"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin

"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations.  This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.  

“Man is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”

--Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

In our species, each new child receives 23 chromosomes from its father and 23 from its mother.

These 46 chromosomes we carry, contain approximately 3.1 billion pairs of the four chemicals that make up DNA, which are usually abbreviated as  A,T,C, G. These also make approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes that give us our internal and external characteristics.

To be our kind requires that you receive all of the above from two parents of our kind who are the children of two parents of our kind who are the children of the two parents of our kind, and so on. This information is essential to a full understanding of our philosophy, our belief system, and our world view.

The basic and never changing purpose of this philosophy/religious belief/world view system is to consciously ensure White survival, massive expansion, the ascendancy and dominance of our type, and directed spiritual and physical evolution of our DNA code to transform us into a new species of man who is stronger, smarter, more conscious and who is incapable of bearing children with other types of humans and who is closer to and in better communion with the First Cause.

The system can be used both as a non-religious secular system and as a religious system. It all depends on what each person believes in his heart about the First Cause. If this system takes the place that other religions would take in your life, then it is probably your religion even if you have many questions and even if you are a skeptic and even if you think you aren't religious.

We say that the First Cause is unknowable, but some of us believe that science (many disciplines) is getting us closer to a better understanding. What we now know about subatomic particles, waves, energies, vibrations, forces, physics, computer science, biology, evolution and much more may finally be allowing even the most skeptical to understand a little about how there can exist a disembodied intelligence (God) without a physical organ such as our brain, and which we have usually thought is necessary for intelligence, personality and will, and without a physical body as we usually define it.  Instead of constantly dwelling on the unknowable, it is more important how you live, than the specifics of what you believe or don't believe.

Those of us who are religiously inclined believe that the Teachings are inspired and revealed. But, even for those of us who are not religiously inclined and who look at the Teachings with secular eyes, we all believe that they show us the way and guide us to make an evolutionary leap through the power of our minds, our unfailing will, our uncompromising beliefs, the choices we make in life, and how we live.

Our evolution into a new species will lead humanity forward and will keep humans from going extinct as the newer ones who are better adapted will replace earlier forms as it ever is in evolution.

The difference from unconscious evolution is that we try to  live consciously and evolve consciously and we realize that this is a never ending process as established by the ways of existence.  We are patient, and we take a long view of history. Just as modern humans replaced Neanderthals and Neanderthals replaced earlier forms,we believe that there will be a replacement of present mankind and we believe that the replacements must consciously make it so by understanding the ways of existence in all its permutations and living righteously to be the selected ones to survive and expand as evolution continues on. The religious among us believe that this has been revealed to us, and it is through us that humanity will be saved and get a new beginning and that many of the ways that present day humans are going wrong will be corrected.

It is a truism of evolution that not all forms of any particular species evolve in the same way or at all, but that it is small groups that evolve and compete and eventually bring forth the newer and better adapted ones.  It is no different with human evolution.

Remember, whether you are religiously inclined or secular in your approach that you should not accept the Teachings on blind faith alone. Read, study, observe, learn, use your reason and logical thinking.  The Teachings must make sense to you and they must not be counter to true science.  If any of the Teachings conflict or contradict true, settled science, you are to believe science.
We are a different kind (Latin: Alia Genus), and we wish to remain a different kind and to live our ways for ourselves alone and to become a new kind (Latin: Novum Genus).  We believe we  are to remain separate from other kinds of humans to avoid gene flow and to be able to tune into the infinite without genetic static.

The most orthodox among us believe that there was a time of absolute nothingness--in which all was cold, dark, motionless and silent--and that there was a First Cause that started existence.

The First Cause can be called God or the Creator or the Ultimate or other similar names and is conceived as being  formless in and of Himself and invisible, and that His exact nature cannot be understood as He is energy, vibrations, frequencies, forces and spirit, and  He can only be seen obliquely in the matter that follows his formless form and which He is behind and which takes the form of the fylfot and spiraling, circling, turning forms. If the spinning were to stop, existence would stop.  

The spinning can be easily seen in spiral galaxies, tornadoes, hurricanes, the way trees grow, water draining from a bathtub, in DNA and more. Even when it cannot be easily seen, it is there.

These circling, spinning, spiraling forms are not the First Cause, but they are as close as we can come to see Him.  He is the invisible energy, vibrations, frequencies, force and spirit behind them. Before anything at all, before even subatomic particles, He was, and He is. These circiling, spiraling forms have power just in their representation and the fylfot designs have the most power.

All of our universe and existence itself  is because of Him.  His presence is everywhere in our universe, but He is pushing out from our universe to new nothingnesses and conquering them with His somethingness. Representations of these spinning things are considered sacred symbols and are to be on or next to the White skin of believers and with them always, preferably in view of their eyes.  The most active form is the fylfot and as such it is considered the most sacred.

We believe that the First Cause is behind cosmic and earthly evolution and that evolution is a result of the constant change that the spinning, spiraling, turning movements of the First Cause takes as He struggles to bring His somethingness to the nothingness in his expansion ever outward. 

We also believe that the principles discovered and undiscovered relating to the First Cause in the larger sphere of existence are reflected right here on earth in smaller versions. 

We believe that the First Cause's goal is to expand always and contract never as He pushes back the darkness, coldness, silence and stillness of the nothingness and fills it with His somethingness and the matter that is born of His somethingness.

We believe that the First Cause is the creator of existence, but that He is limited by the natural laws of physics--many of which are still not known to humans--and that He is in a struggle to be and to be more and to expand His somethingness into the nothingness.  When the First Cause created existence, he set certain things in motion that simply work in certain and automatic ways because it is in the nature of their existence to do so.

This concept of the First Cause who is also known as God may be unfamiliar to many who are steeped in other religious traditions.  Perhaps an analogy will help with an understanding of our concept.  We see the First Cause as a little like a man who invents, say, an automobile.  Now, that man can't run as fast as an automobile or do many other things that it can do, but He can control it by sitting in the driver's seat.  However, if he drives too fast on too sharp a turn, the natural laws of physics will cause that car to leave the road even though He's the creator of that automobile.

We believe that the First Cause has sent messages through the Teacher to guide those capable of understanding and who have the right elements in their DNA Code to allow them to take the evolutionary path higher by willing their own evolution in the direction that the First Cause has revealed is the correct one for them.

Just as the First Cause is filling the nothingness with His somethingness, so too are we commanded to fill all places where we can live with our own somethingness.

We don't believe that they we were chosen by the First Cause, as that term is often used, but that we have been selected and have evolved over millions of years from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from non-living minerals to the  living minerals that we call life, on the Earth and that we are now at the threshold where we must take an active role and guide our evolution higher or risk falling back down to levels where we will lose the components of the Code that have put us at this threshold. We Whites are at that jumping off point. Some will make it, many won't.

We believe that there is a struggle in all of existence to be and to be more and that this struggle is also within all organisms on Earth and that this is a necessary part of existence to weed out the less fit and move the more fit ever higher to greater consciousness and closeness with the First Cause as the First Cause goes through His own struggle to push back the nothingness and fill it with His somethingness.

The beliefs of the religious followers of the Teachings can be summed up in a single sentence: Do the will of God. The rest of the Teachings tell how to do this.

The beliefs of the secular followers of the Teachings can be summed up in a single sentence: Understand the true laws of existence and follow them as they benefit you.

Everything else is detail.

Some of those details are:

We believe in the ways of existence.

Everything after this is also detail.

We believe that behind all material things are templates or codes or "recipes" that make those things, and that these templates are within the unseen field of existence where matter comes into being from non-matter.  The field of existence is composed of vibrations, frequencies, energies, forces and waves.

We believe that the spirit is within the DNA.

We believe that we must evolve to move closer to the First Cause and that evolution is physical and involves changes to our DNA.

We believe that everything in existence has a code that makes it as it is.  We believe that different humans have different codes.  We believe that our code is what allows us to will our evolution and to shape our destiny.

We believe that we are commanded to be separate and isolated from all other peoples.

We believe in doing good and in not doing evil.

We believe that we are not to harm ourselves and that we are not to harm others except if they mean us harm and we muse defend ourselves.

We believe in being kind and in not being boisterous, vexatious, prideful or dishonest and in treating all other life forms including all other humans, whether our kind or not, with respect, and as we wish to be treated.

We believe in respecting all life, including all other human life.

We believe that we must live as long as possible to produce as many children in our image as possible.

We believe that for our kind alone, miscegenation, birth control, family planning, abortions, false wars or things that put us in danger of losing our lives needlessly, or anything that causes our people to have fewer children are among the greatest sins that believers can commit and those who do these horrendous things should be shunned and sent out of the community of believers and may not return. These are laws and rules only for us and for no other peoples. No other peoples are on our path and do not have our commands and obligations. They must follow their own ways as they see fit. They cannot follow our ways for they won't work for them.  They do not have the elements of the Code that have put us on a different trajectory from them.  We did  not ask for this differentness that came with our births; it came as a natural result of our evolution.  Now, we must protect that evolutionary path that we are on. We must avoid all gene transfer from other peoples to our kind.

We believe there are subtle and unseen forces and energies in the universe. They are beneath everything and make our everyday reality. By understanding some of these forces and energies and their ways, we can; if we have the right DNA code, the right beliefs, and the right actions, take advantage of some of these forces and energies by tuning into them to bring in the light and push back the dark.


Q. Is this an organization?
A. No.  This a secular philosophy, a religious philosophy, a world view. There is nothing to join. There are no meetings to attend. Think of this as an electronic book. Eventually, this will be put in paper book form. We have a strong belief in individualism and it is up to each individual to live his or her life as he or she chooses.  We offer the way that some of us choose to live our lives. We do not do so in a group, but as individuals. Like any book--you read, you decide.
Q. How many people follow this system?
A. We don't know.  There are no records kept. Again, think of this as a book. Say you go to a bookstore and buy a book on Zen Buddhism or some other religion. You take the book home and you read it. You may find some or all of what you read helpful to live a good, peaceful and just life doing no evil and you may then consider yourself a Zen Buddhist.  It's like that with what you read here.
Q. Does this belief system promote or advocate lawbreaking or violence?
A.  No. Never. Our beliefs are peaceful, law abiding and life affirming.  We strive for the high moral ground and righteousness in all ways. It is a search for meaning and purpose. If it resonates with you that is fine.  If it doesn't that's also fine. We try to be moral and just.
Q. You say the Teachings are revealed and also inspired. What if there's a revelation that says that believers should harm themselves?
A. That's not possible. Any such revelation would so conflict with our Teachings of loving life and having many more of our kind through births and how we should live as long as possible and specifically how we are to avoid danger to ourselves and our kind and how we should expand our kind always and contract never that such revelations would immediately be seen as false and evil and not from the First Cause.
Q. What is the name of this belief system or world view or philosophy?
A. A settled name hasn't appeared.  We mhave prayed for inspiration, but for now we use several different names, just for convenience, but none of them seem to capture the essence of the Teachings.  You'll see Armanism as one of the names used, but that may change. We also call it the Path and Our Way for Ourselves Alone. and simply The Teachings. A thing must be named to be properly thought about, and by the time this book is published on paper, we should have one name. When one looks at this belief system one can find various aspects that seem to be similar to other belief systems, but as soon as one starts to label it ias such, there is something that seems similar to still other belief systems. In this regard, it is probably like a lot of other belief systems that are hard to label. We do put a lot of emphasis on evolution and DNA, but there is much more as well.
Q. What about government approval of religious organizations?
A.  A government that can approve or not approve of religious organizations or otherwise control peaceful and non-violent organizations also has the power to destroy the organizations and violate the religious beliefs of the organizations.
Q.  What is the nature of God?
A.   Unknowable. We often refer to God as the First Cause.  Anything less than the First Cause is not the real god. We also offer this: We say that the First Cause is unknowable, but some of us believe that science (many disciplines) is getting us closer to a better understanding. What we now know about subatomic particles, waves, energies, vibrations, forces, computer science, biology, evolution and much more may finally be allowing us to understand a little about how there can exist a disembodied intelligence (God) without a physical organ such as our brain, and which we have usually thought is necessary for intelligence, personality and will and without a physical body as we usually define it.  It is more important how you live, than the specifics of what you believe or don't believe.

Q. What of the Teachings?
A.  They are revealed, inspired and are authoritative and come through Arman, alone.

Q.  Does life have a purpose?
A.  Yes, to do the will of God.

Q.  What is the will of God relating to life?
A.   It is for life to compete for dominance in as many niches as possible and to expand always and to evolve and improve in order to achieve ever higher consciousness and quality and to try to fill all niches with its kind of life and to move toward communion with the First Cause.  We see living organisms as a means to an end for the First Cause to expand the code which is within each living thing. As living organisms compete and struggle for survival, life improves and becomes more adaptable and capable of living in more places. As organisms push further out, the Code goes with them. This may take a moment's thought to understand. The code which is carried in DNA, constantly changes and mutates and evolves as exterior and interior conditions dictate.  If it doesn't change, it dies and proves thereby that the dying form of the code is not fit for that time and place and it is replaced by those that are fit for that time and place. This all works automatically and endlessly but we believe we have been selected to, among other things, take an active part in and guide our own evolution for our kind alone.

Q. Armanism holds that this faith is from God but that it is for one type of human only, namely non-Jewish White people of European descent.  Isn't that racist, and if God is the God of all, why would he give his religion to just one people?
A.  The ultimate answer is that God does what He wants to do and this is what He wants to do.  However, we can understand this through our reason by knowing that  existence and evolution require competition and this is especially true of living organisms.  We believe that our kind of living organism has reached a point in our evolution where we must distill ourselves even more to improve and move higher.  We believe that we must be isolated from other kinds of organisms that can cause the wrong changes in our genetic code (our recipe).  Human races are a reality.  They are like breeds or varieties in other organisms. Race is synonymous with subspecies.

We White ones are a distinct subspecies or maybe even a species (if the term is defined correctly). A subspecies is a genetically similar group of individuals that is starting to evolve in different ways and towards being a separate species no longer capable of breeding with the kind that they split off from. The evolving subspecies must avoid all gene transfer from the main group or it will blend back in and not evolve to specieshood.

We believe that our kind--our different kind--the White kind,  must actively and consciously seek speciation for ourselves alone.  But, we also believe that believers who come naturally to this faith with little prompting and who are true believers, are also a deme.  A deme, as we use the term, is part of a subspecies that is leading the subspecies in a different direction by its slight genetic differences.  We believe that our deme is leading our subspecies ever upward.

But, you ask why God, being the God of all, treats different humans differently. To answer, we must ask of you, is your fingernail the same as your ear?  It is this way with God.  He is the starter of all the spinning movements of existence which cause change and evolution which are the inevitable and natural result of the movement and spinning of everything.  He recognizes differences.  He has no love nor hate for any organisms any more than you would hate your fingernail or your ear. But, you know your fingernail and your ear are different. They have different functions and purposes.  It is this way with humans.

Our purpose as the product of Code A is our purpose alone and it is commanded of us alone because of the genetic code that we alone carry and which is reflected in our external characteristics as well as our unseen internal characteristics. We have been selected to be the ones to carry manking forward and upward. This is a heavy burden that we alone carry and it puts rules and responsibilities upon our shoulders not put on other peoples.  The most important rules upon us are to have as many of our kind of children as possible and to avoid all gene transfer and gene flow by remaining as separate and isolated from other types of humans as possible. We are a White people--a people of the light.  This is the first external characteristic that you see.  And, this is not a trifle. Our skin is our largest organ and our white skin is absolutely essential for us to serve our purpose to the First Cause. You might think of our white skin as a receiver or being similar to an antenna, among other things.  It is the same with all our other major characteristics.

Q.  How did existence begin?
A.  We can only guess. And, one of our guesses is that out of the absolute nothingness, God created Himself and this started the trajectory leading to everything in existence in ever changing and ever evolving existence. The original act of self-creation manifested itself in our reality as a tiny spinning point and it then expanded in spiraling, spinning patterns. This continues. But, as already mentioned earlier we see a contradiction in this creation out of absolute nothingness that can't be understood. Our reason and our science tells us there must have been something already in existence--energies, waves, subatomic particles?  Something unseen that was used by the First Cause to come into existence.  But if this was the case, what caused those unseen things to come into existence?  A natural part of somethingness?  We try not to dwell on these things that can't be answered.

Q. What is the law of correspondences?
A.  As above, so below and as below, so above.

Q. What of prayer and meditation?
A. They are important. They help focus your mind and they can also focus energies that are all around us and let us know that there is something bigger than us and help us tune in. Overly lengthy meditation or periods of inactivity are not our way, however, as we believe that our kind must move and act and that this need for movement and action are part of our genetic program. We need sensory input and that's why some of us believe in moving meditation. It's a focus of attention while driving vehicles or walking or running.

Q.  What is man?
A.   Man is one of myriad organisms that have evolved from the basic code of life that  manifested as that first molecule of DNA on Earth that has followed the way of the First Cause by expanding always, contracting never. This basic code of life, manifested in DNA, at least on Earth, is automatically programmed to adapt, mutate, change, evolve to fill all niches where life can be supported. The reason you will often see science articles saying that humans are this or that percentage the same as this or that other organism is because all life started with that first molecule of DNA which then branched off in trillions of different directions.  But, at its core is the basic code of life--the essential program that says "find a way to make and improve life endlessly and tirelessly"-- that remains the same in all living organisms.

Q.  Is man born sinful?
A.  No.  Man is not born sinful and has nothing to atone for and does not need salvation as this word is usually defined.  Man needs a spiritual and physical transformation via evolution and mutation into a being with higher consciousness in a never ending struggle to be and to be more.

Q.  What is sin?
A.  Sin is going against the will of God as taught in the Teachings.  It is the breaking of God's laws and rules that exist so that we can stay on the true and natural path to our highest possible destiny.

Q. Why must we be separate from all other peoples?
A.  God commands it so that we may avoid gene transfer and other factors found in a mixed society, and so that we will thus be able to evolve as we must for our highest possible destiny.  Evolving on the right path requires that we become more like us and not less so.  That is, we must acquire for our lines the characteristics that are given in the Teachings as essential for our evolution.  The way we acquire them is by breeding only with our kind and following the Teachings. We are commanded to stay with our own kind and with no others in an ideal society.

Q.  How shall we live and comport ourselves?
A.  Be respectful of all life including all human live.  Do not do anything to others that you don't want them to do to you.  Be honest. Be humble.  Be a good and friendly person. Do not be loud and obnoxious. Be simple in tastes and avoid ostentation. Eschew finery. Be frugal. Follow the principle of form follows function. Be a worker with your hands no matter what else you do for a living. Find wisdom by studying the Teachings and nature. Talk little and do much.  Be self-reliant. Bear the symbols next to your skin and on necklaces, rings and other jewelry. Wear simple and plain clothes.  Be happy and confident and live life to its fullest. Pray at dawn and dusk. Pray for answers to difficulties in life. Try to remain separate from other peoples.  Breed to your fullest but only with our kind--this is one of the most important things we can do--have as many of our kind of children as physically possible. Live consciously and in accord with the will of God as set forth in the Teachings. Expand the Code always and do not let it contract. Keep your own counsel and handle problems among believers within the believer community. Do no evil. Do not be violent. Do not harm others or yourself. Become a separate tribe and leave behind even those who share the same blood, but who lack the right beliefs and right actions.  Our way can be thought of as being similar to distillation.  Uphold right blood, right belief, right action for our kind. Do not put your life in danger for any cause other than furthering the code. Avoid false patriotism. Seek to live as long as possible to do the work of the First Cause and breed to your maximum.  There is no honor in dying young as a hero in a false cause or for false reasons. Honor is in being smart enough to avoid danger to yourself so you can live to breed.

Q.  What is willed evolution?
A.   We believe that we must take over from blind evolution and consciously direct our own evolution on the right and revealed path for our highest destiny.  The Teachings show us the way.  Willed Evolution begins with correct thinking and then doing the correct things. Action is required. Part of it is a little like method acting which we call method living. One completely imitates and copies that which one hopes to become in all possible ways.  This means getting into the character of the next man and staying in character and never breaking character. Never. Everything of the next man is copied so that it gets into our subconscious minds. Haircuts, food, clothes, etc. To become it, one must act it.

Q. How did Armanism begin?
A. It began with the first revelations to Arman during a rain storm with strange low lying clouds, on April 15, 1957. A beam of light, and a chorus of voices from above the clouds that Arman believes changed him in some way and set him on the path. The system is often called Armanism because of Arman, but because the name is similar to other unrelated systems, many prefer to use other names for the system.  Our Way for Ourselves Alone, Whiteism, Our Way, or Ourselves Alone are such alternate names. Our Kind is another.  Arman often refers to this system simply as Our Way and to our people as Our Kind, A Different Kind is also used to describe us.

Q. Does Armanism believe in separation of church and state?
A.  No, not in a totally Armanist ideal nation or nations it doesn't. This is a complete way of life.

Q. Do Armen seek their own nations?
A. Yes.  It is commanded that they seek such  nations in order to fully practice their faith and be safe from persecution and things that can harm believers and slow down or prevent them from taking the righteous path to their higher evolution. Such nations must always prevent gene transfer to our kind of human from other kinds.

Q. Where will that nation(s) be located?
A.  Where God leads the faithful. Any such nation is to expand as believers follow the command to expand always. Such a nation must have the right environmental conditions to help with the speciation. Today, that nation is a nation without borders right within many other nations as the believers are a nation unto themselves no matter where they are. If they are persecuted in some places, then the believers will wander as a group and they will keep breeding and expanding as they do so until they can settle in places where they are the majority and can prevent harm to believers. And, as they wander, they will adapt and they will survive and they will expand always and overcome all obstacles.

Q.  What of tattoos and similar things?
A.  Armanists must have sacred symbols next to their skin. Tattoos,  brands, scars, fulfill this requirement. Rings, bracelets and amulets also fulfill this requirement, but are not considered as holy as actual, permanent designs on the skin. These symbols are fylfots and spirals.

Q.  What of food?
A.   No food is prohibited that will give sustenance and especially long life and many children. Anything with protein that will sustain life is good.

Q. What of miscegenation, birth control, abortions, family planning, celibacy, not having children until later in life?
A.  Prohibited. Armen must have as many children in their image as possible starting as early as possible according to the clock set within our bodies by the First Cause and not ending until the clock runs out. There must always be two Whites  each with the full complement of 46 chromosomes of our people who mate to bring forth the greatest number of children. Breeding with other kinds of humans is strictly prohibited by the First Cause for our kind. Any type of relationship between Whites to produce the greatest number of children for each individual is encouraged. Males can produce more children than females and they should not have this ability blocked by false morality or relationship forms that limit them.  The command to birth as many children as possible is an individual responsibility and because of our biology, a female can usually only produce a child a year, while a man can produce hundreds, if not thousands per year.

Q.  What of wars?
A.  Believers are not to take part in wars that are not for the furtherance of Code A. This is part of our fundamental beliefs that we are to avoid danger to ourselves and others which would shorten our reproductive years. The dead can't have children, and having children is our most important religious duty.

Q.  What is Code A?
A.   It is what Armen call their particular version of the genetic code to distinguish if from the codes of others. It might be likened to a computer program or a recipe or a blueprint.

Q. What are the three requirements of this system?
A.  Right blood; right belief, right action.

Q.  Are there priests or ministers in this system?
A.  There can be teachers and leaders and others to help guide people but each believer is equal to all others.

Q. Do you hate other kinds of humans?
A. Of course not.  We look at other kinds of humans as we look at all other forms of life.  Our view of other humans and all other life is a sort of disinterest or indifference or even scientific detachment.
We believe it is wrong to interfere in the ways, the business and destinies of other kinds and that this harms them even if we mean them no harm.

We love life and are in awe of the basic code of life and the way it tirelessly and endlessly works to bring forth new forms of life and which has brought us forth. To us, this is an amazing part of existence and is all very logical.  We are awe struck that a seemingly simple molecule of DNA has the ability to create all the organisms we know about on Earth.  We are in absolute awe of the First Cause for many things, but His invention of something so simple, and yet so efficient and self-working as the molecule of DNA that is self-programming, self-replicating, self-evolving, self-adapting, and ever automatically expanding through never ending tinkering, while remaining essentially the same at its core, truly amazes us and leaves us awe struck.

It would be as though a human invented the first automobile--a single automobile--and left that single automobile alone and that single automobile expanded and evolved all on its own to be all the modern automobiles that are around us today with all their variations.

Q. Is this faith racist?
A. If by using that nebulous term "racist," you mean do we hate other races, the answer is an emphatic no. We believe that there are different races with different abilities who have evolved differently. Race is to humans as breed is to dogs as variety is to roses.  It is part of evolution that organisms branch off and change from earlier forms. Race means the same thing as subspecies and we prefer to use the term subspecies to describe White people.

This we believe: All life on Earth originated from a single molecule of DNA. That single molecule is programmed to transform itself in order to attempt to fill the whole planet with some version of itself while maintaining its basic identity.

We White people are one of the branchings of humans that started with that first molecule of DNA and we are different from all other types of humans just as they too are different from all others. It is the differences that are important in evolution, and seemingly tiny differences accumulate and have large effects.  We have adapted and evolved and we have become different from the masses of other humans. We are a subspecies and we are on our way, God willing, to being a separate species through our conscious living and willed evolution and by following the Teachings.

One of our religious goals is to not only maintain our differences, but to have even more differences and to continue on the path of our evolution that is best for us. We believe this path is to become more "White," not less so, and to evolve into a separate species.

We believe that miscegenation makes us less "White" and returns us to the mass of humanity from which we evolved. We believe those who try to force miscegenation on us or trick us into doing it are evil.

Q.  What of science?
A.   Our beliefs never contradict true science.  In our world view about humans, we do not begin with the idea that we are basically different from other organisms because we were "created" different.  We see humans as one of the millions of types of organisms that have evolved from that first molecule of DNA that made the jump from so-called non-living minerals to living minerals.

And, when we look at humans and human problems, we do not simply accept surface answers about why some humans act in certain ways; we look first to the DNA code for answers, because it all begins there and then there are layers of other factors that enter the picture.

As an example of what we mean when we say we start with DNA in thinking about humans, consider that we believe the purpose of all life, including human life, is to try to make more like itself and to expand to dominate its niche or niches.  We also believe that there is a constant and never ending competition to be the best for every niche and that this competition is not something to be avoided, but to be understood and to be used by us to improve our kind of human.

While many of our people look at other peoples and ascribe evil intents to them as these other peoples try to defeat or even exterminate us in many ways, we see this as a natural part of their genetic codes, just as the healthy ones among us have the same programs in our code. And as all life has the same code.  It's part of survival of the fittest and natural selection.

There is a constant  tinkering with the DNA codes of life in all organisms as the DNA modifies to survive and in its attempt to dominate with its particular recipe of the code.  This does not mean that we excuse these other peoples from what they do to us; it just means that we understand we must compete better and that their attempts to defeat us should spur us on to improvements in our kind of human so we can defeat them.

If some of our kind want to call others evil, well, we also understand this, because this is part of human psychology that ultimately comes from our DNA code.  You see, we always go back to the DNA code.  It is the recipe or program that makes us as we are.  What place does environment have in  this?  It's like making a cake.  The DNA code is the recipe and it gathers the ingredients to fulfill the recipe, and the environment is the oven.  In White humans, we all share the basic recipe that says "How to make a White Human," however, the recipe has many minor variations--in fact, we have to use another analogy here--we are all like snow flakes, all different, yet all recognizable as White people. It is the same with other types of humans and  other organisms that reproduce sexually. Sexual reproduction constantly shuffles the DNA recipe.  Other changes to the recipe also happen as a result of environmental conditions, both internal and external, as parts of the code are knocked out of place or put in different places by the great shuffle so that some organism of the type will survive ever changing conditions.

Q.  Can one be an atheist or an agnostic and still be a believer?
A.   Yes.  It sounds like such things are mutually exclusive, but they're not.  You see, our belief in the First Cause can be thought of in purely religious or purely scientific terms or a combination of both.  Belief or non-belief does not change the reality of how it all began.  That it did, is shown by the fact that we're all here and that there is existence at all.  So, one can believe in a first cause (lower case) as whatever it was that started existence, or in a First Cause (upper case) as a living entity that intentionally brought existence into being.  It really doesn't matter to us or to our system which way you believe.  We do say, however, that belief has an important psychological effect on us and can cause our brains to release the appropriate chemicals to help us evolve.  But, even here, we say that your belief can be in the First Cause as God, or the first cause as the blind workings of the universe and especially in cosmic and organic evolution.  Thus, a heartfelt belief in the way existence works or a heartfelt belief in the way evolution works is sufficient to release those internal chemicals.

Q. What are the two ways to read the Teachings?
A.  One can read them as commands from the First Cause or one can read them as the natural workings of existence.

Q.  Do you believe that White people are better or superior to other peoples?
A.   No.  Such a belief is not in accord with the Teachings or with the ways of existence as seen in nature and in evolution.  We do believe, however, that we are different from all other peoples and that we must not only remain different, but that we must increase the differences as we direct our evolution. In fact, we believe that all organisms of every type are different from other organisms of other types.  This is just nature.
We understand that competition among organisms that are closely related is often greater than it is with organisms that are not as closely related and we see this as the natural competition for dominance of the type and the way that evolution works.  The fittest of each type of organism will generally win out and dominate.

We go  back to our metaphor of automobiles as an easy way to explain some of this.  To repeat: Imagine all living organisms as automobiles.  Further imagine that in the past, one man invented and built that first automobile that would seem primitive to us today. Imagine that he then just left it alone.  Next, this first automobile--one, single automobile, is all he invented and built--then began reproducing all on its own.  And as it reproduced and expanded, it began changing and adapting and evolving all on its own by making more efficient models of itself  and these different models also all started evolving on their own in different ways and they competed with each other to bring forth the best automobile for every environment and for all different conditions.  As the automobiles expanded and evolved, some found themselves in cold climates.  So, they adapted by making themselves comfortable in such climates.  Some found themselves in hot climates.  They adapted and changed and maybe put in air conditioning and convertible tops.  And, so it went and so it continues. And at the core of all the millions of automobiles that have come into being from that first automobile, is the unchanging core of that first automobile.

This is a little like the way we view life, evolution and our place in existence.  That first molecule of DNA just keeps expanding and evolving but at its core, it remains the same. That core DNA code doesn't care which models live or die, it just wants to expand to fill all of existence with itself and it brings forth every form of life to accomplish this.  It is up to us, who understand these things and know that the core DNA code doesn't care about any particular models it invents, to ensure that we are the models that do not go extinct but which move higher. And, we do this by following the Teachings and by consciously willing our own evolution, so that we are not replaced by other models and so that we are always the top model. We believe that we are selected to be the ones from which the next model humans will come.  That is, we believe we are the branching off into a new species that will look pretty much as we do now, but which won't be able to have viable children with other types of humans.  Many of us believe that we are already a new species and perhaps, as said by Charles Darwin, a new genera.  The main reason that present day PC science continues to list us as part of the same species as other "races" is because we can still bear viable children with them. We do not believe the definiton of species is correct, but to be understood by people who have not delved into this scientifically, many of us generally but softly go along with the popular definition of species.

Q. We're all familiar with religious groups where the leader or leaders have told their followers to commit suicide or break various laws or to harm others, is that possible in this system?
A.  No. It is impossible. This is a religion of life.  Harming ourselves or others is against our beliefs.  We are also law abiding and we follow just laws.  Not only is suicide forbidden, but doing anything that puts ourselves in danger so that we can not live long lives to breed and expand our particular DNA codes is forbidden and is considered one of the most major of wrongs that we can do. We say we are to avoid trouble and danger.  We do not think false ideas of heroism are moral. We believe that each of us must do whatever is necessary to survive. If we must run, we run.  If we must talk, we talk. If we are forced to fight because there is no other way out, we fight.  Whatever it takes to survive is good.
Q. What of drugs, alcohol and the like?
A.  We discourage anything that can harm the body or which can cause one to act in improper ways. We love life and we believe we should try to live as long as possible to have as many children of our kind as possible.  Anything that would tend to shorten our lives is wrong for us. As far as other kinds of humans go, they can do whatever they want so long as they do not harm us or impact us.  We practice non-interference and indifference to them.  We mind our own business and we expect others to mind theirs.