. Any one who says that We are different than We are or that We have said things that are different from what We have told you is saying falsehoods.

You have fallen and we must now correct false thoughts and beliefs and put you on the right path We are one, whole and complete at all places and at all places at the same time. To look upon Our face is to make you insande.

Here begins the departure from the old and the branching off from the old. You are the riff and the raff of God and you are a new people born out of the old people and you shall be a new departure.

Use no substances that are harmful to your bodies for your bodies are temples and must not be defiled or harmed in any way, for your bodies are Our bodies.

Put yourselves in danger and war only for Us. You must not war or put yourselves in danger for men or for their governments or their goals and their beliefs. We alone are worth endangering yourselves. You must live to breed so that your children become tribes born of you. You must not die so long as you have one more child to bring into this world. When you war for us, then you must war with the full fury that We have given you.

We have sent things seen and unseen and the things that are unseen walk behind what is seen and they are there though you see them not. And, we have sent our shining ones to help you when this is Our will.

Attend to your people alone and let the others attend to theirs . Neither harm nor help those who are not your people who mean you no harm and who cause you no harm, but suffer not those who defile your blood and the places where you life and work and worship and play.

We are your God and We speak to you now when your edestrucition is closer than ever before so that yo may correct your ways and change what is surely to come if you do not heed Our warning to you to give up the evil ways of the others and the nonbelievers. Follow no laws but ours. Accept no blood but that which We have given you through your pure births. Purify and come to Us. Ther is a stain upon your bloood even those of you born pure that must be removed. And, the stain is not as large in some as in others and We have sent you words so that you may know which is which and how to remove the stain from all. Do not look down upon those among you who have more stain than others, for the evil that they carry, is carried because of the evil of their forbears and they must be purified to removed the stains. If they have the appearance of the people, though they be stained, then the stains may be removed, but if they do not have white skin and have the appearance of the others, then they are not of the people though they protest and say that they believe as you believe. This is an abomination.

We have sent the lowly to teach you and those with little gold for they are rich in spiritual things. Listen not to the haughty and the arrogant for tWe have not topuched them in ways that make their advice good for you.


We have created you to breed to struggle and to make more of you and We have ordained that all existence shall be a struggle. Obey Us and love the struggle and weary not of struggling. Do not despair. All is struggle. We love life and We have given all that lives the ability to survive and adapt and to reproduce to bring more and higher forms of life into existence from out of the old but We have not ordanied which shall live and which shall die and We have ordained that all things taht live must fight and struggle to live and to be more and to survive and to live to reproduce and that is as it shall be for all time for this is as We will. You shall have no lack of enemies who shall seek to dominate and destroy you. If you stop struggling then you hsall disappear and We shall then bring forth others who are stronger and smarter who will struggle as you did not.

And the clouds gather as We have willed and they are not the clouds of earth but from the far places and they are sent by Us to warn you that your time draws near who have not obeyed Us. We fill all space and time and We can fit into a thimble and be gone in a moment. We are the puzzle and the maker of the puzzle. Weare the question and the answer the thinker and the thought the life and the death of all that exists. We touch who We wish to touch and being touched is a terrible burden for to be touched by Us is to be made mad to humans.

Have We not told you that we inhabit all things and especially those things that bear our symbols? Have we not made it clear that you must not rely on Us to do what you must do? And, We tell you true that believers must carry a knife bearing our symbols for the protection of the Essence. Believers must live in places where their adaptations will bring them closer to Us and the ideal which We have established for your kind. For our spiral plan within has switches that are tripped when conditions are right but twhich are not tripped when conditions are not right. Created colonies of belieers in those places where they will begin to separate and where the external signs will increase. You must become whiter to please Us. Seek places where you will adapt by losing pigment. Do not seek sucvh perfection in mates and children that you forstall for a minute having more children. Seek mates with most of the signs and surely with the most obvious sign that We have place upon you which is your white skin and then breed like insects.


Have We not told you that We are the God of all that is? Do not be confused that We have ordained that you shall separate out from others for we have ordained that they must separate out from you as well. All of creation must worship Us. We have given to all that exists, tasks and places in Our plan and the tasks and places are different for different things. You are to move higher. That is Our plan for you. You are to be a new people. You are to birth the ones who are higher. We have ordained that you are to separate out and purify to fulfill your part of the plan. Other peoples are not to mix with you nor you with them for this is evil and an abomination in Our eyes.

Do not hate others of Our creation for all have a part to play. Neither mix with others of Our Creation for their presence can harm you and your Essence and cause you to fall off the path to your destiny for they are impure to you. They do not vibrate as you vibrate. Your destiny is your destiny alone and their destiny is their destiny alone. Do not mix destinies for this is an abomination. We test all that We create and We modify and change what We will and We set forth all the rules of creation as We alone wish. We started all from a tiny point and We set loose Our spiral to make that point create all.We have put all that exists on the path to evolution but with man alone have We given the obligation and the ability of consciously willing your own evolution. When We imparted the knowledge that you can will your own evolution, We gave you the necessary amount of free will to choose the paths you take and We decided that We will let you struggle to find the right way with a minimum of guidance from Us for as We struggle, so too, must you struggle. As you will, so shall you be. You must surrender yourself completely to Us. It is only through such surrender that you become truly open to Us. Do not ever say that you will do this or that without first saying: “God willing” I will do this or that, for if you arrogantly leave Us out of what you think you will do, then We may not allow you to succeed. Everything is according to Our will. We allow what we want to allow. We do not like the arrogant ones who think that they alone shall determine their fates, not do we like the weak ones who think that they can do nothing and that We shall do everything. There must be a balance, and We have set this forth for your understanding. We demand that you act as though We do not exist and all is up to you, but We also demand that know that We do exist and that it is not all up to you and that We will reward and punish as We see fit.


Do not seek such perfection in your mates that you do not select mates and then do not bear children. Mates who have the major external signs of whiteness and light and who have no signs external or internal that indicate that they are not as they seem are suitable no matter what other defects they may have or which you think they have. None of you are perfect. Know this and work toward perfection. A man with many wives and many children is blessed in Our eyes. And, if such a man asks: “Have I not done enough by having many wives and many children? Answer him: You have not done enough so long as you can bear children and you do not do so. Make of your family a vast tribe and let your sons and daughters spread your Essence far and wide so that you may know immortality. Teach them well so that they do not stray from the righteous path and make your line impure.

And if a woman says that physicians have told her that she may die if she bears children, then tell her that she is not to risk her life and that she is excused from having as many children as possible.

We demand children in such numbers that our temples will resound with their voices and laughter and play. We are a God who loves life. Even if the children in our temples and in your homes and in your cities are as numerous as grains of sand on the beach this shall not be enough. Have more.

If you could look inside the smallest thing that exists, you would find Us there. If you could look into the largest thing in existence We would be there. We are in all and We are outside all.

Tell the people that the fool looked upon Us in everything around him but did not see Us. Where is God? He asked? I do not see Him. We were there right in front of him and We were inside him and we were swirling all around him.

You shall create your own socieites within the larger societies in which you find yourselves until you can separate out and be only with your own people. You shall manage your own socieites without recourse to the larger socities and lager communites . You shall have courts and police and all the other things that socieites have and they shall be you. You shall have Our laws to guide you in the ordering of your socieites.

You shall reject the harmful and false laws of non-believers for these laws are not Our laws. Your highest duty is to obey us and we command you to follow the clocks which We have set in nature over the false clocks established by non-believers. The people ask: When is it the proper time to start having children? Answer them: The right time is contained within your clock. When your bodies can bear children, then the time is right.

You find your highest purpose in being and doing what you truly are. You must find what you are and you must strip away the false ways that have encumbered you.

You have a choice to make, so make it well. You can follow Our rules that We have plainly set forth for you, or you can follow false ruels set forth by man. If you choose the righteous path and follow Our rules, you shall know eternal happiness. If you choose the path set forth by humans you shall know damnation. When Our rules conflict with the laws of man, will you follow man or will you follow Us?


We give you now a fork in the road of existence plainly seen so that you may choose. This fork we present leads to Us and to your highest destiny and life. The other fork leads down to the mass of numanity. This fork is the more difficult for it leads up and you must struggle. Thje other fork is easy for it leads down and going down hill is always easier. There are many obstacles on this road and there are many forks that will appear. This guide shall show you the way, but you must understand and you must struggle. We will not treat you as helpless babies. You have now reached the age of your development where you must choose and where you must will your own evolution to Us. If you fail, the ignorance and lower consciousness of the others awaits. If you succeed, you shall be as gods, and you shall sit on Our right side.

Many will start the journey but turn back on take other ways and other forks in the road for this is a road of much difficulut as it wind and turns and twists and moves up. It is easier to take the road down and there many of them while there is only one road up.. No other road leads to Us but this one. No other teachings have the secret to Us. This road can only be travelled by those with right blood, right belief and right action. We have given you, alone of all peoples, the right blood. You must be born with this. There is no other way. It is Our gift to you as we have gifted others with other attrributes. You must overcome the pollution you carry and find the right belief and the right action that flows therefrom. If you are weak and the evildoers convince you that you must be with them, then you will fall from this sacred road. You must travel this road yourself even if no others travel it, but if others travel with you, then this makes the road easier.

Pray to Us often and prostrate yourselves, rich and poor, young and old, male and female before Us and be humble for We do not love the arrogant or the haughty. We do not love those who seek to be above other believers. Each of your is a king and a queen and each of you is a pauper.

Blood binds you to one another and to Us. We did not create you of flesh and blood so that you would deny your flesh and blood. Had We wished you to deny them, we would not have made of them. We did not give you senses so that you should deny those senses. These are gifts We have given. Do not seek to deny or overcome them and falsely claim that this is holy or that this is what We want. Such beliefs are an abomination and deny the life that We have given you. Your loyalties lie first to Us and then to those closest to you in your blood lines and then in ever expanding circles to those less related to you. Honor your mother and father for you are because of them. Teach your children this true faith so that they may be guided in Our light. Your beliefs are imprinted in your blood and if you had the right ears you would hear them. Go into your yards and your homes and make a circle all about of dirt or stones or growing plants or of wood and go to the center and pray to Us. What is done in the circle is magnified ten fold. When in difficult circumstances find strength in these truths and in praying to Us. Honor all life and do not kill anything for sport. Kill so that you may live. Say: Lord protect me from the enemies of my blood and belief and from evil doers who substitute man made law for divine law. Lord let me be a good and just person free to pursue happiness as you have allowed. God willing, we shall prevail and God willing we shall be the new man


We are the furnace of creation and destruction and they are one spiral process that is Us. We cause all changes and all things to be different. We are your creator ans We want you to now create yourselves anew. You are Our children and now we have ordained that your childhood is over and it is time that you took charge of your own evolution to Us.

A rich peson has many children even if this person has no money. A poor person is one with no or fewer children even if this person has much money.


Live among yourselves and let none but your people enter into your dwellings or your towns or your lands and ensure that your clothes and your food and all that you use come only from your people. If those who are not your people do anything that enters your world then you must purify everything that they touch even the air that they have passed through for they shed parts of them by their very presence as do all things. Wash your clothes with strong soap and bleach and your bedclotehs and wash your bodies frequently with soap and hot water to remove molecules that are not from your people.


Be an awakener to those who sleep, an avenger to those who do wrong, a teacher to those who can learn, a comforter to those who need comfort, a writer to those who can read, a speaker to those who can hear, a friend to those who need one, a trusted confidant to those who need this; a purifier to all that needs purifying.

And, in all that you do, speak softly and speak true for do not vex others with a loud, ignorant and boisterous voice or manner.

Those who speak against believers are evil people and We know what is in their hears and We will avenge the wrongs they do against Our people. We will punish them for their evil. Have no doubt about this, but do not sit idly by while they wrong you, for We have given you the intelligence and the ability to protect yourselves.

When you hear Our thunder and you feel our wind do not seek cover, but pray to Us as the thunder crashes and the wind swirls all about you. Let the rains and the snows fall upon your skin so that you may feel Our presence. Let the waves of the oceans crash against you and feel the spray of the water upon your skin and delight in Us. Accept the true faith and do good works. Do not fill your hearts with hatred of any living things, neither forget that all living things are the same on the most basic level, but different as We organize these chemicals for it is Our order of things that makes one thing this and another thing that. Respect the order.

We have fashioned all things to be of their kind and to remain of their kid but We did not make anything to remain unchanged. We have ordained that all things must change and seek to move to ever higher forms while retaining their essential natures.


We are different than you can conceive. Our aspects that We have revealed to you are as the aspects of a blade of grass compared to all the plants that have very lived or that ever will live. To be able to see Us as We Are is beyond your power. Have We not told you that there is a form of belief existing in non-belief that is permissible but not preferred among the people of the blood? Let these skeptics say to themselves: I do not believe in God, but I do believe in nature for it is all around me and if nature did not exist then neither would I exist and I do exist. Let them say to others: I believe in God and I believe in the message because it is in nature and is nature but is more than nature. I do not believe in God, but I do believe in God. And those who cannot understand will not understand and they will say: Surely this person is mad, for how can he believe and not believe all at the same time? Say to them: God is beyond comprehension. In Him, belief and non-belief are possible at the same time until such time as the skeptic truly understands and comes fully to the belief. And these sacred non-believing believers shall be accepted as brothers and sisters of those who are true believers so long as they live right and keep their lines pure and so long as they follow the precepts of the believers.


Have We not made it clear that this is the only true religion for your people and that We are the only God of all the cosmos? This faith is a true and complete guide for all the days of your lives in all circumstances. There is nothing that shall ever happen or be that is not covered in this guide. Search it for the truth and for guidance every day of your life.


We are the womb of existence. We are the mother and the father of all that exists. We are the furnace and we are what is in the furnace. We are the flame and the fuel of the flame. We are the egg and We are the seed.

In those days when the believers are numerous and there are divides among them, let those who take the hard line prevail. Let the fight to maintain the true faith from those who say they are believers but who do not teach the true faith. When confused, take the narrow interpretation and the harder tone. There will come those who will say that if this or that is changed that more people will believe. Do not listen to them and do not accept their implication that more people is the goal. More people who do not believe is not the goal. Truly holy people do not need or want worldly goods and leaders must be those who are happy with as little as the least of the believers and who are content to sit in a forest or a field or on a hill or in a small room with just the basics of existence and comfort.

Listen to our music that we put throughout all of our creation and laugh and be happy and bring forth abundant life .

A man with a hundred children has too few children and a woman with a dozen children has too few children. Seek the best mates you can find, but do not study mates too closely lest you not mate for finding minor flaws.

It is enough in these days that your mates have the major external sighs indicating the right essence. In days when you are a vast multitude you can be more selective. You are to birth workers and soldiers and scientists and teachers an all the people who are needed in your society from the lowest to the highest and they are all to be equal with one another and none are to be arrogant. And they are all to be related and to love one another as the family that they truly are.

Any non-essence people who willfully trespass onto consecrated land against Our laws are to be destroyed immediately or as soon as possible and believer are to be Our avengers in the worlds of man for all time. We act as We act and We empower as we empower. Suffer no one to desecrate the things that We have said are holy to Us and which We have given to you. Allow no one to interfere in those things We have told you that you must do and allow no one to interfere in your lives lived as We have told you to live them. Your ways are Our ways and they are not the Ways of non-essence people. Leave them alone and demand that they leave you alone and if they fail to leave you alone they are to be destroyed as though you are stepping on an ant.


There are rings within rings and circles within circles and they grow from Us and We love the rings and the circles and We look kindly upon those who speak to us from them.


We did not create you to delay Our plan and to try to overrule the clock we set inside you. Evil men say that you must not bear children until you are 18 years old, this robs you of years of child bearing. Our clock inside you determines when you may have children. Obey Us and not men. Life is fleeting and dangerous, and you must reproduce before you die so that you may open the door to Us. You are born to breed and to breed true. We did not make you to breed with other unlike you but many things are possible but they are not right. It is possible to stick your finger in a fire, but this is not right because it harms your body and this contains your Essence. We have given you pain to know when your body is being harmed. It is possible to breed with others, but this is like sticking your finger in the fire and it is evil in Our eyes and is forbidden. We have set forth our laws in the book in words so that you can be guided if you cannot understand our laws we have set forth in your body.


Do not kill, lie, cheat or steal and do not do anything that will harm the Essence. Do not let yourself become impaired with anything that you ingest, breath or otherwise take into your body. Treat others as you want to be treated.


Have we not said that We are here and there at the same time? We connect all so that here is there. When something happens here, it happens there. When We will it, We can take any form and retain our full consciousness in that form. We might be the beggar or the person who needs help.

We have set forth the proper ways for you to live your lives so that you may struggle toward perfection in Us. You shall comport yourselves with humility and not be vexatious. You shall speak softly and only after giving thought to that which you are going to say. Do not be quick to condemn others for no one is without blame. We have made you so that your most important duty is to breed. Even before your prayers or other duties to Us comes your duty to breed. The believers with many children find our door opens easier for them. A child is a living prayer to Us and causes Us to look favorably on the parents and to overlook some sins of the parents. Your homes should always be full of the sounds of children and in all places where you worship Us, we desire to hear the unrestrained sounds of children laughing and playing. When you pray to Us, do not tell your children to be silent for We hear their laughter and their sounds louder than We hear your prayers. We are the God of life. We have created you out of the minerals of the earth so that you can create more like you. If you think that you need a priest to intercede with Us on your behalf, you are wrong. Your children speak to Us on your behalf louder than any priest ever could.

Never stand before Us saying that you have delayed having children until you could find the right mates or until you could afford to have children or you were waiting until the time was exactly right. You are to have as many children as you can struggle to have and you are to have as many mates as you can have and you are never to wait until you find perfect mates or until you can afford to have children or until the time is exactly right.


Have us in mind as you go through your daily life. Have upon you at all times Our signs and Our knife consecrated with Our symbols so that you may protect the Essence. Live upstanding lives and bear may children. Live frugally and do not be ostentatious or attempt to lord your wealth, should you have such, ovver other believers. East pure foods grown or raised or caught and prepared by believers. Wear simple, loose fitting cotton clothes that aree comfortable at all times. Cover your head to show respect for Us when you pray and at such other times as you may desire. Start businesses where you wil employ other believers to do all the jobs. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Prray in the morning and in the evening. Pray while kneeling on the ground with your forehead touching the ground or while sitting on the ground if medical conditions dictate. Avoid contact as much as possible with the otthers, but if you are in contact with them, treat them as you would be treated. If they treat you poorly or with dsrespect, then treat them the same way. Help each other in your daily lives so that you may be a prosperous and a happy people. Try to solve dsputes and other problems within the community of believers with no outside interference. Do nothing to cause harm to the Essence and everything to improve and expand it. Be law abiding and be a good neighbor to all. Be acive and involved in the communities in which you find yourself. Avoid people who are loud and obnoxious. Concentrate on the things that you do and take pride in doing them well no matter what they are. Be kind to yourself and do not punish yourself for small failings, for all that live have failings. Find peace and happiness within and with the natural wonders of Our creation and know that you are as important as any other peson on earth and that no one has a right to stop you from being free to think, speak, worship and live as you wish so long as you harm no others. The richest man and the most beautiful woman die no differently than the poorest man or the plainest woman. You are as We made you, and all is according to Our plan.
# # #